The Story of the Model School in Athy and how it has been changed into a Denominational School.

Athy Model School

Athy Model School Ethos

athy-model-school-logoAthy Model School is a primary school under the patronage of the Department of Education, with a Church of Ireland ethos. We endeavour to enable each child to acquire a set of moral values based on the ethos of the school.

We encourage parents and children to involve themselves in the activities of both the Church of Ireland community and the wider community. However, we have due recognition of all other beliefs and cultures and we respect cultural and religious diversity. Continue reading

Bro Eoin, a monk form Co Kildare gives us an insight into how the National Schools became a sectarian Apartheid system

Old Model School

1850-1870; a model of what might have been and a promise of what still could be. . 

  The Model School in Athy (destroyed by fire in 2010) where all children were taught together

Below find the article by Bro Eoin from Bolton Abbey, but first a little modern summary which arose from reading this extremely important  article. Continue reading

Terenure College hosts Mike Garde of Dialogue Ireland to discuss cultism with students on October 9th and 16th.

220px-Terenure_College,_DublinHere we will be addressing the vulnerability we all are subject to in our lives but mostly the issues around cultism. What do we mean by cultism? The phenomenon where people can have their heads turned and become subject to undue influence. Generally we do exercises to show how this vulnerability works. When preparing to come to Terenure College I began to see if I could find information about it. Continue reading

Visit to Maynooth by Director of Dialogue Ireland to deliver Immaculate Deception to Bishops.

Mike Garde spent over 6 hours in Maynooth to discuss a number of issues with a DI board member, and also visited his Alma Mater after an absence of nearly 6 years. He was also able to speak quite openly with Bishop William Crean from Cloyne about the issues related to the HofP.

Bishop Crean had invited him to a public meeting in Killarney over 20 years ago to discuss the cult issue. He understood the issues facing families and was hopeful a resolution could be found.

Looking towards St Mary's

I was able to hand over a copy of the book for every bishop, that is for those that did not already have it. Continue reading

Talk on cultism at Marian College by Director of Dialogue Ireland ~Monday September 21, 2015

Marian College is the College which has had the most visits since we started over 25 years ago.

Marian College


What is involved with a School Visit?

Previous visits: Continue reading

Conor Brady tries to understand the National School system

School admissions bill still hasn’t a prayer of eliminating inequality

Sunday Times, April, 5th 2015.

Conor Brady is trying to get his head around this thing which has been there since 1831 called the National School but there are plans to hand it over to the Taliban?

Image result for Conor Brady pic


school admission 1 Continue reading

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