Mission Statement

Explanatory note: Whenever we use the words ‘cult’, ‘cultism’ or ‘cultist’ we are referring solely to the phenomenon where troubling levels of undue psychological influence may exist. This phenomenon can occur in almost any group or organisation.

Motivated by the inalienable right to religious freedom, Dialogue Ireland is an independent Trust that seeks to promote people’s freedom to make informed choices about religious, spiritual and philosophical beliefs. Though Dialogue Ireland has its origins as a Christian organisation it is now open to all belief systems and none. All we require is that those working with us share a common understanding of cultism*.

We fully accept the CHARTER OF FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION as giving expression to our work:

Fundamental Rights Platform

*We acknowledge that “cultist” tendencies can creep into any organisation, including even mainstream movements. We do receive calls from people who perceive themselves or a family member as being victims of “cultist” activity on the part of a wide variety of sources. These people turn to Dialogue Ireland for guidance and support. Such situations can be very painful for the people involved. Some have compared it to the death of a loved one without the funeral. Fortunately, the experiences of most people joining movements/groups are much less dramatic than this.

You can learn about the history of Dialogue Ireland by clicking here. Dialogue Ireland is a member of the General Assembly of the European of Centres for Research and Education on Sects (FECRIS).


As a charity we rely upon volunteer work (which can add up to hundreds of hours) and upon the financial support of donors such as you who make it possible for us to continue offering services. Please consider making a donation that will help us to continue providing our services to the community.


As its name implies, the starting point of Dialogue Ireland’s mission is to seek relationships of dialogue with the groups and movements that we study. This will necessitate the study of both of the movements themselves and, where relevant, the world religions that may have given rise to them. We recognize that the vast majority of these movements were set up with good intentions and acknowledge that in many instances even more mainstream organisations have much to learn from them. Also it is clear that the “seekers” who join these groups are genuine in their spiritual search.

However, in the case of a number of groups and movements dialogue has proven difficult to achieve. On occasion we have had to engage in dialogue-in-confrontation or to debate publicly with representatives of a group. Our reason for taking such a step arises from the conviction that the public have a right to know how people can be affected by the activities of a particular organisation. When we do reluctantly find it necessary to go public on a group, it is always the aim of Dialogue Ireland to speak the truth in a spirit of genuine love for the members and leaders of the movement in question, as well as for the families of everyone involved. We do feel it is important to give courage to those under the control of the group in question to address the leadership in a robust and confrontational manner. But we are clear that those wounded by these groups need gentle support when exiting from those groups. We advise that until they have recovered sufficiently they are not give any interviews to the media. However difficult things may get, some groups are open to change. However, there are those we deal with that seem impervious to transformation and are dominated by a high level of control.

The goals of Dialogue Ireland

  • To work for contact and dialogue among people with different beliefs and philosophies; recognising the vast differences that exist among New Religious Movements, mainstream groups and other organisations active in Ireland.
  • To promote the study and understanding of World Religions when it is required as a context for understanding cultist and non-cultist New Religious Movements (NRMs). We hold conferences and seminars on some aspect of Cultism to further this aim.
  • To provide information and educational services to schools, vocational groups and other establishments. We cooperate with governmental and police bodies using intelligence collected from our international partners, and our own research, related to cultism. Rather than warn or raise fears, our strategy is to inform and empower people that are making enquiries.
  • To compile and assess current documentation and news reports on the topics we study and, by way of our web site and Blog, to provide the public access to up-to-date information as well as links to significant sites within the field. Our role is not journalism as such, but rather we retain the archive of articles from a variety of media for the benefit of those that use our site through the information we hold. We have no commercial objective and our aims are totally charitable.

Personnel & Scope

From our base in Dublin, we offer our services nationally and now internationally with the advent of the internet. We also give advice and information world wide by telephone and email.

Mike Garde is the Director of Dialogue Ireland and is supported by a strong executive committee. Because of harassment in the past this committee is not listed here, but any information about them is available to genuine enquirers at the numbers below.

For postal enquiries please contact: DIALOGUE IRELAND 7/8 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1

Tel (01) 830 9384 Fax (01) 874 4913 Mobile (087) 2396229

We are a registered Charity and you can find information about our work, our Trustees and our accounts. (Here are our details: Registered Charity Number: 20045111

We update our information every year around October. Here is the Charities Regulators Web site:


We should point out that though we are a registered charity and submit accounts every year to the CRA, they do not publically publish our accounts as our income is below a certain limit and we are Private Charitable Trust. Anyone who wants to obtain more information should call the Director and we can supply the information requested.

We are using a Trust as our governance structure. We have three Trustees and one Trustee who is the Director.

Charities Regulator
3 Georges Dock
Dublin 1
D01 X5X0
Phone: 01-633 1500
FAX: 01-633 1540
Email: info@charitiesregulator.ie

17 Responses

  1. DI is a non sectarian, non religious Trust based on protecting the human rights of the victims of cultism. I think we answer most of these points in our Mission Statement. What is your interest and the issue you are concerned with?


  2. How can i join your ministry?


  3. I accidentally stumbled across this site this week.
    This comment has been moved to https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/commenting-policy/


  4. In this site’s Mission Statement it …….has been moved to:


  5. Mike Garde uses…has been moved to:


  6. Mike Garde uses …..has been moved to:


  7. As an “ex-member”, I appreciated seeing the real truth published on this website. The account I read was exactly correct according to my own experiences and not exaggerated at all. Thank you.


  8. Andrew Cohen is also part of the New Age Spirituality of Corporatism. The Evolutionary SHIFT of consciousness. The Christian Right and the New Age Left joined forces in 1987 outside of Boulder CO. ‘to do the one work together”. when Barbara Marx Hubbard and Doug Coe , head of the Christian Right Fellowship out of C Street , that Jeff Sharlet exposed in the best seller “The Family” and C-Street.

    Here they all are on the SHIFT network, a brainchild of Barbara Marx Hubbard, who along with many in this SHIFT group, ( channel ‘god ‘ and angels, These cults have joined forces, they are allied in order to find strength in numbers against anti-cult groups such as this site, and to make themselves invisible behind slogans and jaron and ‘peace talk’ they have lll joined on the Peace Wagon, including Cohen . This is ‘survive” together, and prosper, and corporatism is happy to have them as the ‘religious arm” along with Tibetan Lamaism and Hinduism to mind control the masses into Quietism.

    When the psychopathology of corporatism joins forces with the psycho pathology of cult leaders, and this is tied into the “Green Washing” of Environmentalism, (Lamas are now the the Eco-Lamas, teaching about Global Warming in Washington with cult lama psychologists and Krishna Das Chanters.. Th Eco Karmapa , successor to the Dalai Lama, to keep the brainwashing seamless, is being promoted now to ‘save the world”) we are in big trouble and we better start connecting the dots. . The Shift is also a spiritual pyramid scheme, how perfectly appropriate for the New Corporate Religion. See ‘affiliates” link.



  9. There is an important report of the ousting of a guru in an abusive cult, namely EnlightenNext. The guru is Andrew Cohen; the story can be read here:



  10. No matter how you try to defend your work, you’re totally one sided! effectively you’re not providing fair and balanced information. any “ex-member” of whatever group religious and non will have to say something bad about it. it does not mean that it is all the same. If you’re so much about finding mind-controlling techniques (even non-religious ones) just turn into advertisement – I forgot……… advertisement is not a “cult” and you might face severe lawsuits from them if you tried to dig into their stuff. keep on the bad work.


  11. The previous comment could have been posted on any website. Essentially little more than a vague and content-less jibe.

    I was unaware that sources like The Irish Times, The Irish Examiner, Would You Believe?, etc. constituted Tabloids. Even when it comes to Tabloid sources that we use there is often some excellent journalism involved – consider Jim Gallagher at the Sunday World who has dug up land registry records, cheque stubs, etc. to prove his claims. And this hasn’t even mentioned the many many many times we have posted testimony from ex-members in their own words.

    Harder to make a comment that tries to actually address this wealth of evidence and information – much easier to make a jibe that utterly ignores it.


  12. This website is a disgrace, claims they give information on cults and new religious movements, from what I can see, too much time is spent reading tabloid newspapers and too much time making up fantasies . This website is basically a Narrowminded waste of Internet space. Learn to get facts straight, then criticise . Not the other way around!


  13. … you’re placing yourselves above the rest of these “poor people” who fell “victim” of what you call cults.

    Not at all. The process by which we publish and circulate information, as well as the reasons why, are fairly easy to understand. We are often approached by people who have concerns, whether they be current members of a group, ex-members of a group or family members of those involved in a given group. I will grant that trying to balance this information is always a difficult task, but in many instances we find the information provided to us to be credible.

    Let me illustrate what I mean by this by giving two examples. Many ex-members of the Scientology organisation have described the same patterns of manipulation and financial exploitation from the group. Some members have also provided documentary evidence for these claims. Publishing this information, and referencing the relevant policies of the organisation where relevant, seems highly warranted.

    A second example concerns the House of Prayer organisation on Achill Island. Evidence such as cheque copies and deeds for various mansions seem to indicate something is very wrong with how the operation operates with regard to funds. This type of evidence, combined with both testimony and undercover footage of House of Prayer sermons, raises serious questions over their fund-raising activities.

    Both of those examples show that the combination of testimony from ex-members and other documentary evidence that underpin any claims we make about these groups. We also try to archive any media articles that discuss these issues. The reason I have taken the time to describe this is to draw a comparison with the caricature of our work that you have posted – and in particular the way you have neglected the role that corroborating testimony and other evidence plays in that work.

    Yet your type of organizations have use it [kidnapping] continuously to “convince” people that they were wrong!

    Dialogue Ireland has never endorsed, promoted or ever been involved in such activity. I’ll even take the opportunity here and now to publically and categorically condemn the act.

    Having addressed this caricature of our work, I do want to directly challenge the means you have used here to completely side-step a fairly key point here. Dialogue Ireland is primarily about information sharing, and I have discussed above a little about our methodology regarding such information. Are you suggestion we should continue to provide the public, and those who make enquiries to us, with this information?

    Perhaps you haven’t really tried to “dialogue” with the new religious movements.

    Dialogue Ireland continuously tries to dialogue with any groups we receive information about. Sometimes problems are resolved with such dialogue, but these tend not to be published and the content on this site does not reflect that.

    I’m sure that most of these movements would be happy to share their believe and practices if you would report them objectively without your “cultish” mind behind it!

    You would be wrong on two fronts.

    Firstly, quite a lot of groups refuse to speak to us, concerned family members, journalists, etc. You can try painting this as being due to a perceived lack of objectivity if you want, but it doesn’t change the troubling inability of some groups to deal with legitimate and justified criticism. It also doesn’t help matters that some groups label others with such concerns as ‘of the devil’, ‘suppressives’, etc. A good example of where we allowed full unaltered right of reply is here (the group itself did not take up the offer, but we published the piece by a current member in lieu of such):

    Secondly, our interest is in the actions of the group and any impact on members, not the beliefs. The phrase ‘deeds not creeds’ springs to mind.


  14. No matter how sweet and idealistic you’re trying to portray Dialogue Ireland in your introduction, you’re placing yourselves above the rest of these “poor people” who fell “victim” of what you call cults. You are doing the same as those people that you accuse of mind control.

    Because of your “noble” work and the scaremongering activities of people like you, some members of these new religious movements were kidnapped and confined. Kidnapping is against the law in any country! Yet your type of organizations have use it continuously to “convince” people that they were wrong! Who is the “mind controller” in this case?

    Perhaps you haven’t really tried to “dialogue” with the new religious movements. I’m sure that most of these movements would be happy to share their believe and practices if you would report them objectively without your “cultish” mind behind it!

    I have been harassed myself so excuse me if I don’t leave my details. If you can do it, I feel that I can do the same.


  15. Thanks for the support.

    You are invited to the exclusive “The Making of Sex Scandals In Religion” LIVE online audio-discussion with Series Executive Producer and Director, Robin Benger and Series Director, Peter Kavanagh on May 31 at 9pm ET. They will share their stories about the challenging task of making the controversial documentary series.

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    See you on May 31st!

    The Earthbook Team
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  16. I was a former member of the FWBO until the late 90’s in England. Although England is not a Catholic country , there was an exceptionally high number of ex catholics who had been attracted to the movement. An order member told me that according to Sangharaksita this was because the Catholic needed something to fill the void created by leaving his religion and that the FWBO filled that need. My ex cult counsellor had a different perspective on this, stating that the Catholic church had cultish overtones and that I had simply moved from one cultish situation to another. This seemed to have some truth to it. Just as the FWBO had Christianity amongst its enemies so the Catholic church of the 50’s and early 60’s saw the protestant not just as misguided but as damned – the product of Satan himself. In those days one was discouraged from playing with protestant children less one become contaminated. And just as the Fwbo has reinvented itself as family friendly the Catholic church now can see some force for good in other religions whereas it hitherto had seen them as bastions of Satan. The FWBO has been tainted with accusations of the sexual abuse of young men and the Catholic church with the sexual abuse of young children. Having also been an ex junior seminarian, I can attest myself to being subject to a mild version of abuse. And of course the leaders of the Catholic church and the FWBO both claim to be in contact with a higher truth that they are privy to communicate to us lesser mortals – all of course with great humility.


  17. Thanks you! Read the information about TQ and will make some contacts with the Mennonite Colonies in Belize to get background information and issue warnings…very scary!

    John Janzen
    Low German Coordinator
    MCC Canada


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