Prime Time documentary on the Muslim Brotherhood European HQ situated at the Clonskeagh Mosque.

FG at Mosque

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Joe Duffy on the Palmarians and the House of Prayer


Joe Duffy in MonS1

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Joe Duffy writes about the Palmarians and how family members are affected. Continue reading

Overreach: Update on Victory Outreach

The issue of Console has raised again the problems associated with charities. This report in 2013 raised exactly the same issues then.

Late in 2014 we had overtures from VO and engaged with them about the abuses outlined a year earlier in the Prime Time documentary.

They clearly tried to separate themselves from Andy Valdez and his Freedom Ministries. Our discussions broke down and could find no one to take responsibility for the issues raised by the documentary. One of the reasons VO was able to be so successful is that they did not require any entry requirements and so vulnerable families and addicts flock to them like bees to honey not realising the trap they are entering. Continue reading

The Palmarian Church on RTÉ – Liveline: More testimonies from former members

20 July 2016

John Sheahan’s sister Goretta joined the Palmarian church a quarter of a century ago and he hasn’t heard from her since. He wasn’t sure if she was dead or alive. Today, former Palmarians Maria and John provided lots of information about what has happened to Goretta since she joined the church.

Today we got some recent news from John in Lichtenstein who was subject to assault by the Church when he resisted them. Maria Hall was able to give information about a person who was a religious in Palmar and tells Joe about her involvement.

What we get to understand is that as the place fragments it is caught between tightening the screw and having no screws to tighten. The youth are totally isolated and can’t have contact with family so as the the community is facing wipe out it is unlikely that they will become a Jonestown or Waco but rather a kind of prison camp old peoples home. There is always the possibility that some charismatic might present to do miracles but really all they have are the accounts which are hidden and the ex Pope will likely be more at risk than most.I would see him not sleeping well at night as some troubled person abused by him becomes a jihadist.

This testimony by by Joshua gives a flavour of where things are at currently.



Maria's pics of PT4



An update from Terry who’s brother died days after he returned to the Palmarians in Spain.

Maria's pics of PT1

RTÉ – Liveline
Joe Duffy talks to the Irish public about affairs of the day.
Palmarian Church Update
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Maria Hall and the Palmarians: The craziness that led to liberty


Maria Hall

Last year Maria wrote a book about her experiences and it is certainly a must read for  anyone who wants to understand what being a Palmarian is like. Recently the story has become about the celebrity Pope who left and looking at the St Peter’s of Palmaria Rome. No this about the break up of families, the psychological damage done to children and the undue influence exercised on the elderly. The reality is that once the undue influence has been exercised people can be in Raheny and do not require the large walls of Palmar to keep people in. Of course it is a mind wall but the real one helps keeps the member prisoners in. They become in time their own prison warders. The photographs that Maria brought back from Spain show the  wall and the separation of people like in Berlin rather than the glories of of the Cathedrals of Spain. It looks like a concentration camp as Nick calls it. Continue reading

Terry tells Joe that her brother died last night in Palmar inside the compound.

RTÉ – Liveline

Joe Duffy talks to the Irish public about affairs of the day.
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