Terrifying Freedom, a novel by Linda Smith


Sometimes you need a novel to break through the cultist mental manipulation?

Linda Smith wrote recently,

I just read an article on your webpage regarding Catholic Lay Movements with cultist attributes. Some former members of these movements questioned why some bishops are so slow to take seriously their concerns about these organizations.

An article on your site, Shipwrecked in the Spirit, cites:

“Wittberg says that by the l950s psychologically trained religious were beginning to question the healthiness of the vow of obedience. Keeping this in mind, one might examine the authority structure of the Catholic movements mentioned above and question whether what might be called a “caretaker-type” communal arrangement (Langone, 1989) is appropriate for psychologically healthy adults. How much regulation of the day-to-day behavior of community/movement members does the leadership of the Catholic Church consider pastorally desirable? What accountability mechanisms does the Catholic Church use to prevent abuses of vows of obedience?  Can vows of obedience be modified or supplemented by other practices or exercises in ways that enable members of religious orders or communities to cultivate humility while working in our fast-paced, technological world?
My examination of the controversies elicited by new Catholic movements suggests that the Church has not addressed these issues adequately.” 
So true. You will find this issue explored in the novel, Terrifying Freedom.
Also, on amazon.com you will find a review of Terrifying Freedom by Michael Duggan who,  is associated with Shipwrecked in the Spirit. https://www.amazon.com/Terrifying-Freedom-Linda-Anne-Smith/dp/0994929501/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1483837525&sr=8-1&keywords=terrifying+freedom
Thank you for your consideration,
Linda Smith
My recently published novel, Terrifying Freedom, delves into these issues. If you have an opportunity to read Terrifying Freedom, I would love to hear your comments. You can read reviews on Amazon.com and Goodreads. A synopsis follows.
Truth can be illusive, choices disconcerting; the promise of moral certitude, irresistible. 
In the Midwestern offices of Secure Star Insurance, Rebecca, efficient and distant, seeks only to survive another day. Sally, earnest and devout, views the workplace as a fertile mission field. Into the agency comes a new employee, Gladys, gregarious, unorthodox and twice divorced. When an intuitive HR manager arrives, veneers begin to crack.
Back track four years. Rebecca’s mysterious past is explored in a convent replete with younger members and garnering the support of an increasing number of bishops and conservative Catholics. When an older nun has a heart attack, Rebecca is abruptly sent to a backwater mission in Appalachia. Distanced from the enclave of the motherhouse and embedded in social realities of the missionary outpost, Rebecca is thrust into uncharted waters.
Terrifying Freedom is a novel that explores the essence of freedom, the courage to own responsibility for our lives, to own our quest for meaning and truth.
Terrifying Freedom is available as an e-book and paperback and can be obtained through Amazon and major book distributors throughout the world. For reviews, go to www.terrifyingfreedom.com, Goodreads, and/or Amazon.com.
Terrifying Freedom   http://www.terrifyingfreedom.com/

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