Dialogue Ireland blog crosses 1 Million views

Today the Dialogue Ireland blog celebrates a milestone, with the total view count crossing the one million mark. In order to mark the occasion here is a special post revealing some of the statistics behind the blog.

Most viewed posts

Boylesports in row over ‘cult’ training course by Aine Coffey ~ Sunday Times June 24, 2012 – 24, 556 views

Is the Tabor Psychotherapy Course going the way of Roebuck? – 13, 707 views

Behind The Thangkas ~ Sogyal Rimpoche ~ The imbalance of power and abuse of spiritual authority – 13, 247

Most visited links (not including Dialogue Ireland or WordPress links)

www.youtube.com , www.irishtimes.com , www.earthbook.tv , http://troismondes.canalblog.com/ , www.independent.ie , www.rte.ie , Facebook , www.sundayworld.com , www.timesonline.co.uk , www.educoworld.com , http://thedorjeshugdengroup.wordpress.com , www.rickross.com and www.wikipedia.org .

The following links were the most visited links contributed by commenters:

www.christinagallagher.org , www.irvinegrey.com , www.clericalwhispers.blogspot.com , http://professing.proboards.com , www.rigpa.ie , http://muslimtents.com/islamindublin/ireland.htm , http://irishmexican43.blogspot.com , http://voiceofourladyspilgrims.com/ , http://maryfinnigan.co.uk/ , http://carbayon.com/ , http://hivinkenya.blogspot.ie/

Most commonly search terms used to find the Dialogue Ireland blog:

dialogue ireland wordpress, tony quinn, dialogue ireland, dialogue ireland tony quinn, boylesports cult, tony quinn cult, sogyal rinpoche abuse, tony quinn dialogue Ireland, mucky messiah, quinn educo, modern mystery school cult, lorcan bale, sogyal rinpoche scandal, modern mystery school, rev william stewart, dialogue ireland boylesports, cults in ireland, abundant life galway, joe and sandy heaney, willi stewart, brendan hade, dialogue ireland word press, susan morrice, jeanette rigney, susan morrice, tony quinn, christina gallagher, rev willi stewart, nicola tallant, dialogue ireland wordpress rigpa, palmarian church, dialogue ireland wordpress quinn, sogyal rinpoche controversy, tabor institute, magnificat meal movement, dialogue ireland abundant life   , landmark education

Countries where visitors have accessed the blog (arranged in order of views):

Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Finland, South Africa, Netherlands, Belize, India, Switzerland, New Zealand, Italy, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil, Austria, Singapore, Japan, Bahamas, Norway, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Poland, Malta, Kenya, Portugal, Hong Kong, Guatemala, Vanuatu, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Nigeria, Colombia, Israel, Turkey, Argentina, Iceland, Greece, Republic of Korea, British Virgin Islands, Bhutan, Czech Republic, Croatia, Ukraine, Egypt, Taiwan, Bahrain, Hungary, Vietnam, Nepal, Serbia, Côte d’Ivoire, Chile, Qatar, Jersey, Trinidad and Tobago, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Ghana, Barbados, Estonia, Jamaica, Lithuania, Peru, Gibraltar, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Morocco, Bangladesh, Iraq, Cyprus, Latvia, Mongolia, Mauritius, Uganda, Venezuela, United Republic of Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Botswana, Algeria, Senegal, Cambodia, Lebanon, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Dominica, Namibia, Oman, Honduras, Albania, Kuwait, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guyana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Guernsey, Panama, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Ethiopia, Virgin Islands, Tunisia, Jordan, Benin, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Isle of Man, Yemen, Sudan, Paraguay, Monaco, Vatican City, Cayman Islands, Armenia, Bermuda, Cameroon, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic, Georgia, El Salvador, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Lesotho, Macao, Azerbaijan, Togo, Liechtenstein, Guadeloupe, Malawi, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Brunei Darussalam, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Moldova, Faroe Islands, Syrian Arab Republic, Anguilla, Libya, Palestinian Territory, Occupied, Haiti, Madagascar, Maldives, Fiji, Bolivia, French Polynesia, Northern Mariana Islands, Djibouti, Turks and Caicos Islands, Sierra Leone, Guinea-Bissau, Montenegro, Suriname, Burkina Faso, Rwanda, Congo, Mali, Guam, San Marino, Åland Islands, China, Mauritania, Burundi, Gabon, Solomon Islands, Cape Verde, Liberia, Andorra, Uzbekistan, New Caledonia, Gambia, Réunion and Angola

Posts with the most comments (number of comments noted):

Behind The Thangkas ~ Sogyal Rimpoche ~ The imbalance of power and abuse of spiritual authority – 1,246

Lama sex abuse claims call Buddhist taboos into question by Mary Finnigan – 749

The Buddhist organisations that are thriving during the debt crisis by Mary Finnigan in The Guardian – 741

Open letter to Sogyal Rinpoche from Joanne Clark – 621

Is the Tabor Psychotherapy Course going the way of Roebuck? – 454

“Two by Twos” by someone who grew up and out of the movement – 398

The Rigpa Spillover Thread – 392

Knockbridge Church of St Mary, Knockbridge Details – 302

Gary Beesley Buddhist scholar forced to withdraw ‘A Cuckoo in the Peacock Palace’ – 260

Boylesports in row over ‘cult’ training course by Aine Coffey ~ Sunday Times June 24, 2012 – 192

Let us draw you a picture of the House of Prayer – 136

Most prolific commenters:

Note that, for some reason, the WordPress stats system seems to make a hames of this so these figures had to be derived using the email notifications (so take them with a pinch of salt).

BellaB – 998

Sheila – 694

House of Prayer sockpuppets – 678

themadhair – 273

Angie – 272

Pema / Mary Finnegan – 174

Askimet informs us that, from February 2009, the Dialogue Ireland blog has had 253, 171 spam comments removed from the blog, with 46 of those being false positives. Without this excellent spam-removal service this blog would not be able to function, and we cannot recommend their service highly enough: http://akismet.com/


This is not a complete list, but I found it interesting to see how some people found our blog. Some unexpected results in here (for example, http://lashtal.com ). All these links are presented without warranty and on a visitor-beware basis.

http://viewonbuddhism.org , http://forum.rickross.com , http://professing.proboards.com , http://boards.ie , http://regainnetwork.org , http://thedorjeshugdengroup.wordpress.com , Yahoo & Google Mail / Google Reader , http://lashtal.com , Twitter , http://troismondes.canalblog.com , http://galatians5.proboards.com , http://markrathbun.wordpress.com , http://condron.us , StumbleUpon , http://thejournal.ie , http://jehovahs-witness.net/watchtower/beliefs/226147/1/Interview-With-Steve-Hassan , http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com , http://brightsblog.wordpress.com/2011/07/06/sogyal-rinpoche-buddhistische-tabus-und-sexueller-missbrauch/ , http://markhumphrys.com , http://spirit-digest.com , http://d-rium.blogspot.com , http://iii.co.uk , http://investorshub.advfn.com , LinkedIn , http://irland-erleben.blogspot.com , http://offdainnertube.blogspot.com/2010/09/more-media-on-bbc-special-secrets-of.html , http://bishop-accountability.org , YouTube , http://magicmum.com , http://members3.boardhost.com , http://cultnews.net , http://irishmexican43.blogspot.com , http://caulbearersunited.webs.com/whatacaulbearerisnot.htm , http://ocmb.xenu.net , http://survivingtherapistabuse.com , http://caulbearers.org/whatacaulbearerisnot.htm , http://politics.ie , http://irlandnews.com/die-alten-geschichten-vom-libidinosen-lama/ , http://understandingthelegion.blogspot.com , http://webmailvtin.alice.it/cp/ps/mail/SLcommands/SLEmailBody?l=it , http://forums.phayul.com , http://forum.exscn.net , http://xenutv.com/blog/?p=4172 , http://tricycle.com , http://palliativpflege.twoday.net/stories/4368558/ , http://buddhismandcriticism.over-blog.de/article-dialogue-irelandthe-voice-of-a-victim-of-rigpa-on-the-road-to-surviving-buddhism-me-80139678.html , http://psychforums.com/narcissistic-personality/topic78062-10.html , http://ronsinnige.nl , http://healthfitnesstherapy.com , http://irishcatholics.proboards.com , http://lioncity.net , http://board.belizetotal.com , http://tonyortega.org/2013/03/17/abc-finally-takes-on-scientology-with-general-hospital/ , http://wideeyecinema.com/?p=685 , http://buddhismandcriticism.blogspot.co.at , http://tipsterform.com , http://forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=412940&page=22 , http://thuvienhoasen.org , http://istermetro.ce.ms/aku-sangat-benci-wordpress , http://thefreekick.com , http://haprak7me.ce.ms/cara-nak-wordpress-cantik , http://life-after-rc.com , http://movementsofgnostics.com , http://guardian.co.uk , http://exmormon.org/phorum/read.php?2,451982 , http://bahaisonline.net , http://cabalinkabul.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/dacopatii-si-au-gasit-un-profet-deranjat-mintal-dat-afara-din-biserica-pentru-pedofilie/ , http://ruthdudleyedwards.wordpress.com , http://wingsbts.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=welcomemat&action=display&thread=175 , http://catholicforum.fisheaters.com , http://wilfriedhandl.com , http://buddhismuskritik.blogspot.com , http://vajratool.wordpress.com , http://buddhismandcriticism.blogspot.com , http://fri-sverige.se/sida443.htm , http://downthecrookedpath-meditation-gurus.blogspot.com , http://enlightenmefree.com , http://forums.digitalspy.co.uk , http://politicalworld.org , http://thetaobums.com/topic/25014-in-the-name-of-enlightenment-sexual-abuse-by-sogyal-rinpoche/page__st__16 , http://khouseafrica.com , http://buddhismandcriticism.blogspot.de , http://westernshugdensociety.wordpress.com , http://spirit-digest.org , http://opuslibros.org , http://exlegionariescom.blogspot.com , http://favis.org/favis2/link.html , http://radiowavesforum.com/rw/showthread.php?t=22430&page=2 , http://indymedia.ie , http://hivinkenya.blogspot.com , http://jonathanturley.org/2009/04/07/scientology-sued-again-by-former-sea-org-member-alleging-abuse-and-coerced-abortion/ , http://olddharamsalawallahs.ning.com , http://ethicalbuddhismandsakyalamas.com/2011/06/letter-moira-smith.html , http://boxrec.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=161182 , http://theevilofscientology.blogspot.com , http://zandtao.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/sogyal-rinpoche-warning/ , http://goodjesuitbadjesuit.blogspot.com , http://ourfathermacielwhoartinbed.blogspot.com , http://clericalwhispers.blogspot.com , http://prem-rawat-talk.org/cgi-bin/anyboard.cgi/forum?cmd=get&cG=6363436323&zu=3636343539&v=2&gV=0&p , http://grupos-de-manipulacion-mental.over-blog.es/article-mi-experiencia-en-rigpa-testimonio-personal-111502086.html , http://squeerl.net/?u=SpMwXf , http://nairobiexposed.com , http://xscn.ie/wp/2012/07/organising-a-conference-a-couple-of-tips-on-how-to-neutralise-scientology-3-2/ , http://info-ries.blogspot.com.es , http://celticminded.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1164151 , http://josephsoleary.typepad.com/my_weblog/2005/06/a_hounded_pries.html , http://mycenturylink.com/search/index.php?context=homepage&q=two+by+twos&page=2 , http://community.beliefnet.com , http://s10.zetaboards.com , http://forums.somethingawful.com , http://islamicvanguards.com/?p=563 , http://meetup.com/Self-Esteem-Leeds/messages/boards/thread/23746292 , http://cifs.org.au , http://tantrismuskritik.blogspot.com , http://michaelnugent.com

4 Responses

  1. http://survivingtherapistabuse.com is very relevant to cult abuse.


  2. Mike, congrats,  and also proud that people have been going to my blog… All the best, Paul



  3. Do not congratulate me, but Matthew our web master who launched a thousand ships!


  4. Congrats, Mike!


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