The trap: Cult thinking and conflict in the Middle East by John Bell

Erg Turk

Last updated: 28 July 2014
The notion of ‘cult behaviour’ can explain the persistent cycle of violence in the Middle East.

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Albert Reynolds links with the Moonies

Albert R

The death of Albert Reynolds brings back to mind that after he left office he started participating in Moonie Conferences along with ex President Bush senior, Ted Heath etc. It was not completely clear as to why he participated as the rewards were not that great. You can see from web site and blog that Moon who died in 2012 was a very controversial figure. Read more about the Unification Church/Moonies here. Continue reading

Fake Visionary’s Gallagher’s plush Malahide Mansion is up for sale

Jim Gallagher has been the only journalist bringing this story of corruption to the public’s attention on a consistent basis. He has demonstrated in regular articles the money trail and the corruption at the heart of the HofP.
He has also shown over 6 years ago the complicity of Fr Gerard McGinnity in the fraud perpetrated on ordinary Catholics and especially vulnerable elderly folks who have been the victims of elder abuse. These articles show that the response of the Catholic Church has been very weak. The Archdiocese of Tuam has not moved beyond saying they do not recognise the HofP. They could have moved to having Christina condemned and finally excommunicated for her activities. Also they should have publically condemned Fr Gerard McGinnity  for his unwanted forays into the Archdiocese of Tuam. Finally Cardinal Brady should have taken action to do something about this fraud. He has been fully informed of the facts for over ten years. Not only that but he has promised to act and has not.


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Phony Tony’s at the ponies by Mick McCaffrey, Sunday World August 17, 2014

Here unlike the Sindo the Sunday World knows why they are keeping an eye on Tony. They were involved like DI with a major court case which was all about keeping Tony out of the courts. The Sunday World recently received a major financial settlement from the oil company that Guru Tony has under his mental conditioning. Note the bride of Christ is now not known as Eve but Amelie a South African. Earlier we had heard she was a golf pro, now it is boxing. She should have a few rounds with Steve Collins to understand hypnosis, and mental control…. Continue reading

Niall Hade descent into reality and moves away from the gospel of prosperity and the mantra, the only way is up.

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Only a miracle can save the church from bull-headed Brady by Justine McCarthy


Generally the role of the Cardinal in regard to the House of Prayer is little reported in the Irish media. Here it revolves around the abuse of vulnerable adults at the end of their lives, whereas, this article is more about vulnerable children forty years ago.

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From Comm2Post: Someone who has been able to break free from the Magical Mystery Tour….

When someone leaves a significant comment we want others to read it so we turn it into a post:

The Modern Mystery School and the cult issue which does not seem to be going away!

Bravo to you cuddlesbear for leaving. They teach that everyday human emotions like compassion for a family member in trouble are an obstacle to the “great work” so there’s a lovely irony there. I got out years ago (I was kicked out as a scapegoat, an old trick evidently used for eons by priests, generals, corporates and self-styled magicians … Continue reading


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