JAPA. Check out Kingdom Water. Denis Curran and Co are back

Check out Kingdom Water. Denis Curran and Co are back”.

We finally have a new lead on Denis Curran who lives near Athy Co. Kildare.


It is clear there is still some infrastructure in place and some of his original disciples are still involved.
He has stated he is a Kildare man of Kerry origin.

Thanks for sending it on. Have you any other news or contacts?

“No. Few years ago I was part of the Nenagh group but had the good sense to get out”

Did you read the material we had up?

I don’t think we were in touch

“I did read it. No I’ve not been in touch. I only attended meditation classes briefly and from what I saw didn’t sit well with me. A lot of nonsense however I did family constellation day with Mary Hodnet which was also weird. Overall my impression was that is was a money racket. Denis Curran liked humiliating people at meetings when he attended and they quite a lor psychotherapists teaching meditation. The meditation groups were broken into beginners. Intermediate and advanced. Which you had to be invited to join. There was a lot of talk about going to India at €4000 a trip! Found out later that guru Shashi is a businessman and owned the tour company! Its a scam preying on vulnerable people with the aid of brainwashing people and humiliation.”

Well stated and thanks for your observations.

You are welcome


Michelle Keane

Kathryn Collins wrote to me today as follows,
“Check out Kingdom Water. Denis Curran and Co are back.”

Clearly assisted by Denis…..



Here we get the connection to Shashi.

This is a natural and healthy source of water. I am not out to brainwash anyone. I am just a simple Kerry woman telling a story. I am not asking anyone to believe my story. The facts are quite simple that my water has been scientifically proven to have over 66 minerals in it. Few natural waters found in the world contain that amount of minerals.”
Spiritual links between mystical India and Knocknagoshel will not necessarily jump out at you on first reflection. But a trickle from Kingdom Water’s tributary flows through India after Michelle was put in contact with Indian spiritualist, guru and astrologer, Shashi Dubey, in 2019. Prior to this, a friend of Michelle’s had brought a sample of Kingdom Water to Shashi. Michelle takes up the story.
“When Shashi saw the water, he started channelling me and my energy. He said that I needed to come to India. I went to India last year and walked the Himalayas as part of my journey. I also visited Kainchi Dham (spiritual retreat) where Steve Jobs got his vision for Apple.

“Sashi gave me great guidance and told me how everything would pan out. He has been spot on in all his predictions. He told me I would write a book and instructed me to sample the ten top waters in the world and compare them against Kingdom Water. I even attended the Indian Literary Festival as a guest in 2019. He [Shashi] introduced me to an Indian biochemist, Dr Praful. He came on board with me and told me I was on the verge of pulling off a multi-million major deal,” Michelle says.
So, what of the future? Where does Michelle hope to navigate Kingdom Water next?
“The future is about setting up a bottling plant in Knocknagoshel. This is going to be huge for Kerry. The North Kerry economy needs this. The reaction from the people in my own community has flabbergasted me, it has been incredibly positive. I am super excited about it,'” she says.
To conclude on a lighter note – but no less important around these parts – I ask Michelle if she would be interested in supplying the water to help with the fortunes of Kerry’s footballers in their quest to win back Sam in the future.
“They could have definitely done with a dose of it in Cork! I will be piping it down through a hose to them on the pitch,” she laughs.
(Visit: kingdomwater.ie).



Mary Hodnet was up to her eyes.

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