Scientology ‘Org’ non Church trying to Cork your mind. Diagnose Dianetics..

Echo on Dianeetics course in Cork.

Echo on Dianeetics course in Cork1

This Dianetics seminar is by a group who believe psychiatry is a Nazi discipline and who want you to hand over your mind to them. They also do not believe in the use of psychiatric drugs. Here the goal is to clear the planet and that means you. Clearing means sending millions of dollars over to Ireland to inflitrate every aspect of Irish life. One can only assume that they think this island is ripe for picking. Don’t be scared, no warnings just check this crew out before you sign up. The link below gives significant arguments to show what their game plan is. Continue reading

Sarah Horgan has a sure grasp of cultism. Here she starts with a general preview of the issues in discussion with Mike Garde, Director of Dialogue Ireland.


Horgan article in word

cult piece in pdf.

Dedicated to challenge cults

Mike Garde, Director of Dialogue Ireland, has devoted his life to tackling cults in Ireland by Sarah Horgan – The Echo.

A GLOUNTHAUNE man who dedicated his life to helping families torn apart by cults has warned of a guru type figure advertising his services in Ireland.

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LIVE LINE spends a second day on the Jehovah’s Witnesses. “John Cedars” is introduced as an authoritative ex member who is agood source for understanding this movement.

Joe Duffy

More on the Jehovah’s Witnesses including Noel, a current member, who refuses to talk to his brother Gerard, a former member.

Here I was reminded of the Eighties when a group of people including Martin Merriman and John May held meetings at the Mansion House where they started a movement to bring out the truth of what was really going on. I remember one night being in Gerard May’s house. What they were looking at over 35 years ago will be comenormal over the next few years.

Here is the background to Lloyd Evans aka John Cedars. He is totally up to speed on developments. Below you see a very well argued predictions as to how this organisation might evolve.

Live Line on how the Jehovah’s Witnesses deal with ethical issues.

Joe Duffy

When joining the Jehovah’s Witnesses you can be involved in hiding issues from the Gardai. The exercise of their justice system which is called a judicial committee made up of three elders could mean that in the case of sexual abuse you must bring forward two witnesses. Also, they have invented a new word ‘Disfellowshipping.’ which involves a system which contradicts what scripture suggests and which leads to a total blanking of former members. No social contact, no meals together and if you met a member in say a supermarket they would refuse to acknowledge you exist. It is very similar to the mechanism used by Scientology called disconnection. Here is a guide to what should happen:

15 “If your brother or sister[b] sins,[c] go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over. 16 But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’[d] 17 If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church; and if they refuse to listen even to the church, treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector.

Note the purpose of discipline is rehabilitative and not penal,
Step 1: Go to the person privately and engage. Step 2 If they do not listen take one or two witnesses, so now you have witnesses to the mediation process. Note the Jehovah’s Witnesses are now saying you must say have two witnesses to say a sexual abuse incident and not to the process addressing it. This a travesty of an interpretation. Finally, Step 3 the issue is to be brought to the church, not to a kangaroo court. Note not to a private sitting of a group of men with a rule book, but an announcement is made to the whole church that this person is to be treated like a pagan or a person doing something wrong. In other words, you treat them as people who need to be helped, loved and respected so that they may amend their ways and return to fellowship. That is the Jesus way, the JW way is out of the pit of hell.

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Arthur Whyte minus doctor will make further attempts to heal your wallet and lodge for free in your head.

Arthur Whyte1.jpeg

Knowing how much Mr. Whyte realises he is breaking up marriages and creating a car crash in a lot of peoples heads, he persists in draining his smaller and smaller group of members of human and material resources. He seems to have learnt from his master Tony Quinn to use other peoples money – OPM Continue reading

Jesse Duplantis is a flight risk as he goes around the Red Cow roundabout with Brendan Hade and the Victory Scientology enablers

The photograph was taken of  Jesse Duplantis’s airplane during the visit in 2011 to Galway where he gave us his distorted gospel of greed. He was a guest of disgraced Pastor Kevin Sanford who did a runner without paying the rent for the building he used for Abundant Life.

Pastors  Gerry Byrne, Sheila Hade and Brendan Hade

Gerry Byrne is on the left and is seen with the other Trustees of Victory Sheila and Brendan Hade.


We have the complete archive of these events and also of Kevin Sanford’s attempt to emerge squeaky clean in San Diego.

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The Palmarians face a ban on saying Mass in Ireland

Palmarian planning permission

Sect featured in Dan Brown’s Origin faces ban on mass at Lusk house

May 12 2019,  The Sunday Times

The Co Dublin house is owned by sect leader ’Pope Peter III’

The Co Dublin house is owned by sect leader ’Pope Peter III’

See PDF of the article:

Palmarian St Coyle

Irish members of the Palmarian church, a splinter Catholic sect that has been described as a cult, have been told to stop holding masses in a €600,000 house they bought in Lusk, Co Dublin, three years ago.

The secretive sect, which discourages members from engaging with non-followers, was served with enforcement proceedings by Fingal county council last August after the local authority discovered it was using the detached property to host masses without planning permission.

In planning documents, one of the owners of the property is listed as Joseph Odermatt the Spanishbased leader of the sect, whom Palmarians refer to as Pope Peter III.

The organisation, believed to have about 300 followers in Ireland, is the subject of novelist Dan Brown’s latest conspiracy thriller, Origin. Several family members of followers discussed being ostracised by acolytes of the sect on RTE’s Liveline in 2015. In November of that year the body of Bridget Crosbie, an 84-year-old follower of the religion, was found in the bedroom of her home in Wexford. She has been dead for at least two months. Her family claim she severed ties with them after joining the church in the late 1970s.

A planning consultant hired by the Palmarians last year defended their use of the house in Lusk for occasional masses. He argued they did not need planning because the property was largely used as a home for Fr George Albrecht and only part of the house had been turned into an oratory. He added that Albrecht used the chapel on a daily basis only for a “small number of his congregation to whom he provides pastoral care for low-profile religious worship activities”.

He said that Albrecht did say mass for a larger group of people on Sundays but that as he knew every individual who attended personally, it should be considered a private, rather than public, service. He noted there was nothing at the property or elsewhere revealing it was home to a priest or religious congregation.

Fingal county council ruled against the Palmarians. The sect subsequently appealed to An Bord Pleanala, which last week told them that planning permission was required to operate a church. They must now lodge a fresh application seeking permission to use the house as a church. If permission is refused, it could threaten the future of the sect’s Irish base.

The sect is funded exclusively by donations from followers, many of whom bequeath their homes to it. The Property Price Register shows the Lusk property, Leaca Ban, sold for €602,500 in 2016. Set on 3.5 acres with sea views, the 1980s-built house has six bedrooms and 320 sq m of living space. @colincoyle

Colin Coyle

News Editor

Planning permission

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