Narconon update Ballivor, Co. Meath. Compelling testimony by an ex staff member who had to flee her kidnap employment

Published on Jul 26, 2018

An ex-Narconon staff member talks about her journey into Scientology via Narconon. She discusses the dangerous “rehab” methods, financial coercion, attitude towards children and family, and ultimately her planned escape from a Narconon facility where she was held against her will.

This intervention is extremely important as it indicates that beyond the usual issues of planning permission we have a very big problem on our hands. We must listen to this testimony and act on it. But before we do so we must address the elephant in the room.

What is it? Is it the ‘Ballivor Says No group.’ I would suggest not? Due to the extreme emotion and the language of traitors, it is now clear the village is totally divided. Let us unpack the few lines below and see if we can find a way forward and lower the emotional temperature.

However, the offer has left members of the Ballivor Says No group – who have been battling to keep Scientology-linked group Narconon out of the village – ‘very saddened’.

In this first sentence, we find the key to the strategic failure of the No campaign. If their aim was to keep Narconon out of the village then their campaign has been an absolute failure. Their strategy was to call it a cult and build up a kind of hatred that would force them out of the village. Also, the logic they applied was simple the GAA works with builders employed by Narconon, therefore GAA is in bed with Scientology. If their strategy was that there should be a total boycott of anything to do with Narconon not only would the GAA be compromised but every cafe, restaurant, petrol station and supermarket who served them would be compromised. If there were children which is unlikely would they refuse them access to the National School? No trying to do civil disobedience and stop the builders moving in would have simply led to an injunction. No, the strategy was already compromised when it became clear the purchase of the Nursing Home came with planning permission. However, the mindset that this is a cult, led them to promote the view that Narconon should be closed down period. Naturally, the more extreme the positioning was the media and the political class withdrew to watch and wait. Continue reading

GAA club’s €20k deal to allow Narconon drug rehab centre workers park their cars

Ballivor-Co-Meath Continue reading

Sashi and the Vindaloo version of Japa


Oh yes, I’ve heard a few stories concerning mental abuse too. It seems that one of the major priorities were the trips to India. From what I saw, everyone who joined that Japa group was eventually encouraged to go to India at least once. It was said that India is such a holy place, such a sacred place etc. You were convinced that if you go to India, you could get great blessings, great healing, improve your life, resolve this or that situation, improve your karma, bla bla etc.etc. Looking back, I think that the trips to India was part and parcel of the whole thing. The actual Japa meditation was just a means to an end. To get perple to go to India. Didn’t Sashi Dubey offer financial support in the setting up of Japa Centres? To teach, it didn’t seem to matter what qualifications you had etc., as long as you got in more people. More people = More customers? Was Japa Meditation merely the vehicle in which people were turned into willing customers? People were turned into customers who were willing to pay massive amounts to go to India? Part of Shashi Dubeys deliberate plan? The big money is in the West. Continue reading

JAPA – The truth hurts – don’t shoot the messenger


I’d just like to make some observations to the posts that Sinead Tynan put up recently, I’m sure other people are thinking along these lines.

JAPAsite Sinead Tynan

Firstly, wasn’t she a senior teacher in Japa Ireland , teaching for 7 years?


In the post Sinead Tynan says:

“In late Feb of this year 2018 I received a phone call alerting me to allegations of a sexual nature against individuals who were Teachers of Japa Meditation…….upwards of 30 complaints made to an Ex Japa Teacher in another area of the country. “ Continue reading

Japa: Mary quite contrary how does the Victim / Victimisers garden grow????


Following the publication of the letter on Facebook by Sinead Tynan Cayir, I received this post which will be kept anonymous. They proposed that I publish the photos of all those that were involved with Japa. This was taken from a publically available website which for obvious reasons has been taken down. So it is a list of Japa Ireland Meditation Teachers.


We do not imply that anyone whose photograph we show is in any way implicated in the issues of the abuse of therapy, inappropriate sexual contact or financial scams. So if you have distanced yourself from your involvement with Japa and have sought to address the issues of your involvement do contact us and we will be happy to remove the photograph from our post. We are happy to post your story in regard to leaving.

Certain names on this list would have been considered to be in the innermost circle of Japa Ireland Meditation Group.

JAPAsite Sinead Tynan

   Sinead Tynan

JAPAsite Fergal Cusack


                                            Fergal Cusack

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Cults and the Dialogue Ireland Schools programme ~ A helpful cameo by Linda Maher

This was sent to me last week. It is amazing to see how the work of Dialogue Ireland is remembered by people like Linda Maher.



Linda Maher on Schools Programme

Since Dialogue Ireland started this work over 30 years ago we have visited schools from Malin to Mizen head and at both extremities have had cultist groups affecting Irish people. In the seventies it was the Moonies, the old timers the Jehovah Witnesses and the Mormons were sects. In fact, Evangelicals had the only encyclical written by the Catholic Church on sects. The nineties were about the new kid on the block, Scientology but we later discovered that L Ron Hubbard had lived here in 1956. Like Isis who wished to set up a Sharia state, LRH wanted to set up a Scientology state. This edition of the Late, late Show was a legend according to Gerry Ryan. What is notable is that Scientology is fixated to be known as a religion. This show was in 1995 and Scientology sought to be recognised as a religion.


To this day it is clear that Scientology has no charitable intent. It is not furthering religion, or education or the relief of poverty. As I write the Scientologists are using a PR company and have opened a major HQ on Merrion Square in order to try to infiltrate the Irish state by obtaining charitable status. Well if you are interested do give us a call we would be delighted to speak to humanist, Atheist or Church groups and of course schools throughout the state and in Northern Ireland.

Oct 15 HQ5

The new Millenium brought us the International Church of Christ and also after September 11, 2001, Ireland became the HQ for the Muslim Brotherhood and there was an inability for policy makers to distinguish between Islam and Islamism.


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Japa, but no one is japping? Who is Shashi Dubey?


Dialogue Ireland continues  receive reports from the public of great fear against speaking out against Japa and after all the publicity people are still going to India on these extremely expensive trips. Months on there is no evidence that former leaders have come clean and exposed the abuse of this group and really given an example of for those they sent on these trips and for the local meditation groups they run. Everyone has gone under ground and we have had no reliable reports of any of the women who allege sexual assault have gone near the gardai. Why is this? If you believe Dennis or Shashi can actually read your mind, then by contacting the gardai or our organisation they know that this information is with these guys immediatley. It is our intention to put up photographs of the teachers who were involved with Japa and give them a full right of reply without censorship if there is no movement on this issue. Continue reading

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