Pressure for Australian inquiry into Scientology grows

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‘Teaching technology’

For a comprehensive look at Scientology’s ‘study technology’ then Dave Touretzky’s website is the place to go. Dave’s analysis, complete with detailed references to Scientology policies, show the non-secular nature of the ‘teaching technology’ referred to in the video.

‘Ideal Org’

The ‘Ideal Org’ (‘org’ is short for organisation) referred to in the video is part of a relatively recent scam methodology now currently in use by Scientology’s international management. Up until now the highest level Scientology materials released at the ‘Operating Thetan level 8’ materials. It was alleged that higher level materials existed, but that these could not be released because the population of earth was not yet ready to receive them.

It was decreed by Hubbard that when all Scientology organisations were ‘St. Hill size’ that those materials could be released. St. Hill, in East Grinstead in Sussex, is the UK headquarters of Scientology. The drive to expand all Scientology organisations to ‘St. Hill size’ didn’t quite work out as planned. St. Hill itself is no longer ‘St. Hill size’ it seems. But since a good story was needed for inspiring the troops to donate heavily to the IAS (International Association of Scientologists) coffers the ‘St. Hill size’ criterion was rejected in favour of a more lucrative approach.

This approach was to introduce the ‘Ideal Orgs’. You really have to admire the scam here. Firstly, there is a massive campaign in an area to collect enough cash to purchase the property for this ‘Ideal Org’. Secondly, when enough money has been raised, a building is purchased and renovated. Thirdly, ownership of the building is transferred to an international landlord. Fourthly, and the real heart of the scam, the building is then rented back to the same parishioners who donated the money used to buy the building in the first place. Pretty clever actually.

The creepy woman

Her name is Flora Sullivan and is an OT8, the highest level obtainable in Scientology. Yes, this really is how Scientologists behave when they are being scrutinised.

The Senate Inquiry

The Australian parliament reconvenes in February. Senator Nick Xenophon will table the motion to investigate the Scientology organisation upon which the Australian parliament will vote.

2 Responses

  1. That woman is scary. And she has attained their highest spiritual state? Pretty sad. Plus their leader beats his staff.


  2. The creepy woman certainly was creepy. She found no problem with hiding and bushes and secretly photograhing the reporters, no problem in lying about her identity and purpose. Then she declared the reporter was harassing her for asking who she was?
    Yep, she’s a Scientologist for sure.


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