Scientology Organisation – A revisit to “Holy” ground.

Scientology has left the building. I had not been in Middle Abbey Street for years and was shocked at how bad it looks. I remember the Hairdresser called House of Colour next door. Scientology used to have some form of ownership of the property. Someone saw me checking the place and told me Zabrina Shortt is checking for rents there?

This place opened in May 1988….what has happened to the Ryans who were at the centre of things but there seems to be no sign of them? This year was the 10th anniversary the amazing Conference on Scientology in Dublin. Folks like Jamie DeWolf, Tory Christman, Gerry Armstrong and other Scientologists were here.

Background to the total confusion resulting from the involvement of John McGhee.

Note the beautiful entry where John McGhee used to trespass and hassle Scientologists. When Matt McKenna used to come to the Anonymous Protest John McGhee came early then headed of to work after creating mayhem. Note it has a massive gate to stop entry now.

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