Accounts for the entity known as Scientology which has a wish to be known as a Church?

ger r

Gerard Ryan one of the Directors

These are the most recent accounts for the Scientology Organisation masquerading as a Church. The SO has been in Ireland since 1956 and even though asked on the Late Late Show in 1995 whether they had charitable status they still have not got it. Why because they do not have a charitable bone in their body. Continue reading

Christian Assembly International an ABC documentary

Christian Assembly International

By Caro Meldrum-Hanna and Janine Cohen

Monday 28th July 2014

He is a self-styled evangelist who told his followers he was The Anointed One, chosen by God to convert the world to his beliefs.

Anyone who didn’t follow his word was told they would burn in hell, that he held the key to their salvation on judgement day.

In reality, Scott Williams was a cult leader who used his own brand of religion to warp biblical scripture in the pursuit of sex, money and power. Continue reading

“Maria Divine Mercy.” They say a photograph is better than a thousand words!

Here are some  photos to illustrate the article sent to you last week on “Maria Divine Mercy”.
The first, white shirt and tie, is Breffni Cully, retired dentist and co-owner of Trumpet Publishing, which does business as Coma Books, the publisher of the “Maria Divine Mercy” “visions.”  The photo was taken at a Chicago, Illinois, US, seminar last year where Cully claimed to be “Joseph Gabriel”.  That is the name he used at all the MDM seminars.
Breffni Cully
The second photo is Breffni in at an Ireland wedding, as posted at a relative’s Facebook page.  The two photos confirm that “Joseph Gabriel” is Breffni Cully, who profits from the sale of MDM books. Notice the identical ties!  Cully just closed a sale on his Ireland home and has been attempting to secure a temporary residence in Normandy, France.  Cully’s German business partner, Heinrich Martin Roth, went “ballistic” in February in a 30-page “rant” in German attempting to defend the charges made against “Maria Divine Mercy.” He admitted that Cully was “Joseph Gabriel” and claimed that “Joseph Gabriel” was Cully’s middle name!

Continue reading

Maria Divine Mercy: secret identify of ‘anonymous’ internet visionary revealed to be Dublin PR woman by Mark Saseen

Dialogue Ireland has been approached for some months about this new group and we are happy to publish testimonies to assist families who have lost contact with people in this group.

Mary at wedding May 31 2014 Continue reading

Hearing not, and seeing not, it is the blind leading the blind. Martina Cassidy props up a deviant Christina

Commentary on the Theology of Martina Cassidy by Mike Garde BD, MA in Theology.
The purpose of this response is not primarily a theological one, but rather to address the cultist dimension which Ms Cassidy seems to have missed. Also in the absence of any official Catholic theological response we feel the need to enter this debate. Continue reading

Martina Caffrey is the new apologist for the House of Prayer


A Father’s Love by

Martina Caffrey


  • ISBN: 9781908024374


The author is a young woman in her late 20’s who lives in Co. Meath.

She was raised a Catholic and still has a strong belief in the Catholic faith. Like many others, she questioned her faith in her teenage years. After several spiritual experiences she sought the answers to her doubts by reading more deeply into the beliefs of the Catholic Church in order for her to see if she accepted and agreed with these beliefs. It was in her examination of the beliefs of the Catholic Church that she found an enriched and fulfilling basis for the love of God that she wished to express in her life. She started to practice her faith with a deeper knowledge and love of God as she now understood the reasoning and spirituality behind the beliefs and practices she had been taught in the Catholic Church. She completed an honours degree in Communication Studies in 2005 during which she wrote a thesis examining the attitudes of young people towards the Catholic Church. She found a lack of knowledge and misunderstanding of the beliefs of the Catholic Church and wished to instruct others to correct this. From 2006 until 2008 she wrote monthly articles in a traditional Catholic magazine, The Hibernian Magazine, on the beliefs of the Catholic faith. These articles were well received by the readers and upon the closure of the magazine she decided to write A Father’s Love in continuation of her work. She is seeking to correct the misconceptions surrounding the beliefs of the Catholic faith, especially among her fellow youth, in response to a call by the late Pope John Paul II who asked young people to go out and evangelise their fellow youth in the joys of the Catholic faith.

S3474-masterimage-R156                                                         [mc]

She recently was awarded the MA in Theology by Mater Dei Institute, DCU. She published a book in 2011

God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him – We love because he first loved us.A” 1 John 4: 16, 19 God the Father loves us deeply and unconditionally. He sent us His Son Jesus Christ to show us His love for us. Through His coming to earth as a Man and through His death on the Cross, Jesus fulfilled the hope of the Jewish religion and laid the foundations for His Church on earth. This faith has been handed down to us through the Apostles led by St. Peter, the Rock, and his successors in the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. It is in this Catholic faith that God shows us His love through the sacraments, graces and blessings He has bestowed on us. In this book, the central beliefs of the Catholic faith are explained and we see how the love of God for us and our love for Him shine through in these beliefs. This book is a stepping stone to those who wish to begin their study of the beliefs of the Catholic Church. It is a guide to those who are seeking the Truth in the hope that it will awaken a desire to learn more. It is the voice of a young Catholic speaking to the young and young at heart of the joys and love of God that exist in the Catholic faith. The consciousness that, in Christ, God has given himself for us, even unto death, must inspire us to live no longer for ourselves but for him, and, with him, for others. Whoever loves Christ loves the Church, and desires the Church to be increasingly the image and instrument of the love which flows from Christ.A” Deus Caritas Est, Pope Benedict XVI



Young writer Martina Caffrey, M.A. in Theology, has specialised in Catholic writing over the last 10 years. Her writings include work published in the Hibernian magazine and the Catholic Voice newspaper. She is author of the book “A Father’s Love” and is working on a follow-up book on the apparitions of Our Lady around the world. Her academic research is into the theology of the liturgy based on Pope Benedict XVI’s writings as Pope and Cardinal, with a further book in the pipeline.

Martina Caffrey reviews the Messages received by Christina Gallagher for the people of Ireland and the world, spanning the last 25 years, from Our Lady Queen of Peace and
from Her Son Jesus.

We will publish in due course these reviews of Christina’s  messages respond to them in the public interest.

July 16th Anniversary of the House of Prey

Mick posted a comment which we are making a full post under Donations & Fees. As a result it is unlikely anyone saw it. I also replied to it under that heading.

Immaculate deception Continue reading


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