Why the Dalai Lama is now toast. The end of the road for Lamaism.

Here is the famous statement issued by the Dalai Lama in 1993.


Here we were told to contact the media to let them know we were dealing with an abusive Lama. This is the introduction to a claim of serious criminal behaviour

If one presents the teachings clearly, others benefit. But if someone is supposed to propagate the Dharma and their behaviour is harmful, it is our responsibility to criticize this with a good motivation. This is constructive criticism, and you do not need to feel uncomfortable doing it. In “The Twenty Verses on the Bodhisattvas’ Vows,” it says that there is no fault in whatever action you engage in with pure motivation. Buddhist teachers who abuse sex, power, money, alcohol, or drugs, and who, when faced with legitimate complaints from their own students, do not correct their behaviour, should be criticized openly and by name. This may embarrass them and cause them to regret and stop their abusive behaviour. Exposing the negative allows space for the positive side to increase. When publicizing such misconduct, it should be made clear that such teachers have disregarded the Buddha’s advice. However, when making public the ethical misconduct of a Buddhist teacher, it is only fair to mention their good qualities as well.

The Dalai Lama has known for 40 years that he has a very special serial abuser, psychopath, brainwasher and clear user of women under the guise of crazy wisdom, but in reality it was crude sexual desire and personal gratification. He has also been aware that Sogyal is a violent person using every opportunity to feed his sexual needs and violent streak. This behaviour is not an issue for Buddhists it must be reported to the civil authorities as it criminal activity. To produce the document above has enabled this violence to continue unabated for 40 years. You don’t send a person like this on retreat you call the police and get the victims to give victim statements and let the police pursue this. You must know that as early as 1997 I was made aware at a Conference at the LSE in London that he had a lovely little plan where he abused women outside their own country to lessen the police action.

“However, when making public the ethical misconduct of a Buddhist teacher, it is only fair to mention their good qualities as well.”

It is only good when addressing the rapist and making criminal charges to see his good qualities? When a violent out of control person is fingered it is important to see his good points. Do you not see what this results in?

I would like you to look at the video below and see how the DL deals with his sexual abuser colleague? The problem is not just a rotten apple it is the barrel of Tibetan Buddhism itself which is the problem. It is in fact unreformed Tantric Consort Sexual Hinduism what Hegel called Lamaism, and in reality has nothing to do with Buddhism. We have addressed this on our blog.


In reality what is now happening is that the Lamaists are trying to dump Sogyal to divert attention away from the serious issues at hand. Lamaism is the problem and Sogyal is a side show. Admittedly a big side show but side show none the less. As you can see the Dalai Lama has his consorts and also he was in league with the founder of the Aum Cult in Japan. Yes the one that put Sarin gas into the subway system. Note them holding hands.

So in conclusion this is not about an individual Lama but about a total system. There will be an attempt to make him the scapegoat now. However, the Dalai Lama is an accessory to these crimes. How do I know? I have been writing outlining these issues to his office in London without a reply for over 10 years. Also many genuine Buddhist scholars who I count as friends have written briefing documents but wanted to make an exception to these crimes for TB and the DL. Sorry he is up to his eyes in this.


Dalai Lamabd0295Lama's with women10

Lama's with women7


It is our view that most of the efforts are there to deflect from the DL and TB and the meister is Tenpel.

Here is our assessment of what Tenpel is up to.

Here you will find my comprehensive research and I believe it is pretty conclusive.

In general we have three categories which expand on the Lamaism and Consort sex narrative.

This expert analysis was given by our Buddhist expert.


We then had the views of Joanne Clark.


She and others when the Lamaism thesis was clearly shown here went literally nuts on line. She just could not see how her DL could be part of the problem.

Here is the Word document

Statement on Sogyal

What we got in our original post was only a small section of this letter.




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  1. safetecblog.wordpress.com thanks for your comments. There will be a book dealing with this in much greater published in a few days. Look out it for it. We will have information here.


  2. (Quote)
    “… The problem is not just a rotten apple, it is the barrel of Tibetan Buddhism itself which is the problem …”

    “… It is in fact unreformed Tantric Consort Sexual Hinduism what Hegel called Lamaism and in reality has nothing to do with Buddhism …”

    This is so true!
    Thanks so much for your truthful wise statement and firm action in contribution of exposing deceptive Tibetan Buddhism. Praise your merits., Hopefully more and more people will become aware of this fact and in terms to protect themselves to stay far away from the Lamaism, the fake Buddhism.

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  3. […] dialogueireland on Why the Dalai Lama is now toast. The end of the road for Lamaism. […]


  4. He is now dying of cancer, so there is going to be a real mess in the succession stakes. Also most people don’t know he is up to his eyes in China. Please send us updates on what is going on?


  5. Thanks for sharing the true colors of Lamaism!!
    A bit doubtful about the untouchable Dalai “Lama” though.

    HH’s title has never changed since its inception that it’s a guru worship religion!! He is a “Lama” all along for decades and globally welcomed by millions of followers. How come the western world suddenly exposes and rejects lamas’ core sexual practice?

    Lamaism hasn’t changed their way of practice, but the followers have changed their minds?

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