Kevin Sandford tries to cover his tracks?

Some of you may remember Kevin Sanford who left a basket case of a church in Galway called Abundant Life. He has gone missing in San Diego. But a few months ago we gave him a reality check. Find his reply above.

A few months ago we were approached by a church in San Diego about the claims made by Kevin Sandford. The link below shows what happened.…/kevin-and-heather-…/


This was the first post we made about Sandford in 2010. We were receiving reports of abusive leadership and  also that the Sandfords were living a life of excess with prosperity preachers let loose among the sheep. I was called to Galway by a church which was seeking to work with Kevin but they found he really was a Lone Ranger and was not open to address any issues.

Abundant Life in more ways than one!

Dialogue Ireland has been receiving reports from families for about 8 years concerning this Church in Galway. These centre on a preoccupation with identifying successful Christianity with wealth. Also there are reports of members spending inappropriate amounts of time working with the church and neglecting their families. Strange for the Pastor Kevin Sanford who is cautioned by scripture to avoid courts 1Cor 6:1,2 to find himself in court with a whole family who were renting a property to the Church?

Note that every claim he makes in this video is contradicted in the documentation we assembled in our first post

We ask you to study these posts so you can form your own opinion as the what Kevin Sandford is about.

Finally listen in to this important information.

Here is what was at the heart of this church:

A Religion of Greed: Jesse Duplantis wants his followers to fund a private jet. Listen to how a stealth leader bombs his audience in Galway back in 2011.

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