Victory Outreach Outrage

We reported last week evidence of an invasion of Ireland by VO forces. It seems when you are confronted by evidence which is uncomfortable you divert attention by taking some unrelated action. This fires up the troops and takes their mind off the subject. In other words argument weak shout loud.

Countries like Russia invade smaller States to divert attention from trouble at home.

Victory Outreach is invading Ireland, the Netherlands and England

As the public knows we reported that we found major problems in Ireland and a lack of transparency by VOI. When you don’t want to address issues there is a good way to avoid things. How? Invade countries and charge an inordinate amount.
How can you share your faith and call it an invasion?

Steve Tucker gives the first response to the Report on VOI .

We have taken Steve’s comment and made it into a post.
Submitted on 2015/07/22 at 9:20 pm

This is a very helpful response and very accurate in its attempt to clear the murky waters of VOI. I was a member of VOI for 6 years and I believe that for an ‘outsider’ you have done a great job in trying to make some kind of sense out of the wheeling and dealing of this ‘ministry’. Continue reading

Ruth Moram gives her final report from the Court of Appeal in regard to the Jehovah’s Witnesses

Ruth responding to the Irish Times article on the recent Jehovah’s Witnesses convention does so by sharing her story with the group. Continue reading

Irish Court Rejects Appeal by Former Jehovah’s Witness


Justice Mary Irvin

    Justice Mary Irvin

On July 20, 2015, the Irish Court of Appeal rejected the appeal of Ruth Moram, a former Jehovah’s Witness, to have the “statute of limitations” set aside in her case against the Watchtower Society. Continue reading

The House of Prayer: How long will the cries of the families not be heard by the leaders in the Church?

We received this request for help from the USA last week in our comment section. However, we find that these cries for help are very familiar and nothing is being done to assist these folks.

2014-10-27Christina Airport1

Continue reading

Final Report by Dialogue Ireland on Victory Outreach International and its Dublin franchise Victory Outreach Dublin working under the company name Urban Outreach which is now a separate Ministry entitled Freedom Ministries.


The following review is intended to bring together a number of previous posts regarding the operations of Victory Outreach leading up to the RTE broadcast of their documentary in late 2013, and to the subsequent and current position regarding Victory Outreach to date. Continue reading


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