Dialogue received a threat just after midnight this morning from Norah Finn


Mr. Garde. I was about an hour ago made aware of ur libel actions against me on ur site. I have contacted the Gardai and will follow up with them to make a formal complaint in the morning and I would advise u to remove any details of me or my business from ur site immediately as the longer you leave it up the more libel it becomes. I will be forwarding this message to the Gardai also. Please do not reply to me. Please remove all details of me and any connection with my business from your site immediately. Norah Finn

From: Me
I contacted you to give you an opportunity to reply before publishing my post this afternoon. I intend to publish this text on my site immediately unless you call me now.
You may not be aware that the tort of libel was abolished in 2009.
You have not indicated in what way you have been defamed. All we published is on public pages of your site. You were involved with Japa and we have a public duty to inform the public. You can, of course, contact the Gardai but they have no jurisdiction in what is a civil matter. You are free to make a comment or to advise us where we have published anything which is inaccurate. I will wait 30 minutes before publishing your attack and my reply. We have no intention of removing anything.




It is an experience we have had for many years that some people believe that if they do not like some article or post they have a right to request us to remove it. We are always ready to edit any untruth we have published. Not only that we go beyond that an offer anyone the right to publish uncensored their opinion on our site.

We share with you an eminent opinion about the Constitutional protection Justice Hogan gave in the following judgement.


65. I now turn to the position of Mr. Garde. While Mr. Garde is not a journalist in the strict sense of the term, it is clear from that his activities involve the chronicling of the activities of religious cults. Part of the problem here is that the traditional distinction between journalists and laypeople has broken down in recent decades, not least with the rise of social media. It is probably not necessary here to discuss questions such as whether the casual participant on an internet discussion site could invoke Goodwin-style privileges, although the issue may not be altogether far removed from the facts of this case.

66. Yet Mr. Garde’s activities fall squarely within the “education of public opinion” envisaged by Article 40.6.1. A person who blogs on an internet site can just as readily constitute an “organ of public opinion” as those which were more familiar in 1937 and which are mentioned (but only as examples) in Article 40.6.1, namely, the radio, the press and the cinema. Since Mr. Garde’s activities fall squarely within the education of public opinion, there is a high constitutional value in ensuring that his right to voice these views in relation to the actions of religious cults is protected. It does not require much imagination to accept that critical information in relation to the actions of those bodies would dry up if Mr. Garde could be compelled to reveal this information, whether in the course of litigation or otherwise. It is obvious from the very text of Article 40.6.1 that the right to educate (and influence) public opinion is at the very heart of the rightful liberty of expression. That rightful liberty would be compromised – perhaps even completely jeopardised – if disclosure of sources and discussions with sources could readily be compelled through litigation.



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  1. Whitehatmatt a very moving account of the brainwashing process. Also how you were unable to respond. Thanks for doing so now. This is not unique to this group, but your description is unique and I am feeling sick.

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  2. An Ex-students account of a class in Japa Meditation
    The vilest experience you can witness
    So, you arrive at the centre to be greeted by people with broad smiles on their faces, some will come at you with arms opened wide and hugging you like you’re their long-lost family member, they don’t even know your surname, I suppose you could call it love bombing. People will be standing around chatting, having tea, listening and hanging on every word of the teacher, like children listening to their favourite story book being read to them.
    Then everyone will be ushered into the classroom for the class to begin, people pick a seat, get their scarves ready to begin, you can feel the anticipation, but also a very strong/strange feeling of nervousness!!! Now the games will start, depending on the mood of the teacher of course, so for drama the teacher will sit quietly staring at everyone for a few moments and maybe mumble to themselves and then after the nervousness has built up enough by the students, it will be announced that the energy is not right and the teacher will randomly start moving certain students into different seats, and maybe a few announcements about the energy being very heavy and it’s going to be a heavy night !!! Now You can look out!!!
    The teacher will start to talk about a topic, it could be absolutely anything, depending on the impact the teacher wants to make it could be a bit of fun, but it always changed, and you can feel that some poor student is going to be picked on in some way. You will hear the teacher now approach an issue that is very private to that person, watching as that student will be made stand up in front of the whole class it could be their relationship/marriage, sex life, health, maybe childhood abuse, family issues or simply something that the student believes. You will watch, and I must admit in pure horror that student’s life being made public, you will watch them humiliated, you will see and feel the tears building up in the student, you won’t comment or ask questions as that would draw the attention to you, sometimes that teacher could be screaming at the student and your sitting there with a lump in your throat, praying you’re not next. You can see the fear, shame and complete breakdown of the student and all the time your being told that this is for the students own good??? To move an energy??? You look around at the other students and some look terrified, some just taking it all in, still hanging on the teacher’s every word and you’re like WTF??? At this stage the poor student at the brunt of the attack looks completely depleted and exhausted and streams of tears running down their face, physically shaking as they are bombarded with their own life been thrown at them in front of all these strangers, you are watching someone being mentally and emotionally broken down, watching their innermost life experiences used to not only control them but to control an entire classroom, your watching and witnessing bullying, manipulation and mental abuse in the vilest way!!! A part of you wants to say something just anything to help that student but you know you won’t as I said you don’t want to be next!!! Your sitting there with your heart racing, what the hell is that student feeling??? What is that student thinking?? Can they even think?? Is this what the teacher wants?? How could someone do this to another human being??? How could a teacher not see that the student was clearly suffering in that moment?? Could a teacher be sure that this sort of public attack wouldn’t permanently damage a student’s mentality??
    Now this attack could go on for the entire class or it would stop, and everyone would be told to put their scarves on and close their eyes to start meditating. As you close your eyes, you take a sneak look at that student and watch their hands shaking as they pull up their scarf hiding their face and tears. You don’t really feel like meditating, you just feel so sickened in your stomach. Meditation is supposed to clear your mind, how the hell can you relax and clear your mind after witnessing something like that?? Was that the plan?? But at least when your eyes are closed and supposedly meditating nobody is going to be screamed at. During the meditation you will hear the constant sniffles of that student. After the meditation nobody speaks, and the plate of fruit is passed around and then the teacher might say something funny and people start talking again.
    Now for the truly f**ked up part, after the class when everyone heads out for a cup of tea the teacher will approach the student who has been torn apart earlier and explain to them one to one why that had to be done , and the teacher twisting and turning everything so the student will truly believe that it had to be done, that it was the students fault that this extreme measure had to be taken for whatever reason for their own good. For example, to help them get over whatever issue or trauma the teacher had been screaming at them about. Even though everyone can see that the student is now clearing traumatised and shaken after such an attack. The teacher may even hug that student. I have heard that students then drove home alone in this confused, shaken and extremely upset state.
    Now if anyone out there can justify something like this, in my opinion I seriously think that you need professional help. I have been told stories about attacks like this, but I also witnessed an attack like this and I can tell you that even though I was just sitting there watching this person been mentally striped away, that it was one of the most horrendous and terrifying experiences I have ever witnessed. And I even feel ashamed that I didn’t speak up on that night but as being a student at the time I was terrified. But I am speaking up now. As a grown adult that I allowed this to happen to another human being still haunts me. So, if the teachers that participated in this sort of teaching really believe that they did no wrong, well I think it speaks volumes about these people!!! What sort of mentality have they?? Are they really going to justify this sort of behaviour??


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