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The adverts on UTV Ireland have been plugging our old friend Tony Quinn. They started in earnest with the arrival of Darren Clarke on the tee for the Educo foursome.

He is now their poster boy and so the Irish public who have known about Quinn for years might not realise his involvement in this. Continue reading

Zabrina Collins part- spokesperson, part Stormtrooper, for Scientology, Phoenix February 2015

Phoenix Continue reading

THE STANLEY LETTER: The Foundational document of the Irish National School system.


Letter from Edward Stanley, later Edward Smith-Stanley, 14th Earl of Derby, to the Duke of Leinster. Continue reading

Victory Christian Fellowship: ONWARD CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS by Phoenix February 27, 2015

Hade caseSee PDF version here:

Hades in court

Pastors  Gerry Byrne, Sheila Hade and Brendan Hade Continue reading

Non Racialism=Non Denominationalism, Multidenominational= Multiracialism, and Racialism=Denominationalism

beware of natives

Joe Humphreys, The Irish Times Education Correspondent has been highlighting the issues around the National School issue and perhaps his experience in South Africa might explain why he is able to grasp this concept of National School Education.

Joe Humpreys

In South Africa we understand racialism as it was legalised in the form of Apartheid.

white only

The idea was that each ethnic group would have their own state/ Buntustan and that the white minority would still hold onto power in the country. The Indian and Coloured community obviously did not have a homeland to go to like the Pondos, Zulus or Xhosa. When this system came under threat the first idea the white minority had to stay in power was to create tricameral parliament to address this, for Indians and Coloureds. What is the relevance of apartheid (pronounced appropriately Aparthate,) for us in Ireland? Continue reading

How can we prevent segregation in our schools

How can we prevent segregation in our schools

Policymakers have a responsibility to plan for all children. They could learn from Finland

Children at play in St  John the Evangelist National School, Adamstown, Co Dublin. More than 90% of pupils in the school in the 2013- 14 school year were of immigrant origin. Photograph: The Irish Times

Children at play in St John the Evangelist National School, Adamstown, Co Dublin. More than 90% of pupils in the school in the 2013- 14 school year were of immigrant origin. Photograph: The Irish Times

By Joe Humphreys, The Irish Times Education Correspondent

Joe Humphreys

Joe Humphreys is Education Correspondent with The Irish Times, and author of the weekly ‘Unthinkable’ philosophy column. He previously worked as a correspondent in South Africa and as an Assistant News Editor, and has published books on the history of Irish missionaries, the politics of sport and the ethics of world religions.

Imagine a place where there were no private schools, no waiting lists, no demands for baptism certs; a place where all children – irrespective of faith or ethnicity – went to their local school.
Such a place exists. It’s called Finland. But such a place once existed here too. In the 19th century and early 20th century, Ireland had a system of national schools which were explicitly non-denominational. The display of religious emblems in school hours was prohibited and children had a right to opt out of religious ceremonies. Poverty was a barrier but, in theory, national schools educated all children together.
• This changed when, post-independence, the Catholic Church began to shape the State’s institutions to its liking. The emergence of denominational schools at primary level
Today new forms of segregation are emerging. Some are religious but more worrying perhaps is the ethnic segregation highlighted in an analysis this week by Pamela Duncan of the Irish Times Data team.
This shows that 23 per cent of primary schools cater for four in five immigrant children. In 20 schools, more than two-thirds of pupils were from a non-Irish background.
This caused little surprise among educational experts, many of whom had pointed out that plans by successive governments to create “diversity of patronage” would only deepen segregation.
The primary teachers union the INTO has long advocated the development of Community National Schools as the norm. Only a handful of such schools have opened since 2008 and they – along with Educate Together schools – have been found to be the most inclusive of immigrant children and other minorities.
In contrast, Gaelscoileanna have the lowest intake of both immigrant children and pupils with special educational needs – an apparent consequence of their status as middle-class schools.
The debate shouldn’t pit one patron against another, or be turned into a means of criticising parents looking for that extra “edge” for their child.
However, policymakers have a responsibility to plan for all children. They could take some lessons from the Finns.
The debate will continue at the Labour party conference this weekend where a motion has been tabled urging Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan to reverse plans for creating more diversity of patronage.
First published: Sat, Feb 28, 2015, 01:00

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Latest revelations make us aware we actually know less than we did a decade ago?

Princess DebraClaire B

Sect leader Debra Burslem convinced followers to give her millions

·         DAVID MURRAY
·         FEBRUARY 22, 2015 
QUEENSLAND sect leader Debra Burslem told followers that God wanted her to have a new Mercedes and a luxury Spanish villa.
The jetsetting Burslem also insisted she fly first class to have more room to pray and claimed to be the rightful heir to the British throne.
Her extravagant lifestyle and outlandish claims have been revealed after several of her closest confidantes walked out of Burslem’s Magnificat Meal Movement in disgust.
The movement, based at Helidon near Toowoomba, attracted worldwide attention when Burslem claimed to receive messages from Jesus and the Virgin Mary.
Its inner workings have been a closely guarded secret but former followers have begun warning of Burslem’s dangerous hold on members.
Clare Birchley spent almost 20 years in the movement and was once a true believer in Burslem’s claims but now says she is a charlatan. She estimates Burslem has raised $20 million through her followers since she first shot to prominence in the 1990s. Money-raising schemes in the movement are many and varied. Burslem: 
■Insisted followers give 10 per cent of wages and donate extra for God’s blessing;
■ Recruited followers to sell products for multi-level marketing companies such as Herbalife, Neways and Forever Living which would earn her commissions;
■ Convinced followers to invest $1.8 million in a failed gold bullion scheme.
Burslem and her husband were broke when they moved to Toowoomba from Melbourne in the early 1990s and joined conservative Catholic prayer groups.
Local Catholics set them up with somewhere to live, but Burslem put the church off-side with her claims about communicating with Jesus and Mary.
Soon, the former primary school teacher was claiming she needed $45 million to build a basilica to honour the Virgin Mary. Ms Birchley says it never happened and believes it “never will”.
Instead, Burslem spent $800,000 converting a dilapidated stable in the Spanish village of San Sebastian de Garabandal into a villa.
Burslem also bought expensive furniture for one of her properties in Helidon. She shipped a Mercedes ML320 SUV from the UK to Vanuatu, where she is now based.
“In 2008 she started saying the key to the basilica was the Spanish stable. She said ‘God has said we are to rebuild the stable’.
“She has purchased at least nine Mercedes’ since 2000. She says it’s a sign of mercy, that’s why she should be driving in them, because of the word mercy in Mercedes.
“She insisted on flying first class, and if it wasn’t first it was business. She used to say she prayed better.
“None of us accompanying her on those flights ever got to sit in first class. You would get to the end of the flight and she would send the air hostess to say ‘come on pack up my things’.”
Followers called themselves the “slaves of the eucharist” and wore blue robes — until Burslem realised the outfits were affecting their Herbalife sales and told them to wear civilian clothes.
Burslem fled to Vanuatu in 2007 after the tax office came calling with a $5.5 million bill. It is believed she negotiated a settlement to pay about $500,000.
She is staying on a property surrounded by a giant wall with broken glass scattered over the top for security. Her former followers estimate she has spent $1 million renovating the property.
Burslem declined to comment when Channel Nine’s A Current Affair confronted her in Vanuatu last week.
Burslem has also been preaching that Ireland will sink beneath the waves and that the world will face a calamity in around 2017, former followers say.
And Burslem’s dramatic claims do not stop at talking to Jesus and Mary.
“She purports to be the real heir to the British throne,” Ms Birchley said.
The movement has dwindled from thousands in the 1990s to about 400 including children today.
“Money can be replaced. Life cannot. The people of the MMM are good people, sorely mistaken, bled dry of their independence and psychologically tricked.
“They will need support one day as they begin to realise they have been used by a charlatan,” Ms Birchley said.
 Our research suggests that both Claire Murphy and Clare Birchley need to give more detail in regard to their role in the MMM. This includes issues of a criminal nature which we brought to the public domain in 2012. Obviously not having local information is an obstacle to understanding the latest twists in this story. Certainly the flushing out of Debra in Vanuatu has been on the cards for some time. Now what is needed is getting beyond the Celebrity factor and following the money trail. It will involve high level policing and talking to the victims of fraud world wide. It will involve an investment by the media which will cost a bit. I was invited to be an expert witness by the ATO but it was clear that they could not get a handle on the detailed fraud involved. This is likely why a settlement was reached. The terms of the settlement made by Claire Murphy and Clare Birchley with Debra means we are unlikely to ever be able to get at the truth. There is one way but since 2010 there is one person who has the golden egg of evidence but………
This was summed up to me last Friday night when I received a call from a relative of someone who was very much a feature of my thesis published in 2006. This person is seriously ill both physically and psychologically.
The human damage this woman has been responsible for is horrendous. She looks like a shriveled Hippie now but she has destroyed families throughout the world. Let us be clear DI will assist the media in any way to bring this woman to justice and at no cost other than my time.

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SPs ‘r’ US apologises for inappropriate and defamatory material

The views expressed after Mike Garde was blocked were inappropriate and I can confirm that he is a genuine campaigner against Scientology. He has a long history and good character for fighting cultism.

Pete Griffiths


My reply published this evening:

Mike Garde Pete thanks for posting this. As you now know I did not know you had published this apology till I was able to reconnect to the group. You know also that I do not intend commenting here other than to check if further abuse has come my way. I should point out though as one of the managers of the site that you still have a responsibility to address further abuse. I bring to your attention the fact that only 2 minutes after you published this apology John McGhee left this comment: “what is the basket-case doing this time?” Then on the same day a week ago he seemed to suggest you were not sincere in this apology? “The title of the post, about Mike being a genuine campaigner, was a wee in-house joke. It was originally in quotations. The man is a nut job and he bombarding members here with his insane ramblings.” As you know I was not able to comment here till now. I would be grateful if you could address this abuse asap.

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Siobhan and Gerard Ryan are directors of the Scientology Business in Dublin.

Scientology as a business is in free fall and quite contrary to Scientology beliefs which suggests people should not get outside financial help they have got a bailout from unnamed Scientologists. The business has been kept on life support with outside help. In fact the Mary Johnson case which was featured on the Late Late Show exactly 20 years ago is the main reason for the condition Scientology finds itself in.

You will note Siobhan Ryan in the audience along with a number of the Ryan brothers.

Also Scientology in Ireland have not been able to demonstrate that they should be granted charitable exemption since they were established in the mid fifties. This really results from the fact that Scientology has no charitable intent.

They certainly are not furthering any religion other than in the most obtuse sense. Also, they create poverty rather than relieve it. They prey on communities under the guise of helping them get off drugs. They might pretend they have an educational function but unfortunately, that is not the case.

001px Cover.indd

In the same Phoenix magazine article there is an article about the Zabrina Collins defamation case and then here we are shown their precarious financial position and their need of a constant bailout.

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