Linda Ciardiello‎ New Kadampa Survivor Testimonies. Trying to see the wood=NKT from the trees=Lamaism


DI is trying to hear Linda and facilitate a discussion on her attempts to expose the NKT and not allow the the DL franchise escape. We will publish other material by her and look for further responses by our commenters. Continue reading

Under the Influence ~ Inform is under the spotlight!

Under the Influence

29th March 2015

Independently examining the implications of the Tibetan government ban of a religious practice on the Tibetan community in exile and the wider Buddhist community of Dorje Shugden practitioners. Continue reading

Tenzin Peljor – Disgruntled Monk or CTA Puppet?

Are Buddhsist Racist

Dialogue Ireland found that as it addressed the issue of Sogyal the NCT and Communist Chinese card were raised. The only problem with that was we were talking to Capitalist Taiwan and people who did not take kindly to copulation at the highest levels of TB. So in the end we came to the conclusion that the issue is not whether the NKT is a cult of TB but whether TB is Buddhism? We follow the philosopher Hegel in calling it Lamaism, the unreformed movement of Tantric Consort Sex Hinduism.

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Have you heard of NKT? Who are they? What do they do? Why Ireland?

Dialogue Ireland is happy to post this article as part of our series to assist the public in their understanding of Lamaism. This is group, the NKT is viewed as a cult by the followers of the Dalai Lama, Continue reading

The Buddhist organisations that are thriving during the debt crisis by Mary Finnigan in The Guardian

In times of financial hardship, meditators are still willing to pay large fees to hear the teachings of high-profile Buddhists

Friday 18 November 2011 Continue reading

Letter from the author of ‘A Cuckoo in the Peacock Palace’

The following was sent us with the request that we post it on our blog:

Dear <removed>

Thank you so much for your kind letter and expression of concern for my family and myself. I must say, the last few months have been trying and the knowledge that others are praying for our well being certainly does help lighten the load considerably.

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Gary Beesley Buddhist scholar forced to withdraw ‘A Cuckoo in the Peacock Palace’

Dear Colleagues

It is with sincere regret that I write to inform you that, due to the threat of legal action from the New Kadampa Tradition, and in light of the inadequacies of UK libel law, I have been forced to withdraw my forthcoming book, ‘A Cuckoo in the Peacock Palace: The Decline of Tradition in 21st Century Western Buddhism and the Rise of the New Kadampa Tradition’ from publication.’ Continue reading
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