Japa: A grooming programme

Ex Japa Member

In response to the last post. I found the bravery of that lady very inspiring. I hope that others will write knowing they don’t have anything to fear. 

I was in the japa at  the very beginning. It was a small group, no teachers or masters and the shop in Kildare wasn’t opened yet. We just had the one master Dennis. There was no pressure of courses or trips to India as Shashi came to Ireland at that time. It was just a simple meditation practice. 

What’s such a big shame, the teachings of spirituality and the prayers, are so beautiful. If you used the teachings wisely they could bring you through difficult times and living these teachings everyday could bring you great peace. Unfortunately by the time you are finished with this group you’re allergic to all that spiritual talk and teachings so they don’t help you through the pain and the sickening feeling that is left within you. Like in so many situations it’s the human ego and behavior that ruins it all and corrupts it. 

I watched as this group got bigger and bigger and the students become teachers in different areas of Ireland. 

Then Dennis took on disciples. It was all about feeding people’s ego, making people feel important. People became more important than others. It became a business and the energy of the group changed. Making it a business and completing leaving the spirituality behind This cause competition, jealousy and bitterness throughout the groups. The mind  games and control could then start. 

 If anyone complained or questioned, you were the world’s worst person with negative entities around you corrupting your energy or mind. You were talked about and shunned from the group. 

Then the shop was opened in Kildare and this only became worse. I had left at this stage but I tried to keep in touch with a few women however it was advised not to hang out with people who were not in the group anymore due to them carrying negative energy. 

I was an older lady, very content in my life. I was simply there for prayer, spirituality and friendship. I had been a person that went to church but over the years had pulled away for obvious reasons. 

There were younger women who had careers, money and good looks but there was an emptiness there. A loneliness, a need for a companion. 

Mother Tresa once said on the late late show, something along this line,you can give a person water when they’re thirsty, give them food when they’re hungry but the loneliness you can’t help. 

Unfortunately this made them vulnerable. Other women had come through broken marriages,trauma and hardship and this caused them loneliness. 

All these women we’re looking for a partner, a relationship, a soulmate to build a family with. 

They were promised the perfect marriage, the children and the fairytale however only if they are willing to change their energy. Now after all these years I know what that meant. Some of these women were told to return to India numerous times. Maybe even twice a year. Stay by themselves for a couple of week without the groups

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