Tony Quinn, Educo…..Cult? Time of year to go to a GYM

As we enter into 2014, we note that 2013 was a relatively good year for Quinn.

He was not in the public eye too much and he most probably believes he has escaped scrutiny due to his buying off his former Educoists and his shareholding in the OIL business INE/BNE. We have no idea what is happening in the oil company, but we are sure that the shareholders are not doing well.

That is a five year journey of engagement around the oil issue we have had to let go of and of course we continue to assist the victims of Quinn and his Educo Group…..

I was minding my own business when this leaflet came through my door. You know that before and after look. It was offering in a very glossy format an opportunity for me to join a gym.


Scan0001Do let us know who the people are, they are often insiders in the organisation.



What I found quite strange was I kind recognised the blurb but I was expecting it to be EDUCO but the fact that there is no mention of TONY QUINN or Educo on the front page was a bit odd. There it was on the back page on the bottom right?

Then I realised what was going on. If you google Tony Quinn or Educo his organisation or his Educo programme is not at the top of the list so they have to downplay the connection to not get their future customers to go onto their phones to check them out. Keep it bland. In fact the work of our Trust is nearly always at the top or close to it when you put in Educo, Tony Quinn or Health Food Shops. Add the word cult and we shoot up to the top.

This what was there in 2012:


The Dundrum Gym is regarded as one of the best and here is its logo:


Go to any Gym you like but this review is quite balanced and objective


We are happy to show you what Quinn puts out about his philosophy- Go for it and then check it out. We have a lot of material on this on our site.

Read the PDF here:


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  1. Oh i see u want me to identify myself why so you can harass me?

    I repeat if you can give evidence of your involvement privately we guarantee confidentiality. You may not have noticed that your comments confuse personal attacks with so called concern for other supporters of Quinn. We have not made personal attacks on Quinn but on his undue influence over people. We will move this comment again. I am offering you the one more opportunity to show evidence of your involvement with Quinn.


  2. Angie this is just our HofP troll using Quinn to have a go. I asked him to contact us in confidence but he bottled it and we will relocate his abusive comments in the commenting section as indicated.


  3. Anonymous, you say: “I have read ur slanderous comments on people i know. Someday u will regret all those nasty hate filled comments.”

    “U write slur on people who just want to live and let live”.

    Who are you talking about? Name names so I can give you more details about what actually happened while I attended the Educo cult. I will never regret telling the truth about it. How convenient they “want to live and let live” and hide from those who have legitimate complaints. Quinn is famous for hiding behind the skirts of women.


  4. Anonymous comment on Tony Quinn, Educo…..Cult? Time of year to go to a GYM was moved to our commenting section due to sock puppetry.

    I left a comment. consider it if u can. Perhaps u can not.


  5. Anonymous you left a comment on Tony Quinn, Educo…..Cult? Time of year to go to a GYM
    It is my considered opinion that this comment by Anonymous is in fact sockpuppetry.
    We will give you the opportunity for 24 hours to confirm your identity and evidence that you were
    actually on a seminar. I believe you are in fact a House of Prayer troll. Any evidence produced will be respected and if not supplied this comment will be relocated in our Commenting section.


  6. This comment has been moved to for sockpupettery

    Just for the record, I have attended the Educo ………….


  7. Now, I wonder what is bothering you Denis eh? Why do you feel so uncomfortable about the comments I make about the Educo cult? I am free to tell the truth and people have the right to know the truth about Quinn and his ‘top brass ‘who are trained into doing his bidding. They are STUCK in his mind controlling ‘philosophy’.

    How dare they even think that I was going to come under their control. People have a right to protect themselves from being physically and mentally damaged and the message will continue going out whether you like it or not.


  8. Angie, go get a life of your own eh?



  9. Brendan

    “(I don’t know anything about his business dealings or personal life, quite frankly it’s none of my business)”. I remember saying the same when I attended, however, I admit to being under influence so subtle I did not realise it compromised all decency. You could go to another gym and get the same results so why stay in an educo gym when you are informed about Quinn’s dodgy dealings, outright criminal behaviour towards shareholders in INE, as was proved in court, and alleged sexual abuse? It is difficult for me to accept that ethical and moral standards has reached such a low in Ireland.

    It’s quite shocking really to know that the sociopath Quinn has influenced people to the extent that they brush information, gathered from genuine sources, off so easily. As long as you and others like you get ‘results’ what does it matter? Accept possibly when it is your daughter or son, mother or father who loses direction in their lives due to subtle hypnosis. You disregard at your peril.


  10. So convenient that it is none of your business. You don’t need to know that he hypnotises people and also trains some of his staff to do the same. You don’t need to know that he fooled people into thinking he was ‘creating a better world’ when, in reality, he stole their money. But then, why should you care, he is not stealing yours, is he? A person does not know when they are under hypnosis.

    “I never set out to be a poster boy for anything.” Who talked you into it?


  11. I have never been to any seminar, don’t intend to go to any either. I just wanted to get back in good shape. I believe that I’m on the right path now. Hard work and good discipline with the encouragement from the staff at the eccles st. Gym. It’s not for everyone but it seems to have worked for me. I never set out to be a poster boy for anything. I just wanted to improve myself. I’m not here to defend Tony Quinn ( I don’t know anything about his business dealings or personal life, quite frankly it’s none of my business) , l’m just honestly saying that educo gym has definitely helped me along the way. But again I’m no insider, as was alluded to in the article. Thanks.


  12. Brendan I Think you did not read the post fully. We actually said it was part of the rebrand.


  13. Brendan

    Do you attend the relaxation classes?


  14. I am the Brendan on the educo leaflet.
    I am not part of any cult. I don’t know Tony Quinn and have never met him and I am certainly no insider.l live close to the eccles st. Gym so it was very convenient for me. I lost the weight through hard work in the gym and self discipline regarding my food intake. I made some lifestyle changes, I gave up alcohol and limited my processed food intake, I try to eat as much fresh veg and meat instead of ready meals or takeaways. Again I’m very genuine when I say this, I’m definitely no insider.


  15. There are episodes when a person is so deeply under influence that they will say something to another person and not even hear themselves speak so there is no conscious awareness of what was said. They are not conscious of it at all unless there is some kind of breakthrough during this process. I am sure there are incidents when a person speaking will only know that they have said something because the listener reacts to it. Unless there is some breakthrough in the conscious mind, for example, an awareness of how it is expressed verbally; this information will point to where the influence comes from. In certain circles it can, too easily, be accepted as ‘spirit guidance’ or in the case of the Educo cult, ‘coming from the self’ when in fact it is an episode of regurgitation of hypnotic influence from a cult member, an individual who has had the opportunity to practice deep hypnosis particularly in a therapeutic setting such as happened to me. I am not saying that certain people are not guided or have a heightened intuitive ability, however, there is a distinct difference between the two and a very pronounced difference in the Educo cult ‘self’. What they call the ‘self’ is far too easily influenced by the cult agenda.


  16. It is clear to me that Martin Forde is incapable of speaking out against Tony Quinn. It would be difficult to accept that he does not know about the extent of Quinn’s alleged sexual abuse. In later years I noticed that he was not only under Quinn’s influence but also under the influence of Aideen Cowman.

    What I saw in action was the core group, and other workers in the centre when needed, were drawn together to work on an individual. For instance, if Cowman notices an opportunity to draw someone into the cult, or if already in the cult and she wants them to become a working member, she will ask another member/s to focus on influencing that individual. Putting such intense attention on one person, particularly if they are susceptible to hypnosis, made it easier to draw them in. This is how a cult operates. However, it is not always successful. The hypnotic effect wears off and the cognitive ability, given time, will piece it all together and understand what happened. This is how I came to know how they operated. I will never forget how manipulative they are and how dangerous they are.


  17. The whole alleged rape issue is what really lowered his value in the public eye. It appears that from reading these posts that Martin Ford is staying quite and not commenting on it. He possibly should condemn Tony Quinn’s behavior if he knows something of it.


  18. Quinn has referred to newspaper articles about the Educo cult as “a witch-hunt” and that publishing articles about what he does will “upset an awful lot of good people and it could do damage to and people’s reputations livelihoods.”

    DI Moderation Personal attack offending word removed.

    The last time I sat in a group that is exactly the impression I got; the

    xxxxx Cowman dangerously manipulating an outcome to serve her master. Her lust for power over peoples’ minds and lives is a sign of madness. The “people’s reputations” he is so concerned about are his indoctrinated slaves who damage peoples’ lives. The odd phone call from their master in crime keeps them enslaved.

    About his seminars he says: “These are highly-specialised seminars for people determined to obtain the ultimate results.”

    As well as taking the opportunity during the Celtic tiger era to charge exorbitant amounts for seminars his “ultimate results” were ‘draw in’ to work for him even when it was totally contrary to the reasons why they attended the seminar.

    He says his “main work is in the business arena. I work with start-up businesses to achieve success. This involves designing a business structure and training the owners and staff.”

    Some people may benefit, however, there is plenty of evidence that he includes hypnotic suggestions to bind their success with advertising for him. Others do not fare so well as, instead of becoming successful in their chosen career, they are conditioned into working for Quinn.

    For example “Can An Educo Follower Still Trust Tony Quinn? By an Educo Fan” Posted on August 19, 2012 by dialogueireland proves my point.

    Also the following is an extract from extq, on June 2, 2012 at 7:44 am. It gives a clear idea of what Quinn is really about. The ‘enlightened’ ones did not grasp that they were conned into prostituting themselves.

    Extq comments: “The sexual innuendo I clear from when you enter the seminar, it is all about putting it ‘out there’ when you attend. Attendees are encouraged to express that part of them as though it is part of spiritual awareness. Looking at this in the cold light of day, when attending the Sunday meetings there are so many scantily clad women who have had surgery to enlarge boobs sitting in the front row it is like being in a brothel rather than a ‘so called educational’ environment for the day. These poor unfortunate people in addition to spending their money on seminars have went on to feel the inadequacies of themselves to go to the point of having surgery so that they ‘look good for Tony’.
    The truth of the matter is that Quinn uses the seminars as is ground to win favour including sexual activities. He of course does it under the guise of ‘spiritual release or healing’ or whatever the current seminar trend is. I witnessed on my beginners seminar a beautiful young woman being drawn into this trap by Quinn. It was carefully orchestrated though-out the 12 days and then she had a one –to- on experience. Who knows what happened at the time.
    About 3 years after the seminar I met her again just met her randomly in a shopping centre, I had not seen her for a long time. We talked, I asked her to have a coffee and we sat and chatted. She was a complete mess. The poor girl had lost everything financially got involved in the educogyms and it all went south. She told me that when she was on that first seminar she was really into keep fit like aerobics and that and Quinn did not advocate that type of training. It was all about weight training. So when she met on the one to one it was clearly a sexual innuendo from the outset with him, she got away before any sleaze happened, she told me that it haunted her to that day.
    In my experience it was not sexual but the manipulation of mind that was so frightening. When I asked questions and made a complaint about it, the inner circle of Quinn just throw a blanket around him when my and other stories arise. There is radar of panic and paranoid that jumps in on this team of inner circle, and they will literally do anything to stop it as we all have witnessed. This is cruel and vindictive and amounts to abuses of the highest level.”

    She was lucky that “she got away before any sleaze happened”, however, she still felt the effects of his manipulative mind controlling techniques.

    I can’t believe he still uses “A former Mr Ireland bodybuilder, he coached Steve Collins in the 1995 world title fight against Chris Eubank” as a form of advertisement.

    It is not possible that I am the only observer of this fight that realises how lucky Collins was to walk away from it. Chris Eubank’s was totally aware that Collins was under Quinn’s control and in danger of serious injury. Interested? Have a look at the video of the fight. I applaud Eubank’s for standing back when he did.


  19. It does not surprise me, now that the tide is turning against Educo, that Forde and Farrell want to appear distanced from Quinn and do not want to call attention to the fact that they are Educo recruiters attempting to use library space to ‘educate’ unsuspecting people into the mind-set of their cult. You can be sure that Tony Quinn is leading this as his word is law and the only ideas, supposedly his, are allowed to go ahead. He will take/be given credit anyway if results come in through ‘top brass’ endeavours whatever direction they take. Does anyone know if Quinn is in Ireland right now?


  20. EyesWideOpen

    Why do you think that only “a small handful of people” read Dialogue? Do you think that Dialogue Ireland should advertise more what they do instead of relying on people to find out about them? I was told by an employee of RTE, approximately two and a half years ago, when I phoned to enquire as to why a programme had not been made yet about the Educo cult. I was not aware that Tony Quinn had been monitored down through the years and information on the Dialogue site was very relevant to what I had seen and experienced, however, for reasons I could not explain, for a number of weeks after I found out about Dialogue I had an underlying inexplicable fear of accessing the site that, in time, I came to realise was a hypnotic mind ‘programme’ installed to stop me from doing so. I hasten to add; I am no longer fearful and have felt free to comment for over two years now although not all is divulged as who I am may become more apparent to Educo abusers.

    The people, in particular, I would like Dialogue to reach with this information on Tony Quinn are ex-quinnites/ex-educoists and those who presently attend Eccles Street and people who run and attend Educogyms that are still controlled by Quinn.

    It would seem that he is selective about who he talks to (manipulates through hypnosis) when problems loom in the Educo cult. He leaves the rest of the ‘troublemakers’ to his ‘top brass’ to sort out. The consequences are usually that he/they will threaten them to keep their mouths shut, or, as in my case, used hypnosis to mentally incapacitate, undermining the veracity of the events that caused mental and physical damage. In Dialogue’s case he tried to destroy them financially. In hindsight one would expect this reaction to protect the core members of the cult in their attempts to cover up what they do, however, it is the highly unethical and a dangerous response and the reason why I continue commenting in Dialogue.

    As you say “those of you on the fence” in Educo need to start THINKING about how Quinn attempted to use and did use well-known people to further his aims. Their inability to THINK ABOUT the contents of Quinn’s, so called, good news is due to the level of influence he continues to exert. How they can sit easy with this is beyond me. One can only think they are ‘hooked’ on the trance state and fear life without it. They need to know that giving in to his use of trance is the response he relies on to keep them in the cult under his control or even ‘on the fence’ rather than breaking away and taking personal control of their own lives. They need to understand how occultism keeps them bound to Quinn and that coming all the way out of his belief system and separating from cult members is the only way to break it otherwise they fool themselves; I do not think it is possible to be critically competent while holding on to Quinn’s belief system or anyone else’s for that matter. We were admonished to let go of everything else bar the Educo indoctrination; why is there such a fear to let go of IT/Quinn now that we know how beguiling and seductive IT is and the detrimental effects to mental health, family relationships, friendships and job prospects?

    If you know the libraries that are being earmarked by Margaret Forde and Noreen Farrell to recruit have you informed them of their association with Quinn? What is stopping you from starting the ball rolling on utube?


  21. Good morning Angie. You’re obviously passionate about speaking out about Mr Quinn and as much as I support the work of Dialogue Ireland, your posts are only reaching a small handful of people here.

    So here’s my 2 cents worth. You’ve obviously done extensive research on the organisation, so why not put up a documentary on utube? Whether you like it or hate it, videos is modern day literature and infinitely more people will watch a video as opposed to reading a post with a thread of comments afterwards. The truth is the truth and utube will give people the opportunity to watch a video and then immediately comment. There, you will also be able to put up images and words or have someone do a voice over so that your anonymity could be fully preserved. Also, a video with good content can literally reach thousands of people in a few days.

    I didn’t know Mr Quinn was a practicing sorcerer, complete news to me. So I for one, will definitely be watching… By the way, EYES WIDE OPEN and PAT are one and the same person. Enjoy your weekend.


  22. There is much more to Quinn than using hypnosis for financial benefit or using it to have women available for ritual sex. He is a practicing sorcerer and, along with his ‘top brass’ has done much harm to people’s lives. Reaming off a list of ethical hypnotists is neither here nor there in this discussion about Educo cult abuse. My gut feeling is that Keith Barry’s demonstrations is more than just a magician entertaining; people who were taken in my Quinn’s mind altering ‘messianic’ approach will know how much he used hypnosis to have them say ‘yes’ and do his bidding. He was not adverse to using physical punishment either to ‘snap’ them into compliance. They will see the extent of how he fooled them and used them to attain ‘godhead’ through stealth in every sense of the word.


  23. “Think you went off on a few tangents there Angie which may not be relevant to this website or discussion.”

    You asked the question that involved television in the first place. All of my comment is relevant. Keith Barry used hypnosis and explained to his audience why he did it and the effects. No one can be left in doubt that it can be used negatively.

    Pat, I do not need your suggestions or your help and where you got that notion from I do not know. Calling out abusers is what I do on this site. If you want to interest yourself in hypnotists that is up to you. I have had enough mind manipulation to do me for a lifetime.


  24. Think you went off on a few tangents there Angie which may not be relevant to this website or discussion. Keith Barry is simply an entertainer. He entertains people. There is an important distinction between stage and clinical hypnosis .

    I highly recommend you read a few books by Dr Milton Erickson or Igor Ledochowski. These guys are true masters and “amazing” at their craft which the practice of ethical hypnotherapy. Also, as mentioned in my first post Tony Sadar is an exceptionally talented clinical Hypnotherapist living here in Ireland. Do hope that helps you. Bye.


  25. Pat, in answer to your question: “Would just like to add that just like television, hypnosis is only a means of communication.”

    If you are referring to the effect of TV advertisements I do recall Quinn, Cowman and others who worked for him saying that they can hypnotise people into buying a product, however, I have not found this to be the case. Nor do I find that the content of programmes or films have a lasting effect and one can just as easily change their mind by watching another the following day. Unless you are permanently STUCK in the highly suggestible part of your brain that hypnotists access and so incapable of thinking I would say it is highly unlikely that an advertisement etc. would have a similar effect. For me to compare television to Quinn’s hypnotic techniques would be ludicrous.

    For example, they do not have the automatic effect that hypnosis has when a subtle or obvious suggestion is made to get money for a seminar.

    “There are some amazing people using the areas of NLP and Hypnosis to benefit other people’s in terms of health and well-being.”

    I notice the word “amazing” in your comment. Who are these “amazing” people?

    Regarding your experience in mental manipulation you say: “I had it done to me before to enrol in a course (not one of Tony’s though) and it was a nasty, horrible experience to encounter.”

    There is a difference between being mentally manipulated and using hypnosis to deepen the effect. Granted, Quinn is not the only scum bag out there who takes advantage of people, however, I had not experienced anything like the Educo cultic hypnotic mind manipulations before going to Eccles Street and I have no interest in the “amazing” people who use NLP or hypnosis for “health and well-being”. Anyway, some of the most boring people practice hypnosis. There is nothing amazing about them or what they do.

    Something nasty had to happen before I woke up to what was happening in the Educo cult. It took some time to get over the trauma, however, I finally was able to piece together experiences I had and how it affected my life. What springs to mind right now are incidents on seminars. For instance, Tom Mckenna would advise guys on whom to have a relationship with. I overheard such a conversation and also the disappointing aftermath when the girl who was targeted was not interested. It is so obvious now that it was a recruiting exercise, adding another female to the cult and playing on the vulnerability of young men. Besides, who would want to go with a guy who is under the influence of another? It is bound to show at some stage. The “Programmes” are so obvious. They are emasculated by Quinn and think they are “amazing” while oblivious to how detrimental he is to their mental health, future career choice and future partner choice. I am sure that many who accepted the Educo way of life have now changed their mind about having a manipulative ‘guru’ or ‘top brass’ interfering with their relationships. The ones who are still under influence need to WAKE UP!!!

    What do you think about Keith Barry’s programme on TV3? I was particularly interested in the young man who had a stutter and with the help of hypnosis was ‘cured’. Barry admitted to ‘creating’ the stutter beforehand. The reaction of the audience, of course, is to think him ‘amazing’, however, it explains how I got worse in ‘therapy’ while being set up to be ‘cured’ by Quinn on a seminar. Hopefully, he will be successful at showing up what a conman Quinn is.


  26. Thanks for that comment Angie. A lot of thought and honesty has obviously gone into writing that. Would just like to add that just like television, hypnosis is only a means of communication. There are some amazing people using the areas of NLP and Hypnosis to benefit other people’s in terms of health and well-being.

    However, when hypnosis is used to sell something that is of no real value or used to coerce people to do comply with your own business or personal agenda, that’s mental manipulation pure and simple. And yes, psychologically you do feel very violated. I know because I had it done to me before to enrol in a course (not one of Tony’s though) and it was a nasty, horrible experience to encounter.

    Cults, bullies, tyrants and dictators need compliance to operate and prosper. If people, individually, started looking within themselves more and more and started opening their eyes to their own life instead of rabbiting and paraphrasing what these gurus espouse, the world would, and will be, a much better place.


  27. EyesWideOpen

    The point you make is very relevant and one that is rarely mentioned. I did not listen to his tapes very often; possibly three times in the years I attended Eccles Street. What I did notice is that Quinn played on sentiment with the quinnites, associating ‘love’ songs with the emotional connection to him and the Educo cult. The women, it would seem, were placated into accepting his promiscuity. With the aid of hypnosis one can only think that he took full advantage. His male followers should take note; what he did/does is not enviable when you see it for what it is; abuse of men and women under hypnosis. In my book it is on a par with rape.

    “I think Jesus was in the Educo business” Tony’s words not mine.”

    I can remember when his cult followers believed he was the reincarnated Jesus and when I heard him say the above it did occur to me that he spoke about Jesus as separate from himself; totally different from what I was led to believe. It’s possible, at a later time, that he had them believe he was God and would explain why Aideen Cowman referred to him as such during the relaxation sessions. How crazy is that? She is so under influence it is frightening to be aware of how constant hypnosis can affect ones sanity.

    Hypnotic abuse is very dangerous particularly when the desired result is for the person to have a nervous breakdown to deepen the cult belief system. What is said to bring it about cannot be recalled, however, the emotional trauma is horrendous.


  28. For those of you on the fence about Tony Quinn, maybe you should read about the time Tony met Jim Sheridan. Jim reported that Tony alluded to him that he was in fact Jesus Christ. Why would Jim make such a story up? What would a legendary Film Director and six time Academy Award nominee conjure something like this up?

    Myself, I’ve listened to one of his relaxation cds in which he gets you to relax and imagine yourself achieving your goals and then seeing a big Educo sign in the corner. Really Tony? What’s the purpose of making such an association? Using symbolism to link your organisation while a person is under a deep state of hypnosis is very low and unethical, don’t you think?

    Tony claimed to be this great pioneer in the area of hypnosis for pain control. If anyone would care to google James Esdaile hypnosis (1808-1859), you’ll see that James beat Tony to the punch by about 150 years. Which brings me to boxing….

    As for hypnotizing a boxer and openly saying that he would feel no pain whatsoever, that goes well and truly beyond the bounds of ethics especially for someone running courses in the area of Psychology itself. For the record, Steve Collins eventually went on to say that it was Tony Sadar who helped his success the most. Oddly enough, that never make it any of the Educo newsletters.

    Guess, It boils down to this. We’re all here looking to find meaning and purpose in our lives and that’s okay. What I don’t agree with is a guru who charges exorbitant rates to indoctrinate you with a mish-mash of age old philosophies that he calls his own. “I think Jesus was in the Educo business” Tony’s words not mine.

    I know how easy it is to knock another person and their work. What I do have a problem with however, is people making enormous claims of how successful they can help you become and then miserably failing to deliver on such a promise often.


  29. I remember both of those people very well. Farrell is one of the most superficial people I am ever met. Basically her goal was to be accepted into the core cult group. As I mentioned before the psychotherapy courses in Eccles Street were top heavy with the Educo ‘philosophy’ and during the days attending I noticed there was always some time taken to get ‘high’ talking about their ‘saviour’ the greedy alleged sexually abusive Quinn. The women knew exactly what was going on and were so under undue influence they were not concerned in the least about the harmful effects caused by their actions.

    Anyone who has been called out by a commenter on Dialogue for doing abusive therapy, and make no mistake, this is exactly what I am accusing Margaret Forde, Martin Forde and Aideen Cowman of, must have a huge capacity to ignore the harm the Educo cult does as a group. “Positive Psychology” is just another name for Tony Quinn’s ‘philosophy’. The Irish people need a good kick to wake them up to the harm caused when trained by Quinn, Aideen Cowman etc., to ‘switch’ people’s minds into believing LIES basically. It goes beyond believing in IT to indoctrination, brainwashed into thinking that anything that goes well in their lives is down to the Tony Quinn ‘philosophy’.

    I am reminded of the ‘therapeutic’ effect Forde had on an area of my life that, in truth, I have not recovered from. She had me write down the same thing over and over again so that my request would ‘come about’. I felt it was a mindless exercise and, of course, it was. My cognitive faculties were, at that time, out to lunch following her relaxation/hypnosis ‘therapy’ session and I had been convinced and led to expect a positive result that, on later reflection, was a totally bad decision. My life was turned upside-down for no good purpose accept ‘top brass’ desire to get me further involved in ‘using my mind’; hypnosis followed by self-hypnosis to strengthen the mind boggling ‘magical’ belief system and yes, effort on their part, ‘top brass’ were preparing me for separation from my family, freeing up my time to serve the cult.

    Do they mention they are connected to the Educo cult on their leaflets? It occurs to me that this is just another ruse to recruit for the cult. I think the libraries should be informed about their background and also made aware of Dialogue Ireland. This deserves to get a mention on a popular radio show. Make no mistake about it; they are connected to the Educo cult and need to be confronted about this.

    People who confronted Quinn and received compensation etc., are gagged so are not able to tell their story. I have not been in touch with Dialogue Ireland about this, however, I ask anyone out there who has a story and believe me, I have quite a few of them, should send them to Dialogue Ireland and they will pass them on to me? You can remain anonymous. There is a book to be written on this cult because the sooner the wider public are made aware of the cult techniques and know the people who are involved the less damage done.


  30. So Margaret Forde and Noreen Farrell are been given free reign to plug their “STUFF,” and we all know what that is, around Dublin City Libraries as part of the Spring program being offered at the expense of the people who actually pay tax in this country. Educo is a cult, have no doubt about that and these two women are well seasoned members and promoters of the Tony Quinn Educo Cult. So called positive psychology is what they are calling it. Cut the crap Margaret and Noreen. Just cut the crap. There are too many victims of this cult already and we don’t need libraries, who are there for the good of the people to be entertaining you.


  31. Educo’s mish mash of belief systems guaranteed Tony Quinn a string of women and, what is very disturbing, he brainwashed male followers to attract women to the cult. As I mentioned before Buddha was mentioned once and that was when I first went there; the Buddha in you accept I saw no evidence of anyone adhering to a Buddhist belief system. Instead it was the diamond in you. The Hindu influence was stronger; Tibetan, so called, Buddhism that believes in magic and using women sexually; how pathetic is that and a terrible lie; incidentally I believe it was the first lie/sin warned about in the Bible, the story of Adam and Eve who choose the knowledge of Satan; seduction is the name of the game. Quinn saw himself as a ‘messiah’ on a pedestal to be adored; a godman in the minds of his followers who could do no wrong. The uglier he gets the less power he has, however, it is the younger ones who are hideously influenced by him; the ‘lovers’ who think they are god’s gift that continue who are hypnotically influenced to sell sell sell. It is a sad fact that the young people who are attracted to, being drawn into the cult of believing that physical appearance is more important than moral and ethical standards, particularly those who worked for years, have nothing to show for it in any real sense of the word. First attract then get their money is what Quinn’s belief system is based on; love-bomb and abuse, hypnotically induced focus on doing his bidding.

    I believe the truth will come out and they will see how shallow he really is, a psychopath who gloried in self-inflation and ‘magical’ power, the much longed for Age of Aquarius that reflects human weaknesses, desire of worldly goods and nothing to do with humanitarianism or ‘making this world a better place’.


  32. I’m not sure if the rape accusations helped his reputation.


  33. What is the outcome of all of this? Tony Quinn and his ‘top brass’ BASKS IN THE GLORY FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES with other peoples money. So what has changed I hear you ask. Hasn’t he being doing that for years? I say, isn’t it about time someone started talking about it openly? Why should he get away with it?


  34. Quinn was always nervous about being in the public eye so it was unusual for him to appear on television, however, he was a guest on the Late Late Show in Ireland and the viewers were shown part of the video where he proclaims he was doing something unique, using hypnosis on patients so as to take away any need for anaesthetics. We now can view it as evidence of how he conned people into believing there was no more to it than met the eye. He knew these ‘patients’ for years. The idea that a 3 year follow up story would be done was ludicrous and one can only view this charade with a very sceptical eye to uncovering the truth.

    An extract from “The 21st Century Life-Changing Mind Technology” indicates how he uses language as a tool to influences people in preparation for his programmes. I have capitalised certain words:

    “With TRULY LIGHTNING SPEED you sifted through all of YOUR PROGRAMMES of a lifetime, weighed up the good and the bad and came up with the answer ‘Yes, I consider myself a success!’ or ‘No, I’m not!’ If the question is ‘Are you happy?’ what is your answer? Again, YOU QUICKLY PERFORM THE AMAZING FEAT. Ultimately, whatever stands out the most when you look inside your mind, wins. This will be whatever made the most powerful impression, and therefore became DEEPLY IMPRINTED on your mind.”

    If I didn’t realise how dangerous he is I would laugh at what he says. The truth is nobody that I know considers their life experiences as a series of PROGRAMMES that, LIKE LIGHTENING, pass through the mind. Very few can quickly span their life and say whether it was a failure or a success and, given his tendency to talk for hours non-stop I would be very surprised if anyone came up with a memory that fits his “DEEPLY IMPRINTED” theory that surfaces as quickly or with LIGHTENING SPEED as his hypnotically induced programmes.

    He says: “The mind can be divided into two areas, the conscious mind and the larger unconscious mind (sometimes referred to as the subconscious mind). Think of the conscious mind as more on the surface and the unconscious as the greater and deeper part of the mind. Research shows that the unconscious is largely making our everyday decisions, with some research showing as low as 5% conscious input – the 95% coming from the unconscious. This realisation, however, is not new. Way back, Freud maintained that WE WERE PUPPETS in the hands of the unconscious.”

    The 5% conscious input has been proved to be nonsense and it is also ridiculous to say that people are automatically living from the unconscious. People can learn from experience and change how they view life and make changes without the help of hypnosis. Freud had a strong influence on Quinn. He also used hypnosis; however, he stopped using it because HIS CLIENTS COULD NOT REMEMBER WHAT THEY HAD SAID OR WHAT HAD BEEN SAID TO THEM AND, MOST LIKELY, WHAT HAD BEEN DONE TO THEM. Quinn does not have any qualms of conscience about this nor does he care what effect it has as long as it serves his purposes. By the way, does anyone know the book that says Freud’s opinion is that ‘people are PUPPETS of the unconscious mind? By the time Quinn is finished with some people on his seminars they are puppets in his hands.

    He goes on to say: “A person could have a very happy life and then have one truly bad experience and this makes such a deep imprint on their mind that it LITERALLY WIPES OUT all the good from the past.”

    I have never met, only heard about people, who have had their memories of the past LITERALLY WIPED OUT because they have had a bad experience; an unusually very shocking experiences. What I do see is he introduces people to the idea that ALL BAD MEMORIES, bad experiences, in fact, YOUR WHOLE MEMORY can be WIPED OUT ‘as if by magic’; he is preparing them for deep hypnosis and, as has been proved over and over again, will use SHOCK TACTICS to do this; a technique used by Cowman etc., One can be left with no sense of connection to anyone; perish the thought they would have permanent loss of memory as well. I doubt he has achieved this unless with his ‘follies’ who were working with him for years; his programmes being stronger than anything they could recall. He demands total loyalty so very few friendships develop or grow under these circumstances.

    He goes on to say that: “Consequently, this bad experience CASTS A SHADOW over the person’s EVERYDAY life and now they are UNHAPPY. In turn, the experience can SEVERELY reduce or even PREVENT future happiness.”

    How dangerous is that, to say such a thing to people who are in a state of high suggestibility. First of all many people come out of bad experiences and live their lives relatively happily if not very happy as circumstances can change for the better during the course of one’s life. Again I would say it would depend on the severity of what happens. The only time I have felt, as he puts it, in a situation that would “prevent future happiness” was following the outcome of ‘therapy’ with Margaret Forde and Aideen Cowman and osteopathic ‘treatment’ with Martin Forde, frightening experiences that woke me up to the evil of what Quinn does. All three used hypnosis. They bring about the situation Quinn talks about so he can step in and take the applause for turning it around, at least, some people will be fooled into thinking this. All it opens a person up to living a life of servitude, a controlled, so called, happy life of being manipulated by Quinn or the ‘top brass’ unless you displease them and are banished back into the ‘negative world’. Quinn’s SHADOW can severely damage your mental health.

    He says: “Equally, a person could continually bemoan their lack of success, then have one big success and BASK IN THE GLORY of that for THE REST OF THEIR LIFE. So, as we have seen, DEEP IMPRINTS can CAST BIG SHADOWS. The DEEPEST IMPRINT on your mind, good or bad, CONTROL and FORM YOU and your life.”

    This, he will assure you, is exactly what he will do for you. HE WILL DEEPLY IMPRINT PROGRAMMES, REFORM YOU TO SUIT HIS NEEDS AND THEN BASK IN THE GLORY OF HIS CONTROL. He will have you believe that you are a success when he brings you through visualisation to change, so called, negatives into positives; that race you lost is replaced by an imaginary hallucination that convinces your mind that you won. You will BASK IN THE GLORY of the feeling of invincibility, which inevitably will wear off at some point in the future. A seminar costing 20,000 Euro or 63,000 Euro is a very high price to pay for imaginary success.

    Extract: “once the learning is accepted by the unconscious it becomes for the most part automatic and effortless.”

    In other words, under his control you will automatically do what he tells you even when he is not around, automatic and effortless; chances are you won’t give it much thought and believe you have decided to it whether it be word of mouth selling or opening up a business that feeds his bank account.

    This is so true Tony when you have spent years of using hypnosis and with the help of Cowman, the Fordes and many others under your influence to sell for you and those they targeted, like robots, went to banks and the Credit Unions to borrow for seminars where they were brain-washed to hand over more money for more seminars and shares for an oil company that paid no dividends. You are the scum of the earth!!


  35. Quinn puts his expansive psychopathic mind to work to achieve success quoting what he says in “The 21st Century Life-Changing Mind Technology” piece:

    “Hundreds? (wishful thinking) of practitioners are employed and self-employed in Ireland with a resulting beneficial impact on the health of the public. Similarly, the Tony Quinn Health Stores, while the Educogym franchise is now international and I believe is the answer to defeating obesity.”

    Nothing, of course, is mentioned about his money grabbing tactics and coercive hypnotic influencing of seminar attenders into working for him. Truthfully, his businesses could not work otherwise. What I can never forget is how his core group continued to abuse people when they left the seminars by having them attend classes to reinforce the so called ‘philosophy’.

    NOTE: Susan Morrice, Chairperson / Director, BNE & INE. Belize Natural Energy.

    “It is everyone’s dream to make a positive difference in the world. This is exactly what happened for a group of people who came to the seminars. They made a difference to a whole country. After the seminar we were convinced that we now had the secret to success and we founded a new company, Belize Natural Energy (BNE) and its parent company International Natural Energy (INE). The only problem was that we had no money. So we began to tell the dream to people who had attended Tony’s seminars and they became investors.”

    My husband Alex Cranberg’s company CHx, was the only oil company to invest. Tony worked with the people who were to drill giving them programs with the goal of finding oil.

    One of them is lying when an impression is given that Tony Quinn was either in or out of the equation when it all started. He would say he was out, however, the success of it all is handed to him on a platter.

    “This unheard of success and global reputation of the company has all been possible due to the critical involvment of Dr. Tony Quinn and the Educo® Seminars. Over 90% of the shares are held by 330 people who have been on the Educo® Seminars, and who believed in the importance of the holistic model in making their investment. Many of the members have expressed their gratitude to Tony already and the board of directors would like to join them in thanking him for all he has done and his and his undaunted commitment to the company.

    What Quinn has to say about it: “BNE is Belize’s number one source of revenue. It has clearly benefited the whole country. Indeed, hopefully the oil will secure the country’s future. Frankly, if this is all I ever achieved in my lifetime I would feel it was worthwhile.”

    As we know, the truth is that the “dream” turned into a nightmare for many investors who were denied yearly dividends and, in the end, capitulated to Tony Quinn by selling him their shares. There may be a few hanging back who put very large amounts of money into the venture. Maybe someone has more information on this?

    He pulled off the biggest con job and considers it his greatest achievement! Of course, they have to change the facts about what really happened otherwise it would be unsavoury to read. Why inform the public that he is nothing but a thief who uses hypnosis to DEEPENED THE MIND PROGRAMME of Morrice’s greed, who has ‘boldly gone where she had never gone before’; lied for him on countless occasions just as Martin Forde did for many decades and who also stood firm in her hypnotically induced belief of the Irish sorcerer.


  36. I meant “Quinn’s assertion” in the above comment.

    The Educo Gym Review

    Very interesting and typical that anyone attending an Educogym was “ given a prewritten programme.. while we all know that no one fits all exercise regime – no personal exercise are really considered.”

    She adds: “And the funny thing was watching them as the days progressed – at the start there was very little or no personal attention. On the second last workout = suddenly the affection came my way. I could not understand why.. After the workout I was asked if I want to continue on a follow on programme. Certainly no I thought to myself but didn’t say it. The sudden friendliness and phone calls followed. Honestly, I was very disappointed. All they want is to get clients on board and get them to pay, once you do – they no longer care.. I’ve been a member in various gyms before but that was the most disappointing experience.. by a mile!”

    Overall, it would seem to me, the gym programme was a valueless experience and what is most telling is how they change towards you at the end of your programme. I’m not surprised she did not continue in the gym. The reception she got is typical particularly the “friendliness” when it comes to making more money. Quinn accuses other gyms by repeatedly telling his workers and everyone else present on the seminars that they; “get them in, get their money and get them out again”, exactly what he did and continues to do through his mind conditioned staff. It was the same with the ‘request’ system; come the end of the month there is the reminder to renew.


  37. Authenticity of the following paragraph cannot be checked.

    “TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I can confirm that I was the supervisor of Tony Quinn who was conducting several studies into the potential of Educo as part of a degree programme. I can further confirm that the series of studies were conducted under the rules and regulations pertaining at the University of East London. Kind regards, Professor Brian R. Clifford. B.A., MSc., Ph.D., D.P.E., D.Ed., AFBPS,C.Psychol.”

    As we know now, the deceased Professor Brian Clifford did not take kindly to how he was used by Tony Quinn. Nothing was said about the many times Professor Clifford had successfully used hypnosis on patients that makes it totally untrue that there is anything ground-breaking about Quinn’s input, whatsoever.

    Quinn refers to “these four people “ who underwent the operation for various medical problems as “trained” in ‘how to use more of their minds’. It makes a total scam of the results of “these people” when he says “It all began with a 2-week seminar” as if to imply they had never undergone hypnosis by him previous to that. The results are meaningless when they agree “to be tracked over a 3 year period to see what difference the training had made in their lives.” The truth is, Tony Quinn had used hypnosis on “these four people” names conveniently not mentioned, over a good number of years to a degree that is possibly unknown elsewhere , in fact, they were known as ‘quinnites’ during the early years of his Educo cult.

    In the following I add capitals to key words Quinn uses to influence:

    “MANY claims are made for ‘success systems’ but NONE are supported by scientific studies. They ALL tell of AMAZING results achieved with a FEW EXCEPTIONAL individuals. Clearly the results ARE NOT TYPICAL. Here it is important to note that you are reading about the AVERAGE result achieved.”

    It is quite unbelievable that he has gotten away with this farce. The fact that he has not been taken seriously by science is because they do not see anything extraordinary or AMAZING about the operations. It is Tony Quinn who wants to be seen as EXCEPTIONAL. Note the ‘AVERAGE’ result achieved “by seminar attendees”. He did not present the truth; he had influenced “these four people” for years, who I notice remain nameless in his advertising, Quinn had TOTAL CONTROL over their minds and lives.

    Two people mentioned by name are Dr. Andrew Moore, Ph.D. Psychology, and Steve Collins. Moore is a friend of Quinn’s for decades, and this alerts us to the fact that Quinn has had total control over his mind for years so it would automatically make the results null and void.

    Steve Collins does not agree with Quinn’s ascertain that his mind controlling techniques were the reason he won the fight. One of Quinn’s alleged outcomes that Collins became “absolutely fearless” was very dangerous to Collins and Quinn’s interference did not do him any favours career wise in the long run.


  38. HoP skip and jump… vulture commenter


  39. I recognise Una. She has been with Quinn for donkeys years and, like many with her type of constitution, she never had a weight problem. Tom McKenna gave ‘relaxation’ classes from her home in Castleknock as she did after he moved on, into Eccles Street if memory serves me right where the incident of interest happened; I refer to later. Somehow, I doubt Una’s classes lasted very long. She is a great believer in the ‘mucky messiah’, totally smitten and totally indoctrinated, completely committed, the type of person who would be included so as to make her feel part of it all. She was very aware of the alleged sexual gossip that was spoken about involving Tom McKenna and, like so many of them around at that time, turned a blind eye. In fact, the alleged sexual gossip that was going around involved a woman who was earmarked for attention; she had the usual visits from one of Quinn ‘foolies’ who could not believe she was making such a fuss considering his ‘messiah’ had deigned to speak to her on one occasion. How dare she! Seriously, they considered it a great thing altogether if he spoke to them, however, she wasn’t so impressed as to keep quiet about McKenna’s behaviour. From what I understand she did not return, at least, I hope not.


  40. Why did Dialogueireland have to let go of the “oil” issue?…. moved to commenting section


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