Letter from Sogyal’s current and ex members and Rigpa’s reply. Can the Dalai Lama claim immunity?

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  3. Why the western psychology profession,and other academic professionals, who have been covering up for a sexually abusive lama, like lama Sogyal must be called to account:

    Every sexually abusive situation, system and cult religion, requires the perpetrators, the deniers, and the enablers. No professional group has been more enabling of these Tibetan lamas and Lama Sogyal than the celebrity psychologists, like Daniel Goleman and Joseph Goldstein, and the numerous other Tantric psychologists, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and others in human services, along with the western Tibetan Buddhist teachers, who have been sitting on the boards with Sogyal Rinpoche, whether at the Dalai Lama’s Mind and Life Institute, or at the Tibet House of the Dalai Lama or on Lama Sogyal’s board, at his new Tendzin Gyatso Institute”; blessed and approved of by the Dalai Lama and named after His Holiness, to train more Tibetan lamas in our midst, in the heartland of the United States, to accomplish the final dumbing down of young westerners.

    Newly-minted Tantric gurus and tulkus, who will get just enough of a Western education, like Sogyal, to become expert in fooling us, and who will be also be scanning the audiences, for their own following of guru-worshipers and their own serial sexual consorts.


    Venues that have allowed Sogyal Rinpoche and all the other Tibetan lamas and their bizarre sexual practices, to not only escape exposure, but to continue to keep recruiting and fooling the western public that this is Buddhism and not a ssexually abusive Tantric cult of Lamaism, that has now more centers and organizations in the West, than they had in all of Tibet, before they plunged that country into misery and poverty with their guru-yoga and nailed all female energy down, under their misogynistic thumbs:

    Here is celebrity psychologist, Daniel Goleman, popular author who teaches mindfulness, and ‘contemplative’ leadership’ at Harvard Business School, singing Lama Sogyal’s praises at the Garrison Institute retreat he gave, right after the last multimillion dollar lawsuit was filed against Lama Sogyal,when the documentary “In the Name of Enlightenment” was broadcast in Canada, and all the other Tibetan lamas, western Tibetan Buddhist teachers, sexual consorts and nuns, circled the wagons around Sogyal, to protect him.

    Dan Goleman has been part of the massive effort by these Tantric psychologists, who have made millions on the commodity of mindfulness, and with their bogus ‘compassionate Tantra Buddhism” an oxymoron, to cover-up for their guru Sogyal and other abusive lamas like him, once again: These psychologists and celebrity academics, should be stripped of their licenses for what they have done to protect an abuser like Lama Sogyal, for the last forty years:

    If we don’t call these egregious enablers of sexual abuse to account, they will continue to cover-up for Lama Sogyal and all the other Tibetan lamas. The continued sexual and physical abuse could not have happened without their collusion.


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