Allison Nelson tells the story of how she was brought under undue influence in the Magnificat Meal Movement

Inside Australia’s religious ‘Triple M’ cult

nelson mum


Watch the programme below:


Tonight on A Current Affair

January 08, 2015: Inside Australia’s Triple M cult, now the brave whistleblower exposes the former housewife who ran one of the country’s most notorious religious operations.

2 Responses

  1. I would be delighted to talk to you about this Allison.


  2. There are many names tor Jesus, Yahsuha is only one. Yet I heard her say (Debramarie) to her misguided flock that they are not allowed to call Jesus, Jesus. She said maybe demons like to say the name Jesus. She sounds seriously lacking in common sense. Also, Claire Murphy and Clare Birchley should be writing a book on HOW TO ABANDON THE CATHOLIC FAITH and pay for the sins of following Debra.


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