Keeping the mindbenders out of the school. Director of Dialogue Ireland visits Marian College September 25.

10th Anniversary since the “Mindbenders Conference,” at Marian College

Mike Garde has been going to Marian College for nearly twenty years. 10 years ago the College hosted a Conference which looked at the undue influence of groups. We had a very good example of this when Scientology and the Moonies working in concert tried to infiltrate the Conference. Due to the swift action of Grainne McCarthy they were outed and asked to leave.  We are not so much discussing religion but how undue influence can be used to remove your ability to critically think.







9:00 AM – 4:15 PM


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How to void a cult? NCT visit to Marian College September 26th, 2016

Here is what Marian College tries to do:

We demonstrate a special concern for the deprived and the disadvantaged, we do not define the success of one individual in terms of superiority over others, and we make every effort to ensure that the uniqueness and dignity of each person is respected, and responded to, especially through our pastoral care practices.
In the search for excellence, the students will be helped by teachers of spirit, energy, humour and idealism who believe in the importance of self-esteem, character, integrity and conviction, who are particularly proud of the happy, disciplined and caring environment that has always been the hallmark of the College.

We try to engage with the students so that they do not get taken in by those who offer answers which lead to captivity of the mind. Continue reading

Marlborough Hall, Glasnevin part of the legacy of the National School and non denominationalism now unconstitutionally suppressed.

Marlborough Hall

Marlborough Hall, Glasnevin.
I have been trying to understand the rich history of the National School in the area around DCU. On the way home recently I noticed we have a new educational experiment called Whitehall College of Further Education where just over a 100 years ago there was the last residence for male members of the Non Denominational “Marlborough Street,” Teacher School Training College. The building was also used as a hospital and convalescent home for those injured in the First World War, and later, Ireland’s War of Independence. From 1926 -1938 it became Colaiste CaoIimhin. John Marcus O’Sullivan was the Minister of Education that brought in Irish as a subject and Marlborough Hall was going to be the engine room of the teaching of Irish and it was most successful in this. Down the decades it has been used by various government departments and for the past several by the Department of Defence. Continue reading

Why the census needs to be changed. We need a conversion from Religion.

Census 2016

Religion question

I have been trying since 2002 to have the census introduce some scientific logic to how the subject of religion is described and categorised. Overtures to the CSO and the Taoiseach’s office have met with no response. Continue reading

The Story of the Model School in Athy and how it has been changed into a Denominational School.

Athy Model School

Athy Model School Ethos

athy-model-school-logoAthy Model School is a primary school under the patronage of the Department of Education, with a Church of Ireland ethos. We endeavour to enable each child to acquire a set of moral values based on the ethos of the school.

We encourage parents and children to involve themselves in the activities of both the Church of Ireland community and the wider community. However, we have due recognition of all other beliefs and cultures and we respect cultural and religious diversity. Continue reading

Bro Eoin, a monk form Co Kildare gives us an insight into how the National Schools became a sectarian Apartheid system

Old Model School

1850-1870; a model of what might have been and a promise of what still could be. . 

  The Model School in Athy (destroyed by fire in 2010) where all children were taught together

Below find the article by Bro Eoin from Bolton Abbey, but first a little modern summary which arose from reading this extremely important  article. Continue reading

Terenure College hosts Mike Garde of Dialogue Ireland to discuss cultism with students on October 9th and 16th.

220px-Terenure_College,_DublinHere we will be addressing the vulnerability we all are subject to in our lives but mostly the issues around cultism. What do we mean by cultism? The phenomenon where people can have their heads turned and become subject to undue influence. Generally we do exercises to show how this vulnerability works. When preparing to come to Terenure College I began to see if I could find information about it. Continue reading

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