The photographic record of the Dialog Centre Aarhus Denmark

Anders Blichfeldt was a co-worker at the Dialog Centret from the end of the seventies. He had an amazing gift to have a camera always available so we have an interesting record of a developing movement and network which involved people all over ther world and especially the emerging Dialog Center International, (DCI.)


The photographer and documentarist Anders Blichfeldt


Dalai Lama and Johannes Aagaard

Hatha Yogi in Rishikesh, India


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The Book of the Law as an Anarcho-Fascist Manifesto of the New World Order

The following essay was written by Alexander Duncan on his website The Secret Door – Thoughts on Thelma. It is reproduced here with permission of the author, who we are extremely grateful to for producing such an excellent and well-researched analysis. We include it to help give some background to the group that L. Ron Hubbard had involvement with prior to his founding of the Scientology organisation.

The original essay is hosted here.


The purpose of this paper is to neither defend nor attack the political philosophy described herein, but simply to understand the political worldview of the Book of the Law, revealed to Aleister Crowley by Aiwaz in 1904.[1] Sycophants and disciples, on the one hand, and muckraking tabloid journalists and debunkers, on the other, have written a great deal of rubbish about Crowley, Aiwaz, the Book of the Law, and the philosophy of Thelema.  Each side has its own agenda, and is willing to select the facts that suit its purpose. Our agenda here is simply to present the Book of the Law in its own terms and to articulate the philosophy of Aiwaz, which also became that of Aleister Crowley, as accurately and as fully as possible without deviation or distortion. Continue reading

THE SATANIC MURDER IRELAND FORGOT by Donal MacIntyre, Sunday World, 30 May 2011

Donal MacIntyre Investigates

This is the shocking document* that reveals the full horror of the satanic slaying of a six-year-old boy, in the murder that Ireland forgot. Continue reading

Kidnapped child was murdered in satanic rite By JIM CUSACK in Sunday Independent Sun May 29 2011

Details of 1973 killing revealed as hearing told no death cert issued

By JIM CUSACK Sunday May 29, 2011


The murdered seven-year-old boy found in an attic in Dublin in 1973 was tied to rafters in the attic in a “cruciform”, the author of a forthcoming book on the killing has said. Continue reading

New inquest into 1973 Satanic killing of boy (7) By Cormac Byrne Evening Herald Wed May 25 2011

Attic: Child was found tied to rafters in decades-old shock murder

By Cormac Byrne Evening Herald Wed May 25 2011 Continue reading

Coroner hears evidence of violent death of boy in 1973- by GEORGINA O’HALLORAN The Irish Times

By GEORGINA O’HALLORAN The Irish Times – Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A CORONER’S court heard disturbing evidence about the violent death of a seven-year-old boy found tied to the rafters in a neighbour’s attic 37 years ago, after a coroner took the unusual step of opening an inquest more than three decades after the event. Continue reading

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