The good life club – Educo Tony Quinn Club trying to reinvent in City West.

From our Educo correspondent:

The good life club – Educo Tony Quinn Club trying to reinvent in City West.

It seems that old rivals City West and Educo have kissed and made up.  Maybe this is because of the AIB interest in Quinn’s key ‘business partner’ Glen O’Callaghan using his links and assets to fund a meeting of the new brand of the cult of ‘intelligent’ minds. Educo in the late 90’s held their meetings at City West in Saggart. This was a regular event on the cult calendar to keep the cult members topped up with hypnosis.  These events were held under the direction of Tom Mc Kenna and Hench woman Collette Millea as a stomping ground for recruitment.  At this stage about 100 people would have attended every two months. A big fallout happened in the year 2000 at City West over unpaid bills for sandwiches.  So maybe they have now kissed and made up a new sandwich. It now appears that the numbers have again dwindled right down to a trickle, mainly because of the availability of accurate information on the World Wide Web. So with their dwindling numbers Quinn goes back to the magic trick of rebranding the same information in a new way.

First of all seminars were branded as beginners and if you were deemed suitable you could pay the €63,500 for the advanced seminar.  This was rebranded about one year later as mind masters after all he had found the formula to master your mind.  After spinning that out to a stage of tedium, then he chose the ‘selected connected people who had attended his mind master’ to attend his ‘summit’ meeting.  This twenty odd people where there to assist him rebrand, the result from this came “the success system that cannot fail” each summit member paying an additional €63,500 for the privilege.  This led to Quinn using his powers to persuade people he could connect them to their spirit, and then along came the new brand again this time a new name for the same material the “connection seminar”.  The result connecting everyone willing to pay €63,500 into “life.” Many who had attended the original mind masters, summits and advanced seminars were constantly encouraged to undertake these additional seminars as the message delivered by Collette Millea was that Tony would not be continuing to do these seminars forever and it was so important to keep up to date with the ‘material.’

In the last two years seen a new brand to get excited about this time called the song of life where all those connected people had the opportunity to repeat their seminar for free except they had to pay to get to the Bahamas, pay their hotel, pay for food and all their expenses.  While in the background Quinn negotiates that he gets all the facilities of the hotel for free and uses the opportunity to rebrand his “pattern” for life. As the response was so poor to that free seminar he then moved down amongst the Tribe of Nama of Southern Spain to hold a new song of life for ‘anyone that has attended’ any seminar.  The increasing negative publicity and the investigations into the mucky past of the messiah have been taking its toll on his devout following.  New faces emerging all the time to lead the challenge to defend Quinn.  Old tricks he has defined and honed since the 1970’s.  Recent faces have been Susan Morrice, bringing Quinn into the big time as the ‘face of oil’.  He also used the connections of Quinn to rebrand Josh Stewart from X-Jets, Morrice’s cousin now recently married to the bankrupt Tina Fearon.  All very cosy, but is it cosy or is it just money grabbing?

Now we see new faces emerging out of these rebranding which Michael McCarthy who is franchisee for educogym in Cork back with his wife Helen from a new connection seminar after spending over €126,000 they now have the brand of “Universal Intelligence”. The real question is where is the intelligence of these people to be again conned into believing that there is good in this.

Tony Quinn has portrayed himself as Jesus Christ reincarnated, albeit more subtly since he started marketing himself as Educo seminars with Collette Millea.  One could be forgiven for thinking that Collette Millea has been sidelined in recent times.  Now rarely seen and even more rarely heard communicating with anyone.  All of this with a backdrop of the AIB contacting people to find out about payments made to Educo and the phoney Jersey based company Human Potential Resources for seminars.  Is there a link with Glen O’Callaghan and Co and the AIB and the High Court action there, and the fall of grace of Tina Fearon and her Free Spirit Salons?  All of these people are business partners of Tony Quinn.  The reality is that Quinn’s involvement is the kiss of death through his greed and mind bending to any business. Michael McCarthy should watch out that he is not the latest pawn on a very mucky board.  Dangerous ground to thread.  Of course the biggest pawn on the board Mary Power still writes the letters to the now dwindling numbers of ‘faithful’ followers in the hope that she can remain in the penthouse in Flamingo Drive in the Bahamas to get her bit of the action as she has been by his side for the last 30 years. Eve has other ideas.

The Good Life Club


Educo ®: To Draw out Your Life and Lifestyle from Within.

May 2010.

Dear Good Life Club Member,

We have organized a meeting for you on Sunday May 23rd in the City West Hotel, Dublin. This meeting was very much encouraged by the people who attended the last 2 Mind Master Seminars (known as the Intelligence Seminar) as they really felt to share their understanding and this really amazing new material with you. Tony has sent you some of his most up-to-date and amazing material that I know you will want to hear a few times over so that you can put it into practice. It is really the first step in a totally new and simple format to follow and then put into practice. Couldn’t be simpler, just use it and see the difference instantly in your Life. Please make sure to bring a note pad and pen, as you will definitely want to make notes.  The meeting starts at 1pm sharp. Make sure not to miss any part of this very electrifying and inspirational day, which will be shared between the material and the four speakers. Each Speaker will give you a short explanation of their understanding and how it works for them in real life. They will speak at different intervals during the day.

Lots of Love,


Here are a few words from Michael McCarthy, one of the speakers…

‘The Mind Masters from the last 2 ‘Intelligence’ seminars with Tony are SO excited & passionate about the material, that we felt compelled to meet up with you all to share and help each other understand this Universal Intelligence. And more importantly to put it into ACTION in all our lives … with REAL RESULTS!’

Date: Sunday May 23rd 2010.

Venue: Citywest Hotel, Conference, Leisure and Golf Resort – Saggart, Dublin.

Situated off junction 3a of the N7 Dual Carriageway.

Time: 1pm until 6pm approximately.

Please be sure to bring a notebook and pen.

For any further information please contact +353-1-8304211.

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  1. Previous comment should end:
    It seems pertinent somehow especially as Mange was renowned for also referring to himself as “Vanguard”, and his and his weird (i strongly urge you to consider npd rather than weird) sister’s decades long fascination with NLP.

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  2. I wanted to share this here. What is interesting is the nexus of NLP, Cults and Narcissistic Personality Disorder
    It seems pertinent somehow especially as Mange was renowned for also referring to himself as “Vanguard”, and his and his weird (i strongly urge you to consider npd rather than weird) decades long fascination with NLP.


  3. I wondered what happened to Boooooohoo (Babu Shah). Today I found a web of blogs that are seeding search-engines to wholesalers in Kanchipuram and these fill in the gaps from 2016 to this year.

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  4. Thanks for this very helpful testimony. Hopefully it will prove helpful to someone affected by the TQ/ Educo experience.

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  5. I should give some background. I knew Mange (Manj) as I was the partner of Sam (Samudra) and I worked with Babu. I found out this month about Educo (after 20 years). Babu was renowned for having get-rich-quick schemes (verified by colleagues this month) and he was recruiting (verified by one person) in the workplace in the late 90s. I also think he was running a “support group” on thursday nights around Euston (although I was told these were Yoga classes). Babu was renowned in our team for having poor technical skills and he was considered a joke amongst the team. I was discarded by the gruesome twosome and set upon by legal wrangles. I am MOST interested in comparing notes with people who have commented here to get to the bottom of what happened with this triangle. I think Babu recruited Samudra who in turn recruited her bother Mange (Manj)


  6. I know this is a VERY old thread and I never thought to search for “Mange” but here I am with my own investigations. Is anyone still around? I started my investigations re his sister but this is all fascinating!

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  7. I had to laugh when I read the above posts. Very good assessment of the major players at this time in the Educo story!!!!

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  8. MONA Ghan,
    I thought I was the only one who knew about Mange’s skeletons. But I’m intrigued now by how many other skeletons there really are.

    Starting with all the affairs he had before ‘leaving’ his wife for the Fat Essex Blonde. The coward borrowed ‘more’ money to go on another TWO seminars so that his spirit could tell him it was OK to F*** the Fat One. Which has me wondering, if the EducoGym is so successful, why is she still FAT?

    And speaking of fat, why is Tikki still so fat and out of shape.

    And as for Mange’s sister – the weird Sam who saw the light….bankrupt and back home living with Mummy.

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  9. So where is the Monaghan gang now? Those lively people that aimed to change the world and all those that are helping to keep the dying fire alive?

    Paddy McAtavey a senseless pawn in the world of educo. Running around talking about lines, oil and educogyms? Never made any sense to anyone. Lost is company PFT because he spent too much time on educo. Lost everything else as well. So how come the success system that cannot fail failed you so miserably?

    Mange the midget and the one with all the insights – pity he could not see the insight of the educogym loosing him all that money, borrowing all that money and now in soooo much trouble? Still cannot let the charade fall Mange as we know there are too many skeletons in that closet. PS where is that sister of yours that was on the summit?

    Margaret Ford, still struggling with that educogym in Grafton Street. Margaret a witness to many of the oppressions and the abuse of Quinn, when will you wake up? All those past sins in those hippy houses, story after story being told. Tell the truth Margaret, honesty is the best policy, witness CSI is eminent and that is and ‘insight’

    Glen summit member O’Callaghan and 22 seminars last count. If you have not GOT IT in 22 seminars you won’t. You are perfect just stay away from Quinn, the AIB, the revenue Commissioners, Glossy magazines with nice pictures of your house and making wild unfounded statements on promotional videos.

    Harriet and John O Doherty – was it one of the 12 disciples that Nicola Talent in the Sunday world said you were? Hmmmmm not really disciples more body guards for the mighty Quinn. Why does the world champ body builder need body guards? Why would a light weight like you John feel the need to support a downward spiral? Maybe it is the insights that Harriet gets through her meditation with Aideen Cowman. Another summit member Aideen, still holed up in Eccles Street collecting the dough for Quinn. Be very careful Aideen all these little schemes and side lines deals. What was it the sideways looks of a pigeon kicker. Keep your eyes open.

    Ticki Chambers just another pawn on the educo chess board. Was she and Zana Morris to be in charge of the educo UK or was Babu and Mang to help?

    Then the super educo leather jacket flyer Patricia Fitzpatrick, motor mouth on educo. Where has she been spied recently with her iphone taking photos and reporting back. Photos of the new blond look on the www don’t look so good, must be all those airmiles you are clocking up? So where is the gambler? How is the trail of destruction left in Castleblaney. You have much to answer for! Like so many others you will have your uses for the mighty Quinn Cult and then you will be discarded like a toilet flush, maybe that other toilet cleaner disciple Caroline McDonagh can clean up after you. I hear she is good at scrubbing in Hicks Tower.

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  10. Well here we go again it appears, same information with a new name. Guess this is all about being connected and living in life and being spiritual.

    None of these people in Educo world and the Cult that it is are like this. What we have is a group of people who want and would like to be but are searching. In their search they are being exploited and ripped off.

    The encouragement of those who have embaraked on this journey to continue is what is totally frightening, they are seen as people that must continually improve and the only way tehy can improve is by going on more seminars. This is the cult motives to rip people off, take over their lives and isolate them from people who are not in the cult. You can see it clearly if the fog of hypnosis lifts.

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  11. Well it is easy to know where the people on the summit are. the fanous Babu boooooho as he was called by the powers to be, ripped so many peopl off with his Investment Club, then moved on to educo, then opened his educo gym in the UK. All using other people’s money. Then when all of these fails he is in Dublin working in a gym. The last I heard was that he was not getting paid – now why does that surprise us. Long list of people before you bohhhhooo in the same boat and many after you.

    This latest rebranding effort is just the same sh*t different name, this rebranding goes back to the 1970’s. Fools oh fools wake up.

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  12. Here is one example of “t The success system that can’t fail”

    Revenue begins application for orders to wind up beauty salons

    Irish Home
    Tuesday January 19 2010

    THE Collector General has begun applying for court orders to wind up the Free Spirit Hair & Beauty Salon chain, which describes itself as Ireland’s only business offering a “completely holistic approach” to hair, beauty, nails and health.

    Initially launched in the IFSC in 2002, Free Spirit first added a Dundrum outlet before making a splash in 2007 by opening salons in Sandyford, Drogheda and CityWest.

    Notices placed in yesterday’s newspapers showed the Collector General was set to petition the courts for wind-up orders against Free Spirit, Citywest; Free Spirit, Drogheda; and Free Spirit Hair & Beauty Salon on February 1.

    The three companies cover Free Spirit’s operations in Citywest, Drogheda and the IFSC. It is understood the Collector General will today publish similar notices for Free Spirit, Sandyford; and Free Spirit, Dundrum.

    If successful, the winding-up petitions would see all five companies liquidated, with any funds realised going first to service the tax debt.


    A manager at one of the salons said she was “quite shocked” to hear of the notices. Free Spirit owner Tina Fearon could not be reached for comment.

    When Free Spirit added three new salons in 2007, the chain was reportedly on the cusp of a major expansion, including outlets in Athlone, Belfast and Craigavon.

    The chain’s website lists the Belfast salon, which is unaffected by the Collector General’s move, but there is no trace of outlets in Athlone or Craigavon.

    – Laura Noonan

    Irish Independent

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  13. You seem to have a very good source for your information, I thought the following piece very amusing; ” to attend his ‘summit’ meeting. This twenty odd people where there to assist him rebrand”

    I think that there might have been 23 or 24 but there is a very good chance that twenty of them were “odd” and most of them are now even more odd.

    Thankfully some of them have broken free, they are lucky that he sh*t on them, it allowed them to see him as he really is rather than how he brainwashes them to see him.

    Although I started off saying I was amused I am actually more concerned for them than amused, something needs to be done to stop all this.
    Where are these people now that came back from the summit ready to save the world? Tina, Patricia, Paddy, Glen, Yvonne, Babu, Mange, Tikki…….the success system that can’t fail… afraid Tony it just has!

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