Stephen Fry and Joe Duffy’s RTE Liveline goes dead last week.

2014-10-27Christina Airport1

It all started with Stephen Fry and his rant about a God he hates and who does not exist. Then Joe began to talk about Maria Divine Mercy and asked people to call in to his show to let him know who she was. This was bizarre for his colleague on The Mail on Sunday, Michael O’Farrell had scientifically proved beyond a reasonable doubt who this woman was. He then proceeded to go down the road of bringing Joe Coleman into the equation. Yes the guy who was involved with staring into the sun in Knock

Now the afternoon was moving into Ray D’Arcy’s return and still we did not know who Maria Divine Mercy was? Also we had the evidence as the blog Midway had all the information needed and Michael O’Farrell could have put Joe and his listeners out of their misery. Still no revelation..

So now we know who it is since Sunday but Joe does not want to release the secret of Malahide, wait for it…….
Mary McGovern-Carberry is the ‘secret’ Catholic visionary “Maria Divine Mercy.

Mary Carberry is Maria Divine Mercy
1 February 2015
In a two-page spread on 1 February 2015 Irish Mail on Sunday, reporter Michael O’Farrell exposed the central characters behind the fraud of “Maria Divine Mercy” as the public relations mother-daughter team of Mary and Sarah Carberry and millionaire retired dentist Breffni Cully. This is the first major media exposure of the four-year-old scam that claimed messages from heaven. The Irish scammers sold books and medals to an estimated million-plus followers with promises that wearing the penny-value trinket would assure eternal life in paradise.
Irish Mail investigative reporter Michael O’Farrell’s research included a personal confrontation with Mary Carberry, who uses her maiden name McGovern in business. O’Farrell quotes Carberry: “I’m sorry. I’m not going to get involved with internet trolls who are trying to destroy my life because of a job I did for somebody.” She adds, “I can’t deal with this crap. I’m sorry. But if you honestly believe this shit, you can.”
Was she referring to her ‘messages from heaven’?
The Irish Mail sent the recording of Carberry’s comments to a U.S. voice analysis expert to compare with a radio interview ‘Maria Divine Mercy’ gave in 2011. Conclusion: Mary Carberry is Maria Divine Mercy!

Liveline, Monday 2 February
02 February 2015 12:00
Stephen Fry’s interview with Gay Byrne on “The Meaning of Life” where he called God, among other things, “a monster “, has ignited a flurry of opinion from both believers and non believers. The Liveline callers were quick to react. Plus a call with Maria Divine Mercy, and a call from Christine Gallagher from the “House Of Prayer.”

The Monday show is about to end when out of the blue Christina Gallagher comes out of the woodwork. She is relatively calm and the aim of the exercise is to cash in literally on the those calling in about atheism and to get into their minds with her false claims of healing. However, Joe does not know what to do, but he changes gear and starts to bring his wealth of knowledge and research over the past 10 years to bear. Christina goes into victim mode and tries to claim she is sick and would people leave her alone. She berates the Sunday World as follows,

Fake visionary denies owning mansions to Joe Duffy..but we can prove otherwise
FAKE VISIONARY Christina Gallagher made a desperate bid to boost her image this week when she went on Joe Duffy’s Liveline radio show and blasted the Sunday World. The founder of the controversial House of Prayer on Achill Island once again claimed she did not own any property. And she said our exclusive exposés on her astonishing mansions and millionaire lifestyle were all “lies and stories”.

Asked why she didn’t take legal action against the Sunday World if the stories were untrue, the 60-year-old said: “I don’t have the money.” Joe asked her who owned the luxury mansion in Malahide where she lived for many years until 2013, but she did not answer. And she made no mention of the fabulous gated property she now calls home on the exclusive Coldwater Lakes estate in Saggart, West Dublin.
The Sunday World revealed in November 2013 that the self styled holy woman had snapped up the six-bedroom mansion for €1.1million after it failed to go for its €2m asking price. Christina’s own website confirms she is the owner of this property. And it reveals she bought it using money she got from a mansion in the U.K., which the Sunday World uncovered in March 2011. That Shropshire house – which she bought for £1.8m in October 2009 without a mortgage – had its own lake and indoor swimming pool. Christina told Joe about “the horrors”she had been put through by the media. But she has lived like a queen for years while the rest of the country suffered through the recession.


While she enjoyed the best of everything, she encouraged elderly followers to give her their life savings for “Our Lady’s cause.” Some victims later claimed they had been brainwashed by the cult. She told Joe she bought a house for her daughter Mary near Ballina, but failed to mention it cost nearly €1m. She also never mentioned the house she bought for son Brendan nearby. Even though she told Joe she never asked anyone for donations, she has spent years raising cash for ludicrous projects, like a series of bomb shelters in the U.S. Jesus allegedly told her: “Soon, the world will be plunged into the black apostasy that will engulf the world…” Christina told Joe she couldn’t understand why the Catholic Church refused to recognise her. The day after she appeared on Liveline, House of Prayer ‘Director’ Pat Coleman also rang in to blast the Sunday World. He told Joe the House of Prayer was kept going only by “small donations”. In fact, figures filed last year showed it had assets of €1.8 million. When Joe pointed out that House of Prayer officials took the Sunday World to the press ombudsman with over 100 complaints – which were all dismissed – he said he was not involved back then.

Also it was likely she was trying to pick up some of the loose change from the MDM as your woman Carberry was hiding in the bunker in Malahide not far from the former palace of poor mouth visionary Christina. She is also mostly missing or over in a nightclub somewhere.


We get the robotic tones not of ordinary Catholics but the usual people who represent those under the influence of these so called purveyors of certainty. They are no more Catholic than the man in the moon. How do I know? I talk to their family members who talk about a death without a funeral. They are gone into another world where there are shadows and no communication except of one hand clapping….
Jim Gallagher has to continue repeating the facts as the National broadcaster allows unsubstantiated facts to be broadcast and provide no correction or right of reply to this garbage at all. The Mission to prey has left RTE frozen in time and screaming defamation. The principle of the Defamation Act 2009, is that if say Christina comes on and says that Jim Gallagher is lying, she should be immediately warned, and asked to provide evidence of the case she is making. How? Tomorrow bring on a spokesperson for the HofP and Jim Gallagher and let them debate it. Here RTE is allowing propaganda which is clearly defamatory to be aired without one person being allowed to respond. This is an abuse of power. Also DI has sought to correct the record and has received no reply or opportunity to tell the stories of those who have lost their family members. Liveline wants people who have very difficult situations and need to remain anonymous to reveal themselves. I have permission to speak on behalf of them as an agency which assists the victims of such abuse.
Are you aware that RTE has not done a single documentary on the House of Prayer since 2008?

Look at this great piece of TV from 2008 from Prime Time.

Day 1 ends with a whimper………

Day 2
03 February 2015 12:00
Discussion continued about Christina Gallagher’s House of Prayer and the messages of Maria Divine Mercy.

We have more members of the MDM and HofP rambling on about the healings and the cashless society of sweetness and light. The situation is that the Catholic Church is rudderless and because it has not done anything to arrest these chancers that are crawling all over their members. The Cardinal Sean Brady was supposed to meet the Director of Dialogue Ireland last year but went missing to discuss his negligence in addressing this issue.

He has a lot to answer for and the jury is out on the new guy in Armagh. Will he smile like a Cheshire cat or will he start to get tough with Fr McGinnity who has been shown in Jim Gallagher’s book to up to his eyes in fundraising and his lack of due diligence has left hundreds of families destroyed. The reason Christina is not suing Jim Gallagher is not because she has no money, she has millions, but because what he has written is true.

At the end of day 2 we had what sounded like a very gentle person who was a recent convert and knew nothing about the House of Prayer. He asked that his name not be given, give us a break.
Pat Coleman claimed to be The Director of the HofP, but is in fact a director of the company underlying the Hop. If he as a director of the HofP is not aware of the finances of the HofP he is obviously not fit for the role.
This is the guy who operates the security detail around Fr McGinnity. When TV3 filmed at Fr McGinnity’s church in 2011 Pat was the guy who rescued Fr McGinnity and took him away from being interviewed by the team. Look to the last frame of the programme as he speeds off.

This is the same Pat Coleman who disrupted a public meeting at the iconic Hayes Hotel Thurles last March.

What did the media make of Liveline last week?

…..The previous two days were less commendable. Joe Duffy was fielding calls from supporters of a Dublin woman called Maria Divine Mercy, who claims to be in communication with God. The whole slot ended up epitomising the Irish media’s shortcomings when it comes to discussing religion – namely, a tendency to only become interested when there’s a sensationalist angle. Preferably one which opens believers to mockery.
Duffy wasn’t mocking his callers, but he was too quick to dismiss their own sense that their views are regarded as a joke. “Who is mocking?” he asked innocently. As his caller replied: “The media has done it for years”, Joe didn’t seem to get what she was saying at all.
He even mentioned Spirit Radio, as if one small Christian station can correct the imbalance of an entire culture which sees theism as absurd.
If Liveline wants to take on a genuinely disturbing belief system, try Scientology. Author John Sweeney was on Today FM’s Last Word on Tuesday to talk about the cult, which actually charges its followers before revealing its innermost secrets, including the belief that suffering is caused by fragments of evil space aliens which attached to human souls after they were blown up in a volcano 75 million years ago. Or something…….

Eilis O’Hanlon did note that Joe was going nowhere with this subject, but she failed to observe that the original noble cause of St Stephen of the Church of the great hole in the Big Bang was merely being used as a background for the question who is the MDM? Those on the programme were not genuine debaters like the priest from Ballyfermot, Fr Joe McDonald* who asks the simple question? If you have the clear public teaching of the Catholic Church why do you get up at 4:30 and take bus from all around Ireland and travel to a non recognised Private centre of Visionary gobbledegook where you can’t even get the Eucharist?

(Joe used to be a Christian Brother teacher at the Abbey School in Newry and used to have Dialogue Ireland give talks on the subject of cults.)

Liveline Wednesday 4 February 2015

Richard used to be an avid follower of Maria Divine Mercy. He read and followed her messages but he soon became disillusioned when her prophecies failed to come true. Margaret is still an avid follower of her messages and believes her prophecies. But who is Maria Divine Mercy and why won’t she reveal herself? Joe discusses this point with the listeners.

The final straw was that there was no podcast on Wednesday and here was my summary of the week: Normally when you have an open goal you kick the ball in. Joe kept asking who the goal keeper was and when he did not get a reply forgot to shoot and then wandered onto a hockey pitch to discuss the nature of sport.. Then he needed a car hire to get somewhere and then we were onto addiction. Talk about having a journalist who had done his research, not being used. Michael O’Farrell take a bow. Today Sunday February 8th he actually proved his worth. Likely outcome he will be ignored. RTE wakey wakey

Here is the assessment of Midwaystreet:

Talk show host Joe Duffy discusses Maria Divine Mercy

by Mark Saseen 9 February 2015

For three days, Monday – Wednesday, 2-4 February, Dublin, Ireland, afternoon talk show host Joe Duffy asked the same question to callers addressing the ‘secret’ Irish ‘visionary’ Maria Divine Mercy — “Do you know who she is?” []

And for three days no one told him. Does Duffy know? Of course! The identity of the Internet-only ‘seer’ with millions of followers worldwide was scientifically identified as Malahide resident Mary McGovern Carberry in the Irish Mail on Sunday published the day before Duffy first asked his question.

The “science” in the identification was a comparison of “Maria Divine Mercy’s” voice from her only interview in October 2011 on a US Catholic radio program. The voice of the woman who only identified herself as a European business woman with children was compared with a recording of Mary Carberry made by Irish Mail journalist Michael O’Farrell during a person-to-person confrontation near Carberry’s home. Verdict: the voice is a match.

The next day Duffy used O’Farrell’s story to address the “mystery” of Maria Divine Mercy’s identity, a topic not previously addressed on Duffy’s program, or anyone else’s program. Though callers advanced the case for the authenticity of the ‘visionary,’ no one said, “Maria Divine Mercy is Mary Carberry.”

What’s the mystery? It’s all ‘out in the open’ in a color two-page spread in the Irish Mail on Sunday, 1 February 2015. Duffy DID manage to slip in “McGovern PR” in reference to assistance given ‘psychic’ Joe Coleman in writing his book……
The big surprise of Duffy’s show was the call from Carberry’s Malahide neighbor competitive ‘visionary’ Christina Gallagher whose antics were exposed by another Irish reporter, Jim Gallagher. Is Christina unwilling to share the limelight? Four times Duffy asked her: “Have you heard of Maria Divine Mercy?” Her final answer: “No, no. I’ve heard of her, sorry, but I know nothing about her mission, work or message.”

Really? If anyone is still in doubt, I suggest Googling “Maria Divine Mercy” or “Mary Carberry.” Or download the free book, “The Outing of Mary Carberry.” Prepare for a blast of revelations.

Maria Divine Mercy’s identity was first confirmed in November 2013 on a number of websites beginning with Catholic Planet and my website,

The MidwayStreet website goes into depth of Carberry’s creation of her “MDM” persona including a copy of the signature page of Articles of Incorporation of Merdel Ltd, a company set up to sell MDM merchandise. “Mary McGovern, PR Consultant” signs as witness to her business partners retired millionaire Irish dentist Breffni Cully and German national Heinrich Martin Roth.

The disclosures at MidwayStreet and the subsequent book – “The Outing of Mary Carberry” – are a result of discoveries made by a team of researchers in six countries who continue to find new information on the elaborate game to deceive millions of Christians.

So I had something to offer Joe Duffy’s listeners. I DO know who Maria Divine Mercy is! I emailed Duffy’s program offering to speak on the show and received a quick reply: is there a number where we can reach you? I set my alarm – I’m many time zones away from Ireland – expecting a phone call from station staff interested in my story.

No luck. After Wednesday, 4 February, the story was dead. Dead for Duffy, perhaps, but not for those victimized by the scam that plays on the sincerity of ‘believers.’ And not dead for the Irish Mail.

One week after exposing her identify, Mary Carberry advanced to front page of the Irish Mail on Sunday, caught on camera gathering up copies of the paper that exposed her secret business. This story ‘has legs’ !

4 Responses

  1. Very good analysis Angie. More to come


  2. Like two peas in a pod and since I already know that the HofP and MDM are run by opportunistic con artists, absolutely nothing Gallagher or the two women commenters said to put the fear of God into the hearts of listeners would affect me, more so, I was struck by the tone of voice, particularly Lena’s (if that is her real name). Yes, it was the tone of all three that interested me and how they use it to get the ‘messages’ across and how disturbing that they put Gallagher and MDM on a par with Jesus; wasn’t he rejected like they are?

    Questioning her on the latest message Gallagher says “There is a mountain of stuff there” already, so that part of her ‘ministry’ seems to have come to a standstill. Joe’s enquiry of the state of her health leads to how she suffers on this earth; recently it was pneumonia, double pneumonia mind you, and septicaemia and, if memory serves me well, there were donations given at the request of McGinnity for the ‘poor’ sick woman. Like the saints before her she suffers on this earth and longs for the heavenly home; in the meantime she will live the life of luxury and, no Joe, she does not feel cast down; she uses her ‘holy’ tone of voice, the cultic element, automatically switched on when talking about getting away from this evil world where people hold her accountable for her actions and how she longs to hide away in ‘peace’. She conveys her suffering as if it is part of the package of sainthood.

    Ruing the day she believed that she could hide behind the façade of ‘holiness’ Carberry conveniently came up with the message that Our Lord said she was not to reveal herself, however, the need to draw people onto her website was her undoing. The ‘message’ must have come after the radio interview in America.

    An avid follower comments: “She is Irish but that’s all I know about her eh, I believe she’s from Dublin but apart from that I don’t know” and every snippet of information dragged out of her was followed by “that’s all I know about her” taking the opportunity to say that “God is telling lots of wonderful things” followed quickly by how evil the world is.

    The “victim soul consecrated by a priest” Carberry suffers terribly in the presence of Jesus: “You feel his energy; it’s a light that comes out that drains you. But you feel his pain; I feel his pain”. The ‘great’ business woman cashes in on the gullible and hides away so as to avoid being questioned about where the money goes.

    As the fella says: “Pull the other one”. Will the truth lead to the ‘death’ of Carberry’s website or will she brazen it out as Gallagher has?


  3. Gallagher brazenly tells us that the only connection she has with the House of Prayer is going there to pray. People do not give her donations, do not hand her money ergo she does not benefit from it. She avoids all questions relating to how she has profited from it and, instead, takes the opportunity to push her ‘messages’ and website. She mentioned the woman who was healed from pancreatic cancer. She said: “she went home a healed woman”. My question is; what proof did she have that the woman was healed when she walked out of the House of Prayer? The woman in question currently refutes Gallagher’s claim and, in fact, wants nothing to do with her and has left the House of Prayer.

    Joe Duffy interrupted a story about a man hitting McGinnity in the chest with a letter when he was coming down from the alter. What is that about? He also cut off any chance of finding out where, was it Lena? who gives her opinion of the catholic church’s approach “It’s all wishy washy, don’t offend the heretics” and those who do not take the warnings are “a brood of vipers” who will be severely punished by the heavenly father. We need to have this type of discussion as it is a good opportunity for insight into the belief system of the catholic church when they ruled by fear; If the messages concur with eschatology, as one woman explained, Catholics need a clear understanding of why Carberry, Gallagher and Coleman are rejected by the Catholic Church.


  4. So what have I learnt as a listener to Joe Duffy’s radio programmes? That Stephen Fry does not believe in God and if he did exist he is evil and the cause of suffering; that Maria Devine Mercy allegedly gives the same message that has been told many times before by people accepted by the catholic church and this supposedly proves her authenticity as an ‘apostle’ of Jesus and that Gallagher believes that children suffer for sins committed by adults. What would Stephen Fry make of that? I agree with the speaker on the programme that said Fry’s argument is juvenile and I am also more inclined to agree that imbalances are caused by changes in our environment rather than punishment from God. We know that pollution and damage to the environment is mainly caused by over use of resources and it has been proved scientifically that pollution has affected our health worldwide. The most damning evidence we have as to the cause of this is the intention of people who are focused on making millions; they do not take into consideration the harm they do; the same companies being least likely to improve conditions they are responsible for because it costs them money. What has God got to do with their actions, their greed?

    On the second programme it was quite clear that the women commenters were more intent on getting the MDM and Gallagher’s ‘messages’ across rather than answering personal questions about whether they have met them; it is quite strange they deny knowing or even being curious about women they consider to be ‘apostles’ of Jesus. Lena does not know Carberry, however, she knows people that do, so obviously, they spoke about her and yet Lena does not know what nationality she is? It’s the same story with Gallagher. Lena does not know her and does not see how handing money to a man in the hallway of the House of Prayer and getting a receipt from him has anything to do with Gallagher’s lifestyle? Why the reluctance to say she made the donation? She puts Gallagher on a par with a catholic priest; in her eyes it is no different to giving to the church.

    I find it highly suspicious that the two women deny knowing them and I have difficulty in accepting that they are so disabled in their thinking to such a degree that they dismiss factual evidence, the truth of Gallagher and Carberry’s profit making rackets. Needless to say, they are typical of undue influence.

    It is very convenient that no-body knows anyone else; It gives the impression that they want to disconnect from each other so as not to come under further scrutiny. I am still of the opinion that Gallagher and Carberry are linked in some way.


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