Mary Buckley’s flight from, search and discovery of freedom after her time in Japa.

Japa Meditation Ireland

Mary Buckley is not this person’s name but it could be any name with an Irish accent and the mark of Japa.

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When the national papers recently printed the story about a woman from Nenagh, who’s husband was part of the Japa Ireland meditation group, I felt bad about what she was experiencing, but I was so grateful that this story went public. I’ve waited for a long time for someone to speak out, to highlight the Japa Ireland Meditation Group. One, because I believe it will be the launching pad for people to speak out, including myself.  And two, it was a solid and very real verification for myself that something wasn’t quite right here, and that something wasn’t just me. Continue reading

DI can confirm that we have heard from the former member of Japa who sent us a massive treasure trove of evidence.

I had a long conversation with the former member so we anticipate we will be publishing what they sent us soon. It must be checked first and also protect anonymity and data.

Japa Meditation Ireland

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Japa Ireland: Another testimony which helps join the dots.

Japa Meditation Ireland

What is Japa Meditation?


Japa yoga is an ancient practice involving the repetition of a mantra. In the word mantra, “man” means “mind” and “tra” means “to protect”. Mantra is a way of protecting and watching your mind.  When mantra is initiated by a teacher and pronounced with love, vigour and devotion, it will unleash the true power of a person. Mantra strengthens the mind and can change the direction of one’s life. Depending on the nature of the practitioner it can bring blessings and enrichment.

This spiritual practice requires combining the watching of one’s mind, with personal development and the learning of different philosophies like Vedanta. Vedanta is an ancient philosophy that speaks about the oneness of existence, harmony of religions and the divinity of the soul. Vedanta requires patience, is full of life recipes and contains amazing truths.


How Japa came to Ireland

My name is Dennis Curran and I am a healer and Japa meditation teacher. I have been practicing Japa yoga since 1998. The word Japa originates from Sanskrit, one of the most ancient languages on earth.  “Ja” means to change life and death cycles and “pa” means to cleanse sin.

In February 1998 I met my teacher who inspired me to attain my spiritual practice. That combined with the ancient philosophy of Vedanta has changed my life.

My teacher taught me mantras and introduced me to Vedanta. “Veda” means knowledge and “anta” an end. It means to use your knowledge to the right end. I was moved by the power of sound. Mantras work on body, mind and soul. Mantras gave me space within myself and a clarity of mind I had never experienced before. The journey I began then was amazing and wonderful. I connected with my soul and learnt how to control my mind. Soon, my wife and children followed in my footsteps and we started to experience a union with each other that was blessed with the presence of Spirit. God started to make a lot more sense.



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Calling Anon Japa survivor who has sent me a massive treasure trove of evidence

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You will note that dialogue Ireland has remained silent in regard to Japa for some time now. We are actively working with a number of victims which will likely lead to further action in other fora but we want to continue to publish further testimonies as they are the best way to reach people who have left, who think they have left, but in reality are still deeply affected by the magical thinking they were subjected to. Some are thanking us for devoting space to this issue as before this they had never been able to find help. This is our mission to assist the victims of cultism.

Here is an example of those getting in touch with us:

I’d like to help where and if I can. I would not feel comfortable going on record though. Thank you for shedding light on this rather frightening group and hopefully something can be done about this.

All we can do is give further information and also join the dots as we can. How do we do this. 1. By providing a confidential space for anyone to publish their stories anonymously. However, we can’t publish material without knowing who the authors are. This means we need to hear first by email or by phone and receive material by electronic means. Sending us massive dossiers by snail mail just won’t work. We do  not have the resources to translate them into articles online. Also even then by publishing them we might breach data and anonymity regulations. Also a person might not be aware that without knowing it they have actually outed themselves by not editing the documents properly. Continue reading

Nobody seems to know what Japa Yoga is about? Do let us know.

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Image result for Dennis Curran Japa Yoga pics

Dennis Curran

Dialogue Ireland has received reports about Japa Yoga over the past year. When one went on line there seemed nothing put an empire of people involved in every county.

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The issues involved seemed to involve excessively expensive courses, trips to India and totally inappropriate sexual contact between participants and therapists/ Yoga teachers. Continue reading

Sexual Healing or Taking Advantage? ~ Freya Watson

Since publishing linking this article by Freya Watson to my post,  a number of people have contacted Dialogue Ireland concerned that the very issues that this article are concerned with, namely unwanted sexual overtures which Freya Watson discusses here I have given her free reign on this site. However, questions are raised by Freya Watson’s support of the whole Lamaist Tibetan Abuse by her involvement  with the Elephant site.

As very clearly pointed out by critics she is part of the enabling of the whole project and the attempted rehabilitation of Lama Sogyal and the role of the Dalai Lama in covering this up.

However, this article was published in its own right as part of the role Dialogue Ireland is playing in bringing a new group never mentioned on this site before into the public domain.

I have been approached by over 50 people on private messaging, the phone and email about a certain group. Some are so afraid they believe these people can use use magic to expose them, others are just petrified to be identified. One person who is now well outside the clutches of this group passed on the article and told me those affected would immediately know who this story is related to. So this is a signal that we are slowly but steadily going to publish stories anonymously. This means you can gain the benefit of using our commenting service and leave comments anonymously to advance your own recovery from the losses from this group. It is our experience that these groups revert very quickly to using legal threats to try to stop the truth getting out. Obviously if we have published an untruth in error we immediately correct it, but also offer uncensored freedom of a right of reply. Those that use the power of the law have in my experience a different aim, namely to silence and take down anything we have on them. We have a simple remedy to that tactic which reveals that they are not a genuine spiritual movement but in fact want to close down free speech. What we do is we publish their correspondence for the world to see.

Do read the the comments which shows Freya Watson is herself a victim and and enabler all rolled into one.

There has been a lot of discussion about the abuse of power and how women have had to be the subject of sexual exploitation to advance in life. There has also been the major discussion in Tibetan Buddhism as to how the Dalai Lama could hide the abuse inherent in this deviant form of Buddhism. The sexual exploitation, violence and lavish lifestyle of Sogyal Rinpoche. He is not atypical but the logical expression of this totally misogynistic form of what is in reality unreformed Tantric Hinduism with its couple sex. There is a campaign to try to sent Sogyal to Coventry but save the Feudal project of Lamaism which pretends reform but is highly toxic. Then there are those Christian groups were abuse has taken place. But we have an opportunity to speak and get support for those who have gone on so called retreat to India with Yogic groups or with New Age therapists that mix their private sexual energy with that of a spiritual nature. This article is an important contribution to this discussion and we welcome the use of our commenting section to allow anonymous reflection on this whole area. Continue reading

Tipperary woman fears company director husband is ‘under influence of yoga group’, court hears

Dialogue Ireland has been receiving a number of private messages about Japa for the past few weeks, but now the calls are beginning to make sense from family members who claim that they have lost contact with their family members. We intend to publish more material on this over the next period. Do send us your experiences. They seem to have teachers all over the land. Do send me biographical material about those involved so we can trace where they are coming from.…/japa-teachers/ Continue reading

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