What are the former leaders in Japa doing right now? Revealing what was unclear or covering things up?



The former teachers were contacting us to suss us out and were trying to appear open and very reasonable. It was clear after we published our latest post questioning them about when they knew about the abuses they decided to start stonewalling and act thick. We were receiving calls where people told us things like the following:

Thank you for sharing and exposing these evil ….  I am sick to have been part of this CULT for …. years now it makes sense why I almost took my life after……….

This is, of course, refers to those under Dennis who also took part in procuring people to go on the trips. They were as gung-ho as Dennis and Shashi and must put their hands up.


O may God ……. were my teachers I feel sick used and betrayed, they groomed me like a paedophile grooms his victims. I trusted them ………. Years

Note that when people wake up they usually have a period of reflection as they come to terms with reality and realise they can’t continue on the road of acting for people like Dennis and Shashi who they have elevated to a godlike status. You then you call a press conference and you name the abuse, the abusers and then you confess to your own role in the development of the cult. You seek forgiveness from those you have harmed and you hand over the evidence to the Gardai. You contact your members and tell them you are ceasing to participate and take time out to get help. Once this boundary has been created women and men who have been abused will likely get the strength to report what happened to them in complete privacy.  Then as the Gardai take the individual statements they will be able to develop their case against Japa. Gradually like a criminal cartel one would expect to see Japa gradually being exposed with former leaders speaking out publically not on private messages. My informants suggest that what is happening is that the ex-leaders are using the women to try to salvage their own businesses and are keeping all this below the radar. Though I have been in touch with women from February 2017 I still have not heard back from anyone that one person has made a statement to the Gardai. I do hope to hear that this has changed.

Some say they are reporting things to the Gardai but when you talk to them they tell you to not contact them again and claim you are bullying them? They seem more concerned about me asking questions about when and what they knew rather than actually clearly focussing on bringing the whole Japa operation to an end. In the meantime trips to India occurred in February and are planned for next month. That suggests whoever still is Japa do not feel any restraint?

I am getting private messages and requests for information as to what is happening with Japa. I have contacted Garda HQ and the head of the Community Section with a view to assisting victims of Japa and all its works.

I suggested the following:



Here in detail we lay out what can be done, but remember it is ok to do nothing. It takes time to gather the strength to give a statement. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey.

Recognise you are powerless over Dennis or Shashi or any of those who acted on his behalf and hand over everything to a power greater than yourself.




We followed this up with a more detailed analysis of what might be going on. We stressed the importance of reading what Freya Watson wrote back in 2012 and if you can’t see the problems of how you address the issues you might be seriously under influence. Then there were the comments on that post and on this one.






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  2. I want to thank you for your very frank comments. Could you contact DI in the strictest confidence?


  3. I joined Jappa this was new meditation practice, a New Happy Life on offer. When it changed for me by did it change. I paid out a lot of cash it was great happy times at first it changed once I questioned, refused to call anyone Master. I, got bullied, abused mind games always. Criticised made little felt all my fault. Meeting 2 /3 times a week, cash only, courses, workshops. Being in community like minded people, worked for awhile then NO. There were those picked to be teachers, or had connections like solicitors who were not targeted, Curran not stupid. If your teacher, mine was F told you it was for your good. You did it. I lost myself, my Spirituality, my friends, real one’s, money, Dignity. I was shoved, pushed, belittled, confused. Hours doing mantras.mind numbing, very hypnotic, easy to then give your power away. Threatened into going to India, nearly died there, lost 2. 5 stone in 10 days, thought I would come home in a COFFIN. I was locked in with Dubey, scary. Curran is a Bully he liked his teachers to at least manipulate students. Mine F a man could be terrifying or real nice. Lots of Cash and I am sure revenue would like to look at. I left having been threatened to be thrown off a balcony, then cursed at, as 30 students watched or did nothing, scared they would be next. Took me years to get over them. I WOULD like to sue them, put them in jail. Lots are dangerous. People who were psychotherapist, massage etc were being sent clients from teachers, so the money went around. A teacher who had difficulty paying to finish his house, has a fab house now.
    HOW!! I could say more, don’t feel safe doing so. You may think I was crazy joining, it was so much fun in the beginning. Its hard to explain, but be very careful those in Curran /Dubey philosophy are dangerous and that philosophy is more than about Mantras, Money and Power . You may not be so lucky I survived a real nightmare. Time they were all shut down, no name changing just stopped.

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  4. A friend asked me recently, why I thought students seemed afraid to speak up and say anything about the abuses in Japa?
    Why were they afraid to speak out to tell anyone, or to tell their teachers about any kind of abuse? And why did the teachers apparently not see it themselves??

    Well there are a lot of reasons. I was in the group so I should have an idea, and I get it. I think anyone who has left the group, who has worked to leave the mentality of the group, will be able to see this obviously.

    Doubt in yourself, lack of time given to critical thinking and a fear of speaking up against the grain went hand and hand .

    Some students were told by some teachers not to heed the “negative voices in your head” they could be “negative entities”. Don’t feed the “negitive side”. They were taught to doubt their own minds.

    If they had a gut feeling or instinct that went against the grain – they might be told “that information is coming to them from the wrong side”. They were taught to distrust their own instincts.

    Some students were purposely isolated from family or advised against spending time with family or old friends. They were taught to distrust or betray their own emotions.

    Maybe it was because you were encouraged to only socialise with Japa people, that you had no normal perspective coming from anyone outside of the group. And if you did, you may be told that objections from non Japa people are because they just don’t understand, they are of a “lower vibration”, or maybe they are ”poisoning you” or ” trying to hold you back”.

    Maybe it was because if people had objections they were told “they had to learn to trust”. Maybe it was because they were told that they had an “energy of paranoia”. Maybe because they were told that their “teacher knew what was best for them”. “Trust your teacher, your teacher knows best, you teacher knows better than you”.

    Maybe it was because they were told that they themselves had “demons or negative energies” with them and that Japa would get rid of them. Maybe it was because if you saw something you didn’t like and voiced it you could be told more or less that you were the pervert, you were only seeing it that way because of your issues, and your way of looking at things were perverted.

    Maybe it was because the students were caught up for years in an unhealthy co-dependency fostered by Japa. Being told to connect in with their teachers, ring them daily etc. Maybe because some teachers gave advice over the years –change job, your partner, your location etc., That people forgot how to think for themselves.

    Maybe it was because the constant meditation was putting people into a type of trance state and stopping people from being able to critically evaluate what was going on?

    Maybe it didn’t help that everyone was told to go only to Psychotherapists or Councillors that were in the Japa Group. Which may be for accredited Psychotherapists considered professional misconduct.

    Maybe it was because the teachers constantly gave inconsistent and contradictory advice which confused students. Maybe it was because ideas and situations were constantly reframed.

    Maybe because some teachers worked hand in hand with Dennis to try to, as it was called a few times, “ break people”.

    Maybe it was because you were told to do a discipline that was making you tired and miserable: low protein, sleep deprivation, hours of meditation, until eventually you started to break yourself down.

    Maybe because you were guilt tripped out of not going along with the group, because you were told you were “holding back the group or class.” Or maybe now after all they’d done for you it was time to “give back”.
    Maybe it was because some teachers and Dennis played “Good Cop Bad Cop” on their students and played with their minds and emotions.

    Maybe it was because no one could just study the course ( because they was no set course) and become just as equally qualified as another. There were some who had this magical access to a higher information. There were some who were considered just superior to others, spiritually, and psychically and knowledge wise – that this also created an imbalance of power.

    Maybe the teacher knew some personal information about you that made you feel uncomfortable and gave them power over you?

    Maybe because you were vulnerable, sick , lonely, or traumatised when you started Japa. And you had hope and faith despite everything, because you were told, and wanted to believe that Japa would help you.
    Maybe it was because you were happy to be part of a group and felt they had your best interest at heart and truly wanted to help you.

    Maybe it was because no one listened to, or wanted to hear about anything about Japa, from those that had left the group. As they might be considered to be failures and their negativity might be contagious.

    Maybe it was because you were told not to discuss what was said between you and your teacher.

    Maybe it’s because you think that teachers with psychic powers are listening in on your thoughts or conversations.
    Maybe you think that certain teachers are sending negative energies your way.

    All these things happened in the group. These type of methods were used .
    But the crucial thing was the way these methods were explained, or justified. They were all reframed as being a way to help you, to make you advance, to heal you, make your life better, master your ego, etc.
    Anyone still stuck in the mentality of the group would probably still see it this way.

    Looking at the overall picture-In reality- these type of methods are all leading to the one thing : Control. Control from the top to the bottom.

    This is not an original situation – These are tried and tested methods used to put people under undue influence. Look it up!,

    But was it really that hard to access what was going on?
    How far did it have to go before some teachers started to look at this??
    Is this the answer: It had to go to the stage where these teachers themselves started to become uncomfortable? Or had no choice to stay silent?
    And were they starting to feel uncomfortable because they were starting to feel the heat of the negative publicity regarding Japa, at the end of 2017? It all seemed to coincide around the same time.
    The newspapers published a story which involved Japa. The infringement of the real world into the private bubble world of Japa started to happen. Previous students were going public with their experience, which wasn’t a positive one. People from the outside were also starting to talk. The word cult was being used by some.

    The two teachers who did come forward recently, and admit that they have been made aware, by their students, that serious sexual abuses took place, apparently did not notice really that anything was wrong previously – that anything was happening along these lines??. They had each heard a rumor or talk onetime years before, or something along those lines?? But never looked into it. They had to wait until their students told them, apparently.

    They could not see that some people were being emotionally abused and manipulated for years?
    They could not see that some people were being psychologically abused for years?
    Were their minds so programmed to look at things and people, only in one particular light, that they failed to see what was in front of them? Failed to see what they were participating in themselves?
    Or did they choose not to see, as long as they were happy themselves? After all they definitely were not at the bottom of the food chain here. And if you are they type of person who needs attention and admiration and control and power, then it would be great to have so many people thinking that you are so superior to them.?
    Or maybe they were so completely under the influence and misguided by it, that they actively participated in this mental and emotional abuse and believed it was for the good of their students? That they genuinely believed they were helping them?

    So now a few are jumping ship, and on the way out of the ship they will pass you their new business card. All renamed and revamped. They seem intent to continue working with people. After spending over 5 years in this mindset, they will continue on in this mindset. If they continue to do the same thing they will get the same results. How can it be any different?

    They will most likely continue to offer classes and courses on healing and developing your psychic abilities etc. Does no one see the contradiction here?
    They think they are psychic and they couldn’t even see their students suffering right in from of them. They are the ones who have told us that their students have reported to them that they were sexually abused.
    Mentally, emotional and sexually abused students in front of them, and they could not see it.
    Their students did not feel that they could talk to them openly until recently. Why? These teachers couldn’t see what was going on right in front of them ? Why?

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  5. They may have gone to the Gardai, but obviously they can’t report sexual assault. However, if they leave Japa they need to inform the public and Japa members why and what they intend to do. Reports I have received suggest some of the leaders are implicated in sending women to India, hence the tendency to go underground. Also many who were enablers are trying to maintain their businesses and are ethically compromised.

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  6. If the teachers care about their students at all, they will not hesitate to make a statement to the Guards. If this was a regular organisation and teachers had a hint that several people were being abused, any teacher in their right mind would report it. Why would they delay??? It is their responsibility. The fact that several teachers have not reported it yet, is a clear reflection of the mental control that they are still under. If, as some of you say, you are no longer under the control of the Japa group, what is stopping ye now? What is actually stopping ye now??

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