Give me all of the newspapers says Maria Divine Mercy, Mary Carberry or is it Mary McGovern?

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By Michael O’Farrell February 8, 2015 Ireland on Sunday

Pdfs of the article:

Irish Mail on Sunday 2

Inside 2-1

The story this
woman doesn’t
want you to read:
PR guru linked
to Maria Divine
Mercy buys up
hundreds of Irish
Mail on Sundays
after we expose
doomsday sect

MDM front page

A PR guru linked to a cult-like religious group tried to censor revelations about her involvement by purchasing all copies of the Irish Mail on Sunday in several towns across north Dublin last week. Mary Carberry was one of three people the MoS linked to the Maria Divine Mercy organisation – a money-making sect that has been spreading doomsday prophecies purportedly from God.
Since 2010 an anonymous Irishwoman calling herself Maria Divine Mercy has been posting what she claims are divine messages online, attracting more than half a million registered followers and millions of new hits annually. The MDM messages have been condemned by Church leaders worldwide, with some
bishops forbidding the use and dissemination of all MDM materials.
Last week, the MoS used a forensic expert to prove that the voice of a woman calling herself MDM – recorded during a 2011 interview with a US Christian radio station – matched that of PR executive Mary Carberry.
Others linked to MDM through related companies associated with book and medal sales include Mrs Carberry’s daughter, Sarah, and millionaire retired dentist Breffni Cully who styles himself Joseph Gabriel at MDM events. MDM followers are encouraged to buy books and medals and one message says those who have salvation medals will be saved. Following publication of last week’s article, the MoS learned that a woman had bought up hundreds of copies of the newspaper soon after shops opened. This week, the MoS visited more than a dozen newsagents, petrol stations and convenience stores in the Clare Hall, Portmarnock and Malahide areas, all of which confirmed that a woman had purchased all copies of the paper early on Sunday morning. Staff in many of the outlets identified Mrs Carberry – a resident of Malahide – as the woman who made the purchase. In all, several hundred papers appear to have been purchased across a swathe of north Co. Dublin. Mrs Carberry’s purchases
ranged from eight copies in a small village shop to more than 130 in larger outlets. At one of the larger stores, she asked for but was refused a discount. ‘I’d definitely know her to see in person. She bought 50,’ one shop attendant said. ‘She said it was regarding an internet troll. She made it sound really serious. She was adamant she had to buy all the papers.’ Other shopkeepers reported being told an assortment of reasons by Mrs Carberry – including that she wanted to avail of a promotion in the newspaper and that she was involved in a charity featured in the paper. ‘She said there was a very tricky situation in the paper and she said she went from Tesco in Clare Hall to  Portmarnock,’ one shop worker remembers being told.
‘We carried the papers out to the car for her and her boot was full and the back seat up to the roof was full.’
‘I’m 100% sure that was her. It was all paid for on the credit card.’ Another till assistant said: ‘She bought about 25. She came in and said she’d bought all the papers from Clare Hall all along the way in every shop in Malahide and then she was going to Swords.’ One smaller shop heard of the strange purchasing pattern in advance and placed its copies behind the counter for regulars. ‘There’s a man who comes in here and he always buys the Mail but we were out of stock and he went around the other shops and came back to say they were all sold out,’ one shop proprietor said. To ensure regular readers got their paper, the MoS circulated extra copies to affected newsagents on Monday to be distributed the following day.
But while many residents of north Dublin’s coastal towns may have been denied the chance to read about MDM, the issue was aired nationally for three days this week by Joe Duffy’s Liveline. The RTÉ Radio 1 show heard from several MDM supporters – and one
disillusioned former member – as Duffy repeatedly sought to establish the identity of the Dublin woman behind MDM. Despite a repeated open invitation for Maria Divine Mercy to come on air, the show heard nothing from her. Mary Carberry was named at one point – but only as an associate of controversial visionary Joe Coleman and only using her maiden name, Mary McGovern. Speaking on the show, one disillusioned former follower said he had lost faith with MDM when her prophecies of the Second Coming –
initially predicted for 2011 – failed to materialise.
‘I wrote an email to her,’ he recalled. ‘She said Our Lord had not specifically mentioned a particular year… I became disillusioned with it.’ Yet several others spoke of theirpassion for and belief in MDM. ‘I love the messages from Jesus,’ said one follower, who was not concerned about warnings from Church
leaders such as Archbishop Diarmuid Martin. Mrs Carberry and her daughter Sarah did not respond to letters delivered personally to their home and business addresses this week,just as last week.
However, when approached directly by the MoS three weeks ago Mrs Carberry responded only briefly to say she was being unfairly targeted by bloggers. ‘I’m sorry. I am not going to get involved with internet trolls who are trying to destroy my life because of a job I did for somebody. That’s all I have to say,’ she said.

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MASS BUY: Prominent PR executive Mary Carberry, who bought hundreds of copies of the MoS last Sunday

13 Responses

  1. All saints, holy men, religious people, people that were faithful to God , all of them suffered from
    Satan and his minions, the press is most of the time influenced from satan,
    The mesages and The Book of Truth came from holy trinity , MDM is the prophet of the end times,
    The first proffecy happend on February 2013, when the True Pope Banedict the XVI resigned, it was written in The Book Of Truth 2 years ago about his resignation, about wars, about changes in the Holy Catholic Church, about Sinod, about the paganism of the church, about Warning , about second coming of our God Jesus Christ, all of it is TRUE,
    You can not judge or analyse the word of God , The Holy Trinity. All msgs written in The Book Of Truth are true and holy , open your heart to God, repent and convert .
    Thank you God for giving us all these gifts to us sinners that we don’t deserve your mercy., have mercy on all the humanity so they will not follow the deceiver, but repent and convert . and belive in truth. that is You Jesus Christ. 🙏🙏🙏🙏,


  2. Just take time to watch this….. Then find someone else to target with your hatred.

    PS Irrespective of where those messages came from – they are no different to countless OTHER identical Catholic Prophecies that we have been given by Catholic Saints. The fact that we are in the end times was said recently at Akita – By our Lady to Sr Agnes. That apparition is accepted by the Church. Read also the prophecies for the end times of

    Marie Julie Jahenny
    Blessed Anne Emmerich
    The TRUE Message of Our Lady of La Salette
    The words of Our Lord to Blessed Elena Aiello
    The words of Our Lord to St Anna Maria Taigi
    The words of Our Lord to Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora.

    I bet the problem is – that you don’t like the messages that MDM gave the world. You’ll find they are nothing to what YOU will hear from Our Lord if you don’t wake up and stop judging somebody for speaking the Truth.

    God protect us from the Press. Like Vipers they squeeze the life out of people who they don’t like because they preach about the real world instead of the predicted counterfeit created by Satan, who is the Father of all lies.


  3. Cameras in every shop yet she did not take them into consideration as evidence. The difference between her and Gallagher is she did not want contact with her followers on MDM. There needs to be a record to access serial tax evaders to prevent further scams if possible.

    In the nineties a little birdie told me that, in the Tony Quinn centre, they were tax evaders and, if memory serves me, there was a big effort made by Collette and Paul into producing something for the tax man. What explanation did they give for the request system? The requests were written on a sheet of paper and a photo included. Where are the photos stored? How did the Educo cult get away with not giving receipts? Were the books with the list of names, people who attended ‘relaxation’/hypnosis twice a week, given to the taxman? Some possibly paid by cheque for courses but what about the people who paid in cash? No receipts were given for receiving psychotherapy or osteopathy when I attended. It boggles the mind how Quinn got away with it and how he is allowed to continue milking the Irish economy.

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  4. Yes the biggest attack on her was in the newsagents when she tried to hide her lies. But you can’t stop the internet. Buy all the papers what a joke


  5. Who, after looking at the evidence, would believe that the unholy scam is based on what Jesus tells her? The fabricated, so called, prophecy is another lie to keep the followers hooked. She took the risk of making money, tax free, thinking she would never be found out. Her story of ‘conversion’ is off-the-wall.


  6. Jesus told MDM that she would be atacked by many people. Now we see this prophecy fullfilled.


  7. Thanks for the download of the book “Outing Mary Carberry”. It’s well worth reading. It would seem there is more than one person involved with writing ‘messages’ on MDM. The researchers uncover the involvement of William Kamm, a paedophile cult leader who believes he will be the next pope, his ‘mother-in-law’ Kammermann, who agreed to the ‘marriage’ of Kamm and her fifteen year old daughter, and Carberry, who was desperate to save her million dollar mansion, being involved with the MDM blog.

    It’s a crazy set-up and you would have to read the book to grasp the lengths they went to avoid paying tax on the many businesses they set up and then closed.

    They use and abuse catholic beliefs to lure the gullible; for example, mortification – Carberry took it way beyond the accepted practice. There is no evidence she had cancer, however, she claims she was ‘healed’ and then given the ‘message’ by God to have her ‘cured’ breasts removed surgically for the purpose of saving souls.

    As for the numbers of explicable ‘likes’ on Facebook; for instance “MDM is most popular in Ho Chi Minh City in communist-controlled Vietnam!”, the researchers of the book uncovered evidence of MDM buying ‘likes’ so the numbers they boast about are proved totally false.

    Initially Carberry got involved with Joe Coleman and it spiralled out from there. This is why I do not believe that Gallagher knows nothing about her. Their stories are too similar; Gallagher’s suffering stigmata and (poking holes in her forehead) and Carberry’s ‘mortification’ of surgically removed breasts; both stories being used to con people out of their money. On page 92 of the book Carberry tells one of her followers on Facebook that she had no interest in earthly things yet somehow her initial involvement with Coleman and MDM ‘miraculously’ saved her from being thrown out by the bailiffs!


  8. Just wondering if there is anything in this “somebody” else being involved in this scam. How can blaming someone yet unknown be of any use to her? It does not prove her innocence so why say that in the first place?

    The voice recording proves it was her gave the interview as Maria Divine Mercy, no doubt about it!


  9. Angie, isn’t it strange then that she gave an interview AS Maria Divine Mercy for a radio station in 2011, instead of saying she was only a representative for MDM?


  10. “Mrs Carberry responded only briefly to say she was being unfairly targeted by bloggers. ‘I’m sorry. I am not going to get involved with internet trolls who are trying to destroy my life because of a job I did for somebody. That’s all I have to say,’ she said.”

    If what she says is true, who did she do the job for?


  11. Normally when you have an open goal you kick the ball in. Joe kept asking who the goal keeper was and when he did not get a reply forgot to shoot and then wondered onto a hockey pitch to discuss the nature of sport.. Then he needed a car hire to get somewhere and then we were onto addiction. Talk about having a journalist who had done his research, not being used. Michael O’Farrell take a bow. Today he actually proved his worth. Likely outcome he will be ignored.RTE wakey wakey


  12. I noticed Maria Divine Mercy hasn’t had a message from her “Jesus” in 12 days, since she was aware of exposure in the Irish Mail. Joe Duffy’s talk show was a positive move forward in exposing the scam, even though he never spoke her name. It’s no mystery, Joe. M a r y C a r b e r r y.


  13. Mary Carberry cant deny her involvement any longer, caught in the act. all her neighbours need to know what she has done in the pursuit of her own wealth

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