Enthralled: The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism. A Review by the Director of Dialogue Ireland Mike Garde for Amazon

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In general we have three categories which expand on the Lamaism and Consort sex narrative.

This expert analysis was given by our Buddhist expert.


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Enthralled: The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism
Enthralled: The Guru Cult of Tibetan Buddhism
by M.A., C.A.G.S., Christine A. Chandler
Edition: Paperback
Price: $22.95
6 used & new from $21.59

5.0 out of 5 stars Tibetan Buddhism is neither a good idea, good for Tibet nor has anything to do with Buddhism. It is pure Lamaism., August 15, 2017
When Chris Candler first came onto our blog and told the tale of what I thought was Tibetan Buddhism I thought she was off the wall. She was claiming that it had nothing to do with Buddhism, and a lot to do with Tibet. However, it was not pretty with connections to Hitler, the CIA and the new glue to keep the Communist party of China in power. I had now for 20 years being dealing with tales of sex abuse, but by a skilful side steps those involved with the Dalai Lama were able to act as if this particular lama was an exception. The problem we were being briefed by Buddhists from Taiwan that these Tibetan Lamaists were trying to mind control with mindlessness training their programme of unreformed Tantric couple sex. This was not just an aberration but the recipe was in fact on the tin. Of course we were told we were under the influence of the Communist Chinese which was a little difficult as we were connecting to the heretics and splitists from Taiwan. The Dalai Lama was himself up to his eyes with this stuff and has forty years covered up this cult of mindfulness and sexual depravity from his western disciples.

As an expert in cultism, I always obtained advice from formidable experts in Buddhism who were trying to expose this but they always said this or that Lama was the exception rather than the rule. What Chris Chandler has demonstrated is that the exception is the and the norm and the exception idea is the diversionary tactic to get you off the scent. She used to come onto our blog and she fought hand to hand comment warfare with the trolls and the General of the exception Tenpel the master of diversion. Here is how you can see this working out by following her battles like Arjuna in the chariot. Then I realised I had to go it alone, as Chris wisely realised if she was on social media much longer she might as well take refuge in a place for the overwhelmed. She went into retreat, healing herself by the logos therapy of recovering the western mind, and removing those hidden mindfulness programmes and by writing the book. It is a statement of liberation, it is also a charter for a truly Free Tibet, not one of letting these Slave masters Lamas near the place. Does it involve the continued Han take over of the country? Obviously not but in order for Tibet to be freed it needs to freed from these Lamas on their Feudal thrones.

It is not surprising that the philosopher Hegel when categorising this religious grouping in the Nineteenth Century referred to it as Lamaism. The devotion to the Lamas, full of hierarchy and feudalism, with gods, devils and hell realms. Buddha was from the Royal Family of Nepal which was a Hindu kingdom. His whole philosophical project was to get rid of the gods of Hinduism not bring in its most degraded variation. So in modern terms he was not an Atheist but rather an A-Theist. So Chris is to be commended and every education Department in the world where the lamas are present needs to get this book. They have infiltrated into every aspect of our lives from meditation to Death and dying. Here in Ireland one of the chief suspects Sogyal Rinpoche has recently been exposed by his own members as a deeply tarnished person in regard, to sexual abuse for decades, violence and a totally contradictory lifestyle for a real lama. Presidents, educators and corporations have already succumbed to this vision. Be alert and buy this book. It is written not in the modern way of abstraction but on the smithy of Chris’s soul based on being herself captive and in the web of this most seductive nectar for thirty years. The book cries freedom and gives the reader the way ahead for walking free.

Photo of the Dalai Lama with the leader of the Aum Cult of Japan


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