A survivor of Japa is slowly smelling the coffee and the taste of freedom

Here is the testimony of a victim of Japa. Do read their story. We are hoping it will not be long before we get further evidence in regard to this group.




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Japa might be history but we might be close to a breakthrough…..


We are approaching a year and the Japa story is really not gathering traction. The teachers have like ostriches placed their heads in the sand and instead of standing up and taking responsibility they have brazenly just changed the name from Japa to meditation or mindfulness or whatever.  We were approached about a very significant connection to Japa, but because of the issue of the laws on defamation, we must wait till we have sufficient evidence to publish.

Yesterday we received a donation and this lovely comment enclosed with the donation:

Thank you so much for publishing this site as it has saved my life from Japa cult and without the articles that my family and fiancee saw I would not be living very happily now.


Yes, many of you have toiled to send me your accounts, and like me are hoping for a breakthrough. On our Facebook page, I get notices to boost my posts. FB does not seem to get that our aims are not financial but social to help those affected to find out the truth about Japa

Sashi and the Vindaloo version of Japa


Oh yes, I’ve heard a few stories concerning mental abuse too. It seems that one of the major priorities were the trips to India. From what I saw, everyone who joined that Japa group was eventually encouraged to go to India at least once. It was said that India is such a holy place, such a sacred place etc. You were convinced that if you go to India, you could get great blessings, great healing, improve your life, resolve this or that situation, improve your karma, bla bla etc.etc. Looking back, I think that the trips to India was part and parcel of the whole thing. The actual Japa meditation was just a means to an end. To get perple to go to India. Didn’t Sashi Dubey offer financial support in the setting up of Japa Centres? To teach, it didn’t seem to matter what qualifications you had etc., as long as you got in more people. More people = More customers? Was Japa Meditation merely the vehicle in which people were turned into willing customers? People were turned into customers who were willing to pay massive amounts to go to India? Part of Shashi Dubeys deliberate plan? The big money is in the West. Continue reading

An Ex-students account of a class in Japa Meditation



The vilest experience you can witness

So, you arrive at the centre to be greeted by people with broad smiles on their faces, some will come at you with arms opened wide and hugging you like you’re their long-lost family member, they don’t even know your surname, I suppose you could call it love bombing. People will be standing around chatting, having tea, listening and hanging on every word of the teacher, like children listening to their favourite story book being read to them. Continue reading

JAPA – The truth hurts – don’t shoot the messenger


I’d just like to make some observations to the posts that Sinead Tynan put up recently, I’m sure other people are thinking along these lines.

JAPAsite Sinead Tynan

Firstly, wasn’t she a senior teacher in Japa Ireland , teaching for 7 years?


In the post Sinead Tynan says:

“In late Feb of this year 2018 I received a phone call alerting me to allegations of a sexual nature against individuals who were Teachers of Japa Meditation…….upwards of 30 complaints made to an Ex Japa Teacher in another area of the country. “ Continue reading

Dialogue received a threat just after midnight this morning from Norah Finn


Mr. Garde. I was about an hour ago made aware of ur libel actions against me on ur site. I have contacted the Gardai and will follow up with them to make a formal complaint in the morning and I would advise u to remove any details of me or my business from ur site immediately as the longer you leave it up the more libel it becomes. I will be forwarding this message to the Gardai also. Please do not reply to me. Please remove all details of me and any connection with my business from your site immediately. Norah Finn

From: Me
I contacted you to give you an opportunity to reply before publishing my post this afternoon. I intend to publish this text on my site immediately unless you call me now.
You may not be aware that the tort of libel was abolished in 2009.
You have not indicated in what way you have been defamed. All we published is on public pages of your site. You were involved with Japa and we have a public duty to inform the public. You can, of course, contact the Gardai but they have no jurisdiction in what is a civil matter. You are free to make a comment or to advise us where we have published anything which is inaccurate. I will wait 30 minutes before publishing your attack and my reply. We have no intention of removing anything.




It is an experience we have had for many years that some people believe that if they do not like some article or post they have a right to request us to remove it. We are always ready to edit any untruth we have published. Not only that we go beyond that an offer anyone the right to publish uncensored their opinion on our site. Continue reading

Norah Finn was heavily involved with Japa Yoga and now has started Alethea which is the Greek for “Truth.”

Dialogue Ireland received a number of calls last Novemeber and again yesterday from former Japa practioners asking why we had not put up Norah Finn’s picture after we published an anonymous post with a lot of practiioners of meditation.


They tell us us she was deeply involved with the organisationand so we would ask folks to give our readers more information. We have found a great deal of fear around this issue and an unwillingness for trained professionals to take ownership of the issues Japa raises. The idea is that instead of dealing with issues you bury them and just start with a new name. I think they are doing courses in Reality therapy?



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