Lamaism=Tibetan Buddhism tries to short circuit Enlightenment by sexual intercourse

Lifting the Veil off the Fourteen Root Infractions in Tantric “Buddhism”- Part 4: The True Colours of the Tantric Vajra Vehicle [Vajrayana](Reproduced)

Lama's with women13

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Tantric Couple Copulation Lamaism is not Buddhism

Dialogue Ireland is happy to publish the YouTube documentary on Lamaism. During our research and following our encounter with Chris Chandler we began to have a better understanding of the true nature Lamaism as a Sex Cult. At that time we became acquainted with the The True Enlightenment Education Foundation based in Taipei, Taiwan. We will write more on this later, but here we want to make our readers and viewers aware of what TB=Lamaism is all about. We do not enter into the Religious dynamic and belief systems inherent in this discussion as our focus is Cultism, but we are happy to co operate with our Taiwanese friends and through them to have our material available to a new audience. Continue reading

The Sex Lives of Godmen Of spiritual Healers, hypnosis artists and sexual exploiters BY Mihir Srivastava

This essay from Open Magazine/ 5 October 2013 is a very helpful analysis from an Indian perspective of the issues we have been dealing with in regard to both sexual abuse in some Christian contexts, but more directly in regard to our commentary in regard to Tantric Sex in Lamaism. Because it does not directly look at the Tibetan Tantra directly, but shows the way westerners approach this subject it is a helpful mirror to hold up to these practices in the West. It also has relevance for those studying the influence of Tony Quinn. Continue reading

Ole Nydahl Spillover Thread

We all allow ourselves when posting COMMENTS to go off tangent. If this is just a brief interlude it does not affect the thread. However, we have some who see as there main function to appear to engage with a topic and attempt to sidetrack our commentators so that instead of dealing with in this case, the issue of Lamaism they try to divert to dead ends. Continue reading

‘Tantrismuskritik blog,’ explores the abuses of Tantric Lamaism

Marte-Micaela Riepe’s name misattributed to ‘Tantrismuskritik.

Here you will find the legal judgement of Marte-Micaela Riepe’s court case:

Tantric sex is the essence of Tibetan Buddhism. The lamas think they could achieve enlightenment via having sex with women. Therefore, the lamas have to make love with women every day. Therefore, the lamas have to eat meat to gain energy for having sex which violates the Buddhist precepts. Continue reading

Lama Ole: Buddhist teacher or charlatan?

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Is Ole Nydahl a shining star or a rough diamond??

Ole Nydahl has been in Ireland often, but for over 20 years DI has been aware of his activities. First through Prof Johannes Aagaard from Aarhus University who had him as a participant at a Conference there in the 90’s where I was present. Continue reading

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