Prayer Rage at Dublin Airport by Jim Gallagher and Neil Fetherston, Sunday World, November 2, 2014

The continued outrage of the abuse of thousands of Catholics around this country continues:

Read pdf here: Airport fury1           Airport fury2

The cause is Christina Gallagher ably supported by Fr McGinnity. The lack of of a response by the Catholic Church means it continues…….

SW2Note the guy giving the salute. It is the House of Prayer manager Noel
Guinan. He is also the butler Carson in Downton Abbey City West.

See an earlier report about him from 2008:

Noel Guinan


5 Responses

  1. It is regrettable that only the Sunday World will attempt to follow and print stories regarding the charlatan. I can assure you, however, that if the financial stakeholders at the Sunday World were to lose money because of their coverage of CG, that they would cease and desist from any further interest.

    If you want the attract the attention of sane, rational people (most of whom do NOT read the Sunday World) then a well crafted well argued piece needs to be written for a newspaper that has less to do with sensationalism, one with at least a modicum of newsworthiness.

    All media is owned by big business including the Sunday World, whose interests in seediness and dirt precedes them. Pot/kettle.


  2. If only I could make believe myself to be so, so, gullible I then would be secure in the knowledge that such acts of aggregation are completely justified, and that me myself personally, my own body and soul safe from such harm…

    Why does this coward of a woman run away at the first sign of any independent enquiry, when presented with an opportunity to prove herself to the unbelievers? Which accounts for about 99.99999% of the population. What is it that she really fears? What was the worse thing that could have happened? That she got quoted? It is she, and she alone, who has not made herself, at best, a laughing stock, surrounding herself like with drones in a hive.

    Now, rant over, where did I leave my chequebook? Cash only you say? Sure! I don’t mind, why would I? According to Gutsy Gallagher it’ll all be worthless in a very short time anyway, I know this for certain as she has being saying the same thing for decades, even long before the last financial crisis. Any day now, any minute, you’ll wait and see. All you have to do is just keep on waiting, and waiting and…ZZZ.


  3. Not very “Christian” this vicious response to the journalists at the airport. Good work by the SW, unlike the weedy press who tremble at the mention of legal threats.


  4. Wow Christina is a total disgrace, hiding behind these people, making out she is the victim keeping up the lie about all the millions she has amassed from them. I cant believe these crazy idiots are reduced to assulting press photographers for doing their job. It just shows the level of mind control these people are under that they believe that anyone legitimately asking Gallagher where her millions came from will ‘go to hell’? what absolute rubbish Gallagher and McGinnity are telling them. Such aggression, such viciousness in that woman’s comment that ‘you wouldnt know a hail Mary if it slapped you in the face’. Is this really how normal people would behave on return from holy pilgrim sites?
    It is galling to see Christina and McGinnity touring around Catholic pilgrim sites trying to align themselves to Catholic doctrine to support their scam mission when they are as far away from the Church aims as they can possibly be. No, the Church needs to out this bunch, it is delinquent for not doing something before now.

    I am delighted that once again Jim Gallagher has exposed her for who she really is and for putting the public straight on the lies McGinnity told in the Independent article.


  5. Irish pied piper of a Marian scam confronted in airport after bringing them on a merry-go-round to pilgrimage sites in Italy
    Both State and Church has a duty of care to vulnerable citizen victims.


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