Steve Hassan has left a trail of questions in Dundalk, Co Louth, Ireland


We have been covering events in Dundalk and the sudden move of Hassan Boyle away from Grace Church and the arrival in Dundalk of his brother in law Thomas Cooney. We have reported on his involvement with the takeover of Abundant Life and working under Brendan Hade.

Last January we got wind of major changes in Dundalk and seemed to hit the nail on the head.
I had seen that a woman Angela Power-Disney had a video on youtube that after quite a rambling introduction tells the story which was covered up and had personal consequences for her.

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Inside the cult of Sangharakshita Its formative years, by an ex- long-term member: Ex-Mitra.

In Ireland the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order/ Triratna Buddhist Community FWBO/TBC is known as the Dublin Buddhist Centre. They have a centre on Joyce Street, Dublin 1.

In their own words:

220px-Sangharakshita2002Read the article as a Word document:

Inside the cult of Sangharakshita
I was involved with the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order/ Triratna Buddhist Community FWBO/TBC intermittently from the late 70’s until the early 2000’s. Until the late 1980’s I was heavily involved and in the centre of things – including the ordination process. I was, however, never ordained into Sangharakshita’s Order; the reason will become obvious in the content of this article. Continue reading

COURT OF APPEAL written judgement in regard to the case of Ruth Moram and the Watchtower Society.

Court of Appeal 043

Justice Mary Irvine

Gerard Hogan

Justice Peter Kelly

kh kill

While as Justice Irvine concludes as follows:

But insofar as the issue of the Statute of Limitations is concerned, I take the view that this appeal has to be dismissed.

What is completely clear is the respect that the judges had for the moral position that Ruth has taken. They are amazed at her determination and her willingness to forgo her health and even the necessities of life to make the public aware of the the total control the Witnesses have over every aspect of life. They also have processes which deny the fundamental human rights of their members. They have won on a technicality but in reality they have been shamed because they have treated this member of their flock with ice cold contempt. They have been willing to destroy her to maintain their little club. The true story of what really is going on in Killarney we can now publish as now this is out of the courts the gloves will be off.

16. … I would simply like to say this. It is clear that Ms. Moram has a deep seated belief that she was wronged by the activities of the defendants. …..
17. One cannot but have sympathy for the position in which Ms. Moram finds herself. She seems to be driven by a desire to ensure that what she has discovered is brought to the attention of the public. This is not public interest litigation. This is a personal injuries claim which she has brought. Insofar as she has sought to ventilate her concerns in this regard, she has now done so in
a public court. This is the eighteenth time that her complaints have been before the courts in one shape or another. So I suspect that, insofar as she seeks to do right by her fellow citizens she has done so. She has probably brought her complaints home to the defendants also. Even though her claim has been dismissed, I have no doubt that she can feel that she has achieved something to her credit in bringing to light what she perceives to be wrongdoing.


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Mike Garde, The Director of Dialogue Ireland interviewed on Sunday Spirit by Michael Comyn on cultism

Sunday Spirit

Sunday Spirit on RTÉ Radio 1 Extra Listen back to this podcast here:

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House of Prayer Support Group Meeting at the Ballymascanlon Hotel near Ravensdale, Co Louth Saturday August 15 to Sunday 16.

We had a very well attended meeting at this hotel. We have to say that the location, the service and the peaceful backdrop of a lovely house, gardens, a golf course and modern additions in harmony with the old house were a perfect spot for us to share with each other.

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Can you imagine Bernadette of Lourdes living here? She would have thought she had entered heaven?

Video: Join Millionaires’ Row… Abington mansion in Malahide on the market for €2.2m

Seven-bed mansion in Malahide on the market for €2.2m

Mark Keenan

2014-10-27Christina Airport1The Indo forgot to mention that Christina also owns a house here at Abington. She can’t sell hers. Could it be that the devil has put a stop to her scams? People keep saying this not a big deal anymore, but every week buses arrive from every part of Ireland to allow people to pay homage to the material girl.

One wonders if there is anything she could learn from Bernadette?

bernadetteThis documentary might prove a rewarding contrast to those who are striving to avoid the terrible events Christina has placed before them. Be not afraid…….

Published 21/08/2015 | 02:30

Not an inch of space is wasted at 42 Abington in Malahide.

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Good lord, there is a financial miracle at the House of Prayer by John Burns, Sunday Times, August 23, 2015

House of Prayer:
John Burns in today’s Sunday Times, makes the good point that the House of Prayer purchased €12,800 worth of religious objects last year. However, it sold €85,215 worth of such trinkets – a mark up – of about 565%.

2014-10-27Christina Airport1Pic John Burns

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