RTE’s Joe Duffy shuts down anti-vaxxer on Liveline who believes vaccine includes the ‘mark of the beast’

Joe Duffy

By irishmirror.ie

  • 21:55, 18 AUG 2021

A follower of the controversial House of Prayer has defended her belief that anyone who gets the vaccine will “receive the mark of the beast” and go to hell.

Christina Gallagher, who founded the House of Prayer on Achill Island, Co Mayo, claims that she gets messages from Jesus that the vaccine is somehow affiliated with the Devil.

Speaking on RTE’s Liveline, a caller named Mary took umbrage with Joe Duffy’s discussion which questioned the validity of these outrageous claims.

During a recent episode, Duffy discussed the topic and during the most recent show, he asked Mary: “Is she (Christina Gallagher) for or against the vaccine?”

Mary said: “That’s a different thing from what you said, the main point that was made yesterday was that you said that Christina said that the vaccine was the mark of the beast. The message does not say the vaccine is the mark of the beast, that’s very clear.

Duffy interjects and points out the following: “But it does say, you will be called upon to receive the vaccine that is death and the mark of the beast will be forced upon you, those who receive it willingly will die onto eternal death.”

Mary replies by saying: “All of that’s true. I’m saying that what’s not true is the vaccine is not the mark of the beast. That’s what I’m saying, it’s very clear, the vaccine is not the mark of the beast, the mark of the beast is a microchip and will the death of the soul because you will be under complete control when you have that. You’ll be to under the complete control of Satan once you have that.”

At this point, the Liveline host interjects with the following quip: “A lot of people seem to be under the complete control of Christina Gallagher.”

Given the sensational claims of the discussion, plenty of listeners wanted to share their opinions.

“Joe Duffy has demolished that anti-vaccine woman on @rteliveline. These irritating people seem incapable of understanding the havoc caused by Covid on so many levels” and “Mary, the religious vaccine denier on #LiveLine, simultaneously “follows the science” and believes in a microchip so tiny it can be injected with a hypodermic needle,” were two comments made.

Elsewhere, some listeners couldn’t believe the discussion that was unfolding on air.

“Liveline has gone for talking about ‘would Jesus take the vaccine’, ‘mark of the beast’ to a car being stolen,” “There is a woman on #Liveline who just said the Covid vaccine has a microchip in it that Satan is going to use to control us all. Give me strength,” and “I got the 2 Pfizer vaccine doses, does that count as 2 Marks of the Beast or is it a 2 for 1 deal? Do I get to skip the queue? #liveline” were some other baffling remarks made.

“Is the Mark of the Beast in all the vaccines, or is it just the AstraZeneca?” and “First time listening to #liveline in a while. “Would Jesus have gotten the vaccine?” Never change, Ireland” were two comments that seem to sum up another bizarre episode of the radio show.

Meanwhile, Dr Tony Holohan has said the following: “The number of patients with Covid-19 in hospital and ICU has continued to increase in recent weeks. At the moment, 43% of patients with Covid-19 in ICU are aged less than 50 years of age. This is a stark reminder to all of us to continue to adhere to the public health guidance and to ensure to receive both doses of Covid-19 vaccine as soon as it is offered.

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  • Our material on the House of Prayer, including a lot on Friday McGinnity himself which address his role in the cult and his hold over the bishops.


  • This 10-year documentary really brings the issues to a clear conclusion. 

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