Part 2 of our former Educoist’s road to freedom


“You have come on a two week seminar here, but YOU will never return”.  And with these words Tony Quinn kicks off his seminar in Los Angeles in September 2001.  As I look back now, 15 years later, I realise that he wasn’t telling lies.  I (the real me) never did return.  What returned was a guy who was programmed (hypnotised) to live in a manner similar to Tony Quinn himself.


Tony Quinn, Tara, now fortunately freed from his influence and Jim Fitzgerald. Jim will fix it. Note TQ has the Teddybears. He is very very much in love with his teddies. You could say a Teddy Fetish. When people visit him they bring one instead of flowers. His bedroom is filled with them. You will find him sleeping under a picture of Roy Rogers.


I have been on 2 of his seminars and the more you expose yourself to his programming through seminars, his Dublin meetings and the so called “support” groups which are scattered all over the country the more you are induced into a hypnotic state by him, without you realising that you have even been hypnotised.  Your family will notice the change though, when you arrive home a completely different person. Since you are taught to only think positively, whenever you set a “big goal” or possibly get involved in some get rich quick scam, you will not focus on any potential detrimental outcome that could happen. The possibility of you heading for a brick wall will not be allowed in your thoughts, since that’s negative thinking.  If your family or friends try to talk reason to you you will label them “negative”, “anti-life” or “dead”.   With family or friends who try to talk some sense into you out of a general sense of concern for you, your programming tells you to eliminate these people from your life.  “Get rid of them” Tony Quinn repeated several times throughout the two weeks on this seminar, for nothing and no one must interfere in the programming he has put in place. You are programmed to believe that anyone who has not done an Educo seminar lives in the “Matrix”,  just like the Matrix movie, with their minds asleep or that they are spiritually dead or anti-life.  In your mind this programming makes you feel extremely “special” compared to others. Therefore it is your job to unplug them or save them from the “Matrix” by sending them on his seminars.  So now, with that in mind, let me reveal to you exactly what takes place on these seminars and what I now know to be the real manipulative purpose of these seminars for Tony Quinn.


As Tony Quinn paces back and forward at the front of the room, he is planting programmes (hypnotic suggestions) in the minds of the attendees. He actually admits to doing this. We don’t realise the extent to which he’s doing this of course and even if we did, we believe it all to be for our own good.  He plants all kinds of hypnotic suggestions and he uses this process to implant in your unconscious mind that he is a spiritually advanced being, whose every word should be listened to and acted upon.  He uses a process he refers to as “looping”, hypnosis, and NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) techniques as he tells his stories and delivers his second hand teachings to the attendees. To keep it short; the format of the seminar is to hypnotise your mind thoroughly with what he calls the “good life”.  This is a grossly materialistic lifestyle.  He encourages you to borrow “other peoples money” to live this lifestyle (i.e. accumulate debt). You are to put on a show of being extremely happy all the time when in the presence of others, even if the truth is that you are not happy, or perhaps you are burnt out from always chasing the next thing on your list of goals, which has to be bigger and better than ever.  You are to deny that you have any problems, since to have problems is a sign that you have become negative and aren’t using his material correctly. When you are living this artificial lifestyle (whether you can afford it or not), he emphasises that all your friends will be asking you how you did it … wanting to know how you managed to go from zero to hero, from normal to flashy, from unhappy to blissful. Of course, at this point you then tell them that you have done one of his seminars and you are then programmed to coerce them into going on his seminar too.  And therein lies the real purpose of these seminars … through the use of hypnotic suggestion and other mind control techniques, he attempts to coerce the attendee to live a lavish lifestyle (even if it involves them getting into debt). This lifestyle is then used as an advertisement for his seminars, thereby turning each attendee into a recruitment agent to bring along more people for his seminars.

The result is that the innocent seminar attendee who paid an exorbitant amount of money going on this seminar in the hope that they will become happier or learn how to improve their health or lives in some way is used by Tony Quinn for his own purposes, without the participant knowing what is really happening.  He teaches us to brag a lot about what we have done and what we intend to do to others.  He teaches seminar participants techniques to use to implant mental programmes in the minds of others. We practice giving programmes to each other repeatedly on these seminars.  The person need not be relaxing with their eyes closed to do this, since he also teaches us how to programme or hypnotise people just by speaking to them in a regular conversation.  Here it is even suggested that it does not matter if your programme (hypnotic suggestion) is a lie, as long as the other persons mind accepts it deeply enough, then their mind will work the “magic” for you and bring about the result you want through his idea that thoughts create your reality, through a magical process.  He says that if the other person appears jealous of what you have said, then that is a good sign, because it means they have accepted your programme and the programme will work even better for you.  In programmes which you are taught to feed your own mind, you are told to include others who you have sent on his seminars.  He calls this “completing the circle” and leads people to believe that God would have a vested interest in this kind of programme, whereas not to include the saving of others would cause God to look unfavourably upon your goal/programme.


Messiah leaving his disciples or as he calls them his “foolies.” It is amazing to sit outside the Clontarf Castle and see people coming with bags filled with sandwiches and water from Centra and then seeing them go out as they do not have the cash that they are supposed to have. They have to play the game unless they have X Jet funded by Susan Morrice with an oil well where the shareholders have no dividends.


I have sat listening to seminar participants in so called “support” groups as they are expected to give an account of how good their life is on a weekly basis. Everyone feels compelled to tell of how they are always pursuing “results” weekly … constantly chasing something, whether it be in the area of health, wealth or happiness.  No one in these groups wants to admit to having any problems that Quinn’s philosophy can’t fix. There is a subtle unspoken of pressure to be seen to be always be on the move, always progressing.  If you are not always progressing, it means you are not good at applying Quinn’s material.  The answer to this is often suggested to repeat another seminar, or to attend his mind masters seminar.  In these groups as Educoists meet,  due to this pressure, there is a subtle competition which takes place amongst them.  Many try to appear excited about just being alive, they are trying to smile more or brag more than the next.  On one such occasion I thought to myself, “this is like a competition of the liars” and then I realised that I too was one of those liars … then I quickly banished that thought from my mind because truths like that are viewed as “negative”.

A word of warning to the reader.  Keep this in mind if one of us Educoists tries to sell you a seminar. If you are about to repeat another seminar because you have been told that the seminars are “new” or better than ever, then take heed also.  We Educoists are programmed  to tell you how great our lives are, even if it is a lie. We may even have the appearance of living a lavish lifestyle, but it could well be a case of all fur coat and no under garments.  Entrepreneurs who have done Quinn’s seminar will attribute all their naturally occurring success to him, even if they were already successful before attending his seminar. We are operating under a hypnotic spell that we are totally unaware we are in. Under this hypnotic spell, we will tell you anything to get you to go on Quinn’s seminars because we genuinely believe in what he teaches. We honestly believe it is the best thing you could ever do due to our programming.  When you attend an Educo open night, you will see the excitable and smiling people tell stories of how their lives are better than ever.  However, you have to understand that through Educo we have found a second family of sorts, a new purpose to our lives and a sense of belonging. I was once coerced into giving a talk at one of these open meetings and I gave the most powerful talk I could, but the talk came straight from the programming (hypnosis) I received at Quinn’s seminars, and then afterwards at the support group.  However, I was completely unaware that I was in this hypnotic state at this time and would’ve said anything to convince people that his seminars were the best thing that ever happened to me.

When I arrived home from my second seminar in Monte Carlo the programming (hypnosis,) now being driven in deeper than ever, had complete control over me. I automatically began altering my lifestyle to get as close to the appearance of Quinn’s “good life” ideal that I could without realising what I was doing. This included buying a Mercedes (which I could barely afford), going on at least 2 sun holidays per year, eating out in restaurants 3 to 4 times per week and buying the most expensive clothes.  When I went to a music concert I would buy gold circle tickets. It must be emphasised that before this particular seminar I was always a spiritual minded person and never cared about living a materialistic lifestyle.  I merely went back out on this second seminar in the hope that I would come home feeling spiritually better off and I also hoped it would motivate me to get moving on a few projects that I was dragging my heels on.  However, as a result of the hypnotic spell Quinn induced in me, I lost all sight of my own interests.  When  I attended the after care “support” groups, the “good life” programming was further reinforced and pressure was continuously put on me to do Quinn’s “Mind Masters” seminar.  As a result of this programming your life can get completely taken over by Tony Quinn’s philosophy and way of life.  Being in this hypnotic state causes you to feel like your life is going by in a blur.  You feel like a hamster running on its wheel.  Whereas before this Monte Carlo seminar I could relax easily, afterwards I couldn’t relax at all … there was always a “goal” to work on.  Before this seminar I was in a comfortable financial position and now I have accumulated much credit card debt as a result of hypnotically trying to live Quinn’s “good life”.  I have met many within the Educo fold who are in a similar position and now since being in contact with Dialogue Ireland I have realised this problem is widespread amongst ex-educoists who have sought help from Dialogue Ireland.  Now, you might say “well that’s all your own fault” but perhaps you do not understand the effect hypnosis can have upon a person.  For example; whilst in this hypnotic state, you do not think about what you are doing, nor do you weigh up the pros and cons of anything. You think of a “goal”, then programme your mind into an excited state with it and then charge forward blindly trying to achieve it without seeing any danger signs ahead.  This is the danger inherent in extreme positive thinking which nobody seems to consider, especially when that positive thinking has been driven to a deep unconscious level of your mind.

Now keeping all of that in mind, let’s look at some of Tony Quinn’s University research which is held up at open nights as “proof” that his system works.

Business Success:  107 businesses apparently achieved 360% increase in turnover in 3 years.

Personal Finances:  270 seminar participants income apparently increased 264% over 3 years.

Goals in Life:  Over the 3 year period seminar participants goal achieving increased 67%.

Satisfaction With Life:  Seminar participants satisfaction with life increased 55% over 3 years.

And then there was a study about people getting into shape.

Given what I have told you about the programmed state of people as they return from these seminars, myself included, you have to keep in mind that Educoists feel compelled to give accounts of how their lives and finances have got better and will say anything to each other and especially to newcomers to convince them of this, whether it is true or otherwise, because to tell the truth that life may not be all that good would place the label “negative” upon them. Remember; the people at Educo meetings feel like your second family and you don’t want to let them down by speaking the truth.  No one at Educo meetings wants to be seen as failing with this material, therefore the people questioned for this research are equally, if not more so compelled to say what Quinn needs them to say … after-all, many have also been programmed to view Quinn as being a spiritually advanced being … like a second Messiah, and nobody wants to disappoint a man they view in this light.  Some of the research doesn’t even make logical sense anyway. For example; how does one measure satisfaction with life in terms of percentages, or goal achieving ability for that matter?  It’s a bit like getting out of bed in the morning and saying to yourself  “today I am 25% or is it 75% happier than I was last week”.  How can something like this be measured?  Did Tony Quinn stick some kind of probe that we don’t know about inside their brains to measure the percentage of serotonin in participants over this 3 year period?

I would urge you to consider what I have revealed here if you are thinking of going on one of these seminars.  If you are an Educoist who is still attending meetings or considering repeating  a seminar, or worse, thinking of doing a “Mind Masters,” then please take a look around you at these meetings with a question mark in your mind and realise that to see and speak the truth is not “negative.”



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  1. Yes Angie, having families in his cult makes things more difficult for sure. I introduced half my family to Quinn and even though they don’t go to meetings anymore, the nonsense philosophy is still deeply ingrained in them. I doubt my family will ever move beyond the programming. People like to believe the kind of rubbish he teaches. I personally found it hard to let it go and still notice it in my thoughts sometimes. You’re programmed to view yourself in negative ways by leaving that philosophy behind. It’s even harder to break free when you see those close to you still saturated in Quinns kind of thinking …. always quoting him or someone else like him. To think that I was the one to bring this divisive and egotistical rubbish into my family is the thing that’s hardest to deal with.


  2. To Quinn’s way of thinking it makes more sense to have families in the cult. Less opposition when family finances are put towards seminars. As for children, I would not trust Quinn at all. When the educo diet is considered unhealthy for adults it can harm childrens long term health even more so.

    The fact that he suggests he would do a better job than the parents in raising children concerns me. When he takes advantage of adults without conscience, a total lack of moral and ethical awareness, he could most certainly damage children!


  3. Disappointed Educoist: There is a newspaper clipping on this blog of a woman bringing Scientology to court and she won. You may remember reading it before? I understand why you find it difficult to forget and want to pursue Quinn in court. It could snowball, however, after the fiasco at meetings of shareholders would they persist in pushing forward in spite of Quinn’s usual tricks?


  4. I know what you mean. I had one of them visit my home a few times and I remember what was said.Quinn’s name was not mentioned but when I finally escaped I realised that everything he had said to me revolved around what Quinn wanted. He also said that if Quinn spoke to you it was a privilege which I thought was off the wall! He is a creep!

    I also now know that Cowman was very manipulative to the point that her ‘knowing’ something was usually a set-up for other people I would want? to meet, people I would not have thought were influenced by the cult. Since then I have avoided them like the plague. It was always about money with them. Whatever ‘belief system’ they cultivated it was geared towards making people like me become part of their set-up. I fully understood how I had been manipulated and the purpose they had for me. The effects last for a number of years and my decision making was flawed; ‘switching’ when I was least expecting it. That has stopped completely now as far as I am aware. I cringe when I remember it all.

    The worst part for me and I’m sure a lot of people, was when they showed anger, resentment even when something was not going as it should according to the ‘energy’. Their egos, the belief in how ‘amazing’ they were depended on how people saw them and it was an outlet for them to intimidate and made fun of the less ‘enlightened’ which was part of Quinn’s programme to break down the ‘old’ self and build up the ‘new’ cult personality.

    If payment for results was how they operated they would be out of business long ago! But I don’t believe that getting results is Quinn’s priority! Quinn will push them to the limit, in fact, has done to the point where they sound mad! He is a psychopath and dangerous to anyone who has the misfortune to meet him. He certainly fits the bible quote and your perception; the great pretender, the deceiver, the creator of illusions that keeps them wanting, wanting, wanting more. What needs to happen to wake them up?


  5. Angie: You are so right. Part of the hypnosis is to stop people from challenging him. When you think of how many people have been duped by him and no longer have anything to do with this but do nothing about it. Something in us all doesn’t believe that the courts would take us seriously and this allows him to continue with the scam. I wonder if there are any cases of people being successful suing a cult leader & what happened in these cases?


  6. Ex-Educoist I agree with your comments wholeheartedly. The man is a professional con man. A class action would be great if we could find others who would also be happy to stand up and join in.

    I also remember that big vision of the crowds adoring him. That whole big vision thing was ridiculous.

    Like you I always found the long time devotees to be users. Your definition of them as programmed to be self-centred users with the me me me attitude to be spot on. I also find that if I think of them I feel sick. The best thing I ever did was get out and never look back.


  7. I’ve found that Educoists who have been around Quinn for a long time are users. They will hug you and appear to be friends with you but over time I’ve noticed they are always more available to you as “friends” when they can use you in some way. Then they drop you totally once you have out lived your usefulness. Quinn’s “good life” philosophy centres on the individual getting more stuff or money for themselves. He programmes you to see others almost as fans who are always either jealous or congratulating your success. So educoists are programmed to be self centred, selfish me me me types. They will feed off decent, generous but naive people and then go cold after they’ve used you for all they can get …. just like Quinn himself.

    I’m so glad to have broken free of these people. Even thinking about them now makes me feel sick. They are the most heinous people I’ve ever known.


  8. He takes the fight out of them unless it serves his purposes. No opposing thoughts or reactions basically.

    “He says that if the other person appears jealous of what you have said, then that is a good sign, because it means they have accepted your programme and the programme will work even better for you.”

    This certainly adds an element of poison into attendees minds and, instead of drawing people to the cult, IT should turn people off. Truthfully, there is nothing to be jealous of when you witness how they are controlled and more so when they are unconscious of their movements and not aware of what is going on around them because Quinn wants to hide something he is doing from/to them. Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that hypnotised educoists, those who really know what he is capable of doing, will tell the truth about him. I am inclined to think that Quinn’s reaction is to feel jealous when he sees others having more than him and makes this part of the programme. And this is why I say, be aware of any changes that occur and to do this you must know yourself first. Not all of us are shallow or prepared to change to suit him, even when parroting his programme, there is a feeling of inauthenticity.

    “In programmes which you are taught to feed your own mind, you are told to include others who you have sent on his seminars. He calls this “completing the circle” and leads people to believe that God would have a vested interest in this kind of programme, whereas not to include the saving of others would cause God to look unfavourably upon your goal/programme.”

    “May the Gods go with you” is a phrase I heard when they were quinnites. Since he believes in many gods, which one is he referring to? Or is he referring to himself? Or the devil? What god promotes jealousy and greed? A desire to control other peoples decisions in life?


  9. To Disappointed Educoist: “I think part of the hypnosis he does is to stop us from challenging him.”

    Yes, it is a big part of how he operates and it keeps them subdued.

    He deserves to be picked up by the law the second he puts his feet on Irish soil, and locked up!!!


  10. I’d like to be able to do something about him too because we were lied to snd cheated. He is a professional con man and is damn good at his job. He doesn’t give a damn about the people who come to his seminars. He only cares about how he can manipulate them. He only wants our money and for people to adore him. I remember him saying once how is big vision was to be standing in front of a crowd of thousands cheering for him. It’s hard to know how the courts would vote. There’s many ex educoists who would like to see justice served but we have no way of contacting each other to see if there is perhaps something we could do together … as in strength by numbers???

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  11. I remember the looping process that Quinn talks about. He repeated that over & over.

    I have always felt that TQ was a hypnotist and that is what he was doing. He was so irresponsible with his methods. It’s amazing that he has managed to get away with this for so many years.

    I think part of the hypnosis he does is to stop us from challenging him. How many of us are out there who have been through this and just feel ripped off cheated & lied to but unable to do anything because we are thinking that perhaps somewhere I did something wrong when really rationally we know we didn’t do anything wrong.

    I don’t believe the courts would support us, I wasn’t convinced at the time the oil shareholders received proper justice. Is this a mindset that has been so deeply ingrained? Perhaps so. I know the oil shareholders went to court & I read the reports but something niggles me about the whole sorry tale. The man is shameless but he doesn’t care about the people he fleeces. He lives abroad so it is difficult to get at him but I am so thankful to Dialogue Ireland. If only I had seen this site before I went to the seminars my story would be very different today as I wouldn’t have gone.


  12. Just to let you know every post on WordPress is also published on Facebook.


  13. Thanks for your comments Angie. Perhaps you could pass on what I have written to anyone you know who has done a TQ seminar or might be considering doing one, or perhaps post this on Facebook. Who knows how many Educoists will see it who are on the verge of waking up.


  14. You wrote “He uses a process he refers to as “looping”, hypnosis, and NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) techniques as he tells his stories and delivers his second hand teachings to the attendees. To keep it short; the format of the seminar is to hypnotise your mind thoroughly with what he calls the “good life”. This is a grossly materialistic lifestyle. He encourages you to borrow “other peoples money” to live this lifestyle (i.e. accumulate debt). You are to put on a show of being extremely happy all the time when in the presence of others, even if the truth is that you are not happy, or perhaps you are burnt out from always chasing the next thing on your list of goals, which has to be bigger and better than ever. You are to deny that you have any problems, since to have problems is a sign that you have become negative and aren’t using his material correctly.”

    This does not present a pretty picture, Quinn looking like a fly on sh*t with this “looping” hypnotic mind twisting game, and repeat seminars is exactly what he wants. He just about falls short of programming that money grows on trees.

    At the beginning he lured them in with the “unknown”, the sixties being a time of experimentation that included black magic. Now he lures them in with the “known” as he claims to have all of the answers.

    I read an interesting article recently, written by Robert D. Coleman, PhD. You can Google it under “What is Circular Reasoning?” The gist of it is how people reason/lie to themselves and others when they want a particular result or to manipulate. Below is an excerpt:

    “What Is Circular Reasoning?

    Why is vicious circular reasoning unacceptable and fatal? Genuine method proceeds from the known to the unknown. Vicious circular reasoning proceeds from the known to the equally known. Vicious circular reasoning, therefore, violates genuine method. Vicious circular reasoning does not add anything new, it does not advance learning, and it does
    not add to knowledge. Vicious circular reasoning goes nowhere and leads nowhere — hence, its descriptive name “circular”. It literally moves in a circuit or a circle. Most people do not study logical fallacies as part of their formal education. Those who study them typically do so as part of a course in logic, maybe called critical thinking, in the philosophy department. The rest of us have to learn about them on our own in order to make and detect sound arguments. Note that the word argument applies to all reasoning regardless of form, and thus it includes hypotheses, models, arguments and studies.”

    Quinn is genuinely greedy and caught up in vicious circular so called philosophical reasoning for years; to live off “foolies” money and never acknowledge his debt.


  15. I have read the first and now the second part and I totally agree with your explanation of how Tony Quinn operates. Asking for truth in the Educo cult is perceived as a threat to the people who work there and to Quinn, their self proclaimed ‘god’. Thank you for taking the time to work through what happened to you and informing the public about how Quinn operates. I love your honesty and courage to admit that you were ‘fooled’ and have come away from using the cult mindset and you have the intelligence to know that you need to minimise the residual effects.

    Everyone who has ever had anything to do with Quinn should read this. I recognise everything you said as truth and with all of my heart I sincerely ask that they stop using the ‘energy’ programme to con people. The so called superiority feeling programme is just that; a programme that wrecks their head and totally abusive when they pass IT on. It is also about time that people who work for him, particularly the core group, should know that the game is up!!! The fact that they don’t want to know this, as some of them are heavily invested in gaining from it, the knowledge that they are abusing people cannot get in the way of somehow stopping them operating altogether.


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