Susan Morrice gets Spotlight off the air, but the BBC puts up the Mairia Cahill story on Youtube?

Dialogue Ireland received a request for information about the fact that Susan Morrice until recently had a License pending to search for Petroleum in Northern Ireland.Then our source heard she’d very quietly withdrawn the application in June of this year.

Here we note how people attached to groups like Tony Quinn come under extreme pressure. They tend to lose all sense of autonomy and regurgitate their Guru’s every thought.
Note how Morrice was under the influence of Quinn:

“I came across this in Hansard but don’t necessarily trust it because of the privilege Lords etc use to say what they want.”

Viscount Colville of Culross (CB), House of Lords, 25th February 2014

I cite two recent cases. In October 2012 “Spotlight” broadcast a programme called “Belize Oil” which investigated the business affairs of Susan Morrice, a Belfast-born businesswoman, now based in Denver. She raised money for an oil exploratory company called International Natural Energy. Astonishingly, the company struck oil in Belize and made millions of dollars. However, the class B shareholders—many from Northern Ireland—who were not professional investors, did not receive a penny in dividends. They sued Ms Morrice, who was found guilty in a Caribbean court of having siphoned off thousands of pounds of company money for her personal use.

As the programme was being prepared for transmission, the journalists involved were bombarded with daily, sometimes hourly, threats of defamation. After transmission, a libel writ was issued against the programme. Tens of thousands of pounds of licence payers’ money was spent as BBC journalists and lawyers prepared the defence case, only for Ms Morrice to drop the case. This is the woman who has Northern Ireland’s gas and oil exploration rights. []

Dialogue Ireland cooperated with the BBC Spotlight programme, but no sooner was the programme complete that we got demands to take down the story from our site. We got a copyright threat. so all the good work they did went down the toilet. We hope that the BBC might release it again for research purposes.

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  1. I was pressured into going on a seminar around the time they were looking for people to buy shares in INE. I was sent to Eccles Street and Aideen Cowman advised me on borrowing the money to go on a seminar. Has anyone managed to get dividends yet? Dialogue, is anything happening at all legally to compensate for the attenders who were conned out of their money?


  2. Mairia Cahill would not have the money to buy them off. Maybe that’s why BBC put her on UTUBE. It does make them look cowardly. Spotlight on T Quinn was ok though they did not try very hard to get the full facts on him.


  3. Tony Quinn snake eyed salesman always trying to disguise his true nature gets those under his influence to spend other peoples money to silence the BBC who should not sin by silence when they should protest thus making cowards out of them.


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