Tony Quinn plays voodoo with his product prices in Jersey and Revenue thinks he is kosher in Dublin?


We need to clarify that most people who are reporting on the health store accounts are missing what is happening here. We need to understand from former insiders is not to look at the profit and loss accounts, but rather what is happening in Jersey with the pricing before anything happens in the stores in Ireland! Follow the pricing trail…. I did make this point to business journalists last year. Continue reading

RTE’s reluctance to condemn Seán Brady is a Cardinal sin by Justine McCarthy, Sunday Times September 28, 2014

Dialogue Ireland is making Catholics and the general public aware that the issue of Elder abuse and negligence by the Catholic Church has not yet come to the surface either in the media response to the retirement of Cardinal Brady nor in the great damage done to thousands of families throughout Ireland by the House of Prayer. It is clear that many now get the issue of child protection and the failures of 40 years ago. However, in the present the issues of Elder abuse are waiting to be addressed.


cb1The question now does Cardinal Brady now a simple parish priest deal with the House of Prayer issue or does his successor Archbishop Martin do so? Continue reading

House of Prayer Scandal: Mick Power tells us about his relationship with Betty and Michael Morrissey and their experience of Elder abuse

Originally Submitted on 2014/09/10 at 10:54 pm

At the request of Dialogue Ireland I will write about of my relationship with this wonderful couple Betty and Michael Morrissey. I first met them in 2007 and as they lived close to Dungarvan, Co Waterford where I live. We were able to meet up and discuss our mutual interest that being CG and the HOP. What they proceeded to tell me caused the hair on my head to stand up with shock at the way these people had been treated. Michael who was in his mid eighties at the time and is now sadly deceased RIP, and Betty who was in her mid seventies and is very unwell at present. They told a story of gross deceipt. Betty who is a feisty woman with deep Catholic faith first of all spoke of how they used to drive to Achill every few weeks and she spoke of how privileged they felt being in the presence of this visionary and who claimed to speak to The Holy Mother of God.

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Mick Power bursts the bubble of the HofP Balloon


Mick from comm2post Fake Visionary’s Gallagher’s plush Malahide Mansion is up for sale

Submitted on 2014/09/09 at 11:08 pm

In reply to recent comments about my associated connection with the HOP…I would like to firstly state that my name is Mick Power and not Michael McCrory as is implied in recent comments posted on the web…

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Keeping the Faith puts an intolerable burden on society by Brenda Power, Sunday Times, September 7, 2014

Header 7th Sept 14
Sunday Times 1
Sunday Times 7th Sept 2

Sunday Times 7th Sept 14

Ali Selim Continue reading

John Doran The Centre Of The Universe – A play about cultism

Hi, it’s your best friend John and I’d like you to join a cult. What’s this? Join a cult? The things with crazy people in them? What’s the cult? Who’s the leader? What do they believe? Am I not supposed to stay away from cults in general? I’m really not sure about this. Short answer, yes. They’re awful things. Demanding, isolating, costly and generally kind of dumb. Accept this one. This is a good cult. A cult you want to be in. Let me show you why.

Photo Credit: Sally-Anne Kelly

Cardinal Brady apologises and asks for forgiveness as his retirement is confirmed


All the reports today stress the role of Cardinal Brady in the events around child abuse and his clear apology today. Issues of child protection have been central to the last few years of his ministry though it is clear even here legal cases have gone on until the end.

Recently the HSE reported a growing problem with Elder Abuse in Irish society. However, no commentator has mentioned the ongoing issues with the House of Prayer which have not been resolved with a mainly elderly victims into the thousands and no appropriate response to their plight.
Immaculate Deception
This involves issues going back to the time of Archbishop Cassidy of Tuam and also involves the Armagh Archdiocese in that one one of their priests Gerard McGinnity has lent his support to a totally unrecognised entity. Continue reading


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