This is the first video of the new series “CULT? DIALOGUE IRELAND CULTISM SERIES”.

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Thanks to Paul Carley for moderating this video. It was produced and published by Svetlana Krilova our DIALOGUE IRELAND Russian language consultant. Mike Garde the Director of Dialogue Ireland and Tomas West psychotherapist also participated.

Topics discussed in this video:

1. How do we define what a cult is? How is a cult differentiated from other movements?
2. How should a person interested in seeking answers research a group they have been approached by or attracted to?
3. How does DI operate and how would it help in research and assistance to the individual?

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Radicalisation, psychiatric illness or PTS?

Reading attacks: Khairi Saadallah volunteered at Baptist church before his conversion

Emma Yeomans, Matthew Bradley, John Simpson, Charlotte Wace, Fiona Hamilton
Wednesday June 24 2020,
The Times
The suspect in the Reading park attack volunteered at a Baptist church before converting to Christianity.

Khairi Saadallah, 25, spent three months helping out at the Wycliffe Baptist church in the town but did not worship there, its operations manager said. Mr Saadallah later announced his conversion to his family in a video from a church. His sister said he was motivated by a wish to “marry a British girl”. Continue reading

What was your reaction to that attack in Reading, Berkshire last Sunday?

Did you see it as a racial attack, a Muslim attack, an Islamist one or in fact a Christian conservative opposed to LGBTQ rights or just someone suffering from psychiatric illness?

22 Jun 2020
Reading suspect’s Libyan family shocked by his arrest
Lindsey Hilsum
International Editor

Police are still piecing together what they know about the 25-year-old Libyan suspect – as well as trying to find out more about his time living in the UK.

His family in Libya have told Channel 4 News they’re shocked to hear of his arrest – as well as expressing concern about the victims.

The Palmarians have not gone away

Business Post by Aaron Rogan Sunday 21st June

The Palmarians have not gone away you know. Now they are showing signs of being caught in the bureaucracy. Just over a year, this issue of the use was covered in the Sunday Times.

Here is more information about them?

Last week the Palmarians came into focus due to the Roscommon abuse case. Read about Mena Bean Ui Chribin.

Is Matthew Lennon a healer or a cult leader?


Does he allow people to question his views? We actually published a special
document on the same day as the Sunday Times article came out. We addressed how people can recognise cult-like activity during the conditions prevailing during the Covid-19 pandemic.…/13/cult-vaccination/

It is the intention of Dialogue Ireland to call Matthew Lennon to discuss whether this healing is in fact a scam. We have received reports that there is no open dialogue and no contrary opinion allowed on his website. He has actively removed comments raising issues about his methodology and message. We want to offer any of those who feel they can’t get through to Matthew Lennon a safe to place to raise issues, leave comments anonymously and send us posts which we will publish while protecting again the identity of our posters. One of the things that happens is that often our post leads to demands for us to take it down or threats to take us to court? The way a group responds indicates the nature of their organisation.

Continue reading

Cult vaccination

It is not surprising that during times of threats to our safety, health and future that people are more likely to seek answers and comfort from a wide range of sources. The arrival of Covid-19 is a pandemic threat to humanity that is clearly causing stress and fear to many people across the world. It is likely, at this time, that people will be motivated to turn to, or back to, a religious belief that offers answers as well as spiritual and emotional comfort.

This is hardly surprising as there is some evidence that supports the idea that there is a connection between religious faith and emotional happiness and stability. (Ref 1.).

We are well aware that there are online scam artists offering miraculous cures for Covid-19 that can actually cause harm. In the same was there are many cult-like organisations, religious and otherwise, that are also seeking to attract and entrap the unsuspecting online and recruit them for their own purposes.


Just as you wouldn’t take any medication

offered to cure Covid-19 without doing some research

it is equally wise to research fully any organisation

that is offering spiritual and emotional comfort.

Continue reading

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