Japa: Mary quite contrary how does the Victim / Victimisers garden grow????


Following the publication of the letter on Facebook by Sinead Tynan Cayir, I received this post which will be kept anonymous. They proposed that I publish the photos of all those that were involved with Japa. This was taken from a publically available website which for obvious reasons has been taken down. So it is a list of Japa Ireland Meditation Teachers.


We do not imply that anyone whose photograph we show is in any way implicated in the issues of the abuse of therapy, inappropriate sexual contact or financial scams. So if you have distanced yourself from your involvement with Japa and have sought to address the issues of your involvement do contact us and we will be happy to remove the photograph from our post. We are happy to post your story in regard to leaving.

Certain names on this list would have been considered to be in the innermost circle of Japa Ireland Meditation Group.

JAPAsite Sinead Tynan

   Sinead Tynan

JAPAsite Fergal Cusack


                                            Fergal Cusack

Some would have been to India many times

Some would have constantly encouraged their students to go on the trips to India.

Some are still teaching.

Some have now left the organisation.

Some are coming forward eventually.*

With reports of sexual abuse, bullying, manipulation and mental exploitation of vulnerable students, have the people in these photos questioned themselves regarding the part they have played in it?

Have they held a public meeting with past / present students to explain why they have left and to apologise to their students, past / present, for the part that they may have played in it?

Have they invited a mediator or third party to help?

Is their main focus to point to the most obvious Victimisers, and the most known allegations??

Is this a way of deflecting all attention for their own participation??

You’ve been a teacher, holding a position of responsibility, in this group for several years. Now there are reports coming forward of serious sexual abuse, mental and emotional abuse which took place during that time. Do they realise that they may be witnesses to a crime and have a duty to their students to report this to the Gardai even if what happened in another jurisdiction?

Have you honestly questioned yourself and your actions during that time, and can you honestly answer that you have not taken part in any actions, or any teachings, or practices that could potentially cause harm, in any capacity to a student???

Have you stopped to think that your mind might be still under the influence of the teachings and practices of Japa???

Have you gone to a legitimate counsellor for help?? Here we mean not a psychotheraptist who holds to the same line of thinking as Japa, but to someone who understands cultism and undue influence?

Do you think that you are still able to help others, when you yourself may have been a victim?

Post ends—-

JAPAsite Calodagh McCumiskeyJAPA site Jack Jordan

Clodagh McCumiskey                                      Jack Jordan

JAPAsite ALan Maher (1)JAPAsite Anthony Lawless

Alan Maher                                                     Anthony Lawless

JAPAsite Bernie FalveyJAPAsite Carol Ann Farrelly

Bernie Falvey                                                    Carol Ann Farrelly

JAPAsite Caroline HoareJAPAsite Caroline Nolan

Caroline Hoare                                               Caroline Nolan



JAPAsite Christine McGuinnessJAPAsite clodagh Gethings

Christine McGuinness                                 Clodagh Gethings


JAPAsite Colm NolanJAPAsite Emer Lush

Colm Nolan                                                      Emer Lush


JAPAsite Emer O Grady (1)JAPAsite fidelma Bennet

Emer Grady                                                      Fidelma Bennet


JAPAsite Helen MorrisseyJAPAsite Jacinta Stuart

Helen Morrissey                                            Jacinta Stuart


JAPAsite Joanna KondratowiczJAPAsite John Hodnett

Joanna Kondratowicz                                    John Hodnett


JAPAsite Kate KissaneJAPAsite Kathleen Lillystone

Kate Kissane                                                   Kathleen Lillystone


JAPAsite Linda Redmond JAPAsite Margaret Corcoran

Linda Redmond                                                Margaret Corcoran


JAPAsite Mary Curran JAPAsite Mary Hodnett

Mary Curran                                                    Mary Hodnett


JAPAsite Midie CorcoranJAPAsite Nick Cianan Dennis Plews

Midie Corcoran                                                 Nicholas Plews


JAPAsite Oliver DixonJAPAsite Shane Langton

Oliver Dixon                                                      Shane Langton


JAPAsite Stephen Dalton

          Stephen Dalton


*This post published by Sinead Nicola Cayir who I spoke to about the need to clarify whether she and other teachers were involved in procuring and sending of women and men on these trips to India. We will be studying this statement which comes out five months after I communicated with her. I have spoken to people who went to India following her suggestion. Also, these trips to India have continued. Will reflect further before writing a more considered position. I had a similar conversation with Fergal Cusack in regard to the conflict of interest in regard to former members.


Japa Meditation Ireland
For those of you who know me personally you will be aware that I was a Teacher of a form of Meditation called Japa, I was a teacher of a weekly meditation class and you will also be aware that I disassociated myself from the individuals that I had originally trained with a few months ago & many of you will be aware of exactly why I left the Lineage . The reason I disassociated was due to serious allegations of a sexual nature made against individuals within the Japa Community. The talk of these allegations has become common knowledge over the last number of months. It has been difficult to know how to approach this with a view to public disclosure due to Libel laws and the Legalities involved. One would think that all an individual has to do is speak the truth and that’s it. Speaking it and going through the process of proving it is not the same at all here in Ireland. For any individual who has been sexually assaulted in this country the process for justice is at best a long drawn out witch hunt with the complete destruction and annihilation of the victim and their life, the questioning of them far outweighs the questioning of the abuser and very rarely could it be said that justice is achieved for the victim.
Although we claim as a society to value the truth, when it comes down to it, most people can’t digest the truth when it goes against what they want to believe, so what happens to the whistleblowers?
In late Feb of this year 2018 I received a phone call alerting me to allegations of a sexual nature against individuals who were Teachers of Japa Meditation, I want to be very clear here Japa means repetition it is a word used to describe the constant repeating of a mantra which is a sacred combination of words, there are many many practitioners of Jjapa in Ireland who have no association with the Teachers that I trained under. It was alleged to me in that phone call that there were upwards of 30 complaints made to an Ex Japa Teacher in another area of the country. This revealing of allegations had all been made within a short space of time, a number of weeks early 2018. I see no purpose in going into how I felt other than to say I was sickened by what I was told. I will not divulge certain aspects of my conversations due to protecting the anonymity of the alleged victims. Each of the alleged victims has their own story to be told, if and when they choose to tell it, that is entirely up to them. After discussion with my partner, I made a couple of phone calls to other teachers relating to them the allegations that I had been alerted to, one of those phone calls involved an individual cutting me off and telling me not “to dirty their mind”. The response from the other couple of phone calls was disbelief, shock and asking me was I sure it wasn’t “just healing” that these individuals had received. It became apparent immediately to me that trying to alert those I knew of as Teachers of the same tradition wasn’t going to be easy. I was still trying to come to terms with the allegations myself and I could fully understand the shock and disbelief of those I was contacting. In one of those phone calls, an individual stated to me that some complaints had been made to that individual from women which that individual had dismissed as healing.
I contacted the Ex-Teacher to whom the initial allegations had been made, again I was sickened at what I was told and the apparent secrecy around it. The Ex-Teacher had also tried to alert others through phone calls. I spoke also with a family member of one of the alleged victims at this time.
For those of you reading this or for those of you who may be already aware of the allegations, you may all have your own opinions of how you would have acted were you placed in my shoes.
I left the Lineage of my Teachers immediately, I informed my classes that I was leaving the Lineage of my Teachers but that for the present time I would continue teaching meditation on a weekly basis, the students within the classes chose to stay with me. I composed an email informing my Teachers that I was leaving and sent it to them while also copying their secretary, I sent this on 7/3/2018. I did not state why I was leaving other than my journey with them had come to an end nor did I send that email until after I had informed my classes of my leaving. This all occurred within the space of a few days. News of my leaving filtered out and was announced by text message to the remaining teachers within the tradition, I then received more phone calls and personal accounts of allegations. Our main concern now was how do we alert those within the community.
I composed an email detailing my reasons for leaving and the revealing of allegations that I had been made aware of including allegations that had been personally related to me and who those allegations referred to. This email I sent to the Teachers within the Lineage I had trained in including the Teachers I had trained under. This email was sent on 9/March 2018, it was followed up within a short length of time by a detailed email from another Teacher outlining the revealing of allegations to that teacher and who those allegations related to.
It provoked an immediate response of both a positive and a negative nature, some listened some didn’t. I will say again the legalities within this country do not allow for open speaking when an issue of this nature occurs. The individual who takes a stand takes a risk which few will take. I could easily have just walked away and said nothing, but that is not who I am. I received within a couple of days aggressive phone calls. I have not to date heard from people that I thought were friends, people who I felt would stand only for the truth who I felt had integrity people who I felt had to honour, I have not heard from them since.
We became Pariahs….
The students who remained with me after my leaving were rightfully angry with me as due again to the nature of legalities I could not publicly discuss the allegations with them other than to say serious allegations had been made against individuals. It was a number of days after all of this that I took legal advice, to be told that I had really taken a legal risk through my actions and for my own sake not to discuss it publicly. The advice from An Garda Siochana was to direct all individuals who contacted me with an allegation to their local Garda station as each allegation is an individual case, for the sake of each victim and for the sake of the authenticity of their case I could not discuss it with them, I could not be seen or perhaps accused in the future of conspiring. This was how I now had to advise the alleged victims.
I am known for my personal work by many in this country. The only teachings I have aspired to are teachings of personal integrity, personal honour, to be truthful, the teachings of the lineage I trained in were not the difficulty, the people who chose to manipulate those teachings for their own benefit and gain are the issue. It is the same everywhere, people destroy, people manipulate.
We are still Pariahs….caught in the loop in the middle….supported by those who are aware of the situation. I kept my classes as I could not just abandon people, I also had to allow these people the contact to ask questions and answer them as best I could. Classes are now closed for the Summer, whether classes will resume or not remains to be seen, I have not yet decided
I am on a journey of personal development since 1996, I hold many qualifications in alternative/complementary health gained some years before I ever decided to become a meditation practitioner, I joined a Japa meditation class in 2010 and found it worked for me, I enjoyed the company of the people I met, I started to teach after having trained for a length of time. I was an individual Teacher who taught the philosophy and mantras as they were taught to me, I taught from my own experiences of life and helping people in my daily work. I was never part of an Organisation nor did I ever sign up as a member or Director of any organisation.
There are those who wish to sensationalise the allegations within Japa Ireland for their own benefit and much has been alleged on public forums over the last 8 months. This I intend to address also in the coming days. There is only one important issue here and that is the right of the alleged victims to find their way to justice. That is currently between each one of them and the Justice System for whoever has made a legal complaint.
If anyone has been affected by my post please get in contact with an organisation who can offer you support.




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  1. The experiments are very interesting, thanks whitehatmatt.. Of course they are hoping that this will all fizzle out, as if it doesn’t they might start loosing money!! It’s so clear that they don’t care about these people. But that milk on the stove is certainly starting to boil and i hope students are reading these posts and are starting to question everything. Also Why would the teachers be so defensive towards Dialogue Ireland ??? That is certainly an eye opener !!!


  2. Hats off to Dialogue Ireland for putting up all the info. This is not all the Japa Ireland Meditation teachers. There are more. Seriously. All the Japa teachers have received that email in March telling them that there had been upwards of 30 complaints made, allegations of a sexual nature. They were told this four months ago.! Are some of them still refusing to accept this? And if they are, this likely means that their students are completely unaware of what’s going on. Are some of them still teaching?? It just goes to show, they must be all “brainwashed” if they can’t look at this. If something happens to a student now, they will not have the excuse anymore that they didn’t know about the allegations. They have been told. Sure they must be shocked by it all too. But surely they would take time out and have the humility and consideration and rational mind to stop their involvement, and to come forward and announce it. When you decide to call this public meeting to notify all students and ex students, that you have left, where will ye advertise this meeting? How are you going to advertise this to the people that were in Japa, but have recently left, and have been advised not to have direct contact with anyone, including their ex teacher, in the group for now? Please let us know.
    Do they honestly think that something like this is just going to frizzle out and die down…more like milk on a stove, looks like nothing much is happening, until it reaches boiling point…The longer the teachers don’t react to this, the longer they will have to admit that they were informed of it but did nothing.

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  3. Watch on Youtube
    Milgram Experiment: Obedience to Authority
    The power an authority figure can have over an individual is much greater than one may think. Indeed this power appears to be of sufficient strength that it can cause individuals to act against their own personal sense of morality. The Milgram experiment is quite a shocking result for those who have never seen it before.

    Watch on Youtube: The Asch Experiment: Conformity to the Group
    The Asch experiment elegantly demonstrates the power of the group in shaping the opinion and perceptions of the individual. The internal psychological need to ‘fit in’ and to conform is something we all share, but not something we are all aware of. The video is an example of the experiment, which shows just how easily peer and group pressure to conform can completely override our better judgement.

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  4. Chris Chandler writes in the special code required by those who have come under the influence of Tibetan Buddhism and also the very close parallels to Japa Yoga here in Ireland. read this to help you break out of the conditioning

    You can always tell when someone is still a Tibetan Buddhist, or a big fan, because they always quote dharma, usually Theravada or Pali Canon dharma, to make their arguments. Ex-Tibetan Buddhists don’t do that anymore. They quote facts, or their experience. They know that the Pali Canon was not taught in their groups, anyway. This is just a traditional Buddhist facade to keep Tibetan Lamaism’s real teachings a secret.

    Rob Hogendoorn, who wrote the article below, has had a career as a journalist tied up with the Dalai Lama, writing articles about his Mind and Life Institute, and conjoint articles with Geoffrey Samuel, the go-to pro-Tibetologist, whose positive narrative and spin about Tibetan Buddhism, what he called one of the ‘greatest religions in the world’ was dependent on the input of twenty- plus Tibetan Lamas,to come to this view, including Sogyal and Trungpa Rinpoche for his views. But I thought I would give him space here.

    My view remains that one must be totally free of this cult of Lamaism, which Tibetan Buddhism is, to really help these victims of sexual abuse of the Lamas, to help end their institutionalized abuse, of both women and men and little boys, that has occurred for the last thousand years.

    These are not lamas, who ever want to adapt to our western culture, as Rob suggests they might, given enough time in the West. They absolutely do not want to, as they see us, secretly, as barbarians. They want to influence us with their primitive views, particularly women, whose energy they want to nail down, since their Kalachakra Tantra tells them this is the only way to reach enlightenment in this lifetime- by having sex with very young females, and absorbing their energies i.e sexual fluids, and turning it into immaterial essence with their sperm, shooting it backwards to the top of their heads, to become Lord Chakravartins, androgynous, androcentric Lords of the Universe.

    It might take more than a few years to divest these lamas, only sixty years out of the 8th-13th century in their thinking, to come around to a twenty-first-century view of women and the world. Or that they will suddenly divest themselves of their ancient belief systems about women that their Tantric Lamaism depends upon.

    Lamaism or Tantra, is the pairing of sex and thought control and a guru yoga that is Hindu Tantra not Buddhism, that presents a Mahayana facade, what the lamas refer to as teachings for those of ‘lesser’ or inferior abilities.

    Tantra uses compassion talk only to lure people into their Tantric net. ALL Tibetan lamas are raised in this medieval upbringing and its beliefs. They believe that their religion is a diamond vehicle and that many of the Western Tibetan Lamaists, and guru-worshipers, like Robert Thurman (the Dalai Lama’s main lobbyist and another ‘academic’ of his Mind and Life Institute, which is about scientism, not science, as this group pretends) actually has stated that Tibetan Buddhism’s despotic configuration should be the future religion of the world.

    To make this an ‘either or situation as Rob has done in this article, i.e. “either you are for protecting women, and going to the police,” OR you are just about calling out Tibetan Lamaism as the problem, is a totally false dichotomy.

    Until what underlies this Tibetan ‘Buddhism’ is really exposed, one cannot really help the cult victims, including the little boy tulkus who are being trained in this misogynistic Tantra, by the hundreds, as we speak and argue about this, for another forty or so years. No one, still involved in this cult religion can be truly free, or truly help others to be free. That would be like asking current Scientologists to help ex-Scientologists to be free. I just don’t think we have enough time to wait, as they build more of their temples, foundations, and centers, waiting to catch more westerners in their Tantric net, and those ex-Rigpa and ex-Shambhala students, like they caught us, who stayed with these same lamas, another decade or so. Most, more deeply thought-controlled now, than ever.

    Tibetan Lamaism is what we used to refer to as the worst form of abuse, as protective social workers, dealing with sexual abuse, day in and day out, because it is a religiously justified form of abuse, which is proving to be the most difficult form to counteract. Because the religious doctrines, (in this case Tantra itself) justifies the abuse continuing.

    What is becoming obvious, or should be by now, is that these women who have been abused, even the most vocal who, have doggedly called out the abuse, don’t believed they should go to the police. They never think to do that, because they want to ‘save the abusers’ and the cult that abused them.

    They speak of ‘investigations’ but only with the idea of ‘rehabilitation’ instead of legal consequences. This is the result of a profound level of mind-control paired with sexual abuse that could leave these women still vulnerable to those, still in the cult of Tibetan Lamaism. who have swept in, and confused them again. Like Rob may be doing, by convincing them there are many “Tibetan lamas…struggling’ to come to terms with thoughts and practices in the Western History of ideas,” Really? Where are they? After studying with dozens of them, for thirty years, I have never met one of them who was ever ‘struggling’ to become westernized in their thinking. But, they sure all wanted to bring us, and particularly women, back to 1320 A.D..

    We really need, as women, those who have rediscovered our rational minds, and out from these Lamaist cults completely, to actively and carefully deconstruct articles by those, who may be protecting the institution that abused us, and not the women, as they suddenly proclaim.

    Rob Hogendoorn
    15 hrs

    Among Tibetan Buddhists in the West, I see two pervasive, fundamentally different stances towards the abuses by Tibetan lamas, from which different sets of priorities derive.

    I try to focus on making the victims and survivors the center of attention—not the abusive Tibetan lamas, their enablers and institutions. That’s an urgent, long overdue operationalization of the Buddhist principle of non-harming, to prevent yet other innocent victims from being terrorized and traumatized by fellow Buddhists.

    As far as I can see, meanwhile, Tibetan lamas are struggling to come to terms with thoughts and practices that originate in the Western history of ideas, the Enlightenment and Science included—just like members of the religious clergy in Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism do at times.

    Other Buddhists consistently make Tibetan institutions—lamas, tulkus and their traditional habitats—the center of attention, not victims and survivors: that’s a fundamentally different approach. Some of them seem to be blind to the fact that many Tibetan lamas who don’t abuse devotees and do respect women are enablers of those who do—out of ignorance, not out of malice. Metaphorically speaking: if it takes a village to raise a Western Buddhist, it takes a village to abuse one.

    It’s downright silly, as some do, to suggest that the majority of Tibetan lamas want to harm. Of course they don’t! I’m sure that Tibetan lamas don’t want to suffer either. And yet they do. The point is: the human condition is such that one can harm and suffer out of ignorance: didn’t the Buddha tell us that?

    So, I believe that our first priority should be to take care of the victims and survivors and keeping (aspiring) Buddhists safe by just saying ‘No, enough is enough’ to Tibetan lamas who cling to medieval, feudal practices—or fail to disrupt them.

    If necessary, report them to the police, file complaints for damages in civil courts, et cetera. If it’s needed to accomplish the non-harming of (aspiring) Buddhists in Buddhist centres that fail to make themselves safe by making that very fact widely known and closing these centres down financially, fiscally, legally: by all means, do so right away. It’s a plain matter of public health control.

    Don’t worry about the disappearance of morally corrupt Western organizations such as Rigpa and Shambhala. I’m sure that new, decent Western Dharma centres will be founded over time, and I’m sure new, decent Tibetan lamas will join them.

    Or, to sum it up, as the Buddha did:

    “It’s just as if a man were wounded with an arrow thickly smeared with poison. His friends & companions, kinsmen & relatives would provide him with a surgeon, and the man would say, ‘I won’t have this arrow removed until I know whether the man who wounded me was a noble warrior, a priest, a merchant, or a worker.’ He would say, ‘I won’t have this arrow removed until I know the given name & clan name of the man who wounded me… until I know whether he was tall, medium, or short… until I know whether he was dark, ruddy-brown, or golden-colored… until I know his home village, town, or city… until I know whether the bow with which I was wounded was a long bow or a crossbow… until I know whether the bowstring with which I was wounded was fiber, bamboo threads, sinew, hemp, or bark… until I know whether the shaft with which I was wounded was wild or cultivated… until I know whether the feathers of the shaft with which I was wounded were those of a vulture, a stork, a hawk, a peacock, or another bird… until I know whether the shaft with which I was wounded was bound with the sinew of an ox, a water buffalo, a langur, or a monkey.’ He would say, ‘I won’t have this arrow removed until I know whether the shaft with which I was wounded was that of a common arrow, a curved arrow, a barbed, a calf-toothed, or an oleander arrow.’ The man would die and those things would still remain unknown to him.”

    (source: https://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/mn/mn.063.than.html)
    Cula-Malunkyovada Sutta: The Shorter Instructions to Malunkya
    I have heard that on one occasion the Blessed One was staying near Savatthi at Jeta’s Grove, Anathapindika’s monastery. Then, as Ven. Malunkyaputta was alone in seclusion, this train of thought arose in…


  5. Very early this morning I received this reply to the post I have on Facebook from Sinead Nicola Cayir. I am putting it here on the blog for those who are not on Facebook and like Sinead’s earlier statement will be studying it before replying. It is very very similar to ground covered with her I believe some months ago on Whatsapp which I have saved for evidential purposes. It is important for people to understand how I am perceived by Sinead. There is a lot of emotion and this is the statement I made a few days ago.

    This post published by Sinead Nicola Cayir who I spoke to about the need to clarify whether she and other teachers were involved in procuring and sending of women and men on these trips to India. We will be studying this statement which comes out five months after I communicated with her. I have spoken to people who went to India following her suggestion. Also, these trips to India have continued. Will reflect further before writing a more considered position. I had a similar conversation with Fergal Cusack in regard to the conflict of interest in regard to former members.

    I think it unwise to comment at 3 AM in the morning and will allow the jelly to set before coming back to it.
    Unfortunately Mike that was not the content of your conversation with me,you contacted me to tell me you had the email I sent to the teachers which you later denied you had in your possession,the focus of your conversation with me was to attempt to have me give you my take on Freya Watson’s article,at no stage did you attempt to discuss the issues in Japa,I found you to be manipulative,and continuously twisting my words,along with attempting to plant words and scenarios that suited you and your agenda,you also attempted to link me as a sister of another teacher who had left and sent me unwanted messages asking me to confirm or deny it,along with other insinuations,I have seen little compassion from you for the alleged victims only a sounding of your own trumpet,and it is clear that you operate from the premise of interrogation,fear and insinuation in order to get any story whether it is correct or not,which is exactly how dominating “cults” work,you yourself told me the “Japa women” retreated from you,is it any wonder. If as you claim you are attempting to “help” then an interest in the alleged victims would go a long way,along with behavior of decency, attempting to tarnish people through your fear based tactics is not based on an attempt to bring truth,it appears you want any story at any cost whether it is true or not,which is why I am speaking and will continue to do so, including the deplorable behavior I have experienced from you and have heard in relation to your dealings with others involved.I did not contact you 3 months ago,you called me and left a voicemail on my phone call, although you alleged teachers contacted you trying to suss you out.Im not interested in your take on it, you have attempted through your dialogue to make dirty and sordid a practice which many people attended in good faith and for reasons you clearly can not understand,you have also attempted to blame all who were teaching,the people who came for a class were certainly not “mindless”. What a derogatory statement for you to use. I will speak publicly Mike as I can use my words without you or anyone else manipulating my words.If you truly want to help the alleged victims then make that your focus, because its their story not a story for your gratification or glory that matters.


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