Why is Ireland been targeted by the Scientology Organisation (S.O?) Some ideas towards an answer.

Why is Scientology spending such a lot of money in Ireland? We do not yet know but let us begin to think this one through. Are they using Scientology as a laboratory of Influence? We would welcome any evidence that contradicts this thesis or confirms it.

Cathy Schenkelberg is absolutely right about what is happening here in Ireland needs to be studied.

It’s unbelievable what I’m seeing over here, what I’m learning over here.

$20,000,000+ in investments in buildings, in hiring public relation firms, security firms, law firm‘s, lobbying probably.

They’ve stripped out staff from many other Continental liaison offices.
I’ve seen first hand for example…
Long term Sea Org
Janet Laveau*
Angela Paris
Chloe Bulger
Margaret McNair*
To my knowledge this has never been done in the history of Scientology!



bewleys lrh cecil rhodes








We know that in 1956 L.Ron Hubbard came to Ireland and was pictured in Bewleys.

In a book by Russell Miller entitled Bare – Faced Messiah published in 1987 there is a quotation from a very good friend of Hubbard’s Ray Kemp who accompanied him to Dublin at the end of March 1956 and also a photograph of the two of them in what looks like Bewleys Cafe. “He wanted to see if there was something he could do for Ireland.” Kemp continues, He felt that Ireland’s troubles were based on the fact that it was a bit like a Third World nation and had never been able to apply the skills of its people. We were there for *two or three days* and he spent the whole time speaking to people…His idea was to open  a *Personal Efficiency Foundation* in Dublin to teach people how to apply whatever skills they had got, but don’t think anything ever came of it.” My conjecture was he was looking at Ireland as a place he could make his Scientology State. One year when I was visiting a school to give a talk on cults, one of the students told me that his grandmother had a guest house where L R Hubbard stayed.  She told him the Special Branch got him to leave the country. We have reports he was living the life of Reilly so that is quite likely and he left his Scientologists to pay the bill. Continue reading

Ballivor Co Meath do you know what Narconon is? It is Scientology on speed.

What is Narconon?

Narconon Exposed: Drug Rehab or Scientology Front?

Narconon coming to Ireland.jpg


Narconon coming to Ireland1.jpg



The news that reveals that Scientology is bringing its highly toxic and addictive Scientology on speed under the guise of an anti drugs programme called Narconon to Ireland shows this country has been targeted to be a kind of laboratory of influence. They have decided that after our Government gave Tom Cruise the honorary Irish citizenship they are ripe for picking. Many families will be very easily attracted to make use of this facility not realising the danger. Continue reading

Mary Buckley’s flight from, search and discovery of freedom after her time in Japa.

Japa Meditation Ireland

Mary Buckley is not this person’s name but it could be any name with an Irish accent and the mark of Japa.

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When the national papers recently printed the story about a woman from Nenagh, who’s husband was part of the Japa Ireland meditation group, I felt bad about what she was experiencing, but I was so grateful that this story went public. I’ve waited for a long time for someone to speak out, to highlight the Japa Ireland Meditation Group. One, because I believe it will be the launching pad for people to speak out, including myself.  And two, it was a solid and very real verification for myself that something wasn’t quite right here, and that something wasn’t just me. Continue reading

So afraid are family members connected to the Palmarians that we have to heavily edit this short report.


Palmarian Pope1

With the pomp and circumstance of the Palmarian Pope we forget there are hundreds of families who have been robbed of the love and affection of their relatives. The last pope who left and went onto get married in a kind of playboy celebrity event had been vicious in his maintenance of a rigid dress code and laws which left many children and young people psychologically damaged for life.


Instead of the elderly being in the kind of care which they should have had in their homes in their own country, they have under the undue influence of this cultist organisation been in fact brought into a prison.


Maria's pics of PT2

Already last year on Joe Duffy’s Liveline show we heard the cries of those who have lost their families to this terrible situationwp-1473384750598.jpg

You just have to read between the lines……

The house in xxxxxx is sold and now all of them are in Palmar. XXXXXX relatives visited them for the allotted time …… 45minutes. They said their relatives had got very thin. On their 1st trip they brought out something they like as they both love it. They told them to bring it home as they’re not allowed to have it. They are holed up in rooms to the side of but within the cathedral. xxxxxx lives xxxx. Hibernicus

Magnus Lundberg has done a lot of work and this ebook gives all the background required to understand what is going on.


Continue reading

Damian Thompson on the Dan Brown book ‘Origin’ and the Palmarians

I first met Damian Thompson when he had a staring role in the BBC production Sleeping with the enemy. In his Case he had developed an expertise in regard to the International Church of Christ who had a very strong brainwashing methodology for recruiting people.  He kindly came to Ireland and gave some very helpful lectures on this whole area at our annual Dialogue Ireland Conference. He struck me as being a metropolitan intellectual who had very little time for the Catholic Church and seemed to have imbibed the sociological relativism of his mentor from the LSE Dr Eileen Barker. He was in fact a Governor of Inform and I lost contact with him. On Facebook I discovered he had taken a totally different turn and was now not just a Catholic but an orthodox one. He was now an editor of a Catholic newspaper and writing for the Spectator. I tried to contact him but his style of conversion does not seem to be Evangelical but rather sheltered. I was hoping to explore his journey like  a modern Poulenc. All his interests are shared by me, but not a conversion to to Rome which after studying at St Patrick’s College , Maynooth and having to deal with the Episcopal Conference has sent me further to the left and into the tradition of Dissent.

Dan Brown Origin

Damian Thompson gives a short summary of this group who claim to be the Catholic Church. Continue reading

Dan Brown’s new book, ‘Origin, makes a possible defamatory claim against Dialogue Ireland ?

Dan Brown Origin

Magnus Lundberg told me that the Palmarians and Dialogue Ireland are mentioned in Dan Brown’s new book, “Origins”  while I was on a visit to to the States.

We finally found the reference to Dialogue Ireland at Chapter 75 and on Page 333 in Dan Brown’s new book Origin. Continue reading

DI can confirm that we have heard from the former member of Japa who sent us a massive treasure trove of evidence.

I had a long conversation with the former member so we anticipate we will be publishing what they sent us soon. It must be checked first and also protect anonymity and data.

Japa Meditation Ireland

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https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/2017/11/24/calling-anon-japa-survivor-who-has-sent-me-a-massive-treasure-trove-of-evidence/ Continue reading

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