MMM Warning on cults: Claire Murphy and Clare Birchley speak to the Catholic Leader


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Warning on cults

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Could Ngong and Mike Meegan of ICROSS fame be in the frame for further investigation?

Foreign sex offenders escaping justice in Kenya

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Has John Boyle broken with Tony Quinn or is he getting better at PR?

John Boyle was interviewed by Richard Curran on RTÉ – The Business
1 hour show looking at business and enterprise in Ireland.
John Boyle
18 April 2015
John Boyle grew up in Camlough, Co. Armagh, and after an extended stint as a bread van driver found himself having to reassess his life at the tender age of 25. He opened a bookmaker’s shop in nearby Markethill that has now grown into the BoyleSports empire of 205 outlets, a thriving online business, and an annual turnover in excess of €1bn.

You can listen back here to the show:

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MMM: Debra’s prophecy hit for six by Cyclone Pam

Princess Debra


“What Might God Say to Me Today” had inconveniently become “What Might God Remember I Said Yesterday.”

We are gradually beginning a sense of what is happening in the MMM. It is clear that Debra is losing control but to what extent is not clear as no one has yet given us a clear narrative to explain what is happening.

Debra3Last week we published the horrific story his death and the issues surrounding his death. We were then alerted to the fact that Niall Haughey the nephew of former Taoiseach C.J. Haughey had opened a restaurant with his wife Maria a cousin of Dermot Forkin in Vanuatu. We are assuming for the moment that there presence there means they are Debra loyalists.


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Should someone be reported for the neglect of Dermot Forkin as a vulnerable adult??

One of our commenters raised the issue as to whether someone should be reported for the neglect of Dermot Forkin? Please contact us or make a report to a police force in your area.
We did hear that Dermot was brought to Twowoomba hospital but no news has surfaced since.
Francois DF
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Conor Brady tries to understand the National School system

School admissions bill still hasn’t a prayer of eliminating inequality

Sunday Times, April, 5th 2015.

Conor Brady is trying to get his head around this thing which has been there since 1831 called the National School but there are plans to hand it over to the Taliban?

Image result for Conor Brady pic


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Save National Schools ~ An attempt to subvert the Constitution

Save National Schools.

The Minister for Education must be stopped from signing Deeds of Variation in National Schools. There should be a detailed debate about this matter in the Oireachtas before any changes are considered. Continue reading


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