Cults and the Dialogue Ireland Schools programme ~ A helpful cameo by Linda Maher

This was sent to me last week. It is amazing to see how the work of Dialogue Ireland is remembered by people like Linda Maher.



Linda Maher on Schools Programme

Since Dialogue Ireland started this work over 30 years ago we have visited schools from Malin to Mizen head and at both extremities have had cultist groups affecting Irish people. In the seventies it was the Moonies, the old timers the Jehovah Witnesses and the Mormons were sects. In fact, Evangelicals had the only encyclical written by the Catholic Church on sects. The nineties were about the new kid on the block, Scientology but we later discovered that L Ron Hubbard had lived here in 1956. Like Isis who wished to set up a Sharia state, LRH wanted to set up a Scientology state. This edition of the Late, late Show was a legend according to Gerry Ryan. What is notable is that Scientology is fixated to be known as a religion. This show was in 1995 and Scientology sought to be recognised as a religion.


To this day it is clear that Scientology has no charitable intent. It is not furthering religion, or education or the relief of poverty. As I write the Scientologists are using a PR company and have opened a major HQ on Merrion Square in order to try to infiltrate the Irish state by obtaining charitable status. Well if you are interested do give us a call we would be delighted to speak to humanist, Atheist or Church groups and of course schools throughout the state and in Northern Ireland.

Oct 15 HQ5

The new Millenium brought us the International Church of Christ and also after September 11, 2001, Ireland became the HQ for the Muslim Brotherhood and there was an inability for policy makers to distinguish between Islam and Islamism.


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Albert Reynolds links with the Moonies

Albert R

The death of Albert Reynolds brings back to mind that after he left office he started participating in Moonie Conferences along with ex President Bush senior, Ted Heath etc. It was not completely clear as to why he participated as the rewards were not that great. You can see from web site and blog that Moon who died in 2012 was a very controversial figure. Read more about the Unification Church/Moonies here. Continue reading

P’ikareun: Moon’s church began as an erotic cult, with Moon “purifying” female followers through sexual rites.

EXCLUSIVE: Meet the Love Child Rev. Sun Myung

Moon Desperately Tried to Hide

How the family values crusader made the publisher of the Washington Times raise his secret son.

The Sex Lives of Godmen Of spiritual Healers, hypnosis artists and sexual exploiters BY Mihir Srivastava

This essay from Open Magazine/ 5 October 2013 is a very helpful analysis from an Indian perspective of the issues we have been dealing with in regard to both sexual abuse in some Christian contexts, but more directly in regard to our commentary in regard to Tantric Sex in Lamaism. Because it does not directly look at the Tibetan Tantra directly, but shows the way westerners approach this subject it is a helpful mirror to hold up to these practices in the West. It also has relevance for those studying the influence of Tony Quinn. Continue reading

Moonies’ GPO FAST Slated By Paulette O’Connor

Archive on the Moonies’ 1990

Ex-Member hits ‘recruitment bid’
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To its critics the Unification Church is a dangerous cult by CLIFFORD COONAN in Singapore

‘Messiah’ Moon leaves a vast business – and a tainted image

Rev Sun Myung Moon with wife Hak Ja Han Moon officiating at a mass wedding at RFK Stadium in Washington in 1997. Photographs: J Scott Applewhite John Marshall Mantel/AP Photo

The Irish Times – Tuesday, September 4, 2012

THE REV Sun Myung Moon, the controversial founder of the Unification Church who died yesterday aged 92, leaves behind a vast business empire and a reputation tainted by accusations of brainwashing. Continue reading

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