Fr Michael Drumm threatens to take a legal case to maintain apartheid in our National School system.

Disclaimer: Though this blog views the issue of cultism as its primary mission, the issues of undue influence in Education and the lack of constitutional awareness in our state is quite worrying.

We need to alert the Irish Public to what is in fact the defence of Catholic apartheid in the attempt to maintain in law the unconstitutional control of our National School system and turn them into Catholic Madrasas.

Note that this spokesperson uses the term Catholic Education and not the Constitutional National School system.

This is based on two pillars in order to obtain public funds.

1. Access to all in the catchment area. Also it is in breach of our constitution to require a child to be baptised to enter a school. The suggestion that a child must receive either Catholic or Church of Ireland baptism before entry is simony and a serious offence under Canon law.

2. The members of the various denominations present in the School must have access to teaching consistent with their faith or lack of it regardless who is the manager of a school. Attempts to actually subvert the secular curriculum and introduce a religious monopoly by scrambling the egg into every subject is a grievous breach of the human rights of the non Catholic parties. It seems what the Church can’t achieve through its sacraments they wish to subvert non Catholics when they are in a National School. We hope the Minister for Education does seek to have this law examined by the Courts Continue reading

Church should excommunicate House of Prayer founder – claim by Cathal Barry


Irish News

Church should excommunicate House of Prayer founder – claim
Call for Church’s doctrinal watchdog to investigate Ms Gallagher for alleged heresy

The House of Prayer.

The Church should excommunicate controversial Achill House of Prayer founder Christina Gallagher, a former devotee of the self-proclaimed visionary has said.

Mick Power, a former member of the controversial movement, has called on the Church’s doctrinal watchdog to investigate Ms Gallagher for alleged heresy and unverified claims of miracles.

Mr Power became involved with the House of Prayer with his wife Paula in 1998, after the death of their only child, Tommy.

The 39-year-old described Ms Gallagher’s alleged divine messages as “appalling” and “all about chastisements and the end of the world.

“She was always talking about the Antichrist and the wrath of the beast,” according to the Irish Independent.


There have also been calls for the Archdiocese of Armagh to take a more pro-active stance on the House of Prayer’s spiritual director, Fr Gerard McGinnity, who is parish priest in Knockbridge in Co Louth, in the Armagh diocese.

A group of concerned relatives of devotees and ex-members have called on Cardinal Seán Brady to stand over his agreement to meet cult expert and the director of Dialogue Ireland, Mike Garde, to answer questions about the priest.

It is reported, however, that Cardinal Brady, who is no longer Archbishop of Armagh following the acceptance of his resignation by Pope Francis on September 8, has declined such an invitation.

Christina Gallagher founded the House of Prayer on Achill Island, in Co Mayo, in 1993.

According to reports, at the end of 2012, the centre was sitting on accumulated profits of €1.66m.


Archbishop Michael Neary of Tuam has insisted the centre does not have Church approval.

“While wishing to entirely respect the reputations of all involved, the Archdiocese cannot but recall that sincere and well-ordered attempts on the part of the diocesan authorities to integrate this work into the life of the local Church here met with a disappointing lack of success,” a December 2009 diocesan statement said.

“Accordingly, while welcoming any and all sincere attempts to promote orthodox Catholic faith and piety, the Archdiocese cannot lend its approval to this work as matters stand and is obliged to note that the same work is entirely of a private nature and carries no ecclesiastical approval whatever.

“The Archbishop would call on all persons of good will involved in the situation to reflect on what is best for the Church at large and to exercise the greatest responsibility and charity in the matter,” the statement concluded.

Requests to the Catholic Communications Office for comment went unanswered as The Irish Catholic went to press this week.


Christina Gallagher is right

Dear Editor, I am writing to you about Cathal Barry’s article on Christina Gallagher and the House of Prayer in Achill (IC 30/10/14).

You quoted Mick Power, who became involved with the House of Prayer in 1998, describing Ms Gallagher’s alleged divine messages as “appalling” and all about chastisement and the end of the world, and the antichrist.

Well, Christina is right. Our Lady says if we don’t turn back to God there will be a chastisement, and her divine messages are not appalling, and the antichrist is soon to rise up in the world.

Yours etc.,

Evelyn Gilchrist,


Co. Dublin.


Irish Independent, sister paper The Sunday World and the Irish Catholic all linked in a conspiracy to bring down Christina Gallagher

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Further Attacks on the House of Prayer: They just walked on a landmine.

It is clear that the HofP is getting rattled and they are producing rebuttals that would keep a printer in business. The latest is this one concerning Briege Hughes. Read our commentary on this attempt to deflect from the Empire of Wealth and Elder Abuse.
2014-10-27Christina Airport1

Indo 4


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Donations dropped at the House of Prayer last year,by Warren Swords, “Irish Mail on Sunday,” 16th November 2014

This report shows that when the House of Prayer is requested for a response to an article they generally decline. However, after publication of this article they act as if they were not given the right of reply as you can read under the Mail article:

HofP Mail

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Evelyn Kreider reaches 100 and tells her story at College Mennonite Church, Goshen, Indiana on Wednesday November 12, 2014

Disclaimer: Though this site is mainly occupied with issues connected to Cultism, we also offer commentary on issues of religion, education and general interest.


Listen back to Evelyn’s story here:





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Cult leader and convicted sex offender William Kamm is set to be freed from jail in NSW within the week.


Cult leader and sex offender William Kamm is set to be freed from jail in NSW within the week. Continue reading


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