Editorial – UpDate magazine, 1979 Issue 3 & 4

The aim and purpose of this publication is to create aware­ness in the churches on the new religious movements and to inform the churches as to the general character of these mo­vements and what they reflect with regard to contemporary consciousness. Further, Up-Date wishes to make suggestions to the churches concerning ways in which the churches’ own methods and message can meet the demands of the modern world.

In the first article Johannes Aagaard raises the question: “Church, what is your mission? – today?” and tries to pose the question as radically as possible in order to tease out the answers which are urgently needed.

The Rev. Friedrich-Wilhelm Haack from Munich has often been the scape-goat for some of the toughest of the new religious movements. He is, in fact, a pastor, who simply cares so much for his flock that he reacts strongly against those who try to steal the free will of other people. “The real danger” a­rises when one attempts to open the eyes of those who see no problem in the various “cults”.

Transcendental Meditation is still growing quickly and in spite of all the attempts to prove its religious nature, TM leaders continue to proclaim to the public that TM is a neu­tral technique with no religious meaning.

In this issue of Up-Date we have decided to put the facts be­fore the public. We know that TM will react strongly, but we have no choice. We have arrived at a stage in which nothing but the truth and the whole truth counts. We therefore pub­lish the secret texts of TM.

We first publish the Declaration of Loyalty for TM teachers. It proves that all TM teachers know that they have entered into the service of a religion.

The Invocation is a hindu-ritual, and its Tantric nature is obvious.

In the Explanation of the Invocation Maharishi Mahesh Yogi himself makes the religious nature of the ritual clear.

We then publish The Holy Tradition, which proves beyond any doubt that TM is deeply rooted in Hindu religiosity. This do­cument is an expression of the innermost and esoteric spirit of TM.

On an earlier occasion we published the TM mantras, but we do so again, this time giving both the Continental and the Anglo­saxon lists. Because of the different pronunciations the spelling has to vary somewhat, but in substance the two lists are identical. We are well aware that other lists than these are used by TM, and consequently some people will have recie­ved mantras which according to their age they should not have had. This only proves that there is no meaning at all in the often repeated lie that TM gives mantras according to a very holy and very personal insight into the individual meditators’ needs. It is quite clear: the mantras are given according to age, but the age-criterias are not common for all TM centers.

Another TM lie is to claim that the mantras have no meaning. We therefore publish the learned mantra-interpretations given by Sir John Woodroffe in his “The Garland of Letters”, Madras 1974. The reader will notice that TMs mantras are variations of the four main Tantric mantras, which represent the goddes­ses Saraswati and Laksmi and the god Shiwa (whose name Maha­rishi Mahesh Yogi himself has chosen) and his goddess Kali. The last TM mantra – for old people – is still unidentified.

Maharishi was interviewed in 1967 by one of his more intelli­gent disciples, and TM itself published the interview but kept it for the disciples only. We now offer it to the public in order to make clear what TM ideology really implies. The interview gives a frightening impression of the thinking of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on Suffering.

The story about TMs attempt to enter public health care is told by the new secretary of the Dialogue – Centre in Arhus, Jens Johansen. TM lost the battle in court concerning its right to teach in the US schools, with the result that it has now “changed horses” and is trying to get into the health care systems or a number of Western countries.

Our NEWS this time gives information about TM, – its levitation programme and its defeat in court; about Scientology in court and the ideology of this movement; about The Moonies and about a new Cult Information Centre in Canada. We finish this issue with a nice greeting from Hare Krishna:

There was a young lady of Deal
Who said “Although pain isn’t real,
When I sit on a pin
And it punctures my skin
I dislike what I fancy I feel”.

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