Christina Gallagher opens a new “House of Prayer” in Brewster, New York, USA

By coincidence the Director of Dialogue Ireland has a connection to Brewster since 1968.

Christina is unlikely to have plans to recruit in Brewster. More likely she has the train connection from Grand Central and flights into Westchester. So it is Tri-state area she will be targeting and PA.

More likely like in Ireland they will be there to reach traditionalist/ anti-vax folks who are disconnected from the Catholic Church. 

You don’t invest $2.2 without having some game plan. Here it is likely money that needs to be invested and property in an interest low environment is a good bet.

Someone I know called to make a reservation to be at the opening day…  the House of Prayer woman spoke to her right off about all the items that will be for sale, including the picture of the Blessed Mother for $466 USD!!!    She was told she could not take photos or even take notes… the reason is peoples’ notes “are easily misinterpreted”. Everyone must have a photo ID.  Apparently Christine and Fr. McGinnity will not be personally present, but livestream it to Brewster “due to Covid restrictions in Ireland on travel”.  The woman told her there would be a virtual “Benediction” with a supposed Eucharistic Host that turned to flesh… 

The House of Prayer woman said it will be open seven days a week, with rosary at various times during the day… 

THE OPENING, BLESSING AND DEDICATION of the New York House of Prayer will take place (as designated by Our Blessed Lord) on Saturday, August 28, 2021

at 31 Mount Ebo Road, Nth., Brewster, NY10509

commencing 11.00 am local NY time.

The TIME-TABLE at Our Lady’s House will be as follows:11.00 am – 12.30 pm

Ceremony commences with Holy Rosary and Talk.12.30 – 1.30 pmLunch break.1.30 – 3.00 pm

Prayer, Talk.Limited number of questions answered by Christina about Our Lady’s Mission.

Special Blessing with Eucharistic Miracle.

Chaplet of Mercy.

The Dedication Ceremony will be Live-Streamed directly from Ireland to The House of Prayer, New York. To reserve a seat at the Ceremony of Dedication, please call JoAnn at (512) 713 7599.

For more information please check:

  • Here is a very compact and compelling read.
  • Understanding the cult environment my thesis on the MMM.  Chapter 2 on the definition of cultism.
  • Our material on the House of Prayer, including a lot on Friday McGinnity himself which address his role in the cult and his hold over the bishops.

  • This 10-year documentary really brings the issues to a clear conclusion. 

2 Responses

  1. It is wonderful to see how the funds are being invested in property. Here a former synagogue for $2.2?
    A lot of preying to pray. As a visitor to Brewster how many attend or are you now using your smart phones to have it live streamed? In which case you do not require a building? Anyway the saints are observing and we will see the House of Prayer scam get more attention?
    Check out Knockmore, Co. Mayo? Who comes from there?


  2. We love coming here because the house of prayer is exactly what it says it is a TRUE HOUSE OF PRAYER. WE PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY ESPECIALLY NEW YORK IN SO MUCH NEED OF PRAYER ! It’s a very peaceful and quiet environment to pray in . The staff here is very friendly and generous with their visitors to the point they feed us freely physically and spiritually. We are not forced to buy anything! They have a gift shop that is reasonably priced ! This place has nothing to do with vax or unvax people ! We come together as unified children of God . We are so blessed to have this place . Everyone is welcomed here and what better way to come together and prepare and pray for all the turmoil in our country. THE UNITED STATES NEEDS PRAYERS ESPECIALLY FOR OUR LEADERS AND OUR CHURCH. It is not a time for division but for unity, prayer and fasting. Carolyn ,Sandra, Myrna, Yvonne and Joanne


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