EDUCO: Tony Quinn, Susan Morrice. Why is she not mentioning the Educo Seminar in Zambia?

We were contacted by a researcher who wanted to share what they found about a very old friend of Dialogue Ireland Susan Morrice and her engagement with Zambia.


I was never in the EDUCO Cult, nor have I met Susan Morrice. But I know people who have. People have told me how she approaches people on LinkedIn and is inquisitive about them. One of my old bosses from the BBC even had Susan Morrice on his LinkedIn and told me she spoke to him on a flight and asked to connect. Morrice seems to want to connect with as many people as she can.

So, it was no surprise to see that she would be addressing the Zambians Promoting Leadership In America group’s “Shifting Mindsets to Ignite Growth” event in Atlanta in December last year. Morrice likes to address a lot of diverse audiences. She has addressed University of Colorado students ( ), the Rotary Club in Melbourne ( ) and even the Society of Exploration Geophysicists “Evolve” YouTube channel ( ).

In each of these events she has told the story of how she attended the EDUCO Seminar (“spelled E-D-U-C-O”) and how she and Mike Usher used the power of their minds to discover oil. Now I know this is the newest version of the story of BNE/INE; the more long-winded one is far more interesting than the fairy-tale that features in “The Magic In You” book by Patricia Fitzpatrick’s daughter Emma Maree.

( )

I was intrigued as to how Morrice would address the Zambians Promoting Leadership In America group. Would she promote the EDUCO Seminar? Would she offer a lucky person a paid-for ticket for the Seminar?

I tried to contact a number of the organisers beforehand and made them aware of Morrice’s passion for EDUCO and “Dr” Tony Quinn so they would know what to expect.

When the video of Morrice’s speech was released on YouTube in January, I was surprised there was no mention of EDUCO or “Dr” Tony Quinn, as is usual for Morrice. ( ). In the video Morrice states she is grateful to have been introduced to the group by Dr Luka Powanga who is a Professor teaching Accounting, Economics, and Finance in the Anderson College of Business and Computing at Regis University in Colorado ( ).

Morrice was decorated at another University, the University of Colorado with the role of “GEM Executive in Residence” between October and December 2018. Morrice had no qualms promoting the EDUCO Seminar at the University of Colorado, so what had changed?

Towards the end of her speech about “Mindsets” and “Aligning yourself” an event-organiser signalled to Morrice she was to wind up her speech, which she did. ( ) Not even in the after-speech interview did she mention EDUCO or “Dr” Tony Quinn

This was strange to me. Has Morrice given up on her Guru “Dr” Tony Quinn? Morrice still uses the language of EDUCO, aligning yourself to some mystical power and shifting your mindsets, whatever that means.

I was then intrigued to discover that in February Regis University in Colorado was hosting an “Executive Speaker Night” featuring Susan Morrice hosted by Dr Luka Powanga. I emailed Powanga to inform him that Morrice might possibly talk about EDUCO and to be mindful of this if his event was for an audience of students. I received a strange email response from Powanga suggesting he thought I was Morrice as the message was to reassure her:

Susan: Do not worry about it. It was just an FYI so you aware.

I apologize for missing your call. My phone was charging.


​Because of the time-difference between the UK and “Mountain Daylight Time” it was a late night for me. I watched the Zoom call, which did have an audience of students and waited to pose a question at the end. I chatted with a moderator of the call about Morrice and her history with EDUCO and was mysteriously kicked off the call. Thinking I would not be let back in, I half-heartedly try to re-join and was surprised I was let back in. I prepared a question to paste into the chat when Powanga opened the floor to questions:

You mention a seminar on your website as being responsible for your success. You have said it is “PhD Acclaimed”; what does this mean? Who has this PhD? What is it in? And who issued it?

​You can watch as Dr Powanga asks Morrice the question here: only he posed the question “You mention a Seminar on your website as being responsible for your success; how did that come about?” I did find it strange how a Professor at a University would deleted a specific question in that way, and off I popped to bed.

In June I was very surprised to see that Dr Luka Powanga and Susan Morrice were both to speak at an event in Zambia in July; the “Shifting Mindsets To Ignite Growth” conference to be held in Livingstone in Zambia. Powanga subsequently pulled out, but the source-code for the above archived page shows he was at one point a Speaker.

As the event drew closer other announcements were made; Lukwesa Burak of the BBC would be receiving an award. And just days before the conference it was announced that President of Zambia Hakainde Hichilema would be attending

Emails were sent to the organisers and other speakers to ask if they knew about Morrice’s documented habit of speaking about EDUCO and “Dr” Tony Quinn. I am told by some of the speakers who responded that the conference organisers were suggesting that any such communication was originated from someone who could not be trusted, despite Morrice’s own Wikipedia page linking to numerous published newspaper articles affirming these connections.

As the event was underway it was announced that BBC anchor Lukwesa Burak would be hosting a panel featuring Morrice at the end of the first day.

This was something of a surprise given that Viscount Colville spoke in the UK Parliament’s House of Lords in 2014 regarding efforts to “Chill Free Speech” in relation to the harassment and intimidation meted out toward the colleagues of Burak who had produced the 2012 BBC Spotlight programme “Belize Oil” that explored “Dr” Tony Quinn’s influence on Morrice’s business matters.

See the BBC Spotlight documentary here:

See BBC Producer Colville on the floor of the House of Lords decry the threats and intimidation meted out against BBC journalists here:

As photographs and video began to surface we found out that Morrice was accompanied by fellow EDUCO recruiter Patricia Fitzpatrick in listening to President Hichilema’s address:

Photographs of the event and festivities show Morrice and Fitzpatrick had a good time; no reports of any talk of EDUCO or “Dr” Tony Quinn however!


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  1. Here is Morrice confirming it was Dr Luka Powaga who introduced her to the Zambian Diaspora group and also where I was kicked off the Zoom-call by a moderator when I raised concerns of EDUCO


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