Islamic Organisations and Mosques in Ireland

Islamic Organisations and Mosques in Ireland (2002)

2.1. The Islamic Foundation of Ireland:

Its headquarters is in Dublin. It is the mother Islamic organisation in Ireland. It was established in the name of the Dublin Islamic Society in 1959. Later on the name was changed to the Islamic Foundation of Ireland so that it could represent Muslims all over Ireland. The Foundation is registered as a ‘Friendly Society’ with the Registry of Friendly Societies since 1971. It is also registered as a charitable organisation. The Foundation has a written constitution and a  Council, Majlis ash-Shura, which is elected every year by the registered members of the Society. Membership of the Islamic Foundation of Ireland is open to all Muslims in Ireland. Every Muslim in Ireland is an honorary member of the Foundation according to the Constitution of the Society. As for the right of voting and being elected, it is only confined to the registered members. The number of registered members at present is 1,384 from all over Ireland. The Foundation runs the Dublin Mosque and Islamic Centre. It has established a mosque in the city of Cork for the local Muslims in 1994, and supervised the construction of the Islamic Cultural Centre in Dublin, which was donated by Sheikh Hamdam Al-Maktoum, and was officially opened in 1996. The financial resources of the Foundation on which it depends to run it’s activities include some of the houses which were bought after the establishment of the Mosque so that these houses would be used as Waqf, ( which are rented and the income used to cover the expenses of the Mosque and Islamic Centre. The Foundation also owns a shop for selling Halal meat and other food and a restaurant for serving daily meals, meals for the Islamic Centre’s and private functions. With the growth of the number of Muslims in Ireland the financial burden upon the Foundation has increased. The only regular donation, which the foundation receives from outside Ireland, is part of the salary of the Imam of the Foundation, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Endowment and Islamic Affairs in Kuwait.

2.2. The Islamic Cultural Centre, Dublin:

In 1992, Sheikh Hamdan Ben Rashid Al-Maktoum, Deputy Governor of Dubai and Minister of Finance & Industry in the United Arab Emirates agreed to finance the purchase of land, which included a building, to house the Muslim National School (established in 1990). Later on Sheikh Hamdan agreed to sponsor the construction of a purpose built Mosque and Islamic Centre on the same site. Work started on the new Mosque and Centre in 1994 and was completed in 1996. In November 1996 the Centre was officially opened.

The new premises of the Mosque and Islamic Centre was given to the Islamic Foundation of Ireland (which supervised it’s construction) and lease was signed for thirty five years giving the Islamic Foundation the right to run it. So, in effect the Islamic Foundation ran both Mosques in Dublin, the old Mosque and New Mosque.

[Here you see where the fault lines emerged. Basically the Foundation was to run Islam in Ireland. The imam of the South Circular Road mosque, Yahya al-Hussein a Sudan native, moved to Clonskeagh and the mosque on the South Circular Road was to close or be wound down. Not only did he move but he had an apartment there at the side of the mosque.]

However, after the passage of seven months the Islamic Foundation of Ireland was asked to abandon it’s right in the lease of the property and reassign it to the newly formed Al-Maktoum Foundation (formed in 1997.) This move caused division and unnecessary trouble in the community. Although the reassignment of the lease to the Al-Maktoum Foundation has not been done as yet, the headquarters of the Islamic Foundation returned to the old Mosque in Dublin.

[Yahya al-Hussein, was basically ousted and had to return to the South Circular Road. He continued to reside in Clonskeagh for a number of years. A South African Muslim who did voluntary work at the South Circular Road was requested to go West Africa to raise funds to develop the old mosque, but was shocked to find he was being asked to collect hundreds of thousands of Euro to be used in a legal battle with Clonskeagh. Whether these differences have being resolved or merely papered over is hard to know. Certainly it is an intra Muslim Brotherhood dispute. In his place Sheikh Hussein Hallawa became the Imam of Clonskeagh.]

The Islamic Cultural Centre is now run by the Al-Maktoum Foundation (all of it’s Directors are from the United Arab Emirates.) This is done through a local committee, which is chosen by the Al-Maktoum Foundation.

Muslim Brotherhood:

Other than in Qatar, The Muslim Brotherhood has its strongest base in Ireland.  And that is because its most senior living member, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, fundamentally runs Islam in this country.  Qaradawi is banned in the United States, but is President of the Muslim Brotherhood’s front-organization, The European Council of Fatwa and Research (ECFR), which is permanently headquartered at the Islamic Cultural Centre in Clonskeagh, Dublin.  Qaradawi has visited Ireland 3 times since September 2000.  His most recent trip was in February 2005, when he chaired a session of the ECFR.  Here is a sample of what Mark Dooley wrote under the headline “Sheikh of Death Must be Barred” in the Sunday Independent (July 17, 2005):

“At its conference in 2003, the ECFR issued a fatwa (legal ruling) calling for “martyrdom operations” by “Palestinian factions to resist the Zionist occupation, even if the victims include some civilians.”  Qaradawi, who commented that the suicide bomb “is a weapon the likes of which the enemy cannot obtain,” sanctioned and researched this fatwa.  The Dublin-based council also backs the ‘resistance’ in Iraq, including the killing of civilians.  In August 2004, Qaradawi said that, “fighting American civilians in Iraq is a duty for all Muslims.  There is no difference between a civilian and a military American in Iraq.”  In 2002, he declared that the “Israelis might have nuclear bombs, but we have the children bomb-and these human bombs must continue until liberation.”  When two American hostages were beheaded in Iraq in 2004, the United Arab Emirates newspaper, Al lithad said the slaughter was “in direct response to Qaradawi’s fatwa and incitement which permits the killings of American citizens.”  And in a letter to the UN in dated October 2004, over 2500 Muslim scholars called for an international treaty banning the use of religion for incitement to violence.  The letter directly names Qaradawi as a ‘Sheikh of death’ and accuses him of “providing a religious cover for terrorism.””

The Imam of Clonskeagh, Sheikh Hussein Hallawa, is permanent Chair of the ECFR.  Hallawa cannot speak publicly or issue statements before Qaradawi sanctions them.  He is also a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, as are most other senior members of the Sunni community in Dublin and beyond.  And not only is the imam of the Southern Circular Road Mosque, Sheikh Yahya al-Hussein, a member of the Brotherhood, but he is also a member of Hamas.

In short, the European base for the Muslim Brotherhood is the ECFR, and all of its militants and operatives throughout Europe have been to Ireland at some stage.  Ireland was chosen for as a site for the ECFR because “it is perceived as being easy to get into and out of.”

There is also a Qaradawi ‘youth movement’ in all the mosques in Ireland, under the aegis of the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS).

[Sheikh Hussein Hallawa from Egypt hardly speaks a word of English and so the media have given the title of resident theologian to the front man of the MB in Ireland, Ali Selim also an Egyptian who has an important role. Instead of a critical journalism, we get a fawning ‘Islamagape.’

Here is a blog which gave an important response to a Prime Time documentary from a week before Christmas in 2006.

It was lost midst the usual rush for Christmas. Was that an editorial decision?

Here again Selim who had been elected that September as the Secretary of a now defunct Islamic Council had this to say on the programme according to Carew’s report,  “The Clonskeagh’s Centre’s Dawa [faith propaganda] is directed by the very fluent Ali Selim, who, on-air, said he “did not know  [Osama Bin Ladin] OBL”, and so could neither respect nor disrespect him. And I also never met the late Herr Hitler, or the late Comrade Marshal Stalin, or the late Chairman Mao, or OBL, or Pol Pot, but I have no problem in reaching, and stating, a clear answer to the direct question of whether I respect such mass, serial murderers. We in Ireland are far too well used to such insulting equivocation from our native apologists for terror since 1970, to fall for that trick in 2006.” Earlier in May, Also Kadoo a functionary at Clonskeagh,  when interviewed by the BBC Spotlight programme acted if they had nothing to do with Qaradawi.

At the time of his becoming secretary of the Muslim Council in September 2006 Selim said on Vincent Browne’s Evening programme that he would like to see Sharia law being introduced into Ireland?

Muslim Council formation

Monday, 18 December 2006

The Irish Jihadi Cells Exposed

On Monday evening, Dec 18, 2006, the Irish State-owned RTE 1 TV, on its flagship current affairs investigative program, “Prime Time”, after the main 9-9.30 PM evening news, broadcast a 1-hour report on the Jihadi risk within Ireland. It quoted from intelligence reports, both police [Garda ] and military [G-2] sources, and interviewed on-air recently retired US experts, such as John Brennan, 2004-05 chief of their National Counter-Terrorism Center, and Dan Coleman, ex-FBI OBL Unit, as well as many Muslim figures in Ireland. The program research seemed very thorough, balanced and comprehensive in range, and led substantial weight to the extremely disturbing conclusions which emerged.

Prime Time estalished five central and troubling issues.

Firstly, there is a Jihadi propaganda operation active in Ireland.

Secondly, there is, within the Muslim community in Ireland, high-level sympathy for Jihad.

Thirdly, there is a small [15%-19%] element in this community, which supports such terror.

Fourthly, several active Jihadi terrorists have been identified with Irish links.

Fifthly, a significant Al-Qaida figure is based in Dublin for some 25 years, and has acquired Irish citizenship.

Re 1, a British-born Pakistani Iman, Ismail Kotwal, here for 9 years, runs a Madrasa in Aungier Street, Dublin 2, in the South Inner City, and also a Mosque in the Black Pitts area of that quarter. He regards the Taliban “as a model”, and holds OBL [Osama Bin Ladin] as “a good and god-fearing man”, who also resembles the Prophet. Kotwal, as a Deobandi, refuses to be photographed, and is one of the recently-formed 14-strong Council of Imans, which although it includes one Shia, is Sunni-dominated. The main bastion of Sunni presence is the “Islamic Cultural Centre” at the South Dublin suburb of Clonskeagh, which has enjoyed significant Gulf funding. This Centre acts as the secretariat for Qaradawi’s European Fatwa Council – he notoriously supports suicide-bombing, has been embraced by London’s hard-left Mayor Ken Livingstone, and is a Gulf-based Egyptian and a major Muslim Brotherhood figure.

The encouraging aspect is that two young students walked out of a religion class given by Kotwal, in response to his pro-OBL propaganda, and their fathers, on-air, fully supported their sons. But the [Roman Catholic Church-affiliated] De La Salle School in Churchtown, Dublin, took no action. The record in Germany from 1932 of Church resistance to the Nazis is notoriously patchy – to put it very mildly. A few brave martyrs, some collaborators, but most silent.

Re 2, this Centre’s Dawa [faith propaganda] is directed by the very fluent Ali Selim, who, on-air, said he “did not know OBL”, and so could neither respect nor disrespect him. And I also never met the late Herr Hitler, or the late Comrade Marshal Stalin, or the late Chairman Mao, or OBL, or Pol Pot, but I have no problem in reaching, and stating, a clear answer to the direct question of whether I respect such mass, serial murderers. We in Ireland are far too well used to such insulting equivocation from our native apologists for terror since 1970, to fall for that trick in 2006.

Re 3, an opinion poll showed that 15% overall, but 19% of those 15-26 years, sympathised with OBL. Details will be published in the daily “Irish Independent”. This level is broadly similar to several UK surveys, and suggest a pro-terror base of at least 8,000 in Ireland, quite enough to generate scores of active terrorists, and hundreds of active auxiliaries.

Re 4, one Jihadi terrorist killed in Iraq with Irish links, was Abu Hafs al-Libi, closely linked to Zarqawi himself. Irish passports have also been found in Jihadi circles abroad – the Shia Iman suggested maybe 11 – although some may not belong to Irish citizens, but have been stolen or forged. Three other major Jihadi terrorists were named. One, who lived in Lucan, 10 miles West of the City Centre, is now serving 6 years in prison in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Another, an Algerian, Hamid H, has left Ireland, while a third, who lived in Enfield, County Meath, a town in the Greater Dublin commuter belt, is now in jail in Tunisia. These four Sunni men were linked to the Clonskeagh Mosque, and to the next character.

Re 5, a naturalised Irish citizen with 5 children, here for some 25 years, Ibrahim Buisir, balding, neatly- bearded, and bespectacled, fluent in English, was identified as a major player. He has worked here as a slaughter-house operative and as a journalist. He heads an NGO with some 40 offices, “Islamic-African Relief Agency”, one in Dublin, and linked to “Mercy International” and to the “MK” [Maktab has had its US assetts frozen]. He has contacts with Jihadi figures across Europe, such as Spain, Italy, Germany, as well as [since 1994-5] with East African Jihadi elements, including OBL’s private secretary, Wadi el-Haj. 224 were murdered in the Embassy bombings by Al-Qaida elements.

Jack Cloonan, ex-FBI [1976-2002] came to Dublin to confer with his Irish colleagues on the common Jihadi threat. Buisir was quoted as using 15 Bank Accounts for his operations. Our Garda [police] questioned Buisir for 3 days in their South Inner City “A” District HQ in Kevin Street, but he has not been charged. He is said to be under physical and electronic surveillance by our Garda Special Branch.

Interestingly, both a moderate Sunni, Sheikh Dr, Satardien, and the Shia Iman from Milltown, Dublin Mosque, both stated on-air, that there was a Jihadi presence, and influence, in Ireland.

I will return to this serious topic – this TV program may prove to be a watershed in ending the denial and toleration in Ireland regarding sinister conspirators in our midst, or their apologists.

We have all seen what happens when this kind of threat is ignored. Decent Muslims and all democrats, must stand together to expose, confront and rout the common Jihadi threat, be it their logistical and financial tools, or their explosives stores, or their ideology and propaganda.

Posted by Tom Carew

[This information relates to an article published in 2002 and may be totally out of date. We invite comments from the members of these mosques and we will bring the information up to date.]

2.3. The Cork Muslim Society:

The Cork Muslim Society was established in 1984. Its membership is open to all Muslims in Co. Cork. The local Muslims choose a committee annually to run the Mosque and community affairs. In 1994 a house was bought to be used as a Mosque and Islamic Centre for the Muslim community in Cork. There is a problem, which is facing the Muslims in Cork right now. This has to do with the refusal of the Local Authority to allow Muslims to continue using the house as a Mosque. The Cork Corporation is saying that Muslims have not obtained planning permission to change the use of the property from a single dwelling into a Mosque. This problem arose after complaints were made to the Cork Corporation, the Local Authority regarding the manner in which Muslims park their cars when they attend the Mosque on Fridays. This is something, which caused traffic chaos in the area. Right now the Muslims in Cork are seeking to obtain a more suitable place, which is a bigger house with parking facilities. This is especially needed in light of the increase in the number of Muslims in Cork.

2.4. The Galway Islamic Society:

The Galway Islamic Society was established in 1978. In 1981 a house was bought in Galway to be used as a Mosque. Membership of the GalwayIslamic Society is open to all Muslims living in County Galway in the west of Ireland.

2.5. Ballyhaunis Mosque:

Ballyhaunis Mosque was built in 1987. It is considered to be the first purpose-built Mosque in Ireland. There are only two Mosques of this type in Ireland at present; the Ballyhaunis Mosque and the Mosque of the Islamic Cultural Centre, which was donated by Sheikh Hamdan Al-Maktoum. The Ballyhaunis Mosque is a small mosque, which accommodates about one hundred and fifty worshippers. It was built by a Muslim businessman called Sher Rafique who used to own a meat factory in that remote town in the North West of Ireland. Although the factory has gone bankrupt, and the owner and his family moved to Britain there is still a small Muslim community, which is using the facility of the Mosque at present.

2.6. Limerick Mosque:

There is a Mosque in the City of Limerick which local Muslims established and where congregational and Jumu’ah prayers are performed. The Mosque is run by the committee, which established it.

2.7 There are a number of houses, which are rented and used by Muslims for the Jumu’ah prayer as in Waterford city and Cavan.

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  1. Why is it that at present muslims around the world do not seem to want to help their fellow muslims, they obviously want Europeans & others to do this. We are constantly being reminded of their faith, their god, their religion, their Koran, what about humanity for a change. Millions are heading off to Saudi for prayers shortly, could they not offer help to their fellow muslims instead, surely that is better than prayer. The Arab states are so wealthy, they don’t know what to do with their money, well there’s an answer, help those in need and stop going on about religion, muslims don’t know the meaning of it.


  2. No groups based on direct or strict interpretation of the Koran should be allowed to organize and grow to any significant or dangerous size and power within any Western democratic nation. The Koran asks its adherents to persecute, torture, maim, and kill all non Muslims. This doctrine is strongly “anti Constitutional” for all Western democratic nations.

    In the same way that we actually do allow “Mein Kampf” to be published, distributed, and sold within some Western democracies, we do allow the Koran to be published, distributed and sold; however, we do not tolerate or we certainly will monitor and restrict any active organizing groups based on Mein Kampf and the German Nazi party principles and doctrine. The same should be true when we consider how to handle the Koran; it should not be allowed to be used as the organizing principle for large, well funded, growing political and religious organizations.

    When this occurs, we see the beginning of a miliitary emergency. Similarly, a very large dynamic Nazi party growing within the USA would soon attract the attention of authorities, and would be monitored, members might be investigated closely for any types of legal violations, and so forth. When these dangerous organizations, based on dangerous and deadly doctrines, begin to organize rapidly and dynamically, the situation changes from a question of total religious freedom and spiritual beliefs to the realm of political and military effects and impacts; these then become the focus of concern for government and for those who seek to protect and uphold democratic principles and values, and who seek to defend their own nation against sedition and treason.


  3. DI Moderation: No racist stereotypes please!
    xxxxx are a nuisance to good muslims.


  4. from what I’ve heard and know of that Imam, although he claims to be a Hanafi he’s really a Sufi and there are some problems in his Aqeedah – Allahualam.


  5. I wonder why a moderate Islamic organisation based in Dublin has not been mentioned? This is the Al-Mustafa Islamic Cultural Centre in Blanchardstown. They have a website
    Semons are all in English during prayers and are uploaded on the website. The Imam is a strong believer in integration and interfaith dialogue.


  6. i converted but i lack some islamic book e,g quran and other i you have you can donate to me


  7. it is not about the money, or someone own the Ireland. it is ALLAH WORK. we are still been create and create, ALLAH has not finish HIS creation. so have that in the back of your mind, if ALLAH want’s to change everything and everyone it ALLAH a blink of an eye.


  8. It is well known in islamic countries that it is easy to get into Ireland , It is or has been a back door into the rest of Europe. That is common knowledge. I really fear for the future , Have the Irish immigration Dept been asleep, Or is Saudi Money to good to refuse before we know it Al-Maktoum Foundation will own Ireland ,God Save Ireland.


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