Quinn’s secret meeting at Clontarf Castle… Anything new yes lovely new seating in reception

TQ Clontarf sign

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Tony Quinn recycling the old tapes in Clontarf Castle. He usually exits from the kitchen. Will he come our the front door today? Tony Quinn recycling the old tapes in Clontarf Castle. He usually exits from the kitchen. Will he come our the front door today?

Tony Quinn spoke to a depleted audience at Clontarf Castle yesterday. You know the game plan. Tell them there is a new angle and then reinforce the old programming big time. It goes on and on as he goes on. The hotel has had a facelift and Tony unlike normal citizens does not come in the front door but through the kitchen. Perhaps he materialised through the skylight… Continue reading

Tony Quinn, Educo…..Cult? Time of year to go to a GYM

As we enter into 2014, we note that 2013 was a relatively good year for Quinn.

He was not in the public eye too much and he most probably believes he has escaped scrutiny due to his buying off his former Educoists and his shareholding in the OIL business INE/BNE. We have no idea what is happening in the oil company, but we are sure that the shareholders are not doing well.

That is a five year journey of engagement around the oil issue we have had to let go of and of course we continue to assist the victims of Quinn and his Educo Group…..

I was minding my own business when this leaflet came through my door. You know that before and after look. It was offering in a very glossy format an opportunity for me to join a gym. Continue reading


Here at Dialogue Ireland, we respond to queries and requests for help from people who have suffered, are suffering or know someone who has suffered or is suffering from oppression and/or exploitation at the hands of cult leaders. Our response is to provide them with information about cults in general and about their cult in particular, if we have such information in our archives, to help them to understand what has happened in the cult and to regain an awareness of their rights as human beings and citizens of a free country. The most important way to help people exiting or trying to exit from such organisations is read what others have experienced and use the blog to leave comments as part of their recovery. The reason we sometimes extend our activities to having a presence outside some cult events such as Educo-related occasions is that we know from people contacting us that DI is represented as a sinister force to cult followers, who are warned not to read our “negative” blog and to distrust our information. Hence we present on these occasions with a humorous and approachable appearance, banners etc to counteract this propaganda, so that in their time of need, wavering and disillusioned followers may decide to turn to us after all. This may be the only chance some cult followers get, to be exposed to views outside the cult bubble. Many have told us that during their time of devoted cult following, they “never thought they’d ever be talking to Dialogue Ireland”, so we consider it part of our mission to make ourselves as visible as possible to those who may benefit from our services now or in the future. We never harass anyone or attempt to prevent them from attending the event, and indeed often meet insults thrown our way, with humorous banter. Continue reading

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