What is happening in the London/Derry City School of Philosophy and Economic Science set up?

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This is their mission statement:

Our mission is to make available the timeless wisdom of practical philosophy
to all who wish to engage fully in this life, and yet be in peace, and freedom, and bliss, regardless of education, occupation, age, race, political or religious beliefs.



We have been receiving persistent reports about the School in regard to marriage break ups, and the neglect of children due to undue influence. Various attempts to keep the School out of the public eye, where the necessary scrutiny needs to take place is reported. We have no interest in the private lives of members, but when such situations are not addressed and the courts are frequented without proper education of the public about what is going on this to an imbalance of power. We invite those who have experience of the situation in L/Derry to leave comments here without fear of their anonymity being breached and compromised. You register and can use any name you like with which to comment. Commenting can assist your recovery and breaks the chain of power the movement holds over you. Do not reveal your identity or attack the members of the SES personally.



Please do contact us to give us your view as to what is happening in your Maiden City and please no Lundys.


All photographs taken from their publically accessible Facebook page.

Here is what we have about the School and we know them in Dublin as the Baggott Street Moonies. Their courses are cheap but their influence is expensive. My study of the School over the years leads me to the view they are involved with incremental brainwashing.


The media in Ireland has been quite delinquent in not giving sufficient scrutiny to this group.

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This allows them to exercise a lot of influence over very vulnerable people and also the very clear goal of influencing government and people of wealth. This is no school of philosophy at all and it is strangely connected to the nondualistic ideas of the Mahrishi Yogi. Here you have thought reform masquerading as philosophical enquiry. No it is a controlled system which is easily identified. Question anything and suddenly you find yourself on the street.




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  1. Dear YoKo, I love my close family however far away they may be;)

    I am ErIc MoRcOmBe

    Much LoVe


  2. Oh I forgot,





  3. Dear Survivorsclub8,
    I have tried to answer the original question in a manner that allows you to make your own mind up which is critical in these circumstances.
    I came to the conclusion that it’s all about the Indianisation of the west.
    Further information can be found here:

    Just one more thing: Stuff like this is useful in recovery.
    All the best to you.


  4. “Are we the baddies?”


  5. Professor CHOMSKY


  6. More on the problems with Solipsism by “leading psychiatrist” Professor Emeritus Robert J Lifton.


  7. The heartwarming Dr Alexandra Stein.

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  8. Professor Slavoj Zizek.


  9. The one and only Christopher Hitchens on Solipsism.


  10. “Okey dokey. Oh! Segovia.”


  11. Meet Yuri Bezmenov, if you haven’t already.


  12. “What is happening in the London/Derry City School of Philosophy and Economic Science set up?”

    Gods of the New Age documentary is very enlightening on this subject despite its age:

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  13. thesurvivorsclub8 thanks for your very helpful response. As a way to reach out to more people I will publish your comment as a full post. Yes I hope others will realise this is a safe place to tell their stories.


  14. Hi there,
    I’ve been wondering when someone would get around to discussing the ‘Maiden City Moonies!’ I have had experience of this particular group, and it turned out to be one of those things you do and wish you’d made more enquiries first. I got away from it after the initiation ceremony, which was bizarre to say the least, but also very unsettling.
    I’ve spoken to a number of people since who also managed to get away, and we’re all of the same mind. Glad to get away from it and embarrassed to ever have been involved. It’s funny, so little is known about this group, my alarm bells should have been ringing when I realised there was so much secrecy surrounding it. One lecturer was positively evangelical about the need to maintain secrecy, tell nothing and ask nothing. It was for me a frustrating exercise being here. They espouse an ethos of open dialogue, but it was almost impossible to get a question answered. It became clear that some of the ‘lecturers’ were only capable of reading from ready prepared notes which they referred to as the material. They often though could not deal with being questioned, usually just throwing it out to other members of the class. There was always someone who liked the sound of their own voice and they usually ended up diverting attention away from the original question.
    I would be really interested to know if anyone else experienced what I did. Do any of the following comments ring a bell with you?

    1. You’d make a great class tutor. ( Even though you haven’t a clue what you’re doing!!!)

    2. Oh, you really get this, you’re a natural.

    3. This will change your life forever, it will never be the same again! ( When asked what this meant you were told all will become clear.)

    4. Judge nothing, question everything. (Then risk being smacked down verbally in front of the class. )

    5. Everyone can achieve a state of permanent happiness by getting rid of the ties that bind. ( This was never fully explained but I was aware of plenty of rumours!)

    6. You must devote time every single day to meditation, nothing else in your life is more important than doing this.

    7. When it came to handing over money, no amount was ever fixed but you were told to ‘donate’ enough that it hurts.

    I’m trying to remember all of the weirdness around this organisation but I have done a pretty good job of letting go of a lot of the nonsense they tried to cram into me. I am absolutely sure that there was a steady drip feed of coercion going on, it was actually quite disturbing to see the way some people were falling under its spell. I’m astonished that in this day and age people are so gullible or maybe it’s just that the SPES is expert at targeting vulnerable/suggestible people. Who knows?
    I’m just interested to find out what others have experienced. It’s definitely one of the weirder things I’ve done, and with no wish to repeat it. One friend said of the group we were in, “there’s a wee want!” That about summed it up, but I have been disturbed by some of the other stuff I’ve heard, and if it’s appearing here now, maybe I’m not the only one. I’ve wondered about some of the people in the hierarchy, and the influence/control they have. Also the money has been a source of interest between friends of mine, along with the absolute need to exert authority over the members. Does this seem familiar to anyone?

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