Update on Japa and questions for Japa leaders that have left?


First of all, why is Dialogue Ireland involved at all? We started to respond to what was going on after the High Court case last October and posted a general blog article asking questions which we obviously had no answers to.

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We did so to assist victims and to provide a focus for those who wished to share information anonymously or in person.

https://dialogueireland.wordpress.com/2017/11/13/nobody-seems-to-know-what-japa-yoga-is-about-do-let-us-know/   ****

Here is our mission statement:


Also, there seems to be some confusion as to whether we have some hidden agenda ourselves. We are only interested in assisting people to break from undue influence and we have no interest in religious beliefs but are only interested in cultism. We obviously have expertise in various aspects of religion, but in regard to Japa, we feel the views of Chris Chandler are extremely important.


We wrote a post a few days ago suggesting how this issue could proceed. We are willing to help. Many people have reported that they were the victims of sexual assault and battery. They do not know where to turn. So when one of their former leaders leaves Japa, they naturally turn to them. Is there a problem with that? Yes, there is a conflict of interest. They may not have been abused in Japa but before they left they may have participated in activities which are not legal and ethical and even possibly procured people who went on the trips to India or were sexually abused here in Ireland. So it makes sense to restore family relationships, and when a person is ready to make a statement to the Gardai. Then seek independent help from a counsellor who has no connection to Japa. Obviously, the person assisting would need to have some idea about Japa, but more importantly skilled in understanding sexual abuse. Anyone trying to recruit you to a particular form of therapy should be avoided. You need to strengthen your boundaries which have been compromised.

Some questions for Japa leaders that have left:

In order to strengthen your state of mind, it is important to focus on these issues.

Japa Meditation Ireland

1: I would just ask how much did you know and when?

Most of the teachers who are leaving have a problem, if they acknowledge they knew about it for years they are responsible for a lot of women who were abused since it became clear. No one can say they knew nothing about the abuse before a few weeks ago. First, we published evidence last year and in the first post here is what we wrote:

The issues involved seemed to involve excessively expensive courses, trips to India and totally inappropriate sexual contact between participants and therapists/ Yoga teachers.

Remember that for some it will take a lot of time to come to terms with the shock of the abuse. It will then take a  bit of time to address the physical, spiritual and psychological rape that has occurred.

Then there is the article we published by Freya Watson: The article was published in 2014, but refers to a trip taken with Shashi in 2012.

Here is a comment written by Freya Watson: “The article is written about my own personal experience on a small trip to India that was led by Shashi Dubey, taking in a number of holy sites, in 2012.”

How do we know this?


“Would you like a healing?” he asked as I finished, his dark eyes looking directly into mine.

Why would I say no? Although I didn’t know him well, others who did held him in high regard and what I’d seen of him showed him to be a loving man. Anyway, I’ve always been curious and what harm could there be in a healing?

He got up from his chair and before I knew what was happening, I found my head being held firmly by warm hands and a tongue thrust into my mouth.

I stood rooted to the spot, my hands on his hips, his tongue in my mouth, wanting to push him away but caught in the surprise of the moment like a startled rabbit in headlights. What was this?

In the comment section I have this exchange with Freya Watson:

DI: Perhaps you could outline how you have been trying to bring this to a conclusion? Sharing a post on this group, making a statement to the gardai, possibly assisting the woman in Roscrea who lost her husband like you did? It is as if you were external to this situation?

FW: My biggest issue with the Japa movement in Ireland, that Dennis Curran and Shashi Dubey were involved in setting up, is the lack of transparency and the lack of response to the issue of women being sexually taken advantage of.

Please read FW’s article and ask yourself do you feel supported by her analysis? Then read my commentary where I try to understand what she is actually saying. ****

I have to say if anyone who has left Japa having read what FW has written can’t see how she does not support women in any way it suggests to me that the kind of thinking that was prevalent in Japa is still deeply embedded in former members.

However, those that say they did not know it was going on have this problem.

In Ciaran Tierney’s recent blog piece he writes as follows,


“After a long conversation with Freya, I was left in no doubt that the assault had taken place on one of the Japa Ireland trips to India. She told me she had been made aware that a number of other women had undergone similar experiences.

As soon as I ended the call to Freya, I alerted my ‘teacher’ to the contents of her article and asked her whether she was aware of any concerns about the trips to India, or if she had any comment to make. My teacher completely shut down and refused to engage with me. She sent me a short email with a smiley face. Eventually, after I raised further concerns and sent her a link to the article, I received a short, brief text message from her.

“I hope you find the confrontation you are looking for,” it said.

In other words, many knew what was going on but decided to block it out of their minds due to the undue influence they were under. That is why none of those who are now jumping ship can assist the victims until they deal with the mental manipulation they were under and that they delivered. They genuinely are under such mental control they have persuaded themselves they knew nothing. Even though they read the blog piece they just had switched off the radar. Now when I approach them they tell me they are taking legal advice?  Legal advice about what? If any of them sent people to India knowing what would happen to them or themselves participated in the same practices as Dennis and Shashi then they must themselves not seek legal advice but make a statement to the Gardai. If their former members are reporting abuse to them, they should immediately recuse themselves and send the victim to the Gardai.

Below find our suggestions, but certainly do not feel you need to contact Dialogue Ireland. We have no self-interest in regard to this group.


However, I would be happy to add you to those that have sought advice and can speak privately to anyone.



1: I would just ask how much did you know and when? If you claim you did not notice anything, have you any discernment? Everyone I have talked to mention incidents where women come back confused or acting strangely. Were you so involved in handing over your mind to Dennis you were oblivious to what was going on?
2. Also, those of you who were trained therapists did you in fact put Japa above your professional ethics and subordinate your professional duty to Japa?

  1. What was your role in organising Indian trips with Dennis and Shashi? Did you benefit from these extremely expensive trips (freebies?)
  2. Were you alerted to concerns about inappropriate behaviour in 2015? What was difficult about what Freya Watson wrote in 2015 that did not alert you to abuse at that time? Surely if you could not take her report and smell the coffee, you are really not fit to act as a counsellor? Can you put up your hands and recognise your own vulnerability? It was difficult to be humble with the ego dynamics of Dennis around? Can you say I allowed myself to be influenced? Join your own students in their weakness.
  3. What did he do about those concerns? Did you continue to bring vulnerable women to India after being alerted to allegations against Shashi? Why?
    6. Have you gone to the Gardai? Have you raised concerns with Dennis?
    7. Have any of the male therapists themselves being involved with any form of sexual practice in Ireland or India?


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