A survivor of Japa is slowly smelling the coffee and the taste of freedom

Here is the testimony of a victim of Japa. Do read their story. We are hoping it will not be long before we get further evidence in regard to this group.






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I joined Jappa as this was a new meditation practice, a New Happy Life on offer. When it changed for me by God did it change? I paid out a lot of cash it was great happy times at first, but it changed once I questioned what they were doing, and refused to call anyone Master. I got bullied, abused and was subject to mind games all the time.


I was criticised and made to feel little. Any problems I had was made to feel it was all my fault. There were meetings 2 /3 times a week, you had to pay cash only for all the courses and workshops. Being in a community of like minded people worked for a while then NO it definitely did not. There were those picked to be teachers, or had connections like solicitors who were not targeted. Curran was not stupid. If your teacher, mine was F told you it was for your good you did it. I lost myself, my Spirituality, my friends, real ones, money and dignity.


I was shoved, pushed, belittled and confused. I spent h ours doing mantras which were mind numbing, very hypnotic, and where it was easy to then give your power away.  I was threatened into going to India and nearly died there. I lost 2. 5 stone in 10 days and thought I would come home in a COFFIN.


I was locked in with Dubey and it was scary. Curran is a Bully and he liked his teachers to at least manipulate students. Mine was “F” a man who could be terrifying or real nice. Lots of Cash and I am sure revenue would like to look at. I left having been threatened to be thrown off a balcony. Then I cursed at, as 30 students watched or did nothing, scared they would be next. It has taken me years to get over them.


I WOULD like to sue them, put them in jail. Lots are dangerous. People who were psychotherapists into massage etc were being sent clients from teachers, so the money went around. A teacher, who had difficulty paying to finish his house, has a fab house now.


HOW!! I could say more, but I don’t feel safe doing so. You may think I was crazy joining; it was so much fun in the beginning. Its hard to explain, but be very careful those in Curran /Dubey philosophy are dangerous and that philosophy is more than about Mantras, Money and Power . You may not be so lucky I survived a real nightmare. Time they were all shut down, no name changing just stopped.


The post below is where the comment was left:

What are the former leaders in Japa doing right now? Revealing what was unclear or covering things up?





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