Linda Ciardiello‎ New Kadampa Survivor Testimonies. Trying to see the wood=NKT from the trees=Lamaism


DI is trying to hear Linda and facilitate a discussion on her attempts to expose the NKT and not allow the the DL franchise escape. We will publish other material by her and look for further responses by our commenters. Continue reading

Are we seeing the end of the road for the Palmarians? Are they fleeing to Spain?


Picture of Holy Face

The Palmarians seem to be closing down in Ireland. They have been for years declining as they have become more withdrawn. Children are separated from their parents unless they wear a special fancy dress? The house is for sale! Could I suggest they contact Christina Gallagher as she might need a new one. She has all the pictures ready for her…..

38 Haddon Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3

We welcome any reports from family members. Continue reading

VOI and pastoral bilocation. What do you think when you hear the word, VICTORY?

Dialogue Ireland is currently about to complete its report on the activities of VOI in Ireland. We have a long dialogue about the situation in Ireland and just before writing the report wanted to see what was on the web connected to VOI. Over the last few days we have received complaints about Martin Lynch in Cork even though he has closed down the Church in Cork and is living in Wicklow. Also when we looked at the International site we discovered that Sonny Arguinzoni is actually pastor in Dublin?


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How do Christina Gallagher and Fr McGinnity do it? Undue influence and vulnerable adults.

Pic Fr McGinnity

In our field of cultism we have clear evidence of what we call magical mystification. That is the use of meditation, or prayer to relieve people of their money. A place like the House of Prayer makes use of an authority figure like Fr Gerard McGinnity gives a loyal Catholic the feeling that if he asks you to support something it is God calling you to do so. The issue is not the intelligence of the subject but the vulnerability factor which relieves them of their discernment and their cash. Even when a family member logically explains what is happening, the more rationality is produced the more the person goes deeper into the process of undue influence. So if a family member attacks this abuse, it actually reinforces the very thing one is trying to change. So a family member shows that Christina has a massive house in Malahide and then another in City West. The more you point out the contradiction the more the person believes you are evil and that you are lying.
The Catholic Church takes the view if a person who claims to have visions is living a life of luxury and refuses to accept the discipline of her bishop then that is proof positive that the visions are fake. There is not even a requirement to study them for their orthodoxy or genuineness
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2014-10-27Christina Airport1
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Vulnerable adults another facet of cultism. Moving people beyond their boundaries

Elder financial abuse: Demands from family members for money among issues – survey

Published 15/06/2015

Here we see an article on elder abuse but the issue of undue influence is rarely understood and acted on…more

Elderly generic

Elderly generic

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Julia Holmes a scam artist with an ability to turn water in wine, and to mesmerise all and sundry

Prime Time – 09/06/2015


Con woman Julia Holmes and the tale of an empty life and her sad ending in a suicide past.

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House of Prayer Seminar for victims, survivors and family members August 15-16 next.

2014-10-27Christina Airport1

DI is hoping to have a seminar and support meeting with a Family therapist to address the damage and the loss of connection most of those involved know only too well. It will be on from Saturday August 15 3PM till Sunday August 16th 4 PM. Continue reading


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