Scientology Organisation – A revisit to “Holy” ground.

Scientology has left the building. I had not been in Middle Abbey Street for years and was shocked at how bad it looks. I remember the Hairdresser called House of Colour next door. Scientology used to have some form of ownership of the property. Someone saw me checking the place and told me Zabrina Shortt is checking for rents there?

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EDUCO: Tony Quinn, Susan Morrice. Why is she not mentioning the Educo Seminar in Zambia?

We were contacted by a researcher who wanted to share what they found about a very old friend of Dialogue Ireland Susan Morrice and her engagement with Zambia.

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A very helpful insight into the strange world of Educo and the Tony Quinn group.

Investigation into Irish hypnotist Tony Quinn and his company Educo, and his influence and involvement in a Belize oil company.

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Dublin councillor appears in Scientology videos but tells people not to get involved in ‘cult’

Scientology sting:
When a critic of Scientology through gradual grooming becomes a mouthpiece for that at the rational level he rejects.
A case study in Scientology influence. Citizens of Firhouse be aware.
Brian Lawlor a local councillor of the Fine Gael party gets snookered.

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A course in Miracles with a little bit of grooming thrown in

CULT FOLLOWING Irish spiritual guru on sex charges in Ibiza said he heals cancer with sex and is ‘St Michael’

A Spanish psychoanalyst said: ‘Murray sought to control and gain power. Along with that, access to sex and drugs’

Irishman Michael Murray, a self-styled ‘spiritual guru’, denies the charges against him

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ICSA Webinar: The Psychology of Coercive Control Online Masters Program Overview

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