Christina Gallagher: The House Of PREY keeps Preying On The Vulnerable.

Ireland’s Eye is distinct from Irelands Own which is completely different.

April 2023 edition of Ireland’s Eye featuring Pierce Brosnan

This magazine is produced by Dick Hogan who in this video appears a very balanced and civic citizen. But he is a fanatic supporter of Christina and gives her voice Fr McGinnity free access to push his narrative about gays and the end of the world with after the event prophecies.

In the video below Dick Hogan the owner of the magazine appears to be a very nice Catholic and citizen.

He is a fanatical supporter of Christina Gallagher and as you can see he uses every opportunity to support her. Not just giving her space nearly every edition but even providing free advertising to get people there by bus.

The bus timetable for routes to Achill’s “Our Lady’s House”. Note the 3:45am departure from Schull (West Cork).

As we evaluate her activities we get an insight into her current mindset. One of the family took some photos of the articles while his mother was away. Tonight we got another article about Benedict’s book.

L’Osservatore Romano is called Ireland’s Eye in Ireland. Read their critique of Dialogue Ireland“, Dialogue Ireland, 3rd November 2015
Dick Hogan of Ireland’s Eye is the main defender of Christina Gallagher in Ireland“, Dialogue Ireland, 3rd November 2015

Originally Christina claimed to have visions of our lady but according to Catholic teaching in order to authenticate this claim the visionary must submit these visions to the local Bishop.

When she did not get that through she tried to go to Rome and bypass the local Bishop. This itself suggests she is in disobedience.

Now she is suggesting she is a ventriloquist for Jesus. Now she is not a visionary but a source of revelation and she says Jesus likes Fr McGinnity and so the vicious circle continues.

There is the official newspaper which shares Christina Gallagher’s ravings to her members and also the mundane times of the bus trips going to Achill.

Think of people usually elderly coming from West Cork and going all the way to the House of Prayer and then all the way home.

They were told before Covid that Smartphones were of the devil. Then suddenly travel was cancelled and they had no cash coming in. Now it is away with the Smartphones and back on the bus.

Learn more about House of Prayer (Achill) and Christina Gallagher.

See more Dialogue Ireland’s “House of Prayer” articles.

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