School of Philosophy – Ch4 report into Child Abuse in the UK

School of Philosophy – Ch4 report into Child Abuse at their school, St James’s UK Continue reading

School of Philosophy ~ practical or incremental brainwashing?

It is absolutely astounding that a prestigious news paper such as the Sunday Times would allow a very contentious group which is widely known from the seventies to be a group that is not about teaching philosophy but rather is about recruiting people to non dualistic philosophy and instead of creating a critical mind it is rather engaged numbing the mind into a mindless condition . It uses the initiation rites of TM, but in a way that the person does not realise they are been reeled in.

The Sunday Times is joined by a number of daily and provincial papers in clear breach of their journalistic ethics in allowing what must very expensive adverts on their front pages. The Irish Times in the seventies ran a series calling the School the Baggot Street “Moonies” as they had large Georgian houses on that Street before moving to Northumberland Road. With the demise of philosophical and theological education it seems that there is a total lack of critical writing in the field of investigative journalism. In fact there is a censorship of issues of this type across most of the newspapers. There have been no critical articles about this group for some time and it is clear that the advertising has bought the silence of editors around this state. Continue reading

Dublin school to offer holiday homes for rent

From The Sunday Times

December 20, 2009

Dublin school to offer holiday homes for rent


Gabrielle Monaghan and Jill Nesbitt

The parents of pupils at a school in Dublin plan to offer their second properties for rent in an effort to raise funds for its activities. Continue reading

Revenue queries school gifts-as-fees scheme

From The Sunday Times

March 27, 2005

Revenue queries school gifts-as-fees scheme

Siobhan Maguire and Jill Nesbitt

THE Revenue Commissioners have held discussions with a Dublin school that has abolished fees in favour of voluntary contributions that parents in turn can write off against tax. Continue reading

Clara Salaman, Glamour magazine, September 2009 (Issue No. 102)

“‘The only escape I could see was suicide’ – a
shocking account of growing up in a cult”
Interview with Clara Salaman,
Glamour magazine, September 2009 (Issue No. 102)

Interview with Clara Salaman on BBC Radio 4 School of Philosophy

Interview with Clara Salaman by Libby Purves on BBC Radio 4 on 29th July last:
Interview takes place about 23 minutes in.

Shame on You by Clara Salaman From The Bookbag – School of Philosophy –

Shame on You by Clara Salaman
From The Bookbag
Genre: General Fiction
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Ceri Padley
Summary: Clara Salaman’s debut novel is a dark and mysterious look at the inside goings-on and lasting affects of a religious cult in modern London. Gripping and heartbreaking, Shame on You is an instant page-turner.
Format: Paperback 320 pages
Publisher: Penguin August 2009
ISBN: 978-0141041261

Continue reading

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