A Memoir by Maria Hall – Ex-Palmarian nun

Maria HallREPARATION: A Spiritual Journey

A Memoir by Maria Hall – Ex-nun

Title: ‘Reparation’
A spiritual journey into one of the world’s most secretive and controversial religious orders. Continue reading

Death of elderly Palmarian raises issues in regard to undue influence over vulnerable elderly victims

An article by Ruaidhri Giblin in the Mail On Sunday November 22.11.15


In 2011 there was a documentary produced on the Palmarians which gives a flavour of the issues concerned. We have for over a decade received reports of parents refusing to see their children unless they subscribed to a particular dress code. Now that very elderly cohort of vulnerable adults have lost all contact with their children and siblings. Some have sold their properties and the family do not know where the cash has gone. Some have moved to Germany and yet others move in with another elderly person. They have lost all contact with the  outside world as this poignant article describes. This isolation is not not the normal process of ageing where a person retreats, but based on the mind control patterns internalised over decades.

A religious picture in the window of the house in Faythe, Co Wexford where the body of the elderly woman was found

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Palmarian member, Bridget Crosbie found dead in her Wexford home

Woman lay dead in her home for two months

Ralph Riegel and Saoirse McGarrigle Published 23/11/2015 |

A religious picture in the window of the house in Faythe, Co Wexford where the body of the elderly woman was found

A religious picture in the window of the house in Faythe, Co. Wexford where the body of the elderly woman was found

An elderly woman who lay dead for two months in her home before she was discovered had made it clear to neighbours and family that she valued her privacy.


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Undue influence the common feature between the House of Prayer, Paris attacks by Daesh and the IRA campaign of forty years ago

Disclaimer: Here we are trying to alert the public to the similar processes that occur to the Daesh commandos in Paris, or the IRA volunteers of 40 years ago or the undue influence exercised over vulnerable adults at a place like the House of Prayer. Also think about what happened in Jonestown when there was a mass killing of hundreds of children, women and men in that order. We are not comparing the groups but the processes going on.

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Examples of letters sent to Archbishop Eamon Martin concerning the House of Prayer

Here we present two testimonies by people affected by the House of Prayer who are appealing to the Archbishop of Armagh to act in regard to the House of Prayer.

Eamon Martin

Both have been edited for confidentiality purposes. One is by Mick Power, the other from an anonymous person who has had serious problems due to the House of Prayer. Continue reading

Meeting of the Director of Dialogue Ireland with Archbishop Martin at the Dundalk Institute of Technology

Armagh Cathedral 2


I met with Archbishop Martin for just over an hour in a wide ranging conversation concerning the House of Prayer. We both came away with a very clear understanding of the others positions. I gave him a book on Church Discipline and also shared with him a copy of Ireland’s Eye where he could see the amount of buses going from throughout Ireland to Achill. I made the point that it was interesting that though people go from the Archdiocese of Armagh it is not listed as one of the pick up points. It is covered by the bus entitled the North South bus.

Ireland's Eye November 4

That is to protect Fr McGinnity from censure. I made the point that the Catholic Church has been swift to act on perceived heresy or actions deemed unorthodox. One thinks of Iggy O’Donovan, Brian Darcy and Fr Flannery. Yet in regard to the House of Prayer there is a code of Omerta which is ongoing for 23 years.

He certainly was very unclear as to his perspective on the Catholic Church’s position on visionaries and it was absolutely transparent that his position was not governed by any objective criteria. I pointed out the failure of Cardinal Brady to act at all and it only became clear last year in correspondence with him why this was the case.

Cardinal Brady saw no problem with the prayers of the House of Prayer and saw no problem with Fr McGinnity trespassing into another diocese in which he is not welcome. Just as in the area of children there will likely be issues related to Elder abuse which will fall into the area of negligence. Continue reading

Tuam refuses to discuss the issues around the House of Prayer

Below you will find the correspondence between the Director of Dialogue Ireland and the Archdiocese of Tuam. We have tried for years to get a meeting with the Archbishop and his spokesperson Fintan Monahan blocks all communication. We have tried for some time to break this log jam without success.

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