Mediation was not entered into but there has been a resolution of the Carrig Eden issue

Dialogue Ireland attempted to resolve this conflict over Carrig Eden a few weeks ago by mediation. We are happy to see that the Minister Simon Harris has managed to bring this to a conclusion and that both bodies seem to be happy with the outcome.

Carrig Eden 4


Carrig Eden 1

Simon Harris TD

Very pleased to have received confirmation that the Department of Housing and Wicklow County Council’s offer to buy Carraig Eden has been accepted. Tiglin residents living in the house will no longer face eviction and the service can continue to grow and develop. Well done to everyone who has worked so hard on this. Continue reading

Rigpa- Sogyal. Do not confuse a beauty spot with a very dodgy Lama. Retreat from the retreat.


Summer Retreat with Sogyal Rinpoche

Dialogue Ireland has been aware since 1997 of the issues and controversies surrounding this Lama. The Director of Dialogue Ireland was present at a seminar at the LSE where a former assistant to Sogyal spoke of the abuse she suffered.


You can make up your own mind by checking our archive on this and also our current blog which has extensive coverage. Just so you do not think this is some wild allegation have a look at this documentary which was on Dutch TV and is watched by over 2 million people. Obviously, the programme is in Dutch but you will find the English text of the programme in the link below this.



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Sogyal Rinpoche do you think the Irish are suckers for sex?

Dutch investigative reporter Dirk Mostert of Brandpunt (KRO-NCRV) investigated sexual abuse by Buddhist teachers, with a specific focus on Sogyal Lakar (aka Sogyal Rinpoche of ’The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying’) and his international organization Rigpa.

It is clear that Sogyal is coming under increasing scrutiny and I was able to have a very fruitful discussion with a Dutch researcher Rob Hogendoorn who is currently researching up to 18 cases of abuse by Buddhist teachers. We will return to look at the Irish situation as we are approaching the Retreat in Beara. Continue reading

2X2. Report of my testimony at the Truth Convention. Let us start from the very beginning, then on the other hand let’s start at the end.

Landon House Carrick

Carrick Convention Meeting Area×2-dialogue-ireland-director-is-going-to-the-van-der-hum-convention-in-co-laois-june-17-20/

Having begun a process with Craig Fulton and John Delaney which you can read in the post above, I was kindly invited to go to the Convention and duly arrived last Saturday June 17. For obvious reasons the agenda we will be addressing will likely have to wait till September, but I am waiting to hear from Craig in written form how he sees this proceeding. All I asked for at this time was an acknowledgement of agreement to proceed but too date I have not received this.
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Visit to the Friends Convention, Carrick, Co Laois

Landon House Carrick

Robert and Iris Landon’s home

Written Sunday June 18:

Spending the next 3 days at the Van Der Hum Convention in Carrick, Co. Laois. The property is owned by Robert and Iris Landon. They have created a Convention Centre on an active farm. The dining space is another barn and today Sunday they must have served over 500 meals after morning service.

Carrick Convention Dining Area

                   Barn used to serve meals.
I was able to talk to Robert who is originally from Glenville, Co Cork. He has cattle and barley. He is a gentle presence everywhere. The organisation by John Connolly a worker from Co. Armagh is superb. Generally the Friends like the Amish they don’t like their photograph taken. The barn where the meetings take place are generally full of barley but are transformed into a meeting space. Continue reading

Triratna – FWBO: Inside the sect of Sangharakshita by Alan J. W.

Alan W


2017 edition by Alan J. W.

(Warning: includes a brief sexually explicit event)

I originally wrote this article fairly quickly in August 2015, under difficult circumstances. Looking through it recently, I felt it needed some ‘tidying up’ grammatically; plus some amendments, supplementary material and occasional updates.

Most of the additions, and changes to the original text, are to be found in the later more autobiographical section.

The amendments are to clarify dates and other details; the extra inclusions to expand upon historical attitudes and key events: most notably in my exposition on the crisis at the Croydon centre during the late 80’s.  I was, indirectly, privy to the unfolding drama at the time, and thought this an ideal forum for a bit more disclosure.  This important topic now occupies a separate section. Continue reading

Victory Church/ Centre: DI can confirm that speculation on “new” European Headquarters for a Christian church is incorrect.


Dialogue Ireland received a concerned call from someone who has infiltrated  a certain group who will remain nameless for the present. They are spending over €1m on renovating the place. They briefed us on on an attempt by Brian Hade to enter the property without permission. He still seems to be holding onto his Freeman beliefs which involve not recognising the law.

We saw him bend his knee in the courts in this regard a few years ago. You can see how a false concept of prosperity aided by out of control loans from the Bank of Scotland brought this vanity project down to earth.

Brian Hade 1



Work begun at the Victory Centre site in Firhouse last week, with much speculation as to what the future holds for the former Christian Church and community centre.


Hoarding was erected on Wednesday last, and maintenance work also began at the site this week.



Several containers have been moved onto the grounds, while a mobile office is also now situated within the compound.

Victory_Centre D



 TheatreParking         facilities
Worship at Victory


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