EDUCO: Who the hell is Susan Morrice?

Susan Morrice is an intriguing “character”, but who is she?

Morrice was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in 1952 to Eric and Irene Morrice who ran T Morrice & Sons (an Opticians opened in 1925) in Arthurs Square, Belfast (Northern Ireland). The business remained in the family until 1999 when it was sold. (source: 1, 2)

T Morrice & Sons, Ophthalmic Opticians, to the left of Littlewoods. (Source)
Note: an interesting film about the opening of the Belfast Littlewoods store in 1964.

Susan was the eldest of three children; Jane followed in 1954, and brother Arthur who died aged 39. Morrice spoke in 2013 of Arthur’s death:

I feel them all with me, that is a part of understanding life. You take the positive things and you go forward.

Why life’s never boring for Belfast’s oil baron“, Belfast Telegraph, 11 January 2013

Morrice graduated in Natural Sciences (specializing in Geology) at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), despite failing her first year, and headed for the United States of America, aged 26 in 1978. (Source: 1, 3)

Some time between then and 1987, having worked in Colorado and across the world, she met Mike Usher a Belizean. Morrice and Usher attended their first EDUCO Seminar in 2002, on the recommendation of friend Shelia McCaffrey. (Source: 4, 5)

Sheila McCaffrey, co-founder of Belize Natural Energy.

It was back in the mid-1990s that McCaffrey and Morrice met on the White House lawn at one of Bill Clinton’s drives to promote investment in Northern Ireland. They joined forces with Paul Marriott, an English drilling contractor, and secured funding from investors who, like them, had attended [Tony] Quinn’s Educo Mind Power seminars. More than 300 people each invested at least 40,000 euro in the venture, many of them borrowing from friends, family and banks to do so.

Kinawley woman sues over oil millions“, The Impartial Reporter, 5 July 2012

Usher died in 2004 in what Morrice claims was a “burst hernia”. (Source)

In 2005 Belize Natural Energy, having a license to drill, struck oil on a site in Spanish Lookout, the location of a Mennonite community in the west of Belize.

From a recent video it appears that there is very little interest in their religious origins. Rather the discovery of black gold seems to have provided them unbelievable wealth as the convoy of vehicles demonstrates.

Spanish Lookout 65th Anniversary“, Belize Mennonites (YouTube), 8 March 2023

Striking oil happened a year-to-the-day of Usher’s death and is often cited as proof of a divine miracle. (Source: 10, 11)

The miracle was cult control of the oil and for the Mennonites the Black golden calf

In 2006 Tony Quinn held a 7-day Seminar for the Cabinet of Belize, paid for by a mystery financier. This seminar was attended by the Prime Minister of Belize Said Musa. (Source: 6, 7, 8).

In 2012 BBC Northern Ireland broadcast this “Spotlight” documentary, which Dialogue Ireland assisted the producers, that describes what happened after that 2002 Seminar.

BBC One (NI) – Spotlight “Belize Oil
Double-click the video for full-screen

In the BBC documentary, we are told how co-founders Shelia McCaffrey and Susan Morrice fell out after Tony Quinn was appointed to the board of International Natural Energy/INE (a company founded to hold shares in Belize Natural Energy that found Oil in Belize in 2005, a year after Mike Usher died).

McCaffrey, a Director of Belize Natural Energy, was dismissed from the board and a claim of theft was made to Belize Police who issued a warrant for her arrest. (Source: 5, 9, 10)

Sheila from a Catholic background and Susan from a Protestant background had once transcended their differences through them both coming under the influence of the Messiah Tony Quinn. One has to realise Quinn is regarded like Christ in this group. But when Sheila seemingly distanced herself from the influence of Quinn she was subject to fair-game, whereas her former friend Morrice remained within the fold and still worships at the feet of the Messiah.

The Amandala (Belize’s largest newspaper) gave a voice to BNE’s investors, sharing the concerns of many:

Investors trusted and respected Sheila McCaffrey, who single-handedly raised the funds to make the whole venture possible.

We believed in her enthusiasm and passion, and really felt that if we found oil, then we could really make a difference in such a small developing country.

Everyone was happy until Tony Quinn [of Educo]. … He [got]…Class A Shares for nothing, worth about US$24 million, diluting the value of everyone’s ownership immediately, without the consent of other members. He now even claims that he was responsible for finding the oil

[It was then]…divide and conquer. Until Paul Marriott, the original driller who found the oil, resigns. Jean Cornec, loved throughout Belize, the amazing geologist who told Paul where to drill…, he resigns selling his shares to Susan Morrice…

Sheila McCaffrey is then suspended on, in my opinion, trumped up charges by [an influential director].

‘We were screwed!’ says BNE oil investor of Ireland“, The Amandala, 4 February 2010

A subsequent court-case held in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court found McCaffrey was wrongly dismissed from the board, and that EDUCO leader Tony Quinn had been invalidly appointed to the board.

The judgement can be found here:

Of note is that in 2014 Charles Colville, 5th Viscount Colville of Culross, spoke in the UK Parliament’s House of Lords in regards to the harassment and intimidation meted out on the the BBC production team who made this documentary.

Charles Colville, House of Lords, 25 February 2014. (Hansard)

In the same debate Lord Empey spoke of “School-yard bullies back in Belfast who regularly threaten people who speak their minds”.

Lord Empey, House of Lords, 25 February 2014. (Hansard)

Previously in February 2011 Paul Marriott, another co-founder, extracted himself from BNE with a judgement in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court that ordered his shares in INE be purchased by Tony Quinn. (Source: 12, 13)

Capitulation of Quinn and Morrice in settlement with Paul Marriott“, 11 July 2011

Also in January 2012 Jean Cornec, yet another co-founder, began legal action against Susan Morrice claiming she had failed to purchase his shares. (Source)

Morrice counter-sued, seeking to draw Dialogue Ireland’s Director Mike Garde and Journalist Nicola Tallant into depositions in Colorado. A court document details the information that was sought from Garde.

In September 2012 Judge Hogan prevented these depositions taking place protecting the sources of information.

The judgement includes some interesting observations by Judge Hogan:

Text reads:
27. I cannot conclude that it would. After all, the issues are fundamentally different ones, even if there is some overlap in the dramatis personae and the factual background. Here the simple question is whether Ms. Skinner (or others persons acting in concert with Mr. Cornec) met with Ms. Tallant with a view to imparting information critical of INE, Ms. Morrice or Mr. Quinn. The issues in the defamation proceedings are much more complex and would (so far as March, 2009 article was concerned) presumably traverse issues such as whether Mr. Quinn claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus or to have recollections of a past life on Atlantis. Any defamation proceedings concerning the September 2009 article would relate to many of the issues dealt with by Bannister J. in SM Life Ventures and thus would encompass the disputes involving the shareholders in INE.
Text reads:
58. In the first place, Ms. Tallant has a strong interest in publishing material concerning Mr. Quinn and the affairs of INE. If, as she maintains, Mr. Quinn holds unorthodox religious views and is effectively the leader of a religious cult which has used psychological techniques as a means of controlling gullible adherents, then – to use the language of Article 40.6.1 – the media are clearly entitled to educate public opinion in this regard. This is perhaps especially true if Mr. Quinn were to have access to enormous funds via what appears to be the largesse of some of the founding members of INE.
The importance of Justice Hogan’s ruling for the work of Dialogue Ireland“, 23 September 2012

Judge Hogan’s judgement addressed concerns regarding Dialogue Ireland’s director Mike Garde being called into depositions to reveal his sources:

Since Mr. Garde’s activities fall squarely within the education of public opinion, there is a high constitutional value in ensuring that his right to voice these views in relation to the actions of religious cults is protected. It does not require much imagination to accept that critical information in relation to the actions of those bodies would dry up if Mr. Garde could be compelled to reveal this information, whether in the course of litigation or otherwise. It is obvious from the very text of Article 40.6.1 that the right to educate (and influence) public opinion is at the very heart of the rightful liberty of expression. That rightful liberty would be compromised – perhaps even completely jeopardised – if disclosure of sources and discussions with sources could readily be compelled through litigation.

There are, moreover, no strong competing arguments to the contrary which would weigh against the public interest in ensuring that Mr. Garde is free from disclosing his sources or the contents of these discussions.

Judge Hogan in his 2012 judgement

Whilst Susan Morrice met Shelia McCaffrey on the White House lawn in the 1990s and they fought over International Natural Energy, Susan’s sister Jane Morrice was an important figure in the Good Friday Agreement and has maintained an association with the Clintons.

So what has Susan Morrice done since 2012?

Here’s a clue!

Transforming People and Corporations with Susan Morrice“, Community Heroes podcast, September 2020

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  1. Caroline’s story should have opened up a reason for debate at the time it happened. It is very strange that she was put into a psychiatric hospital and treated with very strong medication when there were no previous signs of mental illness. Whatever Tony Quinn did it is possible she suffered a psychotic breakdown. Did she suffer chronic memory loss when she was under psychiatric care in Ireland? I understand the psychiatrist who treated her also using hypnosis. Did he give Caroline an explanation that would clarify what she went through? Of course, I am assuming the psychiatrist understands what happened; Tony Quinn advertises as a hypnotist so there is no excuse for hiding information that would explain the short and long-term negative effects of hypnosis.
    To my knowledge there was one tutor in the Tony Quinn Centre who worked in the psychiatric field, however, a day was given to students studying psychotherapy in which Martin Forde included advice as to what supplements to recommend clients suffering from psychiatric illnesses. For instance, niacin was a recommended supplement for Pellagra, Schizophrenia and Dementia, that niacin is the biggest benefit in psychiatry. Psychotherapists are not trained to counsel the mentally ill yet taking notes on vitamin supplements to treat them was part of the course.
    I googled niacin and, for quite a number of years now it has not been recommended because of the problems it causes; skin rashes, gastrointestinal problems, complications with the management of pre-existing diabetes and increased risk of developing diabetes. We now know that people with a history of liver disease, kidney disease, or stomach ulcers should not take niacin supplements.
    Are psychotherapists checked by the Gardai? It makes sense that the Forde’s should have been questioned at least when that happened. They get away with dangerous practices as long as no one reports them but it is a catch 22 when clients/seminar goers are too afraid to report what is going on. Again I will say that psychiatrists need to report the numbers of victims of cults who end up in their care.


  2. Psychiatrists need to report the numbers of victims of cults who end up in their care.

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  3. I am aware that a lot of people believe that only vulnerable people are in danger of undue influence; it is a matter of concern and highlights the educational need to rectify this belief.
    Caroline’s story has opened up reason for debate. I don’t know if you know this, Dialogue, there is a belief that shocking a person is believed to be therapeutic in the Educo cult. They give themselves permission to treat people this way, to justify, what I consider, dangerous behaviour. To my knowledge there was one tutor who worked in the psychiatric field, however, a day was given to students studying psychotherapy in which Martin Forde included advice as to what supplements to recommend clients suffering from psychiatric illnesses. For instance, niacin was a recommended supplement for Pellagra, Schizophrenia and Dementia, that niacin is the biggest benefit in psychiatry. Psychotherapists are not trained to counsel the mentally ill yet taking notes on vitamin supplements to treat them was part of the course.
    I googled niacin and, for quite a number of years now it has not been recommended because of the problems it causes; skin rashes, gastrointestinal problems, complications with the management of pre-existing diabetes and increased risk of developing diabetes. We now know that people with a history of liver disease, kidney disease, or stomach ulcers should not take niacin supplements.
    Psychiatrists need to report the numbers of victims of cults who end up in their care


  4. I recorded that programme but as far as I am aware that programme is not behind a paywall. You likely saw the excellent article on Jason Wynne from the Business Post. Jason had a serious problem taking on the Watchtower and was really not helped by ex members.

    Just to let know Celeste I suddenly got a brainwave. I remembered I had met the mother of Tara to discuss her situation about 13 years ago. She was very open to talking but says her daughter is happily married and has has two children. She is not willing to talk nor is the mother. In other words who wants to return to such a situation.


  5. Not that I am aware of Paul. Hopefully others will see your question. Hopefully you saw the Spotlight programme which addresses this issue?


  6. Can I ask, did the class B shareholders of the oil company ever receive and dividends afterwards??


  7. Dialogue, the word ‘overwhelmed’ stands out when you explained what Caroline was subjected to.
    It is a tactic they use to increase the effect of disabling a person’s ability to function.
    Caroline mentioned how Quinn repeated himself a lot. He knows exactly what he is doing; hypnotically repeating the same thing over and over again it becomes imprinted on the mind.
    It’s important for anyone who got out of the cult, to be aware of the effects. For instance, advising you to speak about a request as if it has already materialised seems harmless. What is being said is not true in the sense that it hasn’t actually happened, however, they are led to believe that it will happen, no doubt about it. However, the stronger the hypnotic suggestion/programme, taking away all doubt, the more difficult it is to accept failure and it can also be impossible to reason with that person. It’s inevitable that families will break down because of unreasonable expectations arising from these ‘philosophical beliefs’ that are reinforced again and again, when attending Successful Living sessions.

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  8. Thank you for your reply Dialogue. I would think Quinn would avoid going to court because of the attention he would get from the press. Paddy, her husband, sounded very upset and I can understand why. It is very strange he was not informed about what was happening in Egypt when Caroline was sectioned. It is also very negligent of the Educo cult that a written explanation was not provided for psychiatric purposes. What about other people who have suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of attending the Educo cult? Everyone involved on the seminars are negligent including the psychiatrist who should have reported what happened to Caroline on Quinn’s seminar.
    There was a programme on Channel 4 last night. Rebekah Vardy: Jehovah’s Witnesses and Me. She talks about childhood sex abuse that was not reported when she brought it to the attention of the JW elders and the reasons why she was shunned. Another member who was shunned, Jason Wynne from Galway, has put together an archive of information about the organisation; he was able to provide relevant information for women who brought charges of child abuse against Witnesses.
    I do not know Tara’s last name.


  9. Your insights shows reflection and objectivity. You can understand what at face value looks like a incoherent narrative and make sense of it. I was deeply involved with Caroline and Paddy at that time and on reflection her rejection of the Messiah meant she had to be isolated and overwhelmed. It is though a stand out moment. I do remember Paddy phoning me from the GPO at that time. It must have been around Christmas as Quinn had Tara with him. Paddy had Quinn in his sights and wanted to give him a 1 2? I restrained him. Would Quinn have taken him to court for assault if he got a an upper cut? Might have been a good strategy to force him into the courts? Can anyone remember Tara’s surname?
    Was it O’Donnell?


  10. I have listened to what Caroline had to say about the lead up to going on the seminar. She did not get the full 6 weeks preparation prior which would involve attending someone like Aideen Cowman who operated in Eccles Street. Calling it Successful Living is a ruse to get them in to acclimatise them to being put into a deep relaxed (hypnotic) state. Anyway, it sounds like she was not prepared properly for Tony Quinn and had not been around people who adored Quinn for any length of time to make an impact on her view of him. It takes a while to get used to his droning on and on (deliberate on his part) and there were always cult members included on the seminars to talk about how amazing he is. This helped to raise hope in Caroline’s case. Her decision to leave was not taken very well, to say the least. It also appears she was put into a deep hypnotic state, she was not able to remember a lot of what happened. So called, memory loss occurs when under hypnosis. I witnessed cult members working for Quinn at his home and, on one occasion, a man delivering to a health shop, they were able to carry on with whatever task they were doing, however, it appeared robotic as if they were not fully in their conscious mind and separated from what was around them. I know this sounds bizarre, however, Quinn has no problem interfering with normal brain functioning when he wants someone to do a task and it also prevents people from talking about what happened. They simply don’t recall much, or if they do, are too afraid to talk about it. Unfortunately for some in Eccles Street they were also subjected to this type of manipulation.
    Quinn wouldn’t be welcome here in Ireland to give those seminars now. It would becomes news for reasons he wouldn’t want.


  11. educolondon wrote:
    “I recall a video posted by Tony Ortega of a lady who had videoed herself having just participated in her initial Scientology training-routines. I cannot find the video, but the lady was excited, exuberant about the experience and elated. It reminded me of videos taken of Educo members who would be filmed shortly after their attendance of an Educo event.”

    Found it! (Contains strong language – Not Safe For Work!)


  12. Celestine I saw that excellent post by Educo London which now appears to have disappeared? You seem to have seen it?


  13. Celeste wrote:
    “I have no doubt that Caroline was hypnotised to get her on the flight.”

    I have no doubt there was coercion, whether covert or not.

    In the “Repeat” Seminar-form there is a condition attendees were expected to agree to; “For the duration of the seminar participants will not attend any other type of therapy without the prior consent of the promoter”.

    This is clearly unethical given what we know about how attendees can be treated, placing them in a double-bind – the course organisers fail in their duty of care the moment that agreement is presented to anyone.

    Click to access proposal-form-rgr.pdf

    Celeste, you may find the following article of interest, which is cited in the NXIVM Wikipedia page. The page is littered with “NLP”.

    I have heard from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioners that it builds upon Erickson Hypnosis. A rudimentary google-search will yield similar assertions.

    The following EDUCO Brochure contains repeated NLP terminology and concepts. It’s worth repeating that NLP is considered a pseudoscience when considering its claimed benefits. There is no dispute that it is essentially covert hypnosis.

    Click to access Formative%20Learning%20Brochure.pdf

    What I find most interesting in the brochure is the imagery of the film-projector. To me this is a literal description of an alloplastic defence, something which is inflicted on those with pathological Narcissism.

    I’ve come full circle yet again!

    On a final note: in recent “A Little Bit Culty” podcast episodes, hosts Sarah Edmondson & Nippy Ames (both who feature in season 1 of the Vow, and both know about TQ), have talked about NXIVM questionaries which they now realise were intended to identify members with pathological narcissism and were reviewed by leader Keith Raniere.


  14. I remember seeing Caroline on, I think it was Spotlight. I think she kept her identity hidden, at least, what she looks like. She was very brave to speak out. I have known that I had been subjected to hypnosis since the time I broke away from EDUCO but It has taken me years to realise the extent of how controlling the Forde’s are. I have no doubt that Caroline was hypnotised to get her on the flight.
    Usually when someone is uncaring about the damage they do they are labelled psychopathic.

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  15. There was no vetting system ever in the EDUCO cult. I was harassed to go on a seminar and I would believe her before I would believe what Martin Forde is saying. you would think he hadn’t heard anything about it before he was questioned. At least, that is what he wants us to believe. They don’t have any procedures in place to check whether a person is mentally able to take on copious hypnosis sessions during a two week seminar. Quinn considers himself a researcher although has never published any material that would be acceptable. Anything he has written comes across as delusional. He never takes responsibility for the damage done to people who have been subjected to what he does.

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  16. Celeste wrote:
    “Was Frank Parlato in The Vow?”

    Yes, Parlato appeared in a number of episodes of Season 1. Catherine Oxenberg visits him and they are shown collating evidence which she then took to the FBI.

    Celeste, it was in the comments of posts on that I became to realise the connection between Hypnosis and Narcissism in Cults. So I read your comments with interest.

    Nancy Salzman, now in prison for 42 months in the States on charges of conspiracy racketeering, claimed to be the a world-leading NLP trainer. Ex-members of Scientology also claim the Training Routines are covert hypnosis. Here Paul McKenna (not Tom McKenna whom I think you may have confused) is demonstrated this by Stacy Brooks and Vaughn Young.

    I recall a video posted by Tony Ortega of a lady who had videoed herself having just participated in her initial Scientology training-routines. I cannot find the video, but the lady was excited, exuberant about the experience and elated. It reminded me of videos taken of Educo members who would be filmed shortly after their attendance of an Educo event.

    Celeste wrote:
    “Was Thurston Pym the son of Collette?”

    This is what I have been told. Interestingly, Pym appeared in a video, filmed in LA, in Robbie Williams’ garage! Williams talked about the Educogym. Having informed Williams’ management what Educo is, this video was removed from Williams’ official YouTube channel. I am in contact with a friend of Williams, but there has been understandable caution in relaying more information to his camp. I am happy the video has been removed; and there may be an opportunity in the future to ask more. Williams holds some beliefs that may make this, er, a challenge.

    Celeste wrote:
    “the woman who was afraid of flying, and more than likely hypnotised to go on the plane”

    I believe you are referring to Caroline who spoke at the 2001 Dialogue Ireland conference. She talks of being coerced by a Margaret and a Yvonne.

    Martin Forde was asked about this event in 2001 for the TV3 20/20 documentary and was avoidant and evasive:

    Celeste wrote:
    “I felt uncomfortable witnessing young men emulate Quinn’s behaviour”

    I have seen this also. I was confronted by a young-man from Essex (an estate-agent I believe) on Instagram last year (or the year before) who claimed to have had a friend attend the EDUCO Seminar, and they were a “Billionaire”. Having spent some time in the company of Billionaires I asked for the name of this person, as in my experience anyone who claims to be a Billionaire is not shy about it. I was not given a name and the estate-agent retreated and never heard of again.

    I believe there will come a time when a lot more information about Quinn will come out. Did you know that members of Educo contacted the group that is the subject of the BBC documentary “A Very British Cult”? This is claimed by members of that group. I wonder if we will find out more about this communication between these two groups in time as members leave that group having been exposed on TV and been shut down by the UK government!

    You can see the documentary here: (There is also an 8-part BBC podcast which is more in-depth)

    I also believe with the demise (or ascension to heaven) of Quinn we will hear more details of his 50-year reign as the Mucky Messiah. I wonder if that event makes contracts people have signed null-and-void. Time will tell.


  17. Yes I just got back to find for some reason these had not been approved. Apologies.


  18. Sorry about that Celestial. I was away and our Webmaster seems to be unavailable. Thanks for your very perceptive comments. Will be back to you.

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  19. apologies if I do not understand the process. i did not know it would take this long.


  20. yes, I have noticed they are checked before the blog accepts them. This time it was different. The comments did not stay in the comments section and so there was no note to say they were being checked. They disappeared so they they could not be checked or read. I commented on another Tony Quinn article and that disappeared as well. That is why I sent the message.


  21. Celeste, I thought the same before. Some WordPress sites require the comments to be approved before they appear. I presume that is the case here also.


  22. is there something wrong with this site? I have posted comments and they have not appeared.

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  23. Was Thurston Pym the son of Collette? Another woman who was under Quinn’s control. Her personality changed; she was quite nasty when she worked for him. She worked his books so very knowledgeable about offshore accounts etc.
    Another question I have is, is it a deliberate act on their part to cause someone to have a mental breakdown or is mental distress and total confusion a result of what they do, for instance, the regular use of hypnosis, that causes the breakdown? Back in the 1990’s I witnessed a woman being distraught, very emotionally upset, on a seminar. I enquired as to what was wrong with her and was told she was just having a breakdown as if it was a normal occurrence, part of the experience and something acceptable, a positive sign of progression.
    Was it around 2006? the woman who was afraid of flying, and more than likely hypnotised to go on the plane, was locked up in a psychiatric facility when she had a breakdown. Maybe it was because there were too many outsiders on the seminar and so it could not be as easily explained away as in the past? Why is Martin Forde not held responsible for what happened to her? If what he said has any truth in it both he and Margaret Forde should have been charged for manipulating her into travelling to a seminar that has no facilities for mental health care.
    Back in the day I felt uncomfortable witnessing young men emulate Quinn’s behaviour, believing they had become better than they had been before, however, they were not allowed to be seen to surpass what he did and were sharply put back in their place. They were like puppets he played with, supposedly giving them what they wanted. They should know they are not responsible for what happened to them. I hope they take the opportunity to come forward now and speak to Frank. Having said that, remain careful about who you trust because they may still be under Quinn’s control.
    There are things I felt and witnessed that pointed to energy manipulation leading to negative results. People in Tony Quinn’s company cannot protect themselves against this type of craft if they don’t know what he is doing. His abusive meddling causes changes in ways that the person has no control over.
    A therapist’s energy level is understood to be an important element in getting positive results, however, nothing was mentioned about this in the EDUCO courses. I had a recent conversation with someone with knowledge of how to use it for best effect and she told me it is vital the practitioner disconnects energetically from the client after treatment. Was it deliberate on the cult tutor’s part not to divulge this type of information because they used people on this level also? There are so many questions I would like answered now. Or will it be the death of Tony Quinn that opens up pandora’s box? Will his story have the shock value of Jimmy Saville’s with all and sundry coming out of the woodwork?


  24. Was Frank Parlato in The Vow? A lovely man. I am very happy to know he and others have an interest in EDUCO and how detrimental it is to anyone who associates with Tony Quinn. They may well have come across others who went to the Tony Quinn Centre with the same information I write but it’s really nice to communicate and know that I am not alone figuring it all out.
    Thank you for the link. The ESP programme is so invasive, my impression is that Reniere operated by getting as much information from his followers as possible to manipulate them emotionally, sexually and behaviourally. He is very cunning in how he communicates, having a strong need to have the last word, ‘proving’ intellectual superiority.
    Quinn would have had to put hours of his time convincing the Forde’s and the likes of Paul McKenna and Hugh Chambers to join up with him at the beginning and work for him. All of them use hypnosis but maybe not Chambers. It is their Modis operandi. Chambers was used to sniff out any gossip, make suggestive remarks in passing when Quinn, or may Cowman, wanted to influence someone to do a task or get information, visiting people just out of the blue for whatever reason and, of course, recruiting. He works in the health store. He is totally dedicated to Quinn. I shouldn’t be surprised to hear that Margaret Forde and Martin Forde are still running the cult for Quinn. They will do anything even if it damages others who trust them. They have definitely played a huge role in recruiting and presenting Quinn with people to work for him directly. They were in the original group who lived in one of the communes.
    Maybe you don’t know about a recent big to do about a woman pretending to be a psychiatrist or a psychologist, I can’t remember which, operating in Ireland. She sent away a form with bogus information to America and received forged documents. They have a whole hour’s programme discussion about her. We have a serious problem with therapists using hypnosis without the client knowing about it. As long as Quinn’s practices and influence are perpetuated by the likes of the Forde’s who have proved themselves inept and careless, and worse, with their clients, why isn’t there a programme about this problem? Why would they actively try to separate someone from their family? Make no bones about it, there are plenty of people here in Ireland that would have complaints about them. People are speaking out about all sorts of abuse, why not this?
    More than likely you are familiar with what I am writing about and have asked your own questions. Can someone spontaneously develop and function with a split personality unless they are programmed? I have heard about the cult personality. I remember how his ardent followers would repeat what they had heard Quinn talk about as if they believed every word. I sometimes wondered if they knew what they were talking about, whether they consciously remembered it or was it an automatic response to stimuli. Tony Quinn bypasses the conscious mind when he uses hypnosis. Is it possible that he lets them leave his seminars in this state because they are “feeling better than they have ever felt before”? Keeping them in that state prevents them from thinking about the seminar with any clarity and what they got from it. They appear to be in a daze yet, they retain what they have heard without consciously knowing they are programmed. They have no idea what Quinn is doing and couple that with the installed sense of self-importance which seems to disallow the information of what he is doing to them from getting through, it is definitely a concern.


  25. Celeste wrote:
    “One could argue that all Educo cult members, past and present, are victims of Tony Quinn, some would say, similar to NXIVM where Keith Raniere had an ungodly hold over them.”

    Celeste, I too watched The Vow, and I found it very helpful to get my head around what EDUCO is. You will no doubt be aware of Frank Parlato (Frank Report) who was involved in fighting NXIVM for many years and involved in breaking the story in 2017 in the NYT. He has written a number of times about EDUCO and is taking an interest. He, having come up against Fair-Game from NXIVM, has an insight into that group, and has written a comparison between NXIVM and EDUCO. You might be interested to know both NXIVM and EDUCO used the same venue in Dublin!

    You may also be interested to know that others who were involved in bringing down NXIVM are *well aware* of Quinn and EDUCO. One prominent ex-member of NXIVM expressed exasperation to me and said not even Raniere had the influence to do some of the things EDUCO has done, in terms of persecuting those who speak out. There are other ex-members of NXIVM I have corresponded with and kept them up-to-date with EDUCO.

    Margaret Forde was the wife of Martin Forde. Both are mentioned in the 1974 article by June Levine titled “The Amazing Irish Guru”. Martin has recently been promoting Educogym on Facebook. Margaret and Martin were both named as co-directors with TQ of the Irish Health Culture Association (IHCA) and the Irish Association of Holistic Medicine (IAHM) in the 1998 “Blueprint for Successful Living”.

    Be hopeful Celeste! Be hopeful!


  26. It is really good to know there are people like you who are concerned, who genuinely want to inform the public about cults. Eccles Street once operated as a place of education, yoga and weight training classes and a health shop selling mostly supplements. I met people who thought Tony Quinn was Jesus. From what you have witnessed, it appears that hypnosis is still the main technique used to draw people in and keep them in the cult and attend seminars. I don’t think members were paid for recruiting accept they now get to keep some of the seminar money. This wasn’t the case in the 1970’s, 1980’s or 1990’s. The opportunity to make money from recruiting began with the seminars held abroad. When cult members pursued me to go on a seminar, they made it clear they got a percentage of the full payment. The cost of the seminar included flights and the hotel etc. at that time they cost 20,000, a ridiculous amount of money to pay to stay in an ordinary hotel for two weeks even if the sun is shining.
    I am familiar with the name Margaret Forde. It’s important to name all of them and warn people to stay away from people who worked directly with Tony Quinn. Their concern for other people’s wellbeing is a ruse, a pretence, a façade they have worn for so many years now.
    One could argue that all Educo cult members, past and present, are victims of Tony Quinn, some would say, similar to NXIVM where Keith Raniere had an ungodly hold over them. I watched the series. Cult members became conscious of how Raniere controlled them and how he had manipulated them, they did their utmost best to rectify the harm they caused to other members they had recruited. I admire them for having the courage to admit they were under his control. They speak openly about Raniere. The series include recorded talks he gave which allows us to observe him in action. Initially they did not recognise how evil he is, a narcissistic psychopath who continued to abuse them even when he knew they were suffering. There is a scene where he meets the Dalai Lama. They shook hands. Raniere organised to have the event recorded on film to boost his reputation.
    And that’s another story. What is okay about an adult putting his tongue into a child’s mouth as part of a greeting? I don’t care how enlightened they believe themselves to be, this is not acceptable normal behaviour.
    There are therapists who use hypnosis without discussing it with their client. They do not care about them as individuals, they only care about how they can use you. They will play with your sense of reality so as to keep you under control when it comes to giving directions on what they want you to do for them. This is the type of evil behaviour I witnessed in the Tony Quinn Centre. The centre may not operate as it used to, however, cult members under Quinn’s control and who, in turn, control other members who, in turn, have a detrimental effect on society, remains an issue of concern.

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  27. Celeste wrote:
    “Do you think Susan Morrice is avoiding mentioning Tony Quinn and Educo because he wants the Spotlight kept off of him and the cult?”

    What makes you think she hasn’t? Watch this space Celeste!


  28. Do you think Susan Morrice is avoiding mentioning Tony Quinn and Educo because he wants the Spotlight kept off of him and the cult? His tactics have such long-term effects and Susan is a prime example.
    I am relating to the readers who have been victims of hypnosis and who suspect they suffer long term effects from attending this cult, be very careful going into any group set up or relationship or therapy that may trigger you. For instance, do you find that you slip into a certain way of thinking and behaving? I know I have and I still keep an eye on how I relate to people. If you feel comfortable enough you can explain how hypnosis affected you to your loved ones and that you may say things that sound odd to them. Even when you have gotten to a place where you know you have been duped you need to understand, friends and family members do not recognise the automatic switch in your mind that can happen spontaneously and that what you talk about, and possibly your behaviour, is an installed programme put there by the abuser for their benefit.
    It is very important that you don’t blame yourself for behaviours that were out of your control.
    I recognise what is happening and I make a point of not talking about the Educo philosophy accept to explain how damaging it is to give your power to other people who abuse your trust and who feel entitled to your money.

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  29. It has been a long time since I have read such well informed comments on a thread about my favourite messianic Cult!

    Whilst I was never a member I know all about the hypnosis that is central to being an Educo member. I remember (around 2001) being told to wait in a car whilst Manj Weerasekera insisted he hypnotise someone-i-knew! I also knew Babu Shah as we worked together in Enterprise Oil in the late 90s! Coincidence?

    You are right to be concerned Celeste! There are a number of people with associations with Educo that go back over a decade that offer services that could be considered to be in the “wellness” realm. In fact, this is how the London Met Police described Educo to me last summer; “all about wellness”. I suspect at this time they have a different view of Educo, but time will tell.

    Manj Weerasekera is still operating as a “transformational coach”, but many people have told me he is actually recruiting for Educo! He has been doing this with his wife in-toe.

    Babu Shah still has a website claiming to be an Educo Seminar Agent, again with wife in-toe. Whilst the website is old, it’s still working.

    Ranjeev Singh Sidhu doesn’t appear to know what he is; but he was caught out when an advert for this “services” was found on a University of Derby Students Union website in 2021. His wife, Pam Sidhu, has been promoting his services. In fact, Ranjeev appeared on BBC Local Radio three times in December & January just gone, banging on about the “Placebo Effect”! Pam has been a BBC Local Radio presenter, and she is referred to in at least one of the interviews. There is more I can go into about these two rascals!

    Linda Keen is still a psychotherapist here in the UK. She, unlike the others, will state she is a follower of “Dr” Tony Quinn and his methods. She is a “team-member” of the Irish/British/Australian/International Mindfulness Academies, along with 3 other people who have associations with Educo. One of these is Margaret Forde! The “British Mindfulness Academy” (which operates out of a virtual office in Dublin) has openly promoted Educo recruitment events in Manchester in recent years.

    There is so much to share! It’s lovely to have someone to talk to! Great to see you Celeste!


  30. Dialogue, if you have a list of names of people that works or worked closely with Tony Quinn it would be helpful for readers to know to avoid them. They may be set up in mind wellness type businesses and still connected with Quinn.
    There is a lot of information out now about supplements and the consensus is that if we have a reasonably healthy diet we don’t need to take them accept what your doctor recommends.

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  31. the use of hypnosis is rife in the Educo cult. It takes a while to recognise and work through the installed mind programmes. One was so far from the truth it was a huge red flag, the biggest yet. I still told the story as if it was fact. The memory stayed with me and, ultimately, it opened my eyes to what they are about. The abuse is on all levels in this cult.
    Tony Quinn trained some of his workers to use hypnosis but I don’t know which ones. Aideen Cowman probably trained them too so, how many of them are still using it? And for what purposes? If a hypnotist, or anyone, tells you that nobody can be hypnotised to a degree that they cannot remember what was said or done to them, they are being dishonest and possibly protecting themselves against scrutiny. The victim of hypnotically installed programmes will possibly believe that they are telling the truth, not realising they are repeating or acting out what was installed. Going to a therapist trained in Eccles Street may be the biggest gamble you will ever take.
    You are no good to them if you are not susceptible to hypnosis. They don’t want you if you don’t act on it, unless you have lots of money or open to work for nothing. At least, that’s the way it was. Who is running the cult now in Ireland?
    I think it was back in 2011 that Tony Quinn conned two northern Irish women, who had an oil company, out of oil shares. Did the oil shareholders get a dividend yet?

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