Don Camillo Michael Drumm and the fake war with Peppone Ruari Quinn

Yesterday was was the battle of the Education Conferences. It is a kind of blood sport where teachers give an insight into their educational methods and show some of the teaching aids they use. We had a megaphone presumably being demonstrated by a teacher of history. Then the placard as a way to show how the pre electronic age operated.

Which country were we in? It sounds like it is those strange things called Faith Schools they have there in the UK.  There was a lot of discussion about Catholic Primary Schools, even from the General Secretary of the INTO who did not use the N word.


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Mormonism: Joseph Smith and the sex cult that led to his death

Alex Beamcover

SUNDAY, APR 20, 2014

Blood vows: Joseph Smith,

Mormonism and the invention of

American polygamy by ALEX


How polygamy created a schism among

early Mormons — and ultimately led to the

murder of the religion’s founder

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Scientology Spiritual Technology – Super Bowl Advert 2014: (Official Version.)

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Commentary on Statement of Most Rev. Michael Neary, Archbishop of Tuam, Regarding the public announcement by Mrs. Christina Gallagher that she intends closing the House of Prayer at Achill 3rd July, 1998 by DI


Dialogue Ireland published the three statements issued by the Archdiocese of Tuam:
We are then writing commentaries on each statement as 16 years have elapsed since the first one was issued and we now have an archive available on our blog with evidence which is quite shocking which goes way beyond what was known in the early days and when the last statement was made in 2008 by Tuam. Continue reading

Bare faced Liar and other publishing stories

In 1987 I returned from South Africa via  Maputo and  Moscow on Aeroflot flights into Shannon. I saw the end of the Apartheid regime coming but it still had power. I stopped in Moscow and who would have believed the Soviet Union would be gone in 3 years? I was went down to Cork and got the Bare Faced Messiah for Christmas. I found it a fascinating read and whereas I had found reading books about Scientology difficult this one get me reading till I had finished. Later I was to write to Russell as in those days you still wrote letters and he told me the Scientologists had reported him for a murder!  I know a lot of ex Scientologists do not always find this book as good as those written by ex Scientologists but nearly 30 years ago this book was explosive. This was before the age of the Internet and the SO could basically kill off any attempt to publish anything. They tried but this book will be a classic and along with Paulette Cooper’s book, “The Scandal of Scientology”  and deserves a place in any library.

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Not just a bare faced Messiah… but even more interesting


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