Japa, but no one is japping? Who is Shashi Dubey?


Dialogue Ireland continues  receive reports from the public of great fear against speaking out against Japa and after all the publicity people are still going to India on these extremely expensive trips. Months on there is no evidence that former leaders have come clean and exposed the abuse of this group and really given an example of for those they sent on these trips and for the local meditation groups they run. Everyone has gone under ground and we have had no reliable reports of any of the women who allege sexual assault have gone near the gardai. Why is this? If you believe Dennis or Shashi can actually read your mind, then by contacting the gardai or our organisation they know that this information is with these guys immediatley. It is our intention to put up photographs of the teachers who were involved with Japa and give them a full right of reply without censorship if there is no movement on this issue.



“Master” Shashi, is the Indian man who is Dennis Currans teacher and taught him about Japa Meditation.


This is a Master and Disciple relationship. It started in 1998, (according to the Japa Ireland Meditation website.)

(The Master and Disciple relationship from the East can in many ways be the opposite of  the Relationship between Counsellors / Psychotherapists  and their Clients in The West.

Qualified Counsellors / Psychotherapists in the West  have to follow a Code of Ethics and Conduct  whereas the Master Disciple relationship can have no rules, or very different rules, depending on who the Master is and/or what teaching they come from, if any.)

From what I gather from hearing this: this is the basic story of how it all started:

Dubey was in Ireland, back then, on a visit. Dubey was the one who approached Curran. Dubey initiated the relationship and offered to “train or help” Curran in his spiritual path.  Thus began years of what sounds like extreme discipline after extreme discipline.

After years of this “training”, and under instruction from Dubey Japa Meditation began to be taught on a small scale.

Around 2010/11 Japa Meditation began to be taught in approx 3 or 4 locations.

Around 2012/13 there was already formed a group of perhaps 15 people who started to teach in various locations in Ireland, they were called Masters as it was said that they had learned to master themselves. (their egos).

In the past few years, it has mushroomed, with more and more people encouraged to teach and start their own group. More and more courses started.  Most of the teachers are listed under the Japa Meditation Ireland website. (This website is no longer available as it was taken down recently).

As more and more people started, the trips to India started to flourish around this time, with 4 or 5 trips a year, each with approx 50 people, at a cost of (as far as I know) approx €3,500.00 / €4000.00 per person.

I heard it mentioned a few times from the teachers that the whole progression of the expansion of Japa Yoga in Ireland was part of a set plan by Shashi Dubey. As far as I heard,  this plan was only unveiled over time, by Shashi Dubey.



Dubey  is considered some kind of holy man/ spiritual advisor,  by the Japa group, he is the “masters” “master”.


Shashi Dubey is a business man. This is the man who gives the tours in India. How much money is he making?

It’s ok for someone to make money, but not ok for someone to influence others minds and lives in order for them to make this money. (Even worse to prey on people’s good intentions to better themselves or improve their lives)

Almost all the people who go on these trips are in the Japa Ireland Meditation groups.

It seems that the People in Japa Ireland Meditation group is the workhorse and the feeder for his business.

Japa meditation4jpg




The itinerary for these trips for the last few years is done through a website called http://www.indusroutes.com

This site is no longer available……

In the past month approx.  I clicked into their website. It was totally revamped, and looked very impressive.

Also I noticed, while the old website had the address on it; B-278 Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi, 110019, INDIA info@indusroutes.com, http://www.indusroutes.com.

The new website only had: New Delhi India, on the main site.

Now this new website has been taken down!!!!!

I double checked that I had the correct website address, by looking at the PDF invite for April 2018, from their website (this can be seen on Dialogue Ireland’s site). It has the following information at the end of the invite:

Master Shashi: +91-9811037587 | I Kate Kissane +353-(87)-173-0325 | Sudhir Mishra: +91-9810043657 I B-278 Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi, 110019, INDIA info@indusroutes.com


Ph: +91-11-26273625

So the website is gone now.!!


Indusroutes old Website:


IndusRoutes new website:


Regarding the two websites, (Japa Ireland and Indus Routes), before they were recently taken down:

Even though almost all the people who go on these trips are in the Japa Ireland Meditation groups, neither the Japa Ireland Meditation Webpage nor the Indus Routes webpage gives an impression that the two ventures are linked – the two sites look totally independent of each other:

Neither webpage had a direct reference to the other organisation (as far as I can see).

Indus routes Website:

There is no mention of money nor prices on this website.

There is no mention of anyone’s name.  Why?  (except on the end of a link to a pdf invite.)

There is no mention of the Japa Meditation Ireland Group.  (It is not linked to it on the site) Why?

“About us” and “Contact us” on the old site only contained an Indian address and an email address.

The new site only contained an email address and the address listed is not specific. (New Delhi India)

This India address on the old site is Sashi Dubeys work address. But his name is not mentioned on either main site. (except in a link to a pdf invite.) Why?


Who is getting all this money from the trips to India?


The trips are advertised within the Japa Meditation Ireland Group only.

Through the courses and classes and newsletters.

But nowhere in the Japa Ireland Meditation Website is there a mention of prices etc. for the trips to india.

The trips are for Japa Ireland Meditation Students almost exclusively. (very rarely would someone who was not in that group, go one of these trips.)

The advertising is done through, and as far as I am aware of, all the money and is collected through Japa Ireland Meditation. I heard that a student could collect envelopes of cash from approx 10 people in one class, which they would then bring up to Kildare to the main Japa Centre (I guess it was possibly €30.000 to €40,000.00?). Or one of the Japa Meditation teachers, who is involved in collecting this money, would send an email with the bank details for the money.


Who is S. Dubey?

One of the few references to Shashi Dubey on the internet is as CEO to Sage Consultancy Services. With a picture attached of him.

Sage Consultancy Services is listed on many sites such as tradeindia.com as a “Consultancy of Construction Machinery”.

Sage Consultancy Services and Indus Routes share the same address and phone number if you look it up on the internet.

In the Japa Ireland Meditation Group, Shashi Dubey is referred to as Master Shashi.

It was considered a massive deal to go on the trip to India as he would be on those trips, and organised those trips. There is great hype about him among most Japa students. It is believed by most in Japa that he could give you great blessings and advice etc.  I don’t remember much other actual information being told about him other than he was also a successful business man…

Shashi Dubey


8 Responses

  1. Our Hard Earned or Borrowed Money.

    Maybe a lot of people in India think that we Irish are loaded.
    By Indian standards all of us Irish earn a phenomenal amount of money.
    We have a good standard of living but because of bills etc. most of us are getting by financially week to week.
    For Shashi Dubeys India trip there is the flight cost and then also approximately €3,000 for the trip.
    I’m interested to know exactly how much money that is worth in Shashi Dubeys’ world.

    According to my research (correct me if I’m wrong) ;
    In India 70% of the whole population are what’s called low class-
    For 70% of Indians the maximum earning per year is €1,476
    In Ireland 50% of the population are on a yearly income of €28,500

    So €3,000, is approximately the equivalent of two years maximum earnings for the majority of the Indian population.
    To put this into perspective for us Irish, to see the equivalent value of this money, and what it’s worth : It’d be like one person coming from another richer country than ours and paying 2 years of our wages, €57,000 for a ten day tour around Ireland. Nice One!!

    Image a whole bus load!
    40 people, each paying €3,000, (the equivalent of 2 years income in India). So that’s a total of 80 years income in India.
    To put this into perspective for us Irish, to see the equivalent value of this money, and what it’s worth, it’d be like 40 people coming from another richer country than ours and paying 80 years of our wages, €2,280,000 for a ten day tour around Ireland. Nice One!! After one trip, you’d be a millionaire twice over.. in ten days!

    Multiply that by 4 or 5 trips a year, multiply that by how many years?

    Now you know what you are worth. Now you know why you were “valued”.
    Now you know why they looked forward to seeing you in India.
    Now you know why you were encouraged to go to India time and time again.
    For your highest good?– Yeah Right!!

    I can just see the step ladder being taken out in order to get into bed, the mattress must be so high.

    PEOPLE OF IRELAND, you have been F**king SCAMMED.

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  2. Thank you Mike, and to Dialogue Ireland for providing a safe and secure place for people to tell their stories , and it would be great to see my story put up as a post .

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  3. Thanks for the profound comment and it was great to see how you have moved from a mindfulness, which was empty to one of removing the subtle programming and being in your right mind and removed from the ideology of mindlessness. I will publish this comment as a full post soon.

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    I have spent a lot of time trying to find my way back out of hell a hell that was created by my own blind trust in people that I thought knew better than me, but in actual fact these people were blinded by greed, ego and a God complex and have no regard of the devasting effect they have on people mentally and emotionally.
    Yes, I am speaking about Japa Yoga Meditation. A group that will rob you of your money, your mind, confidence and everything else in between… I spent a number of years in this group before one day I realised that if I didn’t leave on the day I did that I would now be dead as I was starting to lose my mind as it had been so manipulated, I felt the only option I had left was suicide. Years of being broken down, I couldn’t decide between a cup of tea or coffee without running it past someone.
    When you realise that you have to run and keep running with everything you have, well that’s the simple bit as even though you know that this group is seriously dangerous it takes years to clear your mind, trust yourself, fight to rid yourself of the disgusting thoughts that have been so cleverly planted by little seeds by serial manipulators. And that’s only the simple bits!!!
    So, here’s a small look at some of what I went through to finally claw my way back to reality. For the first few weeks it was like giving up an addiction, caught between missing the people who were supposed friends and terrified by the thought of getting a phone call from a teacher and having to stand up to them, avoiding places and area’s just in case you might run into someone from the group. Now most of the students wouldn’t approach you as they would have been told you are now a walking demon full of negative energy. But as at this stage you’re not thinking rationally as you haven’t done in years so still all this fear is there. Then there is also the fact you are still isolated psychologically from your family and old friends and have no one to bounce rational thinking off, so you are completely alone. The range of emotions is unbelievable from fear to anger, shame, depression, failure, I could write a whole lot more, but you get the drift. You see these people will get you when you are at your most vulnerable and will fill you full of s**t to make sure you’re completely dependent on them oh and to break you by the kick and teach method. So, I decided to research the full effect of a cult on a person’s mentality and work from there, I’d like to say it happened easily and quickly, but it didn’t. Funnily enough I decided to question absolutely everything , as this is the opposite to cult mentality so if I was in a coffee shop I would really ask myself what I wanted and why , yeah I know this sounds f***ing crazy but I really was so mentally drained I had to start somewhere and gradually I started to get my mentality back , looking back now I really realise how close I was to ending it all . So, as well as questioning everything my next step was to break every rule that they had thaught me, and I can tell you, I had great fun and I noticed the real me coming back. Having been given disciplines for so long it was fantastic to say “f**k you all here’s what I’m doing right now “and I kept at that for quite a while. My biggest challenge was now to approach my family and old friends which I did with great anxiety but to my absolute delight and relief they accepted me and have supported me every step of the way. When I approached one of my oldest friends that day I will never forget as that person looked at me and simply said I’m here for you as we chatted we both broke down and as I told my story I knew by their facial expressions the full extent of what I really had been through and how stupid and ridiculous the s**t they were teaching really was, and with the support of my family and true friends I’m now stronger than ever. This is a very watered down and short version of a horrific experience.
    My advice to people still in this group is RUN and don’t look back,

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    Has anyone else noticed that sites relating to Shashi Dubeys India Trips and Shashi Dubeys “university” are no longer available to view?
    This happened in the last few months or so. It begs the question- Why the big rush to take down all sites related to Shashi Dubeys India trips and Shashi Dubeys university?

    Does this not speak volumes in itself?

    Indus Routes site is no longer available to view
    Revamped Indus routes site is no longer available to view
    Sage Care University site is no longer available to view
    (Year one is listed as $5,500.00, year 2 is $4,500.00 and year 3 is €10,000.00)
    Sage Spiritual Routes site is no longer available to view

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  6. Shashi Dubey and the Indus Routes trips. Women and children beware!!


    “On the trip you stay in a posh hotel for a few days and then in basic accommodation for a few days.This day we were staying in a posh hotel. This type of hotel, I presume, would be very expensive, and certainly not accessible to the average Indian. The divide between the rich and poor in India seems very wide. While we were there, the main entrance to the hotel was attended at all times by a large doorman / bouncer.

    All the students had been instructed earlier to come from their hotel rooms and gather in one of the large main hotel rooms for a recreational get-together. The students had started to gather, students were coming and going from their own rooms, mingling and chatting etc. I was chatting with another woman when Shashi Dubey and Dennis Curran approached us, we chatted briefly. Then suddenly and abruptly the chit chat took a very dark turn. Shashi Dubey launched into this reproach in a very intense manner.

    Shashi Dubey told us that no woman should be going by themselves, to and from their own hotel room to the recreational room (which we had be told to meet up in.) He said that in India there are gangs of very bad men that would be on the look out for women, ESPECIALLY FOREIGN WOMEN. They may be in the hotel.

    Shashi Dubey said that these men would kidnap you. They would take you to a room where no one would hear you. They would RAPE you AGAIN and AGAIN. THEY WOULD EACH TAKE TURNS AT YOU.

    I was stuck to the spot, eyes wide. I was traumatised by this, and by the intensity in which he said it and how he detailed what would happen. I was in this foreign country and completely dependant on them. This was the first time I had heard any warnings of this kind. (Obviously, no one, man or woman was going to wonder about India by themselves but I had not given it a second thought about our safety in the hotel.)

    Then, to top it all off, HE TOLD US TO TELL THE OTHER WOMEN. It was surreal. I was traumatised and panicked. Anxious that something bad would happen. I tried to warn as many women as possible. But it was an impossible task. As I said people were coming and going.

    Looking back the first thing I think is;
    Why would he ask us two students to tell the other students? Why wouldn’t they just announce it there and then. It would only take a few minutes. This doesn’t make any sense at all!
    If this is true, why didn’t they tell people before the trip. Why isn’t it in the Indus Routes Trip Itinerary. “Women you may be gang raped if you go off on your own , even within the hotel.”
    Shashi Dubey certainly succeeded in traumatising me that day. I think it was a very sadistic and irresponsible way for a so called trip organiser to behave.”

    According to the recent reports of sexual abuse from students within the group, apparently you are not safe with them either.

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  7. I have read through all the articles relating to this group and I am appalled as to how this group is getting away with such acts ?? If these teachers actually care about their students and knowing that they were sexually, emotionally and mentally abused, why aren’t these teachers HELPING to bring those involved to justice, abuse can only continue if it is given an environment to breed !!! Why don’t these so called teachers come out publicly and voice the abuse and lead the way for their students ??? But a teacher cannot come forward if they have mentally or emotionally abused their own students can they ??? I know that in many of the groups mental and emotional abuse was strife and some students were left extremely damaged by this abuse . What happens to these teachers ?? Will they continue to be allowed to mentally destroy people?? How do they live with knowing what they done to vulnerable people ??? I suppose if there continuing to make money that’s all that matters ?? But the fact that some of the main perpetrators of these groups are teaching in new revamped, renamed groups is scary. But if these teachers were ( supposedly ) under mind control or whatever, what help or treatment have they received to help them deal with it so they can safely teach students again without doing harm ??? As far as i can see these teachers are still manipulating people on a daily basis!!!!!!

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