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What is a Cult ?

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Joseph  H. McKenna, Ph.D. Senior Lecturer, History of Religious Ideas, University of CA Irvine



The word ‘cult’ is never benign in religious terminology as it is in the world of art, where Johnny Stonenoggin filmster extraordinaire may cult-ivate a cult following for his eccentricity in artistry. Eccentricity in religion, if recent enough, is rarely welcomed with approving nods. And when eccentricity is welcomed by followers of a novel religion, those followers never designate the new religion as a cult. Such is the denigrating power of the word cult for religion. Continue reading

Marlborough Hall, Glasnevin part of the legacy of the National School and non denominationalism now unconstitutionally suppressed.

Marlborough Hall

Marlborough Hall, Glasnevin.
I have been trying to understand the rich history of the National School in the area around DCU. On the way home recently I noticed we have a new educational experiment called Whitehall College of Further Education where just over a 100 years ago there was the last residence for male members of the Non Denominational “Marlborough Street,” Teacher School Training College. The building was also used as a hospital and convalescent home for those injured in the First World War, and later, Ireland’s War of Independence. From 1926 -1938 it became Colaiste CaoIimhin. John Marcus O’Sullivan was the Minister of Education that brought in Irish as a subject and Marlborough Hall was going to be the engine room of the teaching of Irish and it was most successful in this. Down the decades it has been used by various government departments and for the past several by the Department of Defence. Continue reading

“The Cross Uncovered,” by Christina Gallagher- a work of the imagination inspired by wealth.



Immaculate deception

Christina or an unholy ghost wrote this book. It is entitled, “The Cross Uncovered.” It is 372 pages long with a lot of recycled non miracles. The thought that struck me was that what the book should be called is “The Stigmata Uncovered.” The case of the knitting needles in the bedroom. The Chalkey love story and why we do not believe scams. The longer the book the less it relates to reality. The Foreword by Gerrard McGinnity is a disgrace. It shows a person who has lost the plot and his great intelligence. I had the opportunity to read his Doctoral thesis on Ambrose of Milan in the Trinity Library. It showed great intelligence. No he has been totally taken over by Christina. The bishops helped him follow the example of the Cardinal who got retirement parties. Get him off the stage and deny you have any responsibility. Poor Christina has another house this time in City West. She likes the cross and is crucified between the Kinahans. Meanwhile her house in Malahide remains unsold. Take up and read…then repent. Continue reading

Gulen organisation is keeping a low profile

IMAG0059The Gulen organisation has gone underground in Dublin. Turkish Irish Education Society. They are now on Marlborough Street, south and to left of North Earl Street.

Continue reading

Ireland’s Secret Cults revisited.

Five years after this programme was broadcast the House of Prayer is still ripping off vulnerable adults. The Catholic Church has refused to do anything. Dr McGinnity has retired but is still supporting this scam. The Palmarians are still doing damage to the elderly and the brainwashing continues.

Scientology is not as strong but the opposition to it was totally undermined by illegal and totally damaging attacks on Scientologists. Continue reading

Mayo man’s battle with Scientologist back in court BY FRANCESCA COMYN ON  AUGUST 7, 2016

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The case is due to wind up before the Four Courts in the coming months Pic: RollingNews.ieThe case is due to wind up before the Four Courts in the coming months Pic:

Dialogue Ireland reports of the earlier cases.

This gives you all the material on Scientology.


Man wants review of earlier award of damages against a Scientologist

A long-running legal battle involving current and former members of the Church of Scientology is due to wind its way back to the Four Courts.

Co Mayo man Pete Griffiths is appealing a €5,000 Circuit Court award from earlier this year against a Scientologist who launched a “vitriolic” personal attack on his character.

He had sought compensation of €50,000 against Zabrina Collins after she sent a semi-naked photo of him to the principal of a Dublin school, and an email falsely accusing him of criminal activity.

Collins, a spokesperson for the Church of Scientology, sent a complaint to the headmaster of St David’s School, Artane in May 2013, after she discovered a YouTube video of Griffiths, an ex-Scientologist, addressing students about the dangers of Scientology and cults in general.

In the email, she described herself as a “concerned parent”. Judge James O’Donoghue said the allegations against Griffiths were “grossly defamatory”.

However, the damages were reduced as Griffiths posted the material online, giving it a much wider audience.

Clearly unhappy with the decision, Griffiths has lodged a High Court appeal against the award in a bid to further vindicate his good name.

He perceives the award to be on the light side, but the main focus of his challenge will be on court orders made in a separate but parallel case.

As Judge O’Donoghue noted when delivering judgment last April, there is a longstanding animus between the two parties in this dispute.

Collins, a chiropractor with an address at Mount Eustace in Tyrellstown, Dublin, previously sued Griffiths and another man, John McGhee from Armstrong Grove in Clara, Co Offaly, for assault.

The allegations arose from an incident where Collins was harassed and grabbed by McGhee while distributing anti-drug literature in Dublin city centre.

Griffiths, of Cual Gara on Teeling Street in Ballina, Co Mayo, made a video of the protest and was ordered to pay Collins and another Scientologist damages of €2,000 in the ensuing court battle. McGhee was ordered to pay €3,500 for assault.

Griffiths claims he is now the subject of overly restrictive court orders, blocking him from approaching Scientologists.

He alleges that the injunctions impinge on his freedom of speech and his right to protest.






House of Prayer accounts 2015. The costs of losing your charitable status

2014-10-27Christina Airport1


The fact that the House of Prayer has lost its charitable status shows the Charity Regulator has no confidence that the House of Prayer has any charitable focus. It is the evidence of Dialogue Ireland that not only is there no charitable intent, but the opposite, it is a fraudulent, scam taking advantage of mainly the elderly and vulnerable adults.

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