Eamon Darcy a strong advocate of Christina Gallagher with Joe Duffy on Liveline

Monday October 20th October.

Christina Gallagher and the House of Prayer was in the news again recently. Eamon is a strong advocate of Christina Gallagher and talks to Joe about how he has supported the House of Prayer since it was opened 21 years ago.
Eamon is caught in a bind. He knows that the critics are wrong but does not have any knowledge of what is really going. Continue reading

Deception for our Times? Questioning Anne a Lay Apostle by Kevin Symonds on Mar 19, 2012

We are publishing this from Catholic Lane:

- See more at: http://catholiclane.com/deception-for-our-times-questioning-anne-a-lay-apostle/#sthash.oirB3rhN.dpuf
Scandal is developing around an American woman living in Ireland who claims to be a Catholic mystic but hides her true identity, misleads people, takes in millions of dollars and is protected by influential people. For the past several years, Kathryn Ann Clarke, going under the name of “Anne a lay apostle” has been travelling around the world to promote alleged messages from heaven she claims to receive in the form of locutions (i.e. hearing interior voices supposedly from heaven).[i]

Continue reading

Further Visit by Dialogue Ireland Director to Terenure College

The Director Mike Garde, will be discussing cultism with the 6th years on Friday October 24. Continue reading

Supermosque project chief stands behind his invitation to hate preacher by Catherine Fegan, Irish Mail on Sunday, October 12, 2014

Why am I constantly
asked, as a Muslim,
do you support Isis?
But nobody asks a
non-Muslim guy if he
supports the American
war, the Israeli army’s
bombing in Palestine?


The importance of this article by Catherine Fegan is that it is nearly a word for word account of her meeting with Abdul Haseeb.

Please find the PDF’s below:

mosque1  mosque2 mosque3  mosque4   mosque5

ah office

Abdul Continue reading

Journeys to the Bizarre: the Basilica of Palmar de Troya by Nick Rider

Someone who has family members in the Palmarians came across this very interesting article written by Nick Rider. It gives in a very neutral way a deep insight into the hidden world at the heart of the only true Church founded by Christ!
http://www.nick-rider.com/ Continue reading

Imam Abdul Haseeb profit of Islam or agent of Gannonistan?

Just as we do not take any interest in the beliefs of any religion, so we stress our own interest here is not about the Religion of Islam but in Islamism, the process which leads to the transformation of meaning, the loss of autonomy and the radicalization of a person or group using the form of Religion for political purposes.

Jerry Gannon

Continue reading

Reflections on a visit to Marian College, Cultist, Educational and historical.


Dialogue Ireland has been giving a presentation to 6th years since the ’90s and forged a close relationship with the school. In 2007 we had a Conference on the Mind Benders which marked the end of Scientology’s dominance in controlling the environment in Dublin. They tried to send in spies but John Duignan was able to flush them out. Continue reading


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