Norah Finn was heavily involved with Japa Yoga and now has started Alethea which is the Greek for “Truth.”

Dialogue Ireland received a number of calls last Novemeber and again yesterday from former Japa practioners asking why we had not put up Norah Finn’s picture after we published an anonymous post with a lot of practiioners of meditation.

They tell us us she was deeply involved with the organisationand so we would ask folks to give our readers more information. We have found a great deal of fear around this issue and an unwillingness for trained professionals to take ownership of the issues Japa raises. The idea is that instead of dealing with issues you bury them and just start with a new name. I think they are doing courses in Reality therapy?




There still some places where the name Japa is still found, but it seems to have gone underground?—With-Joanna-Kondratowicz




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  1. Hopefully the IACP, will deal with all the Counsellors/ Psychotherapists that were involved in this group and the law. This is all very sickening!!

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  2. Thanks for this very clear comment. As it happens I was talking to a woman tonight who was sexually assaulted on a trip which Norah was on. I will let the woman concerned in due course make her complaint to IACP and also report the assault to the Gardai. I do hope Norah will go and make a statement herself to begin her own recovery and also arrange independent meetings to assist her former clients.

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  3. Norah Finn was heavily involved in Japa for years. She had one of the biggest Japa classes in Ireland, if not the biggest Japa Class..Didn’t she hold a big class for Shashi Dubey when he was in Ireland? Wasn’t she a trained Psychotherapist BEFORE she started Japa, before she started to teach Japa? Like the others in the group who are trained in the area of Mental Health, Counsellors and Psychotherapists, you all helped to give credence & credibility to Japa Meditation and the Japa group, by the very fact that you had qualifications. It‘s likely that people, both students and teachers, were more likely to trust you and the Japa group because there were qualified practitioners in it. And that probably made them feel safe.
    Whatever about the other people who became Japa teachers who may have had absolutely no training in this field previously, who had a blind trust in the methods and teachings, hadn’t you already been educated in the field of mental health? Norah Finn on your webpage you say that you are a practicing Counsellor and Psychotherapist and you are an accredited member of the Irish Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.
    Accrediated with the IACP means a few things, two of the important things it means are:
    “1.Accreditation helps to ensure that practitioners are appropriately qualified and work to recognised standards of professional competence.
    Accreditation also assures the client that the practitioner will work within an agreed ethical framework and code of practice.
    2.Professional Support on Standards of Practice and Education: IACP assists with all types of member enquiries. Members can access a range of support from the office, and can receive information ….on practical, ethical and professional matters.
    IACP Code of Ethics and Practice for Counsellors / Psychotherapists:
    The practitioner offers an impartial helping relationship which respects the client’s personal values and autonomy. . To maintain their effectiveness, practitioners review their work regularly in a confidential setting with a supervisor.
    In joining the Association, Members agree to comply with the provisions of the Code.
    To ensure that they behave in an ethical manner, practitioners are required to use a formal procedure in examining ethical aspects of their work. In situations where ethical decisions can be complex and difficult, and different ethical principles may be in conflict, the best decision comes from considering issues systematically. ”

    Like all other citizens, practitioners are subject to the law, and their practice must conform to the law.”

    If you were an Accredited Member of the IACP you would have not only have agreed to abide to this code but you would have understood the need for this code; it’s to protect the client and the practitioner. So that either party doesn’t get hurt or abused etc.
    Obviously Japa has no Code of Ethics and Practice that teachers have to adhere to, but in knowing and understanding these codes and why these Codes exist, how could you not you see or even suspect that people could be seriously harmed here? And did you not feel that you severely compromised or broke your professional obligations and duties by being part of this group? With your training, how did you not notice any blatant warning signs, at the beginning at least? Haven’t you left a few years now, and in that few years away from the group have you still not seen it for what it is? Have you not looked back and realised that this is far from a healthy mental environment and that people may be in danger? Have you reported it? Have you even questioned it, and your involvement in it? Have you discussed it with your IACP supervisor? Have you not professionally if not personally felt the need to do something about this? Were you and are you not obliged professionally to do something?.
    What about the pensioner in your class, who worked hard all their life for their few bob, do you still believe that they have to go to India more than once in order to make their lives better? What about those that had their names changed, do you agree with this? What about your student who was matched off to another student in India and advised to marry by those at the top? What about someone been told publically within a Japa class that they are better off to leave their spouse? The list goes on and on….and I will continue it ….
    IACP Code of Ethics and Practice for Counsellors / Psychotherapists can be read at:

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  4. […] Norah Finn was heavily involved with Japa Yoga and now has started Alethea which is the Greek for &#… on Japa: Mary quite contrary how does the Victim / Victimisers garden grow???? […]

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