Terrifying Freedom, a novel by Linda Smith


Sometimes you need a novel to break through the cultist mental manipulation?

Linda Smith wrote recently,

I just read an article on your webpage regarding Catholic Lay Movements with cultist attributes. Some former members of these movements questioned why some bishops are so slow to take seriously their concerns about these organizations.

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The House of Prayer and The Palmarians are in Malahide and Lusk. Compare and Contrast.

The House of Prayer

First the House of Prayer is a Catholic organisation established under the Archdiocese of Tuam when Archbishop Cassidy was in place.

with Dr cassidy



Buses still bring mainly elderly folk to the Shrine from every part of Ireland.

A significant aspect to this recognition was the role of Fr Gerard McGinnity who had a very good reputation both as a scholar, whistlebower and his personal holiness. Continue reading

MECHTHILD Lynn is a new Director of the House of Prayer and her husband Jim is the “owner,” of Our Lady’s House in Malahide

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MECHTHILD Lynn is the wife of Jim Lynn who is a shadowy figure behind the House of Prayer. After it lost its charitable status a lot of directors resigned. This seems to now be the real inner circle with Pat Coleman the man to watch. Continue reading

“The Cross Uncovered,” by Christina Gallagher- a work of the imagination inspired by wealth.



Immaculate deception

Christina or an unholy ghost wrote this book. It is entitled, “The Cross Uncovered.” It is 372 pages long with a lot of recycled non miracles. The thought that struck me was that what the book should be called is “The Stigmata Uncovered.” The case of the knitting needles in the bedroom. The Chalkey love story and why we do not believe scams. The longer the book the less it relates to reality. The Foreword by Gerrard McGinnity is a disgrace. It shows a person who has lost the plot and his great intelligence. I had the opportunity to read his Doctoral thesis on Ambrose of Milan in the Trinity Library. It showed great intelligence. No he has been totally taken over by Christina. The bishops helped him follow the example of the Cardinal who got retirement parties. Get him off the stage and deny you have any responsibility. Poor Christina has another house this time in City West. She likes the cross and is crucified between the Kinahans. Meanwhile her house in Malahide remains unsold. Take up and read…then repent. Continue reading

Ireland’s Secret Cults revisited.

Five years after this programme was broadcast the House of Prayer is still ripping off vulnerable adults. The Catholic Church has refused to do anything. Dr McGinnity has retired but is still supporting this scam. The Palmarians are still doing damage to the elderly and the brainwashing continues.

Scientology is not as strong but the opposition to it was totally undermined by illegal and totally damaging attacks on Scientologists. Continue reading

House of Prayer accounts 2015. The costs of losing your charitable status

2014-10-27Christina Airport1


The fact that the House of Prayer has lost its charitable status shows the Charity Regulator has no confidence that the House of Prayer has any charitable focus. It is the evidence of Dialogue Ireland that not only is there no charitable intent, but the opposite, it is a fraudulent, scam taking advantage of mainly the elderly and vulnerable adults.

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The role of Dr McGinnity in the denial of the election of Michael Ledwith


Ledwith’s name submitted for Dublin archbishop post Continue reading

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