Lamaism? Anghor Wat: What happened? Is this Tantric Hinduism?

Michael Arbuthnot, an an exuberant Californian archaeologist, is our guide to to Anghor, the vast 12th-century temple complex in Cambodia.

After explaining why and how Anghor Wat was built  (and what a Hindu holy place is doing in a Buddhist country,) he tries to establish how the civilisation that built it came to collapse 200 years later?


Could this be an example of Tantric Hinduism subverting Buddhism again?

I remember a Christian scholar who visited this site in 1969 and that was not easy then,  referring to to the two schools of Hinduism the Bhakti /personalist and the non dualistic not being able to deal with the problem of unity and diversity as developed by Greek philosophy? He was Os Guinness and we were at L’Abri in Switzerland. Seeing tantric sex with animals was new at the time, it is all beginning to make sense now…….. There is a tendency to minimize the sexual dimension of say the Shiva Lingum or these Tantric images of sex with humans and animals. It is nearly impossible to actually find them as it is regarded as politically incorrect to show them?
Published on Nov 14, 2013

Here we have a documentary from the True Enlightenment Foundation in Taiwan which actually confirms this observation.

The documentary can be found in my post:

Ancient Mega Structures – Angkor Wat (National Geographic Documentary)


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  1. The essay could be useful for a deeper understanding of Tantrism:

    DI, you may move it to a better place, I am to lazy to find one. :-)


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