Cancer cure Blarney of the Irish Yoga teacher March 28,1978 News of the World

News of the World March 26,1978

News of the World March 26, 1978

news of the worldmarch 26 1978




He boasts that he has healed more than a third of the people who have been to him with the killer disease.

HEALING: All, regardless of membership in the classes, are invited to avail of the Healing and Yoga Therapy sessions. Results speak for themselves, detailed records are kept, over 94%, including those of a serious nature, show marked improvement, while 35% have been completely cured. Among the complaints successfully treated are: Asthma, Psoriasis, Migraine, Cancer, Varicose veins, Arthritis, Dermatitis, Poor Eyesight, Infections, Ulcers, Jaundice, Bronchitis, Mental retardation, Congenital Deformities…

The leaflet: “Results speak for themselves”

And in a leaflet delivered to 100,000 homes, he claims he has also successfully treated heart trouble, ulcers and bronchitis. “Results speak

for themselves,” says the leaflet.

And it claims that 94 per cent of Mr. Quinn’s cases, “including those of a serious nature,” show marked improvement. It adds: “Come

see for yourself-the proof of the pudding…”

But the News of The World’s medical expert David Delvin, says Mr. Quinn’s talk of cancer cures is heartless and irresponsible.


And he warns the yoga teacher who came to England from Eire six months ago: “It’s the type of blarney we can do without.”

Mr. Quinn, 32, says he launched 30 yoga groups in Ireland.

And he now runs five in hired halls in parts of North London including Muswell Hill and St John’s Wood.

Sometimes he packs in more than 100 people, charging £10 for a six week course.

But he says he cures for nothing.

He claims to heal by meditating with the sufferer. There is no physical contact.

The “patient” either goes to his home or stays where he is for what Mr. Quinn calls “Absent Healing.”

This means that he and Mr. Quinn meditate at the same time, even though they might be miles apart.

“I believe that inside everybody is this life force,” says Mr. Quinn.” Healing takes place by meditating on it.”

Mr. Quinn said all his cures had taken place in Ireland. He had not yet dealt with any cases in England.

He said his success rate for curing cancer was more than 35 per cent.

“I won’t make any rash claims,” he added. “But years ago one of the cases I did involved a woman who had discharged

herself from a Belfast hospital.

“She had been in pain for five years and she had this terrible cancer in the stomach. The first healing I gave her, the pain stopped.

After the second one, she went home and spat it up. Someone I trained rang me up two nights ago and told me about

two cancer cases he’d been involved in. One chap was down to six stone when the healing began. He had cancer

of the stomach and of the head. Since he started on the healing about six weeks ago the cancer of the stomach has gone and the growth

in the head is getting steadily smaller.”

I asked Mr. Quinn about the danger of raising false hopes.


He told me: “That’s something I’m always worried about myself. I don’t like to do it – with cancer in particular myself.”

Mr. Quinn of Lyncroft Gardens, West Hampstead, showed me about 200 letters which he said were from grateful patients.

I read him a section from the Cancer Act, 1939, which says:

“No person shall take part in the publication of any advertisement

containing an offer to treat any person for cancer.”

He told me: “I wasn’t aware of that. It was a genuine mistake.”

2 Responses


    Good to post this article showing newspaper exposes of Quinn going right back to the seventies. So much for the statements by cronies of Quinn that he never claimed to cure cancer. Quinn’s own leaflet quoted here by the News of the World newspaper in England in 1978 clearly shows that Quinn made the cancer cure claim on this and many other occasions. Martin Forde who stated in another newspaper report that Quinn never claimed to cure cancer should know better as he ran the Yoga classes in London with Quinn and along with others distributed these same leaflets promoting Quinn and his classes. The truth always comes out in the end. The moral of the story is you need to do the research to find the truth beforehand and avoid becoming a victim of the false and mucky “messiah” and his operations.


  2. Tony Quinn and his group of cronies based in Eccles Street still make these claims. It is a disgusting rip off of vulnerable people. Classes I believe still go on every week as does the “postal requests” what a load of rubbish. We all know that any self help book will show us how to focus and “pray” or “meditate” for good. These people are not interested in good – just money

    In the recent Blueprint stuffed through my letterbox I see he is going on about the same stuff. My advice do what I did write a letter to them telling them to keep their “garbage” and do not dare to stuff this type of thing through letter boxes it is not welcome. It adds to the damage of the environment just as the use of the trees it took to print it on.

    I am generally against newspapers and see them as a waste but on reading this site I am definitely going to put my hands on the Sunday World. Thank you for putting these on this site.


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